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Public Inquiry
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The Saker
A bird's eye view of the vineyard

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Day of Action in Galway to mark the 5th anniversary of the ruling against Israel's Apartheid Wall

category galway | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Monday July 06, 2009 17:53author by TD - Free Palestine Campaign Report this post to the editors

"Not to recognise the illegal situation resulting from the construction of the wall"

To mark the 5th anniversary of the International Court of Justice ruling on July 9th 2004 that Israel's Apartheid Wall was illegal and must be torn down, last Saturday, July 4th, Galway activists took to the streets to illuminate the reprehensible fact that the so called "international community" is still turning the blind eye to this egregious crime: Israel continues to construct this obscenity while The UN has taken no action to implement the ICJ decision and. with the exception of a few principled governments, states have put no pressure or sanctions, the EU continues to grant Israel trading privileges in violation of the ICJ's call on third states "not to recognise the illegal situation resulting from the construction of the wall" nor "to render aid or assistance in maintaining the situation brought about by such construction." International business, as is its wont, continues to finance and provide material support to the Wall and settlements.

Woodie's DIY in the Galway Shopping Center was again picketed and true to malignant form, in the fifth Saturday in a row, Woodie's called in their beck and call Gardai who parroted their new black lie; that their custumers were complaining about us (see video). Conveniently parked was the Garda threat of last Saturday week that Woodie's was going to supply us with a letter from their briefs confirming that the exterior shopping precinct was private property and our persons as a consequence would be personae non gratae.

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Caption: Day of Action in Galway to mark the 5th anniversary of the ICJ ruling that Israel's Apartheid Wall is illegal and must be torn down

author by Derek Nolanpublication date Tue Jul 07, 2009 10:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Following the Israeli theft of more than 60% of Bil'in's land for the construction of the Apartheid Wall and the illegal colony of Matityahu East, the villagers are resisting with weekly protests after Friday prayers and a legal action in a Canadian court against the companies building the condominiums and related infrastructure and it is this legal action that has triggered a quantum leap in the terrorisation and collective punishment of the villagers, the latest, last night when Israeli Occupation Forces made an incursion to arrest 10 residents: "When Palestinian, international, and Israeli activists arrived at the scene they were subjected to violence and intimidation by the Israeli occupation forces. One activist with the International Solidarity Movement had non-violently blocked the entrance to one of the doors when he was attacked by soldiers, forced to the ground, and subjected to pain compliance. He was then arrested and carried by a group of soldiers into a military jeep. When activists and community members responded, they were beaten back with batons and forced to dodge a large number of percussion grenades" (link).

This follows the terror raid of last Sunday, when, at approximately 4:15 on the morning more than 100 Israeli Soldiers invaded the village, many of them masked and all tooled up with automatic weapons. They attacked several houses and arrested Oda Rebhe Abu Rahma, 20, and Mahmoud Issa Yassein, 17. Upon request the soldiers would not tell their families where they were taking them or the name of the officer in command. Palestinian and international activists questioned the soldiers and dearrested several people who were documenting the kidnappings. This is the third week of night raids in Bilin village. Israeli soldier have conducted night raids almost every night and have arrested seven village youth during this period

Last April, an IOF soldier murdered Bassem Abu Rahmah by shooting a high velocity tear gas "Rocket" into his chest whilst the gentle Bassem was peacefully protesting at the Wall. The villagers of Bil'in endure and endure to prevail in the end.

Bassem Abu Rahmah
Bassem Abu Rahmah

Caption: IOF raid on Bil

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author by Mike Novackpublication date Tue Jul 07, 2009 13:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The ruling was/is about the PLACEMENT of sections of the wall. Which side of the "Green Line". Not about its "apartheit" nature.

If you are objecting to there being a wall EVEN were it constructed entirely on the Israeli side of the line then ..........

1) You shouldn't be referring to the court rulings.
2) You need to be honest expressing your opinion that Israel has no right to exist (as any state that has a right to exist can certaibnly build as big a wall as it wants on its side of borders).

You should also (at least on this site) explain why 500 years is so very different from 2000 years with regard to when a people loses its claim to homeland.

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