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Carbon Capture And Sequestration (CCS) Dead? You Betcha! World's Largest CCS Project Weyburn, Saskat

category international | environment | other press author Wednesday January 12, 2011 08:10author by Anonymous Zero Report this post to the editors

CARBON CAPTURE AND SEQUESTRATION (CCS) DEAD? YOU BETCHA! World's Largest CCS Project Weyburn, Saskatchewan Leaking like Soda Killing Birds, Cats, Goats

CARBON CAPTURE AND SEQUESTRATION (CCS) DEAD? YOU BETCHA! World's Largest CCS Project Weyburn, Saskatchewan Leaking like Soda Killing Birds, Cats, Goats..

CARBON CAPTURE AND SEQUESTRATION (CCS) DEAD? YOU BETCHA! World's Largest CCS Project Weyburn, Saskatchewan Leaking like Soda Killing Birds, Cats, Goats...

(This document is given to Global Politicians, Banks and Energy stakeholders, Grassroots etc)

It is publicly available at:


Reported Weyburn carbon capture project failure is bad news for the world

Filed under: natural gas, climate change, coal, carbon capture, weyburn, cenovus


A Saskatchewan report that the world's first commercial carbon capture project is failing could be grave news for those involved in efforts to blunt humanity's contribution to climate change. 
It's a story with global implications, potentially bad ones, for the energy sector. 
A farm couple whose property sits over a Cenovus oilfield in Weyburn, Sask. which is supposed to be serving as the permanent storage site for more than 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide - on Tuesday released a consultant's report which says the CO2 is leaking into their soil. 

The Weyburn project, which has received millions of dollars in government funding and is owned by Cenovus Energy, has been trumpted for a decade as the international flagship for technology that would allow the continued use of fossil fuels including coal and natural gas without adverse environmental impacts. 
According to Canadian Press reports on the web site of the Winnipeg Free Press, the couple paid for the report themselves after the Saskatchewan government - which derives an increasingly significant portion of its revenue from the oil and gas industry - ignored their request for an investigation. 
A disturbing part of this story is that the couple have reportedly been complaining about the situation - including carbonation in pond water and explosions on their land - since 2006...

Governments around the world, along with multinational corporate partners in the fossil fuel industry, are spending billions of dollars to research and develop methods to capture carbon dioxide emissions and storing the CO2 in deep underground wells. 
The carbon capture and storage project in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, has been cited as a world-leading example of the technology since it commenced operation in 2000, and really the only venue in the world that can offer more than a year or two's worth of evidence that carbon capture can succeed - or fail..

"At Weyburn we have been operating at a commercial scale for over 10 years so indeed there is commercial scale CCS," Cenovus Energy executive vice-president for environment and strategic planning Judy Fairburn said at a Globe conference panel discussion in Vancouver.
Cenovus -- a subsidiary of EnCana -- has spent more than $1 billion developing the facility, which is sequestering 2.2 million tonnes of CO2 per year, and is the subject of an International Energy Agency audit because it is likely to serve as a global prototype.

Sask. family claims carbon-capture-and-storage site captured, spewed dead animals

 By Bruce Johnstone, Postmedia News January 11, 2011


REGINA — An unhealthy bubbling in a carbon capture and storage project has spewed the carcasses of a cat, several birds and even a goat and has driven a Saskatchewan couple from their rural home, according to an environmental group representing them.
Cameron and Jane Kerr are demanding the provincial government and carbon capture (CCS) operator Cenovus conduct a one-year study to determine the source of the alleged carbon-dioxide contamination — which they say is hundreds of times greater than safe levels — on their farm near Weyburn, Sask.
But Calgary-based Cenovus, formerly part of energy giant EnCana, and the Saskatchewan Energy and Resources ministry maintain the Kerrs' property has been studied numerous times and those studies failed to show any connection with the world's largest geological CCS project.
The Kerrs, who purchased the property in 1975, claim they noticed changes to the surface and groundwater on their property in 2004, one year after CO2 was injected in the area.
They said they reported the incidents, including bubbling and foaming water and dead animal carcasses near some ponds on their property, to Energy and Resources.
Barry Robinson, a staff lawyer with Ecojustice, a non-profit environmental organization that represents the Kerrs, said the dead animals included a goat, a cat, a duck, and other birds...
Jane Kerr said she suffered from severe headaches, while her husband suffered a heart attack in 2003, although she admitted none of the health effects can be conclusively linked to the CO2 contamination...

Carbon injected underground is leaking: Sask. Farmers
 Tuesday Jan. 11, 2011 11:37 AM ET

A Saskatchewan farm couple says greenhouse gases that were supposed to be stored permanently underground are leaking out, killing animals and sending groundwater foaming to the surface like shaken-up soda pop.
Cameron and Jane Kerr, who own land above the Weyburn oilfield in eastern Saskatchewan, have released a consultant's report that claims to link high concentrations of carbon dioxide in their soil to gas injected underground every day.

A consultant found high concentrations of carbon dioxide in the soil that matches the carbon dioxide Cenovus has been injecting...

The suggestion that the Weyburn capture and storage project might be leaking could have implications for similar projects that try to store carbon underground, a technique being studied around the world with billions of dollars of public financing.

Land fizzing like soda pop: farmer says CO2 injected underground is leaking
By Bob Weber And Jennifer Graham, The Canadian Press

Carbon capture leak forces Saskatchewan couple to leave farm

Degassing Nyos and Monoun "Killer Lakes"

Disasters at Nyos: overview
In 1986, a tremendous explosion of CO2 from the lake Nyos, West of Cameroon, killed more than 1700 people and livestock up to 25 km away. The dissolved CO2 is seeping from springs beneath the lake and is trapped in deep water by the high hydrostatic pressure. If the CO2 saturation level is reached, bubbles appear and draw a rich mixture of gas and water up. An avalanche process is triggered which results in an explosive over-turn of the whole lake. Since 1990 a French team has carried out a series of tests in an attempt to release the gas slowly through vertical pipes …
The 1984 and 1986 disasters
Lake Nyos disaster, which claimed 1800 victims in August 1986, was not unprecedented, but never before one had heard of Mother Nature asphyxiating human beings and all terrestrial animals on such a scale in a single and brief event.
Two years previously however, a lethal gas burst originated from the neighbouring lake Monoun, in the same remote area of Cameroon, and killed 37 people, an odd and tragic episode that went almost unnoticed.

Lake Nyos
Lake Nyos is a crater lake in the Northwest Region of Cameroon, located about 200 miles (322 km) northwest of Yaoundé.[1] Nyos is a deep lake high on the flank of an inactive volcano in the Oku volcanic plain along the Cameroon line of volcanic activity. A natural dam ofvolcanic rock contains the lake waters.
A pocket of magma lies beneath the lake and leaks carbon dioxide (CO2) into the water, changing it into carbonic acid. Nyos is one of only three known exploding lakes to be saturated with carbon dioxide in this way, the others being Lake Monoun, 100 km (62 mi) away SSE, andLake Kivu in Rwanda. On August 21, 1986, possibly triggered by a landslide, Lake Nyos suddenly emitted a large cloud of CO2, whichsuffocated 1,700 people and 3,500 livestock in nearby villages.
[2] Though not completely unprecedented, it was the first known large-scale asphyxiation caused by a natural event. To prevent a recurrence, a degassing tube that syphons water from the bottom layers of water to the top allowing the carbon dioxide to leak in safe quantities was installed in 2001, though additional tubes are needed to make the lake safe.[3]
Today, the lake also poses a threat due to its weakening natural wall. A geological tremor could cause this natural dike to give way, allowing water to rush into downstream villages all the way into Nigeria and allowing much carbon dioxide to escape.

Fuel from Coal-Eating Microbes
A process for converting coal into natural gas could help reduce emissions.
Luca Technologies, a startup based in Golden, CO, has raised $76 million to scale up a process that uses coal-digesting microorganisms to convert coal into methane. The process is designed to operate underground, inside coal beds.
Methane, the key component of natural gas, can then be pumped out and used to generate electricity or power vehicles.

Bacteria ate up all the methane that spilled from the Deepwater Horizon well

The Human Species creating unprecedented volumes of CO2, and Methane a gas 20-23 times more intense are creating unprecedented environmental conditions since the the Last Great Epochal Species Die-offs.

Bacteria will eat our lunch. They will mutate to a new world -we will not.

Microbe thrives in ocean ‘dead zone’
There is life in the planet’s expanding dead zones, say researchers,
who have uncovered a remarkable microbe thriving in toxic waters off
the B.C. coast.
The bacteria take up carbon dioxide like a plant, consume sulphide
that is deadly to most other life forms, and exhale nitrous oxide which
is a potent greenhouse gas.
The microbe may be small but it appears to be an important global
player affecting the chemistry of both the atmosphere and the oceans,
says lead researcher Steven Hallam, of the University of British
Columbia, who likes to point out that it is microbes that “really rule
the world.”
“We don’t see them so we don’t notice the effects,” Hallam says.
“Except we can breathe, nutrient cycles work, the oceans stay
productive. They’re key to our survival.”
Hallam describes it as a “paradoxical” organism, which appears to
have both positive and negative impacts on the ecosystem, at least from
a human point of view.
(To look upon microbes is like looking upon the face of God-it is
beyond the Wisdom of the human species-we must stop depleting their
food source -fossil fuels-or they will
deplete ours-it deepens the meaning of Love thy Neighbour as you
love yourself-microbes are of course immune to rhetoric, power ,
economics, philosophy, religion, and politics-but if humans cause harm,
they will and are reacting-we are if you will on a collision course
with our Maker. Charles Darwin would be flabbergast, for Evolution
begins and ends with microbes.
We must avert this collision, and rise above ourselves, before it is
too late. As the human species, we must put away our childish ways, and
mature as a species. This does not mean that we can not be
childlike-the benign qualities. Greed, Power and Selfishness must pass
away. Witness the Global Climate Treaty talks-the treaty is in fact the
“easy” part. Greed, Power and Selfishness are it’s true enemy,for it’s
success. Nature, Our Beloved Earth will not wait anymore for the human
species to resolve it’s issues.
Climate Chaos which was once thought to be happening in the decades
to come, is happening now. In fact Time has stopped for the human
species. We must live every day now as if it were our last.
What is it that really matters to the human species in Life? Is it Gold? Weapons? Hate?
If one does not care about their life in this world: Perhaps one should care about it in the next
Fatalism, Time, Commerce, Power, Religion and Philosophy are but
abstractions. If this were your last day would you kill anything? How
would you see the Miracle of Life?
The human species is not living on borrowed finances, it is living on borrowed time.)
Thomas Gold ( May 22 , 1920 â  June 22 , 2004 ) was
an Austrian astrophysicist , a professor of astronomy at Cornell
University , and a member of the USNational Academy of Sciences . Gold
was one of three young Cambridge scientists who advanced the scientific
understanding of cosmology in the 1950s by proposing the
controversial ’steady state’ hypothesis of the universe . Gold had the
unusual ability to cross academic and scientific boundaries,
into biophysics ,astrophysics , space engineering , or geophysics , to
challenge longstanding dogma with his profound insights.
Origins of petroleum
Gold achieved fame for
his 1992 paper “The Deep Hot Biosphere” in the Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences , which presented a controversial view of
the origin of coal , oil , and gas deposits, a theory of an abiogenic
petroleum origin . The theory suggests coal and crude oil deposits have
their origins innatural gas flows which feed bacteria living at extreme
depths under the surface of the Earth; in other words, oil and coal are
produced through tectonic forces, rather than from the decomposition of
fossils. Gold also published a book of the same title in 1999 , which
expanded on the arguments in his 1992 paper and included speculations
on the origin of life . He has been accused of stealing the abiogenic
theory outright from Soviet geologists who first published it in the
1950s . Although he later credited Soviet research, it is claimed that
he first published a paper on the abiogenic theory in 1979 without
citing any of the Soviet literature on the subject . Gold’s defenders
maintain that these charges are unfounded: they say that, after first
formulating his views on petroleum in 1979, he began finding the papers
by Soviet geologists and had them translated. He was both disappointed
(that his ideas were not original) and delighted (because such
independent formulation of these ideas added weight to the hypothesis).
They insist that he always credited the Soviet work once he knew about
According to Gold and the Soviet geologists who originated the
abiogenic theory, bacteria feeding on the oil accounts for the presence
of biological debris inhydrocarbon fuels , obviating the need to resort
to a biogenic theory for the origin of the latter. The flows of
underground hydrocarbons may also explain oddities in the concentration
of other mineral deposits.
Most western geologists and petrologists consider petroleum
abiogenic theories implausible and believe the biogenic theory
of ’fossil fuel’ formation adequately explains all observed fossil fuel
deposits. Most geologists do recognize the geologic carbon cycle
includes subducted carbon which returns to the surface, with studies
showing the carbon does rise in various ways. Gold and geology experts
point out the biogenic theories do not explain phenomena such
as helium in oil fields and oil fields associated with deep geologic
However, recent discoveries have shown that bacteria live at depths
far greater than previously believed. Whilst this does not prove Gold’s
theory, it certainly lends support to its arguments.
Oil-eating microbes give clue to ancient energy source September 9, 2008
“Hydrocarbons like oil and natural gas are made up of carbon and
hydrogen, they are among the most abundant substances on Earth,” said
Dr Friedrich Widdel from the Max Planck Institute for Marine
Microbiology in Bremen, Germany. “Even though we use them as fuel
sources, they are actually very unreactive at room temperature. This
makes them difficult to use as a biological energy source, particularly
if there is no oxygen around.”
For over 100 years scientists have known that microbes such as
bacteria can use hydrocarbons like oil and gas as nutrients. But this
process usually requires supplies of oxygen to work at room
temperature. “Scientists were always fascinated by the microbes that do
this because hydrocarbons are so unreactive,” said Dr Widdel. “But it
is even more surprising to find an increasing number of microbes that
can digest hydrocarbons without needing oxygen.”
“The striking diversity of micro-organisms that can break down
hydrocarbons may reflect the early appearance of these compounds as
nutrients for microbes in Earth’s history; Bacteria and archaea living
with hydrocarbons therefore may have appeared early in the evolution of
life,” said Dr. Widdel
Orson Welles War of the Worlds (part 7)Ending
War Of The Worlds (2005) Tribute(In final scene microbes save the Earth)
Anonymous Zero
Shift Environmental Alliance(a homeless network of transborder
activists, students, academics, Aboriginal etc.) psea does not do media
interviews since july 2007,we thank all media for their inquires.
Please feel free to use anything on this site.
Abolition King Coal, Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Power and Weapons Everywhere!
The Great Struggle Continues….
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