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Time for Antiziganism to move along?

category international | eu | opinion/analysis author Saturday August 21, 2010 00:26author by iosaf Report this post to the editors

Integration would be cheaper than Persecution on the long haul..,

Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential decree ordering the expulsion of Roma gypsies from the French state is currently being carried out. It marks another milestone on an age old road of antiziganism (the hostility, prejudice or racism directed at the Roma / Romani people, also known gypsies or Romanian gypsies. An age old road tread in Europe which has not yet brought them early 20th century literacy rates. An age old road which has seen them pass & passed through camps, squatted sites, the Holocaust, forced sterilization & in this age of Facebook Ryanair globalisation their prettiest children have become the fodder for 21st century sexual slavery.
Irish antiziganism in 2009
Irish antiziganism in 2009

Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential decree ordering the expulsion of Roma gypsies from the French state is currently being carried out. It marks another milestone on an age old road of antiziganism (the hostility, prejudice or racism directed at the Roma / Romani people, also known gypsies or Romanian gypsies. An age old road tread in Europe which has not yet brought them early 20th century literacy rates. An age old road which has seen them pass & passed through camps, squatted sites, the Holocaust, forced sterilization & in this age of Facebook Ryanair globalisation their prettiest children have become the fodder for 21st century sexual slavery.

In the case of Romani gypsies, it is neither prescient nor retrocognitive to rhetorically ask
“how did they come to this place?”

I'll leave off the big words and take it for given that most readers could give a fair guess to how horridly shitty it is now and it seems has always been, to be born into the Romani gypsy nation. I'll also make it clear that I like many have sighed and put my eyes to heaven, groaned and shrugged & like we all have done “walked on upon my way” past a begging hand. I've clutched my mobile on a terrace café in my paw at the sight of kids who just aren't pretty enough to attract a malevolant eye. I've heard fellow passengers, many of whom jumped their fare, whine that if only these people & those people would busk, entertain us or not chant their lines in a stilted Romanian dialect approximately approaching Spanish or Italian they'd give a damn & a coin. After all is said and done about nature and nurture : I'm no saint.

Recently, perhaps too recently if I can be forlorn and self-piteous without touching either contrition or its bed-fellow the braggart, “for my own good” (coz I was being rowdy & bad in the worse cultural ambassador sense of the Irish) [berserk in other words] I found myself in the company of a greedy thief and a proactive beggar in a police holding cell in my home city of Barcelona. The greedy thief was the kind of lad who hits wanderly wagon tourists across the back of their heads & runs off like Usain Bolt to seperate the goodies of cash & cameras from the suntan lotion, passport & family photo album. The proactive beggar was a kid whose age the authorities couldn't ascertain and beyond establishing that his origin was Romania & he “looked the gypsy way” so no more outreach or special treatment was he going to get. Not even an antiseptic wipe or a short dash of milky coffee and reassuring paliative chit chat “it will all be over soon” trip like me or as it happened a solitary cell and hit of methedone for the greedy thief.

So me, myself and I, who are no saints, were banged up for the night with two fcked up fckers. Rub a dub dub. Was I not frightened does the attentive reader inquire....?!?!? No, I wasn't. Not because to be honest, gypsies don't terrify me & considering what kind of people do, they are as polar opposed as could be, but rather because the terror I saw in the Roma's face ; of me, myself, I (you know the saints), Usain Bolt the Olympic sprint winner, the coffee trolly lady, the cops, the doctor the whole shebang administration was such that I left that place wishing I could put him and his emaciated bones over my shoulder & adopt him. Brangelina style.

But we're not Brangelina.
either on the piggy's back kind of economic fiscal security side or the saintly doing our family/tribal bit to give everyone a step up in life.

No amount of civilisation, celtic tiger here or EU parity of income & opportunity there is : going to make all us saints or into the kind of people who see that integration of this nation of a mere paltry few million is in the long term “the right thing to do”..................................................................... ¿is it?

So Sarkozy sends them back. & no doubt quite a few of them will boomerang back at him or go on walking down that road wherever it takes them. I hope for his sake and all the fans of the cult movie Banlieu 13 series that only the nicest ones come boomeranging back at him.

But for whichever or "these / those people" stay where they're put or whoever of "those / these people" go on with where they're shunted to..........................It will be familiar enough to them.

They won't be welcome. They were never welcome. We've had the music played to us by Liszt and Bartok for the classically minded and the jazz or flamenco fusions for the people who like to dance in their concert venues. We never cared whether or not these or those people achieved literacy so we can't blame ourselves for not listing their authors or poets.

et cetera....

So before (& if) you continue reading the summary below (mostly culled from either the rights groups for these / those people or their wikipedia pages,let's go back to the prescient and retrocognitive "long word thing" & ask how the Roma got to this place.................................... hence.................................whither....................................

Are These or Those the people who killed Jesus?
[ + peace be upon him ]


The Irish people who loved the Brad Pitt half of Brangelina as he charmingly portrayed a bare knuckle boxer from the Irish traveller or gypsy community without speaking a word of Shelta in the move “Snatch” of course have had quite a few right goes at the Roma since a mere few thousand of them turned up around the island like so many other nomadic peoples before simply moving further to the fringes of the continent from their stronger persecutors.

In June 2009, having had their windows broken and deaths threats made against them, twenty Romanian Romani families were forced from their homes in the Lisburn Road, Belfast, in Northern Ireland. Up to 115 people, including women and children, were forced to seek refuge in a local church hall after being attacked. They were later moved by the authorities to a safer location. An anti-racist rally in the city on 15 June to support Romani rights was attacked by youths chanting neo-Nazi slogans. The attacks were condemned by Amnesty International and political leaders from both the Unionist and Nationalist traditions in Northern Ireland. Following the arrest of three local youths in relation to the attacks, the church where the Romanies had been given shelter was badly vandalised. Using 'emergency funds', Northern Ireland authorities assisted most of the victims to return to Romania.

Meanwhile in the Eire state in 2009 one of the photographs accompanying this movie was taken (I'll give you a clue as to which - Borat aint in it)

February 2010 a Facebook group titled “I hate Romanian gypsies” had been started for an Irish membership and attracted thousands of members and hundreds of vile racist comments before finally that company took down the page & barred the person who had originally posted it.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

In 2007 and 2008, following a murder of a woman in Rome at the hands of a young man from a local Romani encampment, the Italian government started a crackdown on illegal Roma and Sinti campsites in the country. The Italian government declared that Italy's Romani population represented a national security risk & action was required to address the emergenza nomadi (gypsy emergency).Specifically, officials in the Italian government accused the Romanies of being responsible for rising crime rates in urban areas. Got that? Not the mafia. Not poverty. Gypsies. Jsut like Tintin's “the Emerald of Castefiorte” the gypsies got the blame.In May 2008 Romani camps in Naples were attacked and set on fire by local residents & real live little gypsy kids got killed....for real... not like the Brad Pitt movie where the gypsies ma's wasn't really dead -

it was all pretend .:. & as you dear reader ought know well .:. any pretence is always motivated
slight of hand as any conjuror amateur or professional knows is distraction & deception motivated to.
entertain party guests, pay the rent, balance the books or win elections

The European Centre for Antiziganism Research, or ECAR, is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to combatting Antiziganism, or prejudice against Romani people, also known as Gypsies. ECAR gained headlines worldwide when it filed a complaint to German prosecutors against the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan for defamation and inciting violence against the Romani people.

. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ..

[.............."The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is an international public interest law organisation working to combat anti-Romani racism and human rights abuse of Roma through strategic litigation, research and policy development, advocacy and human rights education. Since its establishment in 1996, the ERRC has endeavoured to provide Roma with the tools necessary to combat discrimination and achieve equal access to justice, education, housing, health care and public services. The ERRC has consultative status with the Council of Europe, as well as with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations...............]

Get with the Program & bring this stuff home & think about the potential of this tiny European nomadic nation

The ERRC’s strategic priorities for 2010 – 2012 include:

* Violence against Roma and hate speech
* Education
* Housing
* Women’s and children’s rights
* Movement and migration
* Disaggregated data collection

SPOTLIGHT ON FRANCE: Targeted Evictions and Deportations of Roma


As of Thursday 19th August 2010, A special section of their website contains updated information and links related to the anti-Romani and anti-Traveller measures conducted by the French Government since President Sarkozy’s 28 July announcement. Media inquires and other requests should be directed to: sinan.gokcen@errc.org (+36.30.500.1324).

ERRC Actions
19 August: ERRC and Romanian organisations Romani Criss and Civic Alliance of Roma in Romania prepare to meet Roma returned by French government to Bucharest and Timisoara airports.
17 August: ERRC expresses concern that French and other policies which denigrate people because of their ethnic background frequently lead to violence against them.
3 August: ERRC refutes Sarkozy’s claim that Roma are a public security threat.
2-4 August: ERRC conducts mission to France in follow-up to President Sarkozy’s discriminatory plans.
29 July: ERRC sends letter urging French President to halt mass eviction and expulsion plans for Roma and Travellers.
28 July: French President announces targeted evictions and expulsions of Roma and Travellers.
Selected Media Coverage


. . . _ _ _ . . . . . . _ _ _ . . . . . . _ _ _ . . . . . . _ _ _ . . . . . . _ _ _ . . . . . . _ _ _ . . . . . . _ _ _ . . .

Roma Rights Network

[......"Despite being Europe’s largest and fastest growing minority, the Roma (pejoratively known as Gypsies) have been and continue to be misrepresented, mythologized, scapegoated and persecuted across the continent, and around the world. The Roma Rights Network wants to bring attention to plight of the Roma and spread the truth about these culturally rich, diverse, and resilient people....."]
These / Those nice people at RRN have the picture of the antiziganst attack in Ireland on their home page doing untold damage (perhaps I cast no aspersions) to the reputation of the Irish people in Europe of further afield as beyond Brangelina, "in the name of Father", Angela's Ashes, Trocaire boxes, Bob Geldof et cetera...... gach aít eile...... But they also do a map of European Roma communities offering some more information from state to state on populations and extent of persecution.


For those readers who only use GSP or never leave their homes, a "MAP", is a kind of semiotic communication tool which one doesn't really need to be literate in the average 1930's European sense to understand. Even if indeed both the Irish Free state and Eire state lagged behind the mean average of European readin' & writin' back then & left the island in droves to seek their fortunes where if one ( & only one ) miscreant of their saintly scholarly nation got into trouble : they at least knew they weren't getting evicted wholescale out of Kilburn. oh they must have been useful enough to intergrate in some way


_ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _

International Commercial & State Media coverage of Sarkozy's banlieu 13 decree :

Wall Street Journal: France Prepares to Deport Foreign Gypsies (18 August 2010)
AOL News: Sarkozy's Roma Crackdown Likened to WWII Roundups (17 August 2010)
Inter Press Service: Citizen Rights Don't Apply to Roma (7 August 2010)
Deutsche Welle, Inside Europe: European governments cracking down on Roma (5 August 2010)
Al Jazeera, Riz Khan: Expelling the Roma (3 August 2010)

_ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _ _ . _

Wikipedia resources :


Blockbuster comedy antizaginism in 2009
Blockbuster comedy antizaginism in 2009

author by iosaf mac diarmadapublication date Sat Aug 21, 2010 23:34author address Barcelona Cataloniaauthor phone Report this post to the editors

The Roma are in diasporia just as the Irish, Jews, Armenians. They are a nomadic people just like many nations and cultures of Africa and Asia. They are incorrectly thought to be Romanian in the sense that in that state where the majority of the nation are found they are persecuted, marginalised and exploited. Oh yep. They didn't kill Jesus and just in case you're wondering Jesus wasn't killed by the Irish, Jews or Armenians. Jesus didn't die. He's up and out there in space waiting for his opportunity to come back and judge, so the story goes anyway.

The principle supply area for child sexual trafficking as well as a young adult female sexual slavery and enforced or endentured prostitution for the European sex trade is found in an arc from Romania through Moldova to the Ukraine. This is the same area where the Roma live in towns just like the one presented to movie goers as Borat's home village where he joked he had the job of "gypsy catcher" and the jolly locals still ran the Jew.

The princile supply area for the illegal human organ trade in Europe is surprise surprise sweet jesus will it ever stop? also in the arc from Northern Romania through Moldova to the Ukraine.

I shall not use up more space by sourcing these assertions and merely invite any incredulous reader to make use of google or a similar search engine to read the reports provided by international bodies and institutions on these three henious organised criminal activities.


So once we get over the slur of killing Jesus
can we find it our pragmatic hearts a common will across Europe
to implement the suggestions of the Council of Europe in a proactive way.

& to protest Sarkozy's presidential decree & in identify it for what it is :-

Collective Expulsion of aliens which is illegal under the European Human Rights Charter

The Romani didn't kill Jesus, ok? That was the RomanS from Rome not Roma.
The Romani didn't kill Jesus, ok? That was the RomanS from Rome not Roma.

Her ancestors didn't kill Jesus & her nation don't steal our babies = Time to teach her to read & write?
Her ancestors didn't kill Jesus & her nation don't steal our babies = Time to teach her to read & write?

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Sun Aug 22, 2010 10:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

So stop associating the Roma with my handiwork. And he aint comin back,says no thanks, work it out yerselves, and stop praying to him, he says he's earned a fucking rest after that last visit. says if ye want to pray, try Judas. You'll find him in the other Roma.
From what I could gather from wiki, the legend (internal to the Roma culture) was not with the death, but with sheltering the Nazarene family after the flight to Egypt(if I remember me schooling that was post the Herod panic attack)that got the Roma thrown on the road.

All beside the point.Given the holocaust , and a history of persecution that parallels the Jewish in a lot of ways, its a wonder the Israelis dont identify with them a bit more. As Europe's untouchables (and they originate in India) could they be the barometric canary in the mine of European political health?The tumblers are falling into place, economic collapse, military humiliation in the Middle East, waning collective imperial glory making a last throw of the dice, public unrest at the increasingly obvious corruption of the social 'pillars' of the corporate state. Along with the 'Muslim terror' being pumped by Republican Presidential candidate Gingrich over the pond they provide a handy decoy for our real enemies.

Yep, speakin of Jesus, the time of the scapegoat seems to be at hand, again. Like our own treatment of our native Travellers, Europe's ability to address this trans-border issue is a bit of a lithmus test. I think part of the blind-eye syndrome is maybe to do with the fact that down there at the back of the subconscious we suspect that our possession of the land rests on their dispossession. So keep 'em under the carpet.

author by iosaf mac diarmadapublication date Tue Aug 24, 2010 14:54author address Barcelona Cataloniaauthor phone Report this post to the editors

Last weekend the French minister of the interior, Brice Hortefeux, dismissed all opposition to & outcry at the Sarkozy presidential decree to expel Romani gypsies from the French state as coming from a combination of Parisien bourgoise liberals ( the ones who traditionally bleed from the heart ) and the far left. He went further and dismissed claims that France & Sarkozy are in breach of the ECHR declaration, that foundation rock of human rights upon which all European post war civilisation is supposedly built by pointing out that article 22 of the easy to remember name EC directive 2004/38/CE on the freedom of movement allows any state to expel citizens on grounds of hygiene or security.

Yep. That clause got stuck in there to stop people moving around the EU who belonged to terrorist organisations or were genuinely thought to be running away from yet still carrying plagues like the black death, ebola & so on .

Then the pope in Rome got involved and wheeled out two top catholics to condemn the collective expulsions and put himself squarely in the camp of those who see the decree for exactly what it is :-

a collective punishment of an ethnic group & pogrom style repitition of 1930's nazi policy

Well since then the Romani Union (the group which represents the Roma nation for the UN) of Spain announced from Barcelona that it is their intention to sue Sarkozy - You know - write letters, attempt citizen arrests & such like & also commence proceedings at the Luxumbourg Court of Justice.

They have also help up the example of Andalucian integration of gitanos are gypsies. For anyone interested in nomadic traditions in Europe must admit that the current conditions experienced by Irish traveller or Spanish gypsy are, if not perfect yet, much improved on those of previous generations.

Now the French right wing it appears are splitting on the issue with many now congregating around Villedepin.

What alarms me most is that this latest decision is so different yet the same as the treatment of Berlusconi's Italy. Whereas the Italians affected mass deportatation through intimidation and violence (leading to a mass influx of Roma to the Spanish state, there was no decree or law change. There was de facto collective punishment and stigmitization but no attempt to even twist an obscure clause of Europe's collective rights and security to justify such xenophobia and hate.


More Links of possible interest :-

interview given to Le Monde by Hortefeux http://www.lemonde.fr/politique/article/2010/08/21/bric...90910

"Liberation" reflects on how once the Pope gets invovled (& he's an expert on who killed Jesus and who was blamed for killing Jesus and the whole medieval racial slur shebang) the French right feel sick to their cotton silken socks.

photo essay of the camps which are being dismantled and the inhabitants expelled

Union Romani http://www.unionromani.org/

Didn't kill Jesus, Doesn't steal babies, Not a terrorist, not carrying Ebola & can use a toilet.
Didn't kill Jesus, Doesn't steal babies, Not a terrorist, not carrying Ebola & can use a toilet.

author by opus diablos - the regressive hypocrite partypublication date Tue Aug 24, 2010 15:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Ethnic hygiene. As in cleansing. Echoes of the verminification of the Nazi vocabulary of twisted diction.
As I said, a lithmus test for Europe. Where are all those Coxes and Sutherlands and Europhile cheerleaders when an issue that transfers subsidiarity back up to its rightful forum, Brussells, comes on stream?

If this is left to national parliaments it will degenerate into lowest common denominator comparisons, with the weakest, again, squeezed to the margins, or worse.
Keep us posted, this one will fester if not attended.

author by iosaf mac diarmadapublication date Thu Aug 26, 2010 21:15author address barcelona cataloniaauthor phone Report this post to the editors

......................................................................This is not just a story about gypsies or even France.

a wee analysis then some news links & facts & figures with little spin & then below the line my comment.
wee analysis
Since less tha 50% of the French when polled support either the Burka ban or the collective expulsion of Romani gypsies and likewise seem not to have grown in support for the FN of Le Pen, I predict that the "softer christian democrat right" will inherit the UMP powerbase and in these throes of Sarkozy's tenure we see something which might yet serve the left. But not any day soon.http://www.liberation.fr/societe/0101653978-roms-un-moi...manie

1. The Myth of Invasion of France by Roma Gypsies

The peak of Roma gypsies in France was in the period 2007 - 2008 with 36,000 estimated to reside. That figure may be compared with other states and also put in context. The Spanish state estimated an influx of 835,000 Romanians in that period without specifiying which ones were gypsies and which were merely poor Romanians looking for work in a language zone which with a wee bit of effort, they would be able to speak. Likewise the Italian state estimated a population of 659,000 Romanians without getting too technical on whether or not they were Romanian gypsies and one supposes merely making that decision on the basis of how well they tried to speak either standard Italian or its barbarised dialects of Naples or Rome, whether or not they sang songs which only a musicologist would link to Liszt or Bartok & of course if they wore country knit socks with flip/flop footware but weren't tall enough to be the usual scandinavian fashion disasters.

does this perchance suggest to you dear reader

::(a):: That there are a lot more Roma gypsies about this great Europe ours from the Atlantic to the Urinal than we had thought or seen, avoided or stigmatised?

::(b):: That there are lot more people from Romania or if we get all "Times Atlas™" (Junior Certificate / Teastas Sóisearach) places which produce fashion styles, busking musical styles and a "look" in our Great Europe who rather than staying over by The Urinal bit of our continent are coming in droves to our Western Atlantic utopia roads and villages thinking we might not notice their gypsies??
Oh yes................................check your housing estates for these people........................observe your supermarket aisles...........................talk to your children.............................gypsies might lurk amongst us.

The peak of entry of Roma tribes and communties into the French state conincided with pogroms against them tacitally encouraged by the the then new Italian coalition which was then returning Berlusconi to power. Junior partners in that coalition belonged to avowedly racist groupings & indeed the then new mayor of Rome accepting fascist salutes from his supporters on the steps of city hall the night of his election victory reassuring them that the Roma (gypsies) would be expelled from Roma (SPQR) within the year.
Local thuggery, orchestrated hate media & municipal law enforcement resulted in a mass exodus north and westwards.


Back in the heyday of the Celtic Tiger, Bertie occupied the presidency of the EU during a more than usually historically term that of June 2004 to New Years Eve of 2005. Under his sagicious guidance the EU would pass from an entity counting on 15 states to almost the one we have today of 25 states. In a stroke our Europe's population, demographics, cultural diversity, official languages &c. jumped from the cozy marshall planned economies of NATO allies whose absorbtion of occidental European former authoritarian states of Roman Catholic ultra- conservatism (such as Ireland, Portugal & Spain) had proved not only so manageable but undoubtedly profitable that the glaring exceptions even of then of the Greek state, could be ironed over in a raft of optimistic declarations which would follow ( including that of Lisbon & its commitment to parity of income and near full employment )

Oh yes.
They were great years with everyone on the bandwagon.

The Eire state even issued a postage stamp showing how she and her people understood their speculative fortune in being on the piggy's back and richer than anyone else a few clicks east. It was a great postage stamp too. A collecters item which replaced the island of cyprus for that of crete. Back then of course nobody in the west liked plumbing or wanted to work in the NIPS so Polish people were very welcome and because Romania and Bulgaria were just not up to par with the EU monetary union membership like Ireland, Greece and Spain - it was thought they could hold off becoming full time members until at least 65% of their arable land have been transferred to EU corporate care and we had upgraded that quirky tropical climate bit the Bulghars used to send soviet touristst too. Oh yes. Changing abestos roofs in a gerry built hotel couldn't prove to be that difficult and the banks were queuing up to back such daring doooo.

I tired after so often writing one line out; dropping it into conversation, graffiting it on walls & sneaking it every way I could into communication media hoping it would turn viral. Forlornly, I hope in repeating it, I am not seeking recognition of the genius of one my puns. I'm not telling you who killed or didn't kill Jesus. I just want to air my line on the expansion of the European Union under Ahern which was supposed within a decade to guarantee full employment, parity of income, reasonable real estate markets, equal health care, comparable social welfare & even (if we democratically approved such a thing) a common foreign policy, a common currency or tied exchange mechanism for those kingdoms too traditional or up their royal arses in tax paradise havens to declare their true stake in global criminal proceeds, hard drug agroeconomics or the icky biz of arms.......

Behold Our European from the Atlantic to the Urinal
. . . . . . . . . . .Ecco Homo


Sarkozy's presidency is unpopular and his now long forgotten attempts to present himself and his office as super-president flying to sub-saharan Africa unannounced in his presidential jet accompanied by French air-force to personally negotiate hostage releases one morning whilst being photographed with his soon to be wife Carla Bruno the same evening, that story of such power and alure and sex-chic Française oblige . But in the meantimemany on the left, to my mind at least, seemed to grow tired and jaded of charting the Sarko regime's path onwards. Perhaps many were resigned at its route to power that they merely wished wait seven years in the hope that he would make utter bollox of it, Carla would dump him on Hello!'s front pages & the little man in the high heeled shoes would simply slip away into those places reserved for politicians who girth of ego far exceeded either their capabilities of leadership or most importantly the constraints of their own avowed morality. Because morality does come into it. Morality which from Big swinging Mickey Mc Dowell of Ireland's Progressive Democrats, to Tony the antichrist Blair again and again presented the estates of 21st century highly developed capitalists states a plethora of assumptions, excuses, distractions & schewed moral fibre.

. Oh yep. Yeah. Sure Jayzhus - I'm talking about Dante's circles of Hell & how the magical formula of noblesse oblige procedent from the ignoble by neither duty or intention to do "right" leaves people like Sarkozy en flétrissant leur dignité.

Anyway back to the point for readers interested in their political analysis or commentary without poetical obfuscation.


The European Council's Human Rights and Migration institutions have not only condemned France but they've been snubbed in return.

France intends to discuss European migration ( not with all her partners (like us)
nor even the states she is deporting people (Romania or bulgaria)
but rather just Germany, the UK, Italy & Belgium.

more news soon

Lille's Romani homes destroyed. Local priest handed back his "legion honeur" in protest. This aint the people who killed Jesus.
Lille's Romani homes destroyed. Local priest handed back his "legion honeur" in protest. This aint the people who killed Jesus.

author by iosaf mac diarmadapublication date Fri Aug 27, 2010 19:52author address Barcelona Cataloniaauthor phone Report this post to the editors

The UN institution for ending racial descrimination, CERD has joined the ranks of international oversight bodies, which Ireland as much as France "support and fund wholeheartedly" so that the universal declaration of human rights of the UN & the European declaration on human rights (which is even more jampacked with rights than the global UN one) can be exported far and wide to states who just haven't seen how civilised we are & how much progress we have made from our past.

CERD repeats the truth : Sarkozy's presidential decree and its implementation is an example of collective and arbitrary punishment. Hundreds of people are being evicted from their homes, forced to pack their lives into little bags & then are put on planes and being sent to either Bulgaria or Romania. This is happening regardless of whether or not they have any criminal record, are in reciept of benefits, are employed, are attending any course of education, are receiving or in need of medical attention, are in relationships with people outside their ethnic group.

They are being sent to Bulgaria and Romania for no more reason than they belong to the Roma gypsy nation.

France the expulsor refuses to discuss its deportations with either of the return states Bulgaria or Romania at any level. There have been no meetings of ministers, no diplomatic exchanges, no phone calls. France intends to discuss "control of illegal migration" at "European level" at the beginning of September without entertaining any comment or query from Bulgaria or Romania. France's idea of "European level" doesn't even include the states with the largest romani gypsy population, Spain or Hungary.

Meanwhile "Le Figaro" which is the newspaper of the French right wing akin I suppose to the English "Daily Telegraph" or "Daily Mail" asked its readers to express their support or opposition to this latest story of Sarkozy's "summer of security". For let's not get picky and choosey and single issue. Sarkozy's "Summer of Security" has seen migrant camps evicted and brutalised, undocumented sub saharan african workers brutalised, Islamic fundamentalists of the burka type criminalised & now the clearances of the Roma.

The Question put to the readers of Le Figaro «Etes-vous favorable ou opposé aux expulsions vers la Roumanie de Roms sans papiers?»

That means "Are you in favour or opposed to the deportation to Romania of non-documented Roma?"

..............................'allo? 'allo?

Doesn't the French term "sans papiers" meean the same thing as the Spanish "sin papales"????????
Isn't that what we call migrants to the EU from non EU states, you know those and these people who like many an Irish rover in the US or OZ or hispanic in Arizona are "Aliens"???????

Yep.................... I do love French you know, but after living in Paris for half a year I'll jump on almost any bandwagon hurling insults at Parisien or French arrogance, inequality, presumption, snobbery & pure racism. But that said, some of my best friends are French and I really like their quotation / citation marks.
«Les Roms ne sont pas des sans-papiers, ils n'ont pas besoin de payer un visa, ils n'ont besoin d'aucun document pour circuler, hormis le passeport ou la carte d'identité.» La question est «évidemment mal posée»....................«elle induit la réponse».»

That's the words spoken true to their last uvular R and isochronic Ng by Malik Salemkour of the group "Romeurope". What he's saying for the benefit of readers without any French is quite correct :-

The Romani are not "aliens", they are not obliged to pay for a visa, they are not obliged to carry any other permission for free circulation other than their passport or identity card............... the question is obviously badly put................. it spins the response http://www.liberation.fr/societe/0101654428-le-sondage-...piers

Yes quite.

The Romani didn't kill Jesus, they don't steal babies, they don't do blood rituals, even if they don't eat pork - they are still European citizens protected by all our wonderful ECHR rights.

& by now we surely all know that we Europeans didn't kill Jesus. If we are into looking for culprits for that one we might as well look further afield..................

So the interior policy of France is now becoming the foreign policy of the French.

It is thus not surprising that Sarkozy's team are now wheeling out the minister for foreign affairs rather than the home affairs ministers (one of whom seemingly is now wrestling with the voter response to honouring demands by his catholic supporters to apologise to Ratzinger for sayin no german had a right to intefere in French politics).

Bernard Kouchner, the minister for foreign & european things in the French state. He used to be considered a kind of left centre guy. That was back when he co-founded "doctors without borders" & in 1999 did the first stint of the UN Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo. He was all pro-gypsy then of course. For him they were the poorest of the poor - despised victims and pariah whipping boys for all and sundry.

Well now he insists that France is not nor has ever nor ever would stigmatise any group. & if you think they are going to, well you just write a letter to him and he'll sort it out........................................."not".


This family absolved of killing Jesus or any stigma accepted voluntary return to Budapest as ambassadors of LIDL supermarkets
This family absolved of killing Jesus or any stigma accepted voluntary return to Budapest as ambassadors of LIDL supermarkets

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The French government continues to insist its actions will not pitch anti_Romani fervour in Europe to even more savage heights. They've confirmed that 997 roma have now been packed off to Bulgaria or Romania. They've also announced a new law which will see any

of course maybe he doesn't follow French news & simply had his own ideas about Jesus.
of course maybe he doesn't follow French news & simply had his own ideas about Jesus.

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Can you update us whats happening beyond.
There have been expulsions from, Sweden, Spain, Italy.
is that escalating?

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The picture of a mentally ill deranged Slovak committing murder and deliberate suicide by gunfire is exactly what one expects of the "Jesus" crowd.

Jesus didn't love him much when he was riddled with police bullets less than a minute after the photo was taken.

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The EU have now condemned the French expulsion of Romani gypsies and in their statement applied a broader brush airing their collective unease at not only the ongoing expulsion of Romani (& thus the simulataneous overturn of Europe's principle of freedom of movement for member citizens & a breach of the European Convention on Human Rights prohibition of collective punishment).

Today 50,000 people marched in Paris. Jesus doesn't really come into to it beyond the fact that for centuries in Europe, xenophobia in its turn and generality mostly either anti-semtic or antiziganist always managed to bring up a couple of Jesus slurs - these or those were the people who killed Jesus (forgetting that he's alive out there hail and hearty itching to return & these or those people hated his divine sacrifice so much that they stole christian babies to sacrifice them to some dark gods on a regular basis (generally just around the time of crops failing, floods or drought, locusts (a European regular arrival till the 17th century), plague or etc).

call for today's march on Paris Indymedia
coverage on that site (http://paris.indymedia.org )
& in this newspaper : http://www.liberation.fr/politiques/0101655949-des-mill...ement

BBC coverage of EU condemnation of France :

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I'm not racist but....Why does "antiziganism" still exist? Racism in ireland is still there but if you ask the general public, why do people like Roma's less. Because of the begging! I've never seen africans or any other nationality begging on the streets, maybe they want to integrate with the people. They're from countries just as poor and they can integrate. Basically, what good can the majority of roma gypsys do for our country apart from annoy people. i'm not racist but... would love to see roma's getting on in irish society but somehow can't see that happening. Have to say i agree with Sarcozy

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So you are more worried about a few beggars REQUESTING the price of a cup of tea than the oligarchy of bandits infesting our politics, business, church, media, professions and the general culture of 'I'm all right Jack' that uses the Roma, as Sarko is doing, to try and stop his slide in the polls.

Wake up. This Roma bashing is same tactic that has been used against our own Travellers for generations, to stop us focusing on the real anti-social bastards that fuck generation after generation out the emigrant hatch to often enough finish up begging on the streets of London.
I often met them under Charring Cross bridge back in the seventies. There is a repeat being organised at present. Listen to mainstream media collaborating(again) with the chorus of eulogy for the attractions of Australia or Canada, just as Gaybo and Mike Murphy and the other made men of corporate Oirland did in the eighties.
You may or may not be racist, but you need to do a little more observing and thinking about the issues.Racism is not a fixed stance, it is a sliding scale that escalates exponentially under the right crowd conditions and manipulation.

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