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Shell's Team of Experts and Executives Blocked by Protest

category mayo | environment | news report author Friday September 17, 2010 15:15author by jen debender and da ram - Rossport Solidarity Camp

The folks in suits finally got a taste of the conflict they've been orchestrating for the past decade.

Representatives from Shell and their panel of expert witnesses were prevented from leaving the An Bord Pleanála oral hearing Thursday night by peaceful protesters.
"What do you mean they're on OUR bus!?"
"What do you mean they're on OUR bus!?"

Thursday was a long day for Shell's expert witnesses, bosses, and executives. An Bord Pleanála's oral hearing into the Corrib Gas pipeline has been ongoing in Belmullet for the past three weeks, and local residents have been questioning Shell experts on details surrounding the proposed onshore pipeline. Shell's expert panel were probed about health and safety concerns regarding the project long into the night on Thursday.

At 10pm, exhausted and with long journeys ahead of them Shell delegates exited the front doors of the hotel to discover that protesters had boarded their bus, holding placards and banners with messages reading “Energy shouldn't cost the earth”and “Shell: destroying the world, one community at a time.”

At one stage when four high up Shell people tried to leave in a car, two protesters met them at the road and blocked their car with a banner reading “Shell's lies cost lives.” The annoyed driver attempted to drive through the banner and in the process ran over one person's foot. No serious injury was sustained and the driver refused to make any apologies for his actions.

After delaying the Shell suits for over an hour, one member of the protest explained that “it was so satisfying to finally see these people at the top, who are never held accountable suddenly be confronted with their own responsibility for this project and the devastation it has caused to the community”

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What's going on?
What's going on?

John Egan shell Ireland director...check; check; check
John Egan shell Ireland director...check; check; check

Gerry Campbell, project manager for Shell is not happy..
Gerry Campbell, project manager for Shell is not happy..

Another disgruntled Shell rep
Another disgruntled Shell rep

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author by jen debender and da ram - Rossport Solidarity Camppublication date Fri Sep 17, 2010 15:19author address author phone


Get off my foot!
Get off my foot!

Down with Shell
Down with Shell

author by Hans B.publication date Sat Sep 18, 2010 07:54author address author phone

Oil, coal, gas, and atomic energy is destroying the planets livability, and therefore the last forty-five years of eclogical green organic revolution has brought into being the hi and low tech tools to put into place wind, tidal, and solar power which transforms to electricity and is more power than can be used by society. No more blackouts. This non-pollution solution is given freely in natures kinder laws, and provides work for all and forever more. Viva Socialist Liberation. End pollution wars, not endless wars for more pollution.

author by anonpublication date Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:18author address author phone

most alternative technologies require rare metals, the mining of which is pollutive and the nature of which means it is unsustainable to produce.
also, the nature of civilization is such that even if we were to recycle EVERYTHING and we produced no pollutions, civilization would continue to grow and expand and eventually out pace the ability of the planets resources to sustain it; thus leading to mass starvation and food riots, etc.

so no real solution there; just putting off the problem till tomorrow :-S

author by Davepublication date Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:46author address author phone

While most of the attention at Rossport Solidarty Camp these days is directed towards the Oral Hearing in Belmullet those that remain still manage to keep Shell security on their toes.

Caption: Lone Sailor Causes Waves

author by Scientist.publication date Sat Sep 18, 2010 14:07author address author phone

"Oil, coal, gas, and atomic energy is destroying the planets livability."

No it isn't

Technology is stopping you from having the natural life of a human: 30 years or so.
"A life Nasty and Brutal and Short.".

Even if we eventually are being fried by heat we will reverse our own stupidity.

Survival of the cleverest.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Sat Sep 18, 2010 16:41author address author phone


A glance at those who dominate human history belies your contention.

Its survival of the most devious and brutal with the collusion of a claque of sorceror's apprentices whose interests are vested in collaboration in their micro-agendas.

Even frying in nuclear heat wont reverse that idiocy.

author by stimulipublication date Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:13author address author phone

The Minister for Natural Resources, Conor Lenihan, is the main guest on the Dunphy Show on Newstalk this morning.

Text 53106



author by anonpublication date Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:28author address author phone

pollution from oil, gas and coal is congesting the air we breathe and creating a blanket around the planet that is causing the worlds heating to rise beyond human ability to survive it.
already it is responsible for overgrown natural disasters such as hurricane Katrina (warmer water leads to more violent hurricanes), the floods in pakistan (warmer weather sucked up more water leading to floods) - same deal with the mud slides in china, and the forest and bog fires in russia are directly related to the record hot summer theyve had this year.
so yes, the pollutants are destroying aour ability to live and theyre doing it now. still people push blindly on.

and this is why: civilization was born at a time when environmental conditions were such that we could no longer continue our hunter/gatherer/herder lifestyle. we had to club together and form groups capable of providing the humanpower to sustain the group with agriculture. the foundation of civlization is baced on the subconcious desires to dominate the land and grow exponentially in order to gain strength.
this dominance then manifested in how we treated each other with the formation of laws and hierarchical systems to maintain order within the now larger group.
this growth has manifested with ever larger populations filling the space left available to them by the issue of surplus food that we have in our society.
civilization is founded on these principles and it will never stop unless it if forced to.
it is psychopathic:
it is irresponsible because in an attempt to satisfy its goal, everybody else is put at risk.
it tries to manipulate everything, including public opinion.
it is grandiose, always insisting that "we're number one, we're the best."
it refuses to accept responsibility for its own actions and is unable to feel remorse.

what do you do with psychopaths - do you appeal to their conscience? no: they dont have one
more drastic action is neccasary if you are to stop their destructive path.

also: 30 years is the time it takes us to live to our prime, so that when we die, we leave the greatest amount of nutrients, etc. for the other species within our ecosystem.
in nature, beings of the same species rarely, if ever, fight or seek competition with each other. they compete against other species in their ecosystem, but only in a desire to seek balance.
when this natural order of things is thrown awry, the ecosystem is destroyed and survival of the species can no longer can be guaranteed. evolution of that species ends because it was unable to live in balance with its ecosystem, and nature gives way to other species, better adapted to survive on this planet without seeking to commit genocidal suicide.

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