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Remove the Funtasia Roof Farm immediately-risk to animals and environment

category meath | animal rights | press release author Friday July 03, 2009 08:04author by Bernie Wright - Alliance for Animal Rights, (AFAR)author email berniew at esatclear dot ieauthor address PO Box 4734. Dublin.1author phone 0872651720 / Report this post to the editors

Hoisted animals suffering among amusement rides and revellers.

END the pathetic conditions for over 20 animals,including a Pregnant donkey in FUNTASIA’s noisy rooftop Petting Farm.
A noisy amusement and casino establishment in Bettystown has airlifted (by CHERRYPICKER) over 20 animals onto its roof in an effort to attract more clientele to its arcade and boost profits at 3 euro a head.
Funtasia last week got many of these animals from Jesse Callaghan, a farmer in Lunderstown, Duleek to use as a spectacle for the roof farm on their two story building. Chicken wire, plywood and a fully cemented roof is all that was provided by way of accommodation for a variety of animals including:
A pregnant Donkey in poor condition....
animals suffering from neglect on Funtasias building
animals suffering from neglect on Funtasias building

A noisy amusement and casino establishment in Bettystown has airlifted (by CHERRYPICKER) over 20 animals onto its roof in an effort to attract more clientele to its arcade and boost profits at 3 euro a head.
Funtasia last week got many of these animals from Jesse Callaghan, a farmer in Lunderstown, Duleek to use as a spectacle for the roof farm on their two story building. Chicken wire, plywood and a fully cemented roof is all that was provided by way of accommodation for a variety of animals including:
A pregnant Donkey in poor condition, Two calves, one with diarrea, a Shetland pony who cannot get under the makeshift shelter due to a stepped up ledge,2 baby kids (GOATS) aged about 3-4 weeks,(minus their mother), a young collie dog, Kittens and a rabbit together in one enclosure, ducks and ducklings housed with the goats who have no bedding,2 guinea pigs,2 sheep. 1 Ram, and some Turkeys.
TWO PIGS are also sleeping under a piece of plywood nailed to a wall.
Meath county Council, Environmental agencies and welfare agencies were also contacted by concerned animal lovers in the area. A lift and stairs lead up to Funtasia’s roof but the animals were subjected to being hoisted by a Cherrypicker from the arcades car park.
A possible environmental issue and the elimination of animal faeces and waste which could possibly enter a water pipe leading under the road and to the sea is a cause for concern according to locals in the area.
There were empty feeding bottles lying on the ground near the kid goats but no sign of bedding, fresh food or a cleaning or care routine was evident.
• The Farm is open 7 days 12 to 7pm.
• On the weekend the animals will be subjected to the noise of gigantic mechanical rides beside them on the roof combined with the loud screams of punters as they get their thrills.
• A rollercoaster,70ft drop zone, submarine rides, skyglider, flying planes and balloon rides are among the other roof attractions.
• If fire broke out how would these animals be saved. Only a young teenager throws a glance at those visiting the roof.
• Locals pitying the animals are supplying food to them as none is evident.
• Will the pregnant donkey have to endure the noisy environment whilst giving birth?
‘We are appealing for this ill-advised, cheap shoddy and cruel display to be closed immediately. We will rehome the animals if they are unwanted. We are publicising this issue internationally to force closure and are calling for a full investigation into who is responsible for this animal violation.’
Write to Meath Co Council, Navan, Co Meath. Environment section and ask that this Petting Farm be closed down.
o+353 (046) 9097001, email: info@meathcoco.ie
O Council Emergency Telephone Contact Outside Office Hours: 1890 445 335
1. Funtasia is owned by Vinmoe Traders Ltd.Whitworth Hall. Laurence St. Drogheda.
Directors VINMOE are Bernard and Tara Mc Cormick, The Glebe Bettystown.
Ph. 041 9827150
Also Director Phelim and Elizabeth Mc Closkey, 17 Bryanstown ,Dublin Rd. Drogheda

2. http://funtasia.ie/bettystown/home.aspx?AcceptsCookies
3. Manager Funtasia, Nicola Mc Carthy, email info@funtasia.ie
Phone 041 9828301
4. ANIMALS SUPPLIED BY Jesse Callaghan ,Lundrstown, Duleek, Co Meath, Phone 00 353 41 9823961.

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author by Bernie Wright - AFAR, alliance for Animal Rights publication date Fri Jul 03, 2009 14:34author email berniew at esatclear dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Having the issue discussed on the Joe duffy show has revealed that Funtasia are removing the animals tonight due to too much hassle from people who rang and emailed.
Its finished for good so hopefully it may prevent a reaccurance of this type of money-making venture.

author by jackpublication date Fri Jul 03, 2009 20:57author address author phone Report this post to the editors

hello, my name is jack, and i visited funtasia pet farm two days ago with my two daughters and niece. at the entrance we were greeted by two young ladies. one politely helped us in, the other lead us into the main area for the animals. immediately i reflected on the cleanliness of the area and how happy the collie dog looked to see us. my daughters, delighted petted the dog as one of the workers pleasantly chatted to me about the recent opening and informing me about the animals. in response to the author of the article, the animals had water, and i could see a food bowl. i assume the only reason it was not filled was due to the fact that it is important that dogs are not continually eating- this is in accordance with a healthy diet. we wandered around the farm, the worker offering to pick up the animals so my daughters and niece could pet them. i would also like to point out that the animals are secured behind fence, with more than sufficient shelter as well as a clean bed of straw. the larger animals such as the pony, donkey and sheep had hay available for them to graze on. i thouraghly enjoyed my visit, and was hardly out the door when my daughters were begging me to return. i promised they could, so im sure you can understand how upset i am to hear of the closure, as i feel it was completely unnecessary. i hope your happy with the damage youve caused and how dissapointed my family is. i advise you to check your facts in future before making such extreme accusations.

author by arthurpublication date Fri Jul 03, 2009 21:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

get your facts straight before you say something like that the building is only two stories high and i dont think it is very nice that you gave out information about the owners they deserve some privacy i no would not be happy if it was me.As im sure you were listening to the joe duffy show jesse callahan picks up the dirt from the animals and the waste does not run into the drains he also said himself that he makes sure the animal have fresh food and water and his daughter looks after them in the day i hope your happy that you have closed down a perfectly good petting farm

author by Annpublication date Fri Jul 03, 2009 21:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Im writing to express my outrage.I read your comment about the pet farm closing and how you wrongly think it was because of your phone calls and emails when it is not.I have visited the petting farm and I thought all the animals were happy and healthy.It is,I mean it was a great idea for kids who may never see these kind of animals.There was no cruelty to animals and as you probaly heard on the Joe Duffy show all the right authority was consulted before the farm was open.I find it ridiculous that you would blow everthing out of proportion and waste everones time just because you think the animals looked "sad".It is just unbelievable!I think you should apoligise to the farmer and funtasia.

author by farmpublication date Fri Jul 03, 2009 23:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hello my name is tim. I visted the pet farm on the second day it opened all the animals were in excellent condition and all had water. I was listening to the radio and some MAD PERSON was going on about that the donkey was in labour when it most certainly was not. The person also said that the building was four storeys high when it was only 2 storeys. The wall on the roof on the building was at least five feet high with another foot of wire mesh on the top. All the reporters havn't a clue what they are talking about.

author by jjgpublication date Fri Jul 03, 2009 23:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I have been in that farm last weekend and to honest, I dont think this article painted a picture which correlated with my experience of the place. The animals definitely did not look mistreated and the staff looking after them were extremely attentive to their needs. There was plenty of fresh water, food, shelters and straw bedding. Animal soiling looked fresh which indicated that it was being cleaned regularly and I think the idea of it polluting the water system mentioned in this article is totally false and delusional. I think the effects of sellafield pollution in that area already has contaminated the water system and to suggest a few sheep pellets and a bit of horse shite might find their way into the water system is bordering on the ridiculous. I think the mass hysteria and innuendo caused by trivial and un-intelligent talk shows like Joe Duffy blows everything out of proportion. I could see no other visitors to the pet farm concerned about the animals welfare and we found the visit very comfortable and pleasent.
Im not usually the one to write on forums as they tend to be infested with people that are out-of touch and cocooned from reality but nevertheless, I think putting up names and numbers of people on this article which attempt to suggest they are mistreating animals is totally wrong and out of order. The petting farm looked to be constructed and operated with the best intentions in mind, and not to create some exhibition of pain and suffering as the article attempts to portray. I wish to thank the staff of funtasia for their kind hospitality to our family last week and we hope to return in the future for more good times.

author by DFGpublication date Fri Jul 03, 2009 23:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I do agree that it is quite bizarre to have animals on the roof, in fact i didnt believe my son when he informed me. But a neighbour spoke to me about the farm. She was there while the farmer was their, and she said her kids had great fun. the farmer let the wee dog out - on a lead i was assured - but the kids were allowed to pet it and the kids have since been begging my friend to buy a dog. We come from Belfast, we stay in the local caravan park, and its not often the kids get to see such animals. They were having great fun and i just dont understand why this place had to close. Fair enough, it was odd - but this place seems to have been a great attraction and im sorry i didnt get to experience the farm.

author by Joepublication date Sat Jul 04, 2009 11:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

How would the animals get off the roof in the event of a fire?
Does anyone not believe that using a cherry picker to hoist animals onto a roof would not be stressful to the animals?
Does anyone not believe that the rides nearby would not be stressful to the animals?
What "right authorities" were consulted? I can't see either the county council or the insurance firms agreeing with this. Please elaborate.
I really don't think it matters much if people feel disappointed. This is a gimmick show and animals shouldn't be used for this.
The author of the piece says the Donkey was pregnant. Anyone not see anything wrong with putting a pregnant donkey into a cherrypicker, which I'm guessing is her first time in one?
And finally to the comment about that children "may never see these kind of animals", the animal species listed are all over Ireland. Surely Bettystown is not different. It would be interesting to read what children exactly we're talking about.
There's a list of other things I could mention but I've gotta to go.

author by Evepublication date Thu Jul 16, 2009 19:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Thank you Joe for your comments, which echo my thoughts as I read through the other submissions. I believe it's very wrong to teach children that it's OK for animals to be used as entertainment. They have no place at a venue like this and I am glad the "farm" was removed - great work all those involved. Is it not obvious to people that having these animals at such a place, and the method by which they were put there is not right? Your disappointment is quite frankly irrelevant - sentient animals and their welfare is the issue. People's pure selfishness and ignorance towards animals never fails to amaze me.

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