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The Culture Minister Nonce & Sarkozy's government

category international | arts and media | opinion/analysis author Thursday October 08, 2009 20:12author by gossip monger - (iosaf) Report this post to the editors

notes on a scandalous life overlooked so long - just like Polanski's case.

European politics are no doubt scintilating for the average Irish citizen now Lisbon2 is behind us & our continuing place at the heart of Europe is assured. We expect the Dáil expense scandal which hints at as much outragous sociopathic graft & cheek as our rivals in the British parliament will keep us in the top rankings. We can read about Berlusconi unknowingly frolicking with prostitutes and cocaine traffickers and think it slightly pathetic that he imagined his pretty guests were up & gaggin for it. Now new scandal at the heart of Europe which alas, is in the process of being hijacked by the far right! Sarkozy's minister of Culture, Frédéric Mitterrand, who though son of the socialist president chose a rightwing career path, is at the heart of the EU. In the lead-up to a new set of agreements between France and Thailand to stem sex tourism, passages from the minister's 2005 biography describing the thrill of sex with young Thai boys are raising interest of both prurient and legitimate nature.
a poisonous chalice of attitudes and presumptions laced with just too easy to formulate moral outrage............hmmmm............take note & don't let the far right do this.
a poisonous chalice of attitudes and presumptions laced with just too easy to formulate moral outrage............hmmmm............take note & don't let the far right do this.

First some background for those Irish readers who think Sarkozy's court is just about the ex-supermodel & hetrosexuality on stilts

It may not be the first time that Sarkozy's regime has attracted such interest. His former minister of Justice (& ex girlfriend) Rachida Dati generated pages and at least one lawsuit for two reasons which like this latest news - ask us to meditate on the fine line between public interest and private lives.

Dati's never chose to name the father of her pregnancy amidst speculation that the daddy was indeed the former prime minister of Spain, Jose Aznar. As I reported on this website at the time, the Spaniard was a prime suspect and had been introduced to Dati by Sarkozy at an Elysee dinner shortly after Caral Bruni had arrived on the scene. Aznar might have chosen to sue the Moroccan magazine that broke the news whilst ignoring the French media which repeated and arguably diffused it wider, but the paternity of Dati's child though tantilisingly opening up tales of European and Billionaire daliances and the inner social mechanisms of the European ruling class, was not to prove the reason she left the cabinet. There was and is reason to think the father might have been one of the players in France's current"Clearstream trillion dollar scandal" just as some have even suggested Sarkozy himself. As I noted before, we will need to wait till that little baby grows up and decide is it short and domineering with a moustache or short and domineering without a moustache. Dati's image had been sullied in a progressive accumalative way for some time. There had been the photoshop editing of her image which saw a ring worth €15000 (£13000) appear in press one day and get airbrushed out the next.

* "Aznar denies getting French Justice minister pregnant (it was ETA)"
* "mystery of minister's ring" http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/mystery-....html
* photos of "the disappearing ring of Dati" before manipulation & afterwards :

Now we come to look at the current scandal - of the sex trade, sex slaves, Thai youth & how the Le Pen's far right have jumped into the politically correct vacuum of liberal moral laissez faire tolerance.

Le Pen and the French far right have jumped on the extracts from a 2005 autobiography which only now are been recirculated. Conveniently forgetting or sidestepping the documentated links between the sex trade and human trafficking with the global far-right. Nor without getting investigative even touching the hypocrisy inherent in their "personal & private" argument to avoid discussnig the homosexuality of their European heroes.

I cite the notable case of Jörg Haider the leader of the Austrian far right and template for third position contemporary parliamentary neo-nazism. After he died in car crash and had his funeral mass said by RC Cardinal and televised with state honours on Austrian networks, it emerged that not only had he enjoyed a long term sexual relationship with the man chosen by the Haider's far right party to replace him. But he had argued with that lover & party colleague, Stefan Petzner on the last night of his life and gone off sulking to a hardcore gay sauna club in the company of male escorts before crasing his car.

Somehow, the revelations of Frederic Mitterrand are though "grist for the mill" & in the eyes of the far right a matter of state . http://www.lefigaro.fr/flash-actu/2009/10/08/01011-2009...n.php

His book «La Mauvaise vie» was published in 2005. It certainly didn't sell or will sell as many copies as Bertie Aherns or Sarah Palins offerings. Perhaps because he wrote it himself. Any ghost writer good at their job would never have allowed frank disclosure of how Mitterrand had found the sight of the slave trade and so many young boys being available to be arousing followed by admittals that he had enjoyed carnal relationships with young male sex workers.

So why if the book didn't raise eyebrows in 2005 is it all so shocking now?

The French on the right and far right will attempt to pitch it as a moral and fibrous response to the French state's plans to agree an accord and new partnership with the Thai state to stem sex tourism, (quite probably like a carbon tax but on condoms and lubricants) & attempt to position its policies at the heart of European wide legislation on paedophilia. We're talking about potentially tough measures for the beasts which not only include the now commonplace registers and movement restriction orders but would widen voluntary chemical castration (available in some states such as the Spanish one to offenders) to a mandatory sentance.

That's heavy stuff and needs to be treated upon by society as a whole. It's such heavy material that we really ought not leave it to the politicians alone. I remind Irish readers of the June 2005 article I entitled "The Sunday Papers Brainy Edition", http://www.indymedia.ie/article/76446 which marked the widest cross society role ever in legislation in Ireland. New laws which were rushed through without thought for procedure or expenses or dail recesses in reaction to the mess left by the former minister of Justice, Big Swinging Mickey Mc Dowell's law reform project which had left a huge loop hole in the unlawful carnal knowledge and child rape and molestation laws. The emergency session of the Oireachtas and urgent assent of the President to pass without quibble these laws :-

But the far-right aren't really bashing nonces

Of course they're not. The real reason that this story is front page in France & generating inches in English press and comment throughout Europe, is that the French minister of Culture played a big part in organising the defense petition for Roman Polanski and got really vocal criticising the US Justice department's extradition order.

That is of course another story and one which finds its roots and polticial advantage far away from either Thailand or the French art ministry scene, in the heartlands of the US Republican party and Dixie as its movers and shakers vie and play each other to rebuild their organisation, choose a presidential leader and consolidate their power bases. It's a case of them holding what Obama doesn't touch. Be it Honduras, SouthCom or arty farties.

But that is another story................

French links :

Extract from the book


English coverage http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8298051.stm

author by gossip mongerpublication date Sat Oct 10, 2009 17:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Politics is as we need no reminder a dirty business in which to succeed it is best advised to appear to be as clean as possible to the point of utter hypocritical naivety.

Mitterand Jr, whose scandal is perhaps even more interesting simply because he has an easy to remember surname, has now it emerges volunteered his reputation to act as character witness for two men who are joined with others defending themselves against charges of an alledged gang rape of 16 year old girl on the island of Reunion. http://www.lequotidien.re/actualites/faits-divers/68900....html That court case is due to be heard at the end of this month of October. Reunion as we know is due east of Africa in the Indian Ocean and a popular destination for sex tourists. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%A9union


This little story works and is working on such profound levels of mass psychology & that very rarely mentioned constant of all political equations - the bizarre ability of the electorate who almost always appear to remember nothing - to oh quite contrary neither forget nor forgive a thing" .
All of a sudden Roman Polanski doesn't have as much solidarity in France, for example.

Do not be surprised if all the conservatives who landslided the Sarkozy regime before the wee man had met Carla Bruni, married her or put on platform shoes have just very succesfully been converted to the far right for the next presidential elections.

The only solution for the left to stop this wholescale defection of voters will be to abandon culture.

an awesomely weighty thought for any contemporary French citizen playing as it is does on ultra-ironical collective self-effacement.

author by iosafpublication date Tue Oct 13, 2009 18:34author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Let's remember how Sarkozy won his presidential election not on his career history nor even with the complete support of his own party for a moment. Sarkozy's presidential inheritance was never a taken for granted thing. Sarko wasn't the dauphin of Chirac, the role was held by the long and gaunt de Villepin. Of course deV is now up to his neck in the trillion dollar clearstream scandal and the allegations that he had Sarko's office bugged.

Nor was Sarko the most popular conservative amongst the rank and file "tory ladies" of the UMP.

But enough of the conservative French voting classes gave him (as he was then) their vote to avoid their first female president Segolene Royale and take some wind out of the far right's sails.

Let's remember - Sarkozy won overall on 85% of electorate turnout with 50.19% of votes cast. In the posh central Parisien 16ème arrondissement where he now lives he got 80.81% but out in ugliesville 20ème arrondissement Paris he only got 35.37%.
c/f The Sarkozy Effect & Proletarian Unity http://www.indymedia.ie/article/82415

He isn't what he was then - is what the current story and its setting of the stage for the future of France's elections both parliamentary and presidential comes down to.

For one he got divorced, did the rounds & Carla came along. Many of his UMP faithful blame Carla Bruni for influencing his appointment of liberals (said in Fox News tones) such as Mitterand junior.

But they can't really blame Carla Bruni for the shocking nepotism and favouritism shown Sarkozy Junior, a law student of 23 years age, (completed 2 terms) who now, as anyone who reads international press knows is being given a plum job which will not only see him responsible for squillions of real estate in Paris but will launch him on a stunning political career. Yep, Sarko Jr. the kid who was left out of the divorce settlement and took a back seat for a while has now turned up what the Parisiens call BCBG «bon chic et bon genre» ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BCBG )


Now that's the thing. The wee man can do his parties introducing ex-girlfriends to ex-premiers, not being compared to Berlusconi, brought his family on billionaire Vincent Bolloré's yacht immediately after the election knowing even though it seemed "over the top" neither he nor Bolloré are up to the nexck in Clearstream ------------- Yep. Sarko brought in a new bunch of billionaires to kick old school French elitist ass.
because quite basically the French conservative political voters put him in the job............
= ............ coz he wasn't BCBG

He's only half way through his term. The French press can complain all they like about the republic being threatened, everyone has grown accustomed to pictures of Sarkozy as Napoleon the emperor. http://www.liberation.fr/politiques/0101596834-affaire-...rasse As if the 5th republic rather like the Italian republic hadn't been broken before the man got elected. How else can we explain all those big numbers in clearstream?
c/f "saving the v republic" http://www.indymedia.ie/article/75208

But what is starting now is not really important till three years time.

- - - Where are his voters going to go?

- - - - Do they go back to the far-right? - less models, less high heels, less BCBG & no mention of noncery?

- - - - Or does the "left" of France's "New Labour" move centre to capture them & in so doing go all prissy on us?

my bets are on Segolene Royale - again.
unless of course the real left of France can move its gear to deal with what is now emerging to be the post-Sarkozy set-up. In the end the migrant's son turned good didn't produce a "superSarko" presidency of change across the board and thacherite reform. He ran out of steam within weeks. But he has brought in croneyism and appalingly poor judgement. That's a recipe for far right vote success.

last link to Sarko announcing his reform of French schools so that (yawn yawn) no kid be left behind or out of the consideration for a career and great things in the meritocracy which is _______________ (put your local pile of shite in the blank)


"standing on the shoulders of giants" - if he can't appoint jobs on merit might as well just give them to family.
"standing on the shoulders of giants" - if he can't appoint jobs on merit might as well just give them to family.

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