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ARAN Members Speak Out for Animals in Irish Circuses

category dublin | animal rights | news report author Monday July 06, 2009 20:31author by ARAN - Animal Rights Action Networkauthor email arancampaigns at eircom dot netauthor phone 0872391646

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As animal act circuses roll out across the country, so is ARAN’s latest campaign to rollback the curtain on animal suffering in Irish circuses and reach out to potential circuses goers to show them the real side to animal suffering.

Animal Rights Action Network members and supporters gathered in Dublin city centre to bring attention to animal suffering inside Irish animal act circuses. With banners reading ‘The Slave Trade is Alive and Kicking, Stop Cruelty to Animals in the Circus’ and ‘Stop Circus Suffering’, our dedicated supporters took time out of their Sunday afternoon to spend time speaking out for animals in need. They once again responded to our appeal and call for help. Throughout the event hundreds of leaflets were distributed including DVD’s from the Animal Defenders International investigation into Irish circuses during 2003-2005 which revealed poor conditions in which the animals were living in, including animals been hit behind the scenes and much more. The peaceful and lively protest also reached hundreds of passing cars, buses, vans and trucks all crammed with people wanting to know what was going on – with a megaphone members chanted ‘There’s No Excuse for Animal Abuse, Stop Circus Suffering’, information about animal suffering in the circus was also available. Over the coming weeks, Animal Rights Action Network are organizing events in various cities across Ireland, so if you would like to do more then please get involved.

Please if you are against animal abuse and want to see it end, words are just not good enough – please, do something, get involved with ARAN today and start attending our events and helping to raise awareness, the animals need all the help and support they can get and using your voice to help them will bring us closer to the day when animals are no longer exploited for human use.

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