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Raytheon 9 Women in court Mon 21st Sept

category international | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Thursday September 17, 2009 16:09author by Derry Anti War Coalition - DAWC

charged with burglary and criminal damage

The 9 women who occupied arms company Raytheon's premises in Derry during the Israeli assault on Gaza are being "arraigned" before the court on Monday next, 21st Sept. While they tried to repeat what the Raytheon 9 men did and bring down the computer system, the heightened security meant that they did little damage. Nonetheless, the state is going after the women who were trying to stop war crimes while the war criminals walk free. Four men arrested as they demonstrated in support of the women are also in court on Monday.

In January this year, 9 women from the Derry Anti War Coalition tried to get into the Raytheon offices in Derry in order to disable its computers and thereby impede the war crimes which Israel were carrying out in Gaza using Raytheon missiles (including some small guage missiles ordered specially from Raytheon for use in built-up areas and in tunnels). Unfortunately, they encountered considerably heightened security - including a series of steel doors with electronic locks that work only with four-digit codes. They managed to get into the building, up to the second floor and through one lot of the steel doors when they became trapped in an 'airlock' situation between two sets of doors. While there, they broke an alarm while trying to break the four-digit code. This is the criminal damage they are charged with....all £380 worth of it - compared to the £350,000 worth of damage that the Raytheon 9 men did in 2006.

However, while they did relatively little damage, they did manage to disrupt work there for an afternoon and, shortly afterwards, Raytheon announced it would not be renewing its lease on the offices, though it said it would remain in the Derry area. However, it now seems that the company may have left Derry - having been left in no doubt that every time its missiles are used in war crimes, the DAWC would do everything it could to disrupt Raytheon's work and impede the war crimes in which the company is complicit.

DAWC is holding a protest in solidarity with the women at 9.30am next Monday 21st Sept. Bring banners etc. Messages of support to the women can be sent to

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author by Viva Palestinapublication date Fri Sep 18, 2009 17:30author address author phone

Since the original Raytheon 9 were acquitted, why is it that these women are being tried? Surely it's a waste of taxpayers money.

author by N. (Stream)publication date Fri Sep 18, 2009 17:54author address author phone

1. I thought the RUC/PSNI promised them they wouldnt be charged if they left the building. There again what would you expect.

2. Whatever happened to the peeler who slapped the pregnant woman when she tried to get the car keys from her partner? Surely he should be up in court, or is slapping a pregnant woman only a crime if you dont wear a uniform?

3. "However, it now seems that the company may have left Derry "
Judging by the number of people coming and going from their Second Floor office in Building 2 I'd say this isn't the case. Also we encountered quite a few English accents from trendy looking dudes coming and going and waiting for taxis at the front door. As Gerry would say They havent gone away you know.

author by SeŠn Ryanpublication date Fri Sep 18, 2009 18:36author address author phone

Best of luck on Monday folks.

I'm looking forward to the news of a second great victory, or rather to the concluding of another great victory. As the poster above said, the actions of the police should not be forgotten. This type of behaviour, both north and south of the border, is now so common, that it's no longer something shocking to the general public. It can no longer be tolerated.

We're an important little country with regard to the prosecution of unjust and unlawful wars. We both facilitate and participate in them. The actions at the heart of this case put a spotlight on the business end of our complicity in the bombing and butchering of innocents. Hence the victory achieved by these brave people, regardless as to what happens after Monday.

author by Desmondpublication date Sun Sep 20, 2009 22:40author address author phone

Best of luck tomorrow guys. Sorry we can not be there but we will be thinking of you.

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