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Dublin Opinion
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What are the Greens about- Email query to party HQ re creatingextra ministerial positions

category galway | miscellaneous | opinion/analysis author Saturday March 27, 2010 23:40author by donkylemore Report this post to the editors

How do they justify extra ministerial jobs given their ennunciated histort

What do the greens stand for anymore
They are Not about

1. Openness in government
2 not about reforming politics
3 not about accountability
4. Not about scaling the government down
5 not about protecting our revered sites and places of veneration
6 not about Honesty

A query and a reply illustrates something about a character type

What do the greens stand for anymore
They are Not about

1. Openness in government
2 not about reforming politics
3 not about accountability
4. Not about scaling the government down
5 not about protecting our revered sites and places of veneration
6 not about Honesty

No None of the above,
If you had a quick look at their wep page 3 years ago you would find ; the noble aspirations ; the pious promises ; the virtuous middle class value system.
But what else . There is a dearth of the plan for a more equal and just society. No provision for the delivery of more effective services ; no economic determination other than a fairer tax system - which was about ennobling platitude as a promise to refrain from starting another world war
Mr Sergeant clearly breached the duty if obligation when he tried to interfere with a police process?
AND he has yet to be charged with the criminal activity he engaged in !

Ms de Burca jumped because she didn’t get the job she wanted
Mr Cuffed - well look at his blog - cuff street - how could he morally end up in bed with Fianna Fail

Mr Gormley ; rather than face the reality of what his dept. has caused the state €500,0000000 - he has chosen to call yet another inquiry .

Mr Gogarty is famed for his unparliamentarily language to deputy Stagg
‘’ ****k You Deputy Stagg…!! ****k !!! You !!

Mr O Brolochan and Mr Boyle were selected and appointed , Not elected to an Seanad .’’ That venerable institution lampooned on their Mission Statement as either a creche or an old folks home for failed politicians,
These two are failed politicians and now sit comfortably on €90 + K salaries + expenses .

So what are they all about .?
In pursuit of the query I sent to the Greens apropos their erstwhile counter intuitive move to insist on demanding another Junior Minister I got the following reply.
I’include and email , and the response from one of their members when I asked the question .


Do You Also believe that the number of ministers including should have been reduced as your party was calling for 2 years ago.
If you and your party had any scintilla of conscience you would not only have not accepted any new ministries ; you would have been actively advocating that the whole government be scaled down and no one else was appointed either .
But that was 2 years ago .. when you thought an Seanad was a creche or an old folks home for failed politicians.
But that was then.. before Ciarane Cuffe changed his mind so dramatically about Fianna Fail.
Tell me . Do you keep your Mission Statement on your web page- the one of say 2 years ago for example,
If you need a copy I can furnish you with one .


This was the reply from one calling himself Mark Deary
Subject: Re: Seanad
From: mark.dearey@gmail.com
To: donmacnamara@hotmail.com

Hello Don,
This has all the making of a dialogue of the deaf Don.
Do you not appreciate that a small party like ours if it is to achieve ist policy goals needs to drive them from positions of power ,such as the two new juniors we got?
Personally I am delighted that Mary White has responsibility for equality and integration and Ciaran Cuffe for sustainable transport.
We could have stayed out of Government and made all the right on noises from the opposite side of the House but what would that have achieved.
I appreciate that the compromises have eroded our image but the mission statement as you put it, remains intact.

Kindest Regards,

To Which I replied

Ahh Mark ,
''This has all the making of a dialogue of the deaf Don.''

I am familiar with this cliche , but apart from it being a singularly profound insult to the disabled , I am unclear as to what it means.
To use another cliche it is scarcely ''politically correct''
But let us live with it as it presumably is the way you speak; impetuously and without circumspection ; naive and confrontational - all attributes of the illiterate of imagination and hope .Avatars , if you like .
But No . No. I would consider this the dialogue of denial. Of deception . Of deluding the electorate .And representative of the party bereft of purpose or direction with an oh so ready and convenient amnesia .
The slack jawed defense of one who would have only have a fifty fifty chance of getting their shoelaces tied correctly .
I offer the query again in less than that 50/50 hope

Do You Also believe that the number of ministers including should have been reduced as yuor party was calling for 2 years ago.

I dont believe that you have the capacity to answer this but I'm putting it right back where it came from for my own annals. Perhaps you would like to pass it on to your glorious leader , though I imagine he's busy brewing up another confetti for the report after next.
But your dialogue succinttly represents everything I imagined a Green party member to personify.
Thank you for this neat little prose picture .
It really is a collectors gem.Please keep your cliches coming .
I like to create fictional characters from emails like this . You have provided me with a complete model for a particularly odious genre in Irish society.
Dont quit on me now

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 16:39:10 +0000

There the correspondence ended . Rather abruptly I thought.
Then I reflected that maybe this Mark Deary simply had a Mr Gorartl moment .
Bur where are the gentle tree huggers. The bicycle clips.
The soaring oratory of Mr Gorlmey and his withering ‘’ Planet Bertie ‘’speech, which must be up there with his head to head with c Dowell on the Streets of the Capital .
These two memorable speeches are landmarks in political debaye in Ireland and these coupled with Mr Gogarty ‘s and Mr Cuffe’s pre promotion blogg and his vituperative anti Fianna Fail polemics will surely become class room studies of the future .
Mr Deary’s email has more the markings of a bad hair day, and describes a character type . On material such as this was created the Ross O Carrol- Kelly character .


One thing the Greens are Not about is humility.
Foppish , self satisfied , financially well heeled middle class prigs dizzy with the sense of power ?

author by Bazooka Joepublication date Mon Mar 29, 2010 16:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Ciaran Cuffe was falling apart at the seems on Tonight with Vincent Brown, Thursday 25th March 2010. Cuffe, who seemed to be very shaky and inept was probably just under-the-weather from a head cold or something, judging by the way he rubbed his nose and sniffed at the start of the interview and as the minutes ran on, seemed to run out of puff.


John Gormley also put in another pathetic performance on The Week in Politics on RTE, Sunday 28th March 2010.


Congratulations to this weeks Green Party deserter, Pat Kavanagh from Wicklow. Last one out turn off the lifeless grey lights!

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