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Thursday January 01 1970

Canada Stop Killing Baby Seals

category galway | animal rights | event notice author Monday March 21, 2011 10:58author by ARAN - Animal Rights Action Networkauthor email arancampaigns at eircom dot net

Join Protests in Cork and Galway

Canada's pride lies in the maple leaf, but its shame lies in the annual slaughter of hundreds of thousand baby harp seals. Canada’s baby seal hunt has started and this year it seems to be more vicious and cruel than ever before—the hunters have gone desperate. Every year, baby seals, some just weeks or a couple of months old, have their delicate heads violently smashed in with a club or a sharp pole only to have their fur skinned from their bodies, often whilst fully conscious. This year, yet again, tens of thousands of baby seals will die—but you can stop it.
ARAN demonstration 2008
ARAN demonstration 2008

This is the one issue that changes hearts and minds across the world. Many thousands of people involved in animal welfare and rights often say that it was the images of Canada’s baby seal hunt that changed their views and perspective on animals and spurred them on to take action, we believe that by ARAN bringing this event to Cork and Galway that we can fast-track members of the public straight into the world of helping stop animal abuse. We know that it can change the lives of so many other people, which is why ARAN is bringing our exciting, lively and peaceful demonstration to Cork and Galway—mark you diary now! We need volunteers to hold signs and pass out leaflets to inform everyone of the cruelty behind the bloody, barbaric annual slaughter.

When: Saturday, April 9, 2011
Where: Eyre Square (meet on the steps)
Time: 2pm sharp – 4pm
Contact: John Carmody 087-2391646

When: Sunday, April 10, 2011
Where: Directly opposite Brown Thomas, Patrick Street
Time: 2pm sharp – 4pm

Please cross-post this e-mail message on Facebook and any other social networking site and forward it to others who might be interested in standing up for the thousands of baby seals who will be slaughtered this year. Please be sure to RSVP your attendance and email

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