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Resistance Continues Today In Occupied Ireland.

category fermanagh | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Saturday July 11, 2009 20:01author by Le Chéile Saor - Le Chéile Saor Report this post to the editors

I.R.A Continue To Resist Occupation.

The Continuity IRA have claimed to have left devices in Aughnacloy and on the Moorlough road between Newtownbutler and Lisnaskea co. Fermanagh while the Real IRA have said they have left devices in Enniskillen and Lisbellaw. This reports have come to our attention today and security alerts have been signalled in the occupied six counties. Regardless of the media black out by main stream media across Ireland, things are and never will be normal as long as occupation continues.

Also today an explosive device was thrown at an P.S.N.I/R.U.C station in Strabane, this follows an I.R.A checkpoint last night on a road just passed Cavan just as you cross the border at Belturbet a large sign which read BRITS FREE ZONE I.R.A. CHECKPOINT AHEAD, there was lights flashing at the side of the road on the lead up to the sign which was on about 200 yards in the Northern side.
It was reported that there were people dressed in camoflage uniform walkin about. Local residents in their cars were shouting out the windows giving those on the road support and other cars were beeping in support to the volunteers.

Our point is the struggle continues for the peole of Ireland north and south. The British government have no right in Ireland and never will.

Le Chéile Saor

author by Joe Societypublication date Sun Jul 12, 2009 13:43author address author phone Report this post to the editors

You are defeated, the support you have from the public wouldnt fill a small cafe and that includes the normal "head the balls" that will support anything anti establisment, people have voted for peace and its working and they do not want to go back, get a job or become a full time criminal, you can no longer reap the benifits of being a criminal under the guise of terrorism and its you finances that are hurting you not your love of your country! your still in the 70's.

author by Ballyhackamorepublication date Sun Jul 12, 2009 16:43author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I had never heard of Le Cheile Saor prior to seeing the above statement. I went to their website and read some of the sections. I can’t see any difference between this organisation and Eirigi. I did read a few things that set alarm bells ringing.

On the Le Cheile Saor website there is a section that explains their policy on Fathers Rights. I would encourage people to read it. It is very right wing, even more right wing than the likes of John Waters. In this section Le Cheile Saor claim that mothers involved in custody and access cases don’t love their children! That mothers who refuse to let fathers see their children should be ordered by the courts to have a psychological assessment! That the courts should take children off their mothers and give the custody to the fathers if they don’t allow fathers access!

This is shocking and has nothing in common with the ideas of socialism. Le Cheile Saor don’t mention anything about abusive fathers, domestic violence, intimidation, alcoholism, drug abuse etc all of which are issues that can play a major part in why some (very few) women don’t want their ex-partners or the biological fathers of their children to have access to the kids.

This is an extract from the Le Cheile Saor website.

A Case For Fathers

To make matters even worse, sometimes a woman is so bitter about the breakup that she forgets about the welfare of the child involved, and goes out of her way to make it difficult for the well-intentioned father to build his case.

While these mothers say they love their children, we say they don’t.

Fathers must have meaningful access to their child. We believe:

* Separated mothers should risk losing the right to have their children live with them if they defy court orders and stop the children's fathers from seeing them.
* A single mother who refuses to let the child have anything to do with the father who is happy to continue positive contact between mother and child, should be ordered to hand over custody to the father.
* A single mother should be ordered to have a psychological assessment if there are no compelling reasons why she is not allowing the father to have meaningful access to the child.


The statement on here from Le Cheile Saor seems to indicate to this reader that they support the idea of an “armed struggle” in Northern Ireland. The previous armed struggle of the PIRA failed to defeat British Imperialism. Who do Le Cheile Saor think there should be an armed struggle against the British want out so there is no point in bombing and shooting them. The one million protestants don’t want your united Ireland. What are you going to do, try to bomb them into submission?

I also had a good laugh at the following paragraphs that come from the section of the website that talks about socialism, when it says “If however, a person or group, was damaging society (beating people up, or blowing up buildings, etc.) then society will take appropriate action against them.” And it says "but freedom does not include hurting people or destroying the common wealth of humanity". In the context of the statement above, I.R.A Continue To Resist Occupation from Le Cheile Saor I have to say this is fucking priceless!!!

Here is an extract that contains that quote.

“How will people who disagree be treated in socialism?

Those who disagree will be treated like anyone else. If a person or group decided to start promoting a return to capitalism, or some other class-divided social form, they would be free to do so. If however, a person or group, was damaging society (beating people up, or blowing up buildings, etc.) then society will take appropriate action against them.

Freedom must include allowing disagreement with the status quo and spreading unpopular ideas, but freedom does not include hurting people or destroying the common wealth of humanity.”

author by Joe Kellypublication date Sun Jul 12, 2009 19:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Come on lads and lassies this codology might blow up in your faces.

The Provos threw in the kitchen sink and it eventually dawned on them that the main victims of their campaign were poor and working class people, mainly in the North of Ireland.

In addition, all their campaign achieved was to copperfasten and consolidate the status quo, exacerbate the divisions and cause much blood to be spilled and jails to be filled in the process.

And to what end?

Some achievement and some people, as in the author of this story want to start that up again.

Hopefully this will not happen and you will not have a base to tap into, in which you will inflict only more suffering on the people you claim to represent.

author by Bobpublication date Mon Jul 13, 2009 13:21author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Look, I can understand an obsession with violent hatred has become your self identity, but how dare you be so arrogant as to feel justified in murdering people. Who are you or anyone else to decide death and maiming is an appropriate method for tackling other injustices or disagreements? Your frame of mind is the bottom of the race to the bottom.

author by republicanpublication date Tue Jul 14, 2009 01:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

i'm an irish republican and you don't represent me. you're volunteers would be better off going to counselling or trying to learn how to live, instead of continuing this rubbish.

you like the ira before you twist irish history to your own end. ...

militaristic minded.....

author by Damienpublication date Tue Jul 14, 2009 01:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"Our point is the struggle continues for the peole of Ireland north and south."
By doing what? Carrying out actions that only make the lives of the people you supposedly want to liberate miserable.
The only thing the people need liberated from is the gun crazed psychos who perform these stupid actions and who seek to ruin another generation of young Irish men and women, who deserve better.
Please just go away.

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