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Thursday January 01 1970

Anti-war Women V.Raytheon war contractor trial discussion

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Feminist Open Forum Discussion

April 15th at 7.30pm.
Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2.

Feminist open forum will discuss the upcoming trial of the 9 women
protestors versus the missile-making Raytheon contractor based in Derry.
In 2009 protestors barricaded themselves into the
Raytheon missile factory to highlight their inhumane and fatal
operations. One of the main customers of Raytheon is the Israeli
Defense forces which killed 28 Gaza civilians in 2008 with a Raytheon
“bunker buster” bomb.

Sharon Meenan and Jackie McKenna, two of the defendants, will speak of
the protest against the multi-billion contractor that creates war
machinery resulting in the innocent deaths of Gaza civilians.

During the arrest the protestors presented a dossier of evidence to
the PSNI who promised to investigate Raytheon’s complicity in war
crimes. To this day there has been no evidence to suggest a proper
investigation was ever completed and yet the 9 women and 5 men
protestors face charges of burgulary, criminal damage and assault.

Also speaking will be Freda Hughes from the IPSC (Ireland Palestine
Solitary Campaign) and has been on the IPSC National Committe since
2008. Ms. Hughes is a teacher and educational researcher from Dublin.
A long time activist, Freda travelled to Palestine in 2008 for the
first time and will speak of her experience there.

There may be a recession but consciencious Derry residents do not need
blood on their hands for the few jobs received and want Raytheon out
of their city. With the upcoming trial the protestors hope to
highlight Raytheon’s war history and people's disgust of the work that
Raytheon are committed to.

Support the protest against Raytheon and expediate it's necessary exit
out of Derry.
Attend the meeting and follow their trial.
The trial begins on May 4th 2010, Crown Court, Belfast

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