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Whats On Dublin Community TV This Month?

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New Schedule Is Out.

Dublin Community Television's May 2009 schedule has a range of new content this month. We’ve developed a new system of scheduling that'll ensure priority goes to the freshest content from both from our volunteers and our new studio itself. So, this month you’ll be greeted with our new current affairs show, The Sound (See: ), it features reports on the banking crisis and the g20 demo in London.

We also have new series called Powerdown, made in association with the Cultivate centre. We've our usual myriad of documentaries, with ones looking at the The History of Community Radio, digital piracy, the recent popular movements in Mexico and Argentina, and our unique blend of whacked out Irish shorts and student productions. As usual you can check out our videos online over at Vimeo (See: ).

And our schedule is available in a variety of forms at our site (see: ). Also, from May 23rd this month we'll be giving over nearly half of our broadcast time to our first festival of community TV which focuses on Latin American documentaries.

Hook yourself up to our Facebook at and we'll keep you bang up to date with announcements! As always, brings you details and streams of our content...

See you over on Channel 802...

Programme profile////

It’s fresh
Welcome to our new prime time

We’re always experimenting with how we transmit our content at DCTV. So, this month we’ve instigated a different rotation of our blocks. We’ve more or less tried to scrap the bulletin board at prime time hours, instead we’ll have two blocks called Fresh that are 1.5 hours long. Just like Ronseal, this block will do exactly what it says on the tin - it’ll feature the freshest content from DCTV, both from our volunteers and our new studio itself. This month you’ll be greeted with our new current affairs show, The Sound. This month’s edition will have reports on the banking crisis and the g20 demo in London. We also have new series called Powerdown, made in association with the Cultivate centre, it looks at issues of ecological sustainability.

highlights this month>>>>>>>

Here we present the crop for the month of May. A longer description of our programming can be found at…

granito de arena
independent media//

Award-winning Seattle filmmaker, Jill Freidberg, spent two years in southern Mexico documenting the efforts of over 100,000 teachers, parents, and students fighting to defend the country’s public education system from the devastating impacts of economic globalization.

argentina 2002
independent media//

After years of privatisation under Menem and economic collapse in 2002, Argentinians shouted “All of them must go!”and forced out a procession of four presidents in less than three weeks. What made Argentina’s revolt unique was it’s experimentation with new models of political engagement against contemporary deregulated capitalism.


Powerdown is a series of ten 20-minute programmes produced by the Cultivate Centre in Temple Bar. The series will aim to inform individuals and groups in the community that climate change and energy scarcity are the critical issues of our time and that they do affect our lives now.

steal this film 2
independent media//

Steal This Film is a film series documenting the movement against intellectual property produced by The League of Noble Peers and released via the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol.

The Sound

Fresh 2//

The Sound is DCTV’s exciting new current affairs show. This months looks back over the recent g20 demonstrations in London, the protests against Nato in Strasbourg and runs over the fall out from ICTU’s recent pulling out of the March 30th day of action.


Artery is a long running local arts and culture programme running on Northern Visions. It features the cream of the local art world, with guest slots from muscians and coverage of the audio and visual events.

the history of community media

Community radio is a very different sector from other areas in the media landscape. A community radio approach aims to embed skills in a community, empowering voices and opening up spheres for debate. This new documentary explore the emergence of the community radio movement here, in all it;s diversity.

Whats in our blocks/////////

Digital Stories
Running time: 02:18:20

Mon 2030, Tues 1630, Weds 2030, Fri 2300, Saturday 1630

The Life of a Child Worker in Nepal
A Street Boy In Kenya
A Child Worker in Nepa
Bob Doyle’s Last Interview
Young Pavee Voices
Born in Pakistan

Around The City
Running time: 02:29:03

Mon 1630, Tues 1400, Thurs 1400, Saturday 1630, Sunday 1630

The Document: Democracy and Policing
Stars are Underground
Women with Balls
Sight Unseen
Seomra Spraoi

Around The Country
Running time: 02:17:14

Tues 20:30, Weds 1630, Thurs 2300, Fri 1630

Accommodating Togher
Life and Times of Blackpool
Making Mayfield

Give Me The Camera
Running time: 02:15:10

Tommy Chernobyl and the South Side Satanists
Ne Me Quitte Pas
Omega Team Alpha: The Return
Jagtvej 69

Independent Media
Running time: 02:16:09

Mon 2300, Weds 2300, Thurs 1630, Fri 1400, Sat 2300, Sun 2030

Argentina 2002
Granito De Arena
Steal This Film 2

Running time: 02:20:39

Mon 1400, Tues 2300, Weds 1400, Sun 2030

Artery: A Belfast Arts Series
The Bookshow with David Crystal

Fresh 1
Running time: 01:30:00

Wed 1900, thur 12:30, sat 12:30, Sun 12:30

Powerdown Repeat
City Cycle: Bikes In Dublin
Recalling The City

Fresh 2
Running time: 01:30:00

Mon 12:30, Tues 1900, Thurs 1900

Meeting the Panther: An Interview
With Ashanti Alston.

Fresh 3
Running time: 01:30:00

Mon 12:30, Tues 1900, Thurs 1900

Near TV

Fresh 4
Running time: 01:30:00

Mon 12:30, Tues 1900.

The Sound: DCTV’s Current Affair’s Show

Fresh 5
Running time: 01:30:00

Mon 1900, Tues 1230, Friday 1900

The History of Community Radio.

If you are looking for descriptions of any of our other listings this month, try our programmes description section…

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