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BAGS - A Poem on Homelessness in Dublin.

category dublin | housing | other press author Sunday September 19, 2010 17:42author by Wayne Flanagan Tobin - Community Activist and Suicide Prevention Campaigner

A Poem on Homelessness in Dublin.

A smile which lights up the City,
A face that has a story,
Inside those plastic bags
Only she knows.

Buses, stations, streets, the airport
Destinations she illuminates,
A face, a smile, a story
Opening the hearts of those around her .

Waiting at Pearse Street station
Surrounded by her precious jewels,
First thing on a Sunday morning,
She drinks tea from her paper cup.

It could be anywhere you see,
A little head popping up
On a Luas near Abbey street,
Hunched-backed yet beautiful.

Saying hello to the little girl in Mcdonalds,
One wonders if she had children of her own?
Cleaning the table so carefully, so happily,
A lady of elegance Abandoned.

Unlost but lost,
Smiling at a selfish world,
She is my hero
Her name is Bags.

Editor: We don't normally allow postings to consist of just poems as this is not a poetry site but we will make an exception this time

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