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Dear friends As I have previously announced, we are now “freezing” the blog.  We are also making archives of the blog available for free download in various formats (see below). 

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Dear friends Quick reminder: we are about to freeze the blog and announce how/where to download the archive from.  I expect the details posted here on Tuesday. I want J.B.

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Public Inquiry
Interested in maladministration. Estd. 2005

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Human Rights in Ireland
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The Daily Sceptic

offsite link Freedom of Preach ? How a Street Preacher Was Arrested for ?Misgendering? Mon Mar 20, 2023 09:00 | Nick Dixon
Christian street preacher David McConnell was arrested, held in a cell for 14 hours, charged with 80 hours community service and a £700 fine, and reported to Prevent. His crime? ?Misgendering? someone.
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Solidarity with Assange & Manning! - LONDON Ploughshares Ciaron O'Reilly Speaks Outside Court!

category international | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Wednesday December 08, 2010 10:18author by Plowshares Report this post to the editors

Irish/Australian Ciaron O'Reilly Speaks Out in Solidarity-Outside Westminster Court While Assange Denied Bail!

YOUTUBE (2min22sec)
- Irish/Australian Plowshare/Catholic Worker Activist Ciaron O'Reilly
does Solidarity Speaks Out Outside Westminster Court
While Assange Denied Bail!
- Solidarity with Assange and Manning!

Hot Tips on organinsing solidarity around the imprisoned Julian Asasnge and Bradley Manning......
Catholic Worker Activist Ciaron O'Reilly
Catholic Worker Activist Ciaron O'Reilly

Last week, it was made public by Wikileaks that myself and four co-defendants in the Pitstop Ploughshares case were subject of secret cables from the U.S. embassy in Dublin. I saw an opportunity for a media intevention to raise the profile of imprisoned 22 year old U.S. soldier/war resister Bradley Manning.

I put out a press release indicating, as someone reffered to in this wikileaked secret U.S. cables, I was open for interview or comment,

Ths effort resulted in no response from the highly centralised, self censoring, housebroken and cowardly Irish media. It resulted in two Australian radio interviews with hosts who had interviewed me in the lead up to the 3 Pitstop Ploughshares trials at the Dublin Four Courts.

Dec 2nd. 2010 - ABC Queensland Radio (13 mins)

Dec 6 2010 Radio Adelaide, South Australia (10 mins)

Where I really lucked out, and it made the effort worthwhile beyond an "A for effort" status, is that Worcesetr. Mass, USA based Catholic Worker journalist Clare Schaeffer-Duffy picked up the story and ran with it getting an article published in the U.S. National Catholic Reporter. The article published Bradley Manning's redirection prison address to a high quality target audience.

I had been concerned for Manning since his original military detention in Iraq and subsequent transfer to isolation at the Quantico Base in Virginia. I became more concerned when I attended a "Stop the War Coalition" (StWC) meeting in Conway Hall/ London promoted as celebrating the recent release of Biritsh military resister Joe Glenton. Coincidently, the evening meeting occured on the day the first Wikileaks occured. Every speaker celebrated the Wikileaks and no metion of the guy who was banged up for it!. I became increasingly distressed as the meeting rolled on with no mention of the imprisoned Bradley Manning. The Speakers platform was, as per usual, dominated by British Labor Party (weren't they just running the war until a few months ago?), NGO, Socialist Workers Party (SWP) and recently expelled SWP members ("Counterfire").

Joe Glenton's late arrival lifted the spirits and I looked forward to question time when I could raise the name of Bradley Manning for the first time that evening. There was to be no questiion time as the StWC bureaucrats had an agenda to use the meeting as a base to organise promotion of their Nov 20 mobiilsation. Attract a crowd with Glenton and subcontract the N20 prmotions seemed to be the strategy of the night! The crowd were the hardcore converted who have many of their own political organising priorities. The StWC bureaucrats treated us as neophytes, not allowing question time and trying to divide the hall into north, south, east and west London sections to distribute promotional propoganda for their N20 event. Most of us had been through this scam before and wandered out of the hall. In retrospect, I should have started soap box speaking outsde the hall about Manning.

It further distressed me to learn that the FBI had arrived at a terraced house in Haverford-west/ Wales to harrass Bradley Manning Welsh Catholic mother Susan........
........"Susan Manning's sister, Sharon Staples has described how "these guys in dark suits" - who she took to be FBI officers questioned her sister who has been in and out of hospital after a series of strokes" (Guardian Dec 1st. 2010)

I spammed out about Manning to my 500+ list providing his website and a postal address where letters and postcards could be sent and redirected to Bradley in military detention.......
Bradley Manning
c/o Courage to Resist
484 Lake Park Ave. #41
Oakland, CA 94610

I contacted some Californian friends, who had attended our first Pitsop Ploughshares/Dublin trial with their four children, and asked them if they could buy me a 3XL "Free Bradley Manning" t-shirt..... they said no worries! My father R.I.P. was fond of saying "There's no harm in askin'" and that has been an organising prinipal for me for the last 30+ years of activism.

Steve, at the Catholic Worker (C.W.) in Norfolk Virginia, who recieved one of my emails, saw there was a demonstration the next day outside of the nearby Quantico military base where Manning is being detained. Steve whipped up a sign, dropped into the demonstration on his way to a C.W. gathering in D.C. and ended up pictured on page 3 of the New York Times and on CNN! How random is that?
Here's Steve on CNN holding the "Thank You PFC Manning" placard.......

On the Nov. 20th., I made up a sign asking folks to write to Bradley Manning
and headed in to the aforementioned StWC rally in downtown London.

As the marchers assembled in Hyde Park, I circulated with my sign, making short speeches about Manning and having longer follow up conversations with people who were interested. I had done a similar exercise for the"Raytheon 9" at a similar march when there forthcoming trial was censored by the StWC.

As the march began to move, I ran to the front of it stood up high on a ledge to the side of the march and made sure everyone who marched by saw the name of Bradley Manning. Only a couple were familiar with the name and the case from a crowd of 5, guy had sent money to Manning's family. I hoped this visibility would lead to follow up conversations a the rally at the end of the march in Trafalger Square.

The march was like the march of a defeated army, little spark about it, not much annoying chanting even, it was like going through the motions. Many of the speakers on the closed platform didn't depart from the speeches they had wirtten for a much larger crowd, which made it even more sad and surreal.

Yesterday (Dec 7th. 1010), I was part of a Catholic Worker/ Plowshares vigil at the U.S. embassy in London in soldiarity with five of our people on their first day of trial in Tacoma, Washington USA for a plowshares action at the Trident Nuclear Submarine base.

During the freezing 11 am - 1 pm vigil, I received a text that Julian Assange had appeared at a police station (in Kentish Town/London) and had been taken into custody pending a bail hearing later in the day. Reading The Guardian on the tube to the U.S. Embassy, I discovered that Assange hoped to appear voluntarily and be awarded bail conditions.

After our vigil we went to have a coffee. I received another text saying Assange was now going to appear in the downtown Westminister courts on Horseferry (WTFIT?) Rd. Bejaysus! I started feeling all State-of-Origin and thinking that Queenslander in trouble needs me to go to stand outside this court asap.

I got some general directions from those at the cafe, dumped my excess anti-Trident related placards on Dan and ran off to Bond St. tube, texting folks for directions from Westminister tube to the court once I surfaced. Got off tube and started running in what I thought was the general direction, asking a few folks I judged could cope with a large dreadlocked man invading their space. I'm not the human compass type! I'm good at asking for directions, but hopeless at listening to the answers, I'm a little deaf and all these weird English accents don't help none.

I finally found Hoseferry Rd. and sprinted up toward the court entrance. there were 80+ folks crammed in a circle around the entrance. I didn't know how much time I had. I asked a bloke what the state of play was,? He replied that Assange was still in the court!

So I caught my breath, licked my lips and started street speaking - a skill well honed in the Brisbane Mall free speech campaign of the early '80's
and ressurected more recently in Dublin's Temple Bar free speech campaign.

I spoke about how we (Pitstop Ploughshares/ Shannon 5) were the subject of secret U.S. embassy cables now exposed by wikileaks, that this arrest of Assange is politically motivated, the ongoing neverending war etc. After a while I realised that most of my audience were bearing microphones and cameras and this indeed was the world's press. There seemed to be about 5 people holding A4 signs in the crowd.

One eccentric foreign gentleman tried to get me to shut up.
I replied,
"Don't know where you're from mate! But like Julian, I'm from Queensland, Australia and we take our free speech very seriously - because we had to fight for it!"
That seemed to shut him up.

So after a reassessment of the situation, I decided to get up high and see what was going on. I got up on this outside window ledge, held my Bradley Manning sign and made sporadic speeches about the mainstream media's complicity in the war, commenting aloud during live broadcasts as they were happening and smoking a cigar to give me a lift, shoulda brought water tho!

After a while the word came out that Julian had been denied bail. I was completely outraged. The guy had self surrendered, his face is wallpaper over national media and police stations, what kind of flight risk does he constitute? This is a totally political driven decision in relation to bail.
Assange statement

In 1992 at the conclusion of my 12 month sentence in the U.S., I was charged in the (jointly run BOP/INS) Federal Prison in Louissianna with "overstaying a tourist visa" and "being guilty of a crime of moral turpitude" (the second charge, later dropped, had to do with my abusive, nonconsensual relationship with a B52 Bomber apparently!). The Feds put a huge $50,000 bail on me which is the same amount Sid Vicious got when he was accused of killing his girlfriend Nancy Spungen! It was 5-10 times higher than my fellow prisoners who had been caught with guns and drugs and were now facing immigration issues.

So the point I'm making is that - th nature of this bail decision on Julian, and that bail decision on moi 20 years ago, ARE POLITICALLY MOTIVATED AND DRIVEN! From my makeshift podium, I continued to share this perspective with my captive audience!

After a while, I recognised a familiar figure emerging from the court. It was filmmaker Ken Loach! Damien and I (PItstops) had met Ken and screen writer Paul Laverty in the lead up to the world premiere of "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" in Cork years before. As Ken did with us then, he was trying to do with Julian today, use his public profile to make it safer by association for activists under threat from the warmaking state

Ken is a small, getting elderley and quite a shy gentleman. The huge media pack pushed on to him. He looked startled if not fearful. At one point it looked like he had lost his footing and would go under to be trampled. This seemed to go on for some time. If we had any kind of anti-war movement in this country we would have a couple of youthful disciplined minders to get Ken outta there safely. Maybe we can borrow some from the "Nation of Islam" next time?

Next , the silvery mane of John Pilger appeared. He took the opportunity to address the media pack with clarity and dignity. On conclusion of a fine speech, he had trouble getting out too! But John Is much taller tthan Ken, which means you've got a better chance to work out where you should be going in crowds. I also imagine, John has a lot of experience trying to get to the bar in Australain pubs where a more liberal attitufde to the queue holds sway. John did ok, he got out of there alright.

Next up was Julian's lawyer who addressed the media very eloquently. Then there was a thunderous noise coming from out of sight around the corner. I thought "Finally, the Black Bloc have arrived like the cavalry! A little late...but the effort is appeciated!" Media started running toward the source of the noise. Cops started moving in that direction. Then I saw the Securior prison van. I was pretty stunned by the sight of it! What's Black Bloc doing driving a white van? It took me a while to realise this was indeed the prison van containing Julian Assange. Then I thought, I should go blockade that van! By the time I had safley negotiate descent from the ledge, the van was picking up speed. By the time I was running down the road after it , it was accelerating out of sight.

So Julian wakes up this morning on his first day in custody, Bradley Manning on his 196th.!These are presently the political prisoners of what is left of the anti-war movement. Men who have risked their lives and liberty getting the truth out and hoping maybe, just maybe, the truth would cause a debate in civil society and inspire resistance that would end this ten year/ "no end in sight" war?

Bradley and Julian have embraced the responsibility to speak truth to power and to whoever else chooses will listen. We have to emnbrace the responsibility to listen and see what their courage has revealed in these wikileaks.

If this is not going to be early days of the rest of Bradley and Julian's lives spent in custody, we will have to build an anti-war movement based on nonviolent resistance and solidarity. Which means, if you at any given point are not in jail or before the courts for resisting this war, your responsibility is to be in proactive solidarity with those who are. You don't have to like me, or them, personally! You don't have to have the same musical tastes, hairstyle, ethnicity or faith. We are building an inclusive movement based on nonviolence and direct democracy to challenge the power of the warmaking state - not a fashion statement, not a launcing pad for aspiring politician's careers not a recruiting ground or marketing opportunity for Trot, politcal or religious cults.

Hopefully in this article I, and others, have exhibited simple no budget solo ways to express solidarity with both military and civilian resisters. There are plenty more out there!

Caption: Video Id: 8Tw98tv0sso Type: Youtube Video
Catholic Worker Activist Ciaron O

author by soldarity letterspublication date Wed Dec 08, 2010 22:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Next bail hearing is Tuesday Dec 14th.2010

Julian Assange
Wahsworth Prison
PO Box 757
Heathfield Road
SW18 3HS

author by Queenslanderpublication date Thu Dec 09, 2010 04:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Ladies & Gentlemen, Friends, Comrades

I congratulate the organisers of this protest today and I congratulate you all for coming. We are here to protest the imprisonment of Julian Assange and the attacks on wikileaks. We are part of a world wide protest movement against what is clearly a monstrous injustice. We are standing outside this federal building to acknowledge the implication of the Australian government in the attacks on Assange. The Federal government has been part of the cheer squad which has led to Assange’s imprisonment.

I want to begin by saying something about the charges that have been brought against Assange:

Firstly the chief prosecutor in Sweden refused to proceed on the charges because of the lack of evidence. But a leading politician intervened and they found a prosecutor in Gothenberg who gets paid when she brings charges. So she agreed to resurrect the case.

I have little doubt now that Assange has been under surveillance for some time and that the women were approached after he had sex with him. The charge of rape was in all probability chosen to demobilise public support, especially among women.

If you want an exact historical parallel you have only to contemplate the case of the great Irish patriot Roger Casement. There was a great deal of public sympathy for Casement when he was charged with treason for attempting to assist the Irish uprising of 1916. The authorities countered this with leaked references to Casement's diaries which revealed his homosexuality. That was enough to persuade many people not to support him.

I will say it now loudly and clearly – the charges against Assange are in themselves farcical. Don’t take my word for it. Go to and read Guy Rundle’s article. But most important of all the charges are politically motivated and they are just one move in an organised campaign by the powerful to stop Wikileaks. that campaign includes Amason, Pay Pal, Master Card, Visa and almost every govenment in the world.

I want now to talk about the Australian connection. What have we learned so far about Australia from the wikileaks? For a start we have a couple of star informers and stool pigeons within the Labor government – Michael Danby of Victoria and Mark Arbib from New South Wales. We have also learned that we have an idiot as Foreign Minister – Queensland’s own Kevin Rudd.

We have learned that Rudd has been urging the Americans that they should get ready to attack China. Rudd has called himself a ‘brutal realist’ about China. Well of course what he is offering us is not brutal realism but brutal stupidity. If the Chinese were to turn against Australia and refuse to buy our coal and iron ore, then our entire economy would vanish in less than a minute.

So to that formidable intellect Kevin Rudd, I say, “It’s the economy, stupid’.

Finally I would urge you all to think seriously about the meaning of Wikileaks and why it must be defended. It is true that Assange is a whistleblower and is performing a public good. It is true that the right to free speech is under attack and it must be defended. It is also true that we have a right to the free flow of information and a right to know what our rulers are up to.

However I would urge you all to understand that Assange’s crime is that he has given all of us the information we need to understand the kind of world we live in. He has shown us that we live in a world dominated by America.

It is a world where if you tell lies and go to war – that’s ok.

It is a world where if you kill hundreds and thousands and lie about it, that’s ok.

It is a world where if you destroy an entire country that’s ok.

It is a world where you corrupt political leaders everywhere and torture, or assassinate those you cannot corrupt. That too is ok.

But if you tell the truth about this world, that is not ok. Then you become a threat to national security and must be punished.

So friends that is the world we live in. It is the world that we can no longer deny is thoroughly evil. All of us then must have the courage to face the truths revealed by Julian Assange and to undertake the task of building a different world and a better world.

Thank you
Gary Mac
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Dec 9 2010

author by Free Bradley Manningpublication date Thu Dec 09, 2010 22:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This is quite shocking - does Mr Assange not realise that he should have been the driving force behind making sure that Bradley Manning got the money for his Legal defence, which people in their thousands donated via Wikileaks?What is going on here? Why has Bradley Manning got to keep asking for this money ? this is scandalous

"Immediately following Bradley’s arrest in late June 2010, the whistle-blower website Wikileaks publicly solicited donations specifically for Bradley’s legal defense expenses.

In July 2010, Wikileaks pledged to contribute a “substantial amount” towards Bradley’s legal defense costs.

Since Bradley’s selection of David Coombs as his civilian defense attorney in August 2010, the Bradley Manning Support Network has unsuccessfully attempted to facilitate the pledged Wikileaks contribution.

Donations towards Bradley’s defense can be made at — to either the Support Network for both public education efforts and legal defense, or directly to Bradley’s legal trust account."

Related Link:
author by Ciaron - Giueseppe Conlon House/ London Catholic Workerpublication date Fri Dec 10, 2010 05:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors


It's really hard not to treat ya as a spook. To the best of my knowledge Manning has not pled guilty to the charges against him.

The best thing wikileaks could say about Manning is
"Haven't got a clue who ya talkin' about, don't know the fucka!"

It's a sad reflection on the state of the anti-war movement/remnant that Manning was not embraced from the point of his arrest. One of the problem is ...the self appointed ledearship elites of the anti-war organisation haven't sepnt a night in custody and wouldn't have a clue what Manning isgoing through.

These self appointed a"nti-war" leaderships censor resisters in the movement who have done time from platforms etc as they see them/us as potential threats in the leadership contest. A contest we haven't got the time, energy and interet in. So in Ireland you have two historic acquittals Pitstop Ploughshares/ Raytheon 9 that cold have energised the anti-war scene of the major organisations had plugged in to the trials as an organising hubs. They would have reaped t he benefits...but no they deflated the trials as potential politiccal organising focii....and the rest his history.

Wikileaks "not knowing Manning" what Ronald Reagan minders refered to as "the window of denialability" when his henchmen Oliver North et. al were killing Catholics and lefties in Central America in the 1980's....Contragate.

Interesting to note that when Congress vited against further funding for the granny killer Contras...Saudi Arabia stepped in and picked up the contra tab.

To understand this wholesale and retail terrorism, the never ending "war on terror", the death roll of the Sauds and the "true believers".............. you have to understand the nature of Saudi Arabi and the Pakistan ruling elites...wikleaks has hopefully fast tracked thelearning curve here.

author by Briz Vegaspublication date Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia. Julian Assange is from Townsville, Queensland 1200 miles north of Brisbane.

Brisbane Rallies for Assange

author by FREE BRADLEY MANNING!publication date Sat Dec 11, 2010 00:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I actaully agree with you - I think Wikileaks should NOT have got involved with Mannings defence AT ALL, as it only helped to make him look guilty before ANY trial had even taken place.

It was a very bad move for Wikileaks to do that to him, even if with the best will in the world. For Manning it was like them saying "Yep, we got it all from him", IMHO.

Re-read the statement from, Ciaron:

"In late June 2010, the whistle-blower website Wikileaks publicly solicited donations specifically for Bradley's legal defense expenses. In July 2010,

Wikileaks pledged to contribute a "substantial amount" towards Bradley's legal defense costs."

Wikileaks set up a facility to solicit donations specifically for Bradley Manning's legal defense expenses, but have still not released an of the donations received.

Why not?

Like I said, they should not have got involved - but once they did they should at least release the damn money the public donated for Bradley Manning's defence

author by Leakzpublication date Sat Dec 11, 2010 02:33author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Perhaps they only solicited donations because he got scapegoated for their activities. This is in itself technically not an admission of any links with them. Also, It's entirely possible that bradley has pretended it was him to take the heat off the real leakers. who knows?? ;-)

Manning is only in prison because of the statements of Lamer brainwashed would be hacker Adrian "fuckwit" Lamo about online conversations he allegedly had with Bradley manning online. Not because of anything coming from wikileaks.

author by Ciaron - Giueseppe Conlon House/ London Catholic Workerpublication date Sat Dec 11, 2010 04:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"I actaully agree with you - I think Wikileaks should NOT have got involved with Mannings defence AT ALL, as it only helped to make him look guilty before ANY trial had even taken place."


."Re-read the statement from, Ciaron:
"In late June 2010, the whistle-blower website Wikileaks publicly solicited donations specifically for Bradley's legal defense expenses. In July 2010,
Wikileaks pledged to contribute a "substantial amount" towards Bradley's legal defense costs.""

You may have valid issues/complaints about financial accountability among lefty organisations. There have been lots of compaints about the huge amount of money the "Irish Anti War Movement" collected on the streets of Dublin on F15 2003...where did it go? Where was the financial accountabilty? I can tell you that we the Pitstop Ploughshares?"Shannon 5" (the only anti-war group is Ireland mentioned as aproblem in secret cables fromthe U.S. embassy/ exposed by Wikileaks didn't see any of this money as we went through a rollercoaster ride of 3 /12 years on bail and 3 trials. At several points two of the Pitstops were homeless and 2 with no financial income (it would have been 3 but one remained in jail at the time).

There are accusations that donations to Tara went up someone's nose etc etc.
Stories of Trots (admittledly from a former CPGB "tanky" friend!) collecting money for the miners in England in the '80's and using it to pay for their own bus fares to demonstrations

The Free Bradley Manning Campaign websiyte is being run by Courage to Resist Jeff Patterson is a key player and as far as I know a good and overstretched activist. In the lead up tot he first Gulf War Jeff, a U.S. marine at the time, sat down on the runway in Hawaii and refused to board a troop carrier to Saudi. It was the first visual break in the consensus (August '90 from memory) and he is doing what he can for Bradley. My friends bought me a Bradley Manning t-shirt off the website 6 weeks ago. I still ain't got I going to accuse him of financial irregularity (Jeff I'm gving ya another 3 weeks!! &:)........

Wikileaks set up a facility to solicit donations specifically for Bradley Manning's legal defense expenses, but have still not released an of the donations received.

"Like I said, they should not have got involved "
Well getting into bed with starngers (of a different cultures minimalist Australian/ micromaned Swedeish and languages is probably not a great idea when it comes to negoiating what is going to happen in bed)......., but it's happened.and the Wikileaks Maaning things is has happened.

But who is "they" and how do you hold "them" accoutabile?
How do you hold "them" accountable?
Catholic Worker is an an anarcho pacifist movement, we receive or pursue no state funding.these are important issues you rasie for groups like us.
People may ask...after viewing the above youtube...where did that cigar come from? How can he afford that on his £20 a week stipend from the Catholic Worker?
And I would have to come up with an answer.

Leakz" makes a good point

"Perhaps they only solicited donations because he got scapegoated for their activities. This is in itself technically not an admission of any links with them. Also, It's entirely possible that bradley has pretended it was him to take the heat off the real leakers. who knows?? ;-)"

But don't agree with him here....
"Manning is only in prison because of the statements of Lamer brainwashed would be hacker"
IMy understanding is that Lamer was caght ealier for something else by the FBI and turned informer..this happens a lot............remember kids "If ya can't do the time, Don't the crime!"...otherwise the prssure will be on t turn snitch, dobber, narc whatever.....and no one likes a snitch.....sleeeping ok at night mr. lamo?

"Adrian "fuckwit" Lamo about online conversations he allegedly had with Bradley manning online. Not because of anything coming from wikileaks."

And if ya doing sch activity ya need to work on a need to know basis...Lamo didn't need to know...Bradley didn't need to tell him.but as they say "Retrospect is 20/20 vision!"

Related Link:
author by viewerpublication date Sat Dec 11, 2010 15:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Lamo is quite obviously all over the place and a basket case. He got suspended sentences in his parents house for messing about on NYT database etc. No conspiracy theory needed. Apparently This dickhead (or methhead?) used a taser on his girlfriend for f*cks sake

author by Pitstops - Plowsharespublication date Tue Dec 14, 2010 07:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Wikileaks - (not so) secret (anymore) U.S. embassy cables regarding "Pitstop Ploughshares"/ aka "Shannon 5" U.S. military use of Shannon Airport.........,_Secr..._Eyes

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