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Maura Harrington to be taken to Mountjoy Jail for 28 Days

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Wednesday March 11, 2009 17:25author by Pollytix

Veteran Shell to Sea Campaigner, Maura Harrington has just been sentenced to 28 days imprisonement in Mountjoy this evening.

She will be transported from Belmullet at 6pm this evening. Further updates to be posted as they come in.

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author by big_ron - ds2s (per cap)publication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 18:08author address author phone

Very interesting the timing of this .. just when we are expecting work to start again on the beach in Glengad and one of the most prolific campaigners is jailed for 30 days.

They wouldn't get away with this in Zimbabwe.

author by mjxpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 18:25author address author phone

Maura Harrington imprisoned for protesting
As far as I know, this is the incident for which Maura Harrington has been jailed. It happened when the police forced a digger onto private land at Pollatomish on June 11th 2007. The owner of the land was later subjected to an intimidation campaign from the gardaí which had a severe effect on his health.

A number of protesters were arrested at the time, and others, including Maura Harrington, were prosecuted subsequently.

This is how indymedia reported the incident at the time:

No members of the gardai have been prosecuted for their actions in policing the protests in Mayo against Shell.

Caption: Embedded video Youtube Video

Caption: Embedded video Youtube Video

Caption: Embedded video Youtube Video

author by Gino Kennypublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 18:52author email ginokenny at hotmail dot comauthor address 7211574author phone 085

Maura will be arriving at Mountjoy Women's prison tonight at 9.30. She will arriving in a Ford People carrier (BLACK) Galaxy 07 MO 3940. Is there anybody organising a protest outside the prison tonight?

author by Arm-a-Geddenpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 18:53author address author phone

Not aware of the particular incident at the moment, but whatever the incident ,the jailing of Maura is a crime commited by the State on one of its citizens.

This will be a PR disaster for the Government, and a marvelous recruiting tool for S2S.

Once again like their buddy $hell, the state has made a complete balls of it.

Unlike the spineless creeps that support $hell and have taken their dirty shilling who claim to be Irish but are only traitors to their own commmunities, and their Country, Maura Harrington is the direct opposite she has values, and principles, and she and S2S will win out in the end.

This is only a temporary lull, the roar is just begining.

Good on ya Maura.

author by RteSuckspublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 18:59author address author phone

Rte's brief report on the 6 o'clock news was shameful. Total hatchet job.
They called it assault and they emphasised the psychiatric evaluation bit with a shot of poor Maura looking stressed and tired.

Imagine the irony of a shell protester being done for assault after all the violence the gardai have meted out.
It's also ironic that the state are so willing to refer people for psychiatric assessment when it suits their agenda. If you were a genuine case in need of psychiatric help (as opposed to a protester exercising their democratic rights), the state takes a different approach and usually just ignores you or puts you on a long waiting list.

Hang in there Maura. Many people support your brave and conscientious actions. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

Kick these corrupt bastards out of office and nationalise the gas fields!!
We could easily have developed them ourselves with some of the 7 billion giveaway

author by .publication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 19:14author address author phone

Maura on way to Mountjoy for alleged assault on Garda.

Corporate media reports Maura to have phyciatric assesment.

Maura says in video interveiw "Oh of course the protesters are allowed to protest so long as they stay out of everybody`s way and are entierly ineffective then they can protest away to their hearts content.When protest becomes effective we join a different club we are nastys thugs and lula`s..."

Caption: Embedded video Youtube Video

author by Thickspublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 19:16author address author phone

PSYCHIATRIC ANALYSIS = Shells diagnosis of a person who cares for her land her water her community and her country, its beyond belief the extent of the states involvement in holding shells hand all the way. Shame on you Mary Fahy for your free lunches your ancestors would turn in their grave.

author by cable - Shell to Sea ~ Cambridgepublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 19:18author address author phone

Our very best wishes to Maura, a courageous political prisoner. No doubt she will pass her time helping others in the prison.

author by lulupublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 19:21author address author phone

Can you post the address for the letters & cards of support to be sent to Maura? They're thinking wrong if they think this will silence her or the Erris people. Shell to Sea!

author by chrissiepublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 19:27author address author phone

Mountjoy Prison (founded as Mountjoy Gaol) is a closed medium security prison located in Phibsboro in Dublin city centre, Ireland. It was designed by military engineer Joshua Jebb and opened in 1850. Mountjoy was originally intended as the first stop for men sentenced to transportation where they would spend a period in separate confinement and then be transferred to Spike Island before where they would be transported to Van Diemen's land. The prison was built with in-cell sanitation but this was removed in 1939 at the instigation of a civil servant who deemed that 'prisoners were using too much water'. Convicts use chamber pots and empty milk cartons and other recepticals for 'overflow'. The Inspector-General of Prisons and Places of Detention has stated that prisoners in Mounjoy are existing in most inhumane and degrading and overcrowded conditions and that many slept on the floor in filthy conditions. he recommended that it be closed and demolished. The Inspector-General has described the attitude of the Minister towards reform as "frightening and fascist". Some Irish leaders during the Anglo-Irish War and Irish Civil War were held there. Kevin Barry was among those executed at the prison. On October 31, 1973 it was the scene of a spectacular escape by helicopter by three Provisional IRA prisoners, including Seamus Twomey. The current prison governor is John Lonergan.
Mountjoy Prison from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

author by Mickpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 19:27author address author phone

Post the address up when ye get it!

author by big_ronpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 19:49author address author phone


A few of us are heading to Mountjoy to be there when Maura arrives to show our support. Come along if you can make it...!!

author by John Jefferiespublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 19:58author address Cobh, Co. Corkauthor phone

This is clearly a political judgement and a travesty of justice. Maura Harrington is a defender of citizen's rights.

author by Sharon. - Individual .publication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 20:01author address author phone

What a travesty.
But how typical of the gombeens and half-wits in Leinster House that they should do this - throughout the whole on-going 'Shell2Sea' campaign they have mentally imprisoned the woman many times over.

" There is no country in the world so much in need of 'unpractical' people as this country of ours. With us , 'Thought' is degraded by its constant association with 'Practice' . We live in the age of the overworked , and the under-educated ; the age in which people are so industrious that they become absolutely stupid..."
(Oscar Wilde)

Best wishes , Maura . Right-minded people will proudly stand beside you again when you get out.


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author by MARGARETpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 20:18author address author phone

The imprisonment of MAURA HARRINGTON is a political decision.Phychiactric Assessment should be reserved for the lunatics who run this country;Maura cares for her community ,the environment and can,t be bought by Royal Dutch Shell,thats why she is jailed.She is a brilliant intellectual who embarrasses those in power by her TRUTH.Yes "GREEN PARTY"charging €13 per farting cow and allowing the mass pollution of ERRIS by multi-nationals SHELL &STATOIL .Irish citizens will not gain one cent from this "ECONOMIC TREASON".Support Maura by demanding our constitutional rights ie,ownership of our National Natural Resources to be developed for the good of all the people of Ireland and with total respect for the Environment . Jailing of Maura could be a diversionary tactic to push through the NO CONSENT pipeline by jailing the opposition.

author by m.m.mccarronpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 20:22author address author phone

Dochas Centre

Mountjoy Prison

North Circular Road

Dublin 7


TEl 01 8062800

Fax 01 8062824

Prefix for Ireland 00 353

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Injustice and Ethicspublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 20:28author address author phone

To embolden in our hearts and psyche and The Rule of Law, the Separation of Powers, the Honour of the Judiciary (my Grandfather was a Judge and in the Senate - De Valera's first appointment in 1928 - his man in opposition.

I am crying now, crying that such a woman, for what is a crime maybe not, (the Corrib and Corportism could be a Tribunal of Enquiry in the future, left Belmullet, Co. Mayo, has appeared in Court and have been tried and found guilty for her 'crime' by Judge Devins............By 9 pm tonight, Maura Harrington will not be talking to neighbours, having a coffee, planning holidays, teaching:

Yes, you out this Wednesday evening are hearing it on the news. She is sentenced to Mountjoy prison. She will be preparing at over 50 and for the first time to follow Mountjoy exchange of identity procedures....Do we even know what goes on?
Does anyone know the details of her crime? Please help me......Accuracy I am short on tonight and my heart is broken for a woman who believed as others, in the cause she is fighting for........I believe there were others jailed........and if I am not correct one of these men received no less than the Nobel prize for his contribution to the environment. This is passion surely for something

I ask tonight - what about our Constitution and the right of the Irish citizen to his wellbeing and the land he stands on. Maura Harrington stood for this with passion and honour - Judge Devins is married to the Minister of State, Dr. Paddy Devins, Minister of State, Sligo. I again ask tonight - the Govt. and this minister are for the Govt. are in favour with Shell Corporate. Does morally and the word impartiality give this Judge the mandate to imprison this lady.

Our bankers are playing golf and laughing at our Nation's naivety. These people are the Golden Circle the untouchables - all well fed, and a follow up of elitist shots of good whiskey in Berties tent of Corruption at the Galway Races - for almost 10 years during Bertie's 'illusion of the Celtic Tiger'

Tonight Maura Harrington will keep her dignity like Maud Gonne, and Countess Markivicz and don;t forget Sr. Nora Wall, who was wrongly given a life sentence some years ago. Where is the Commission now that is supposed to be at the Oireachtas, it is about the accountability of our Judges and the overall Judiciary system in Ireland. Maura Harrington - Teacher and a decent human being Why, is she behind bars? While Michael (rogue lawyer of many) basks up the sun somewhere in Europe........with a destruction and a corruption of almost 60 million euros and peoples' lives, their children......ruined. Again I ask where really is the Law in this State.

Recall that Irish femism and more importantly our Nationhood fighters fought first as the Suffragettes......we lead Europe! We forget too easily how are forebearers sought and ultimately gained justice.......Do we really want to sell our souls for a wealth that is dealt on Stock Exchanges, profiteering.......Who makes the decision?

To the Judiciary as a grandaughter of a KC, Judge, Senator, Miner, Donor of Gold to the Irish Govt......a friend of Arthur Griffith, a man on the Land Commission who divided the land of those who left the country or remained near impoverished.........a man who 80 years of age with Sean McBride as his counsel and Brendan East - his solicitor........fought the State - Lemass and De Valera, who for reasons unknown.........sought to removed his mineral rights of his phosphate mines in Burren Co Clare - yes they requisitioned was World War II. It was his genius and that of his brother in law Charles ffrench Blake travel to England to find the best experts in the mining field.........They did.

The State lost the case.......and one of the highest payments of compensation ever made was paid to him......for the little few years left. He writes 'I may have been poor in my first case in court......but it sure was not the case in my final case and victory against a wrong choice by the Irish Govt of the time. Circa 1950

Maura. A few of us are here in Dublin 4 - the crisis location and our hearts are there with you and thoughts.

Iask for Human Rights, Dignity, - I ask the Judiciary, the law profession to use their brains, laterally, creatively for a woman in a less than perfect State/Republic...................Peace to Ireland the island of Ireland.

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author by Sharon . - Individual.publication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 20:33author address author phone

Hi Another Taxpayer !

God bless your innocence!
The gombeens and half-wits are up to their brown envelopes in this issue : they probably believe that if they can 'chop off the head' (a leadership figure) , the body will wither.

Thanks, Chicken !

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author by Muireann Ni Bhrolchainpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 21:08author address author phone

On my personal behalf and others arrested at Tara, I'd like to express my horror at this story and the way it is portrayed. I'd like to express my solidarity with Maura, whom I met only very briefly. She impressed me immensely.
We are all fighting the same battles here, Rossport and Tara. Rossport have been very supportive of Tara and Tara campaigners have been to Rossport.
This is just shocking

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author by A McCabepublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 21:22author address author phone

Assault is it? A woman of 4 foot 10 or so, 7 stone, did she floor a Gard? Maybe she punched out one of the father and son Garda boxing champs that were assigned to Belmullet, or one of they 15 stone Gards they use as ballast. The judge's sentence in this case is a fair assessment of the judge herself - law without justice. Support Maura and Shell to Sea.

author by Alan Lonerganpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 21:32author address author phone

Some of the great and good of Irish history had to enter through the doors of Moutjoy before they were vindicated. Small conciliation it may be to Maura on a night like this but I hope and pray she to will be vindicated and rise triumphant from this wilful miscarriage of justice.

author by lulupublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 21:35author address author phone

More than a score of peaceful protestors hurt by Gardaí; not one Garda charged........

author by anne - nonepublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 21:44author address author phone

Let maura free to continue her campaign and jail the golden circle who have brought the country to its knees

author by Margaret O'Regan - SWPpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 21:55author address author phone

I agree with A. McCabe. This is a ludicrous charge.

Maura Harrington is a brave woman, honest and full of integrity, and willing to stand up for her convictions - something, apparently, that the 'powers that be', in the form of the judiciary, think of as warranting psychiatric assessment. These are her words:-

People come and go in nanoseconds - place endures.

Long may Maura endure, and long may she inspire.

author by TD - Shell to Seapublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 22:10author address author phone

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they imprison you for 'psychiatric evaluation,' whatever, then you win.”

This is a dark and deadly attack on all who oppose on point of conscience and principle, this is reverting to the USSR tactic of imprisoning its dissenters in psychiatric hospitals, just think about it; the wife of a government minister jailing the spearhead of the resistance against a murderous corporate power in cahoots with a government stinking with corruption and a media that exults in the psychiatrising of conscience and dissent in the form of this powerful and courageous woman. Fuck 'em, a plague on all their houses.

author by Bailoutpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 22:25author address author phone

with a few notable exceptions, the usual guff from the usual suspects

go along and bring some balance if you have an account there.
The youtube links and shell to sea indy press release link would be good for starters
(Alas I have no account and It damages my computer whenever I go there. Guess froth is bad for the electronics!! :-)

author by Arm-a-Geddenpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 22:58author address author phone

author by Ray - Cork Shell to Seapublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 23:26author address author phone

I was with Maura only last Saturday, at ‘It’s a Gas Day’ in Galway, organised by the city’s Shell to Sea group. It was an inspiring day of showing, telling, sharing and performing from when I arrived just before six in the evening to its formal end sometime after ten. Afterwards, I enjoyed several pleasant hours in the company of old friends and my fellow Shell to Sea campaigners. Among the many-headed company then were Maura and her husband Noisiu. Together we had a great night of songs, stories, and hard talking and thinking on how we ordinary folk can continue to hold the line at Glengad and maybe begin the process of restoring popular control over what are after all our natural resources. It was a night the memory of which will abide with me always for its own magic of the moment, regardless of the cruel events that have latterly happened.

This unjust conviction handed down by the wife of a government minister (who somehow just happens to be a district justice) upon Maura is a cynical demonstration of the full-spectrum complete-wrap-around nature of corruption in Ireland today. Judge Devins refused Maura the use of video evidence in her defence, while allowing the heavily-edited ‘evidence’ of the gardai to be ‘heard’ in her ‘court’. In protest, Maura refused to participate in the sick pantomime that constitutes Mary Devins’ concept of ‘justice’. The ‘conviction’ so gleefully reported and spun by this land’s bought-and-paid-for ‘media’ is the rotten fruit of this perverted process.

Raidio Telefis IBEC, the IBEC Times and their likes can savour their libel on Maura and the Shell to Sea campaign for all I care. It was concocted carefully by Shell and the judicial arm of the state to suit the tastes and biases of those who would tell it to us. The sad fact that ‘journalists’ could mouth those lies with a straight face and without shame illustrates the depth of their complicity in the nexus of corruption here. I trust I will not be alone in my rejection of Shell’s lies, and I know that actions of solidarity and messages of support will flow to Maura and her cause by the thousand. Jailing a single person can never defeat a movement, but rather will show up the real basis of the government’s claim to rule – violence and fear – for all not blind to see.

I have many things to thank Maura and Noisiu for, not least for all they have endured together so far. Their continuing resistance in the teeth of the organised violence of Shell, An Garda Siochana and the corrupt factions that bedevil our civil society inspires so many of us to stand in solidarity with them, and with their neighbours and friends in Erris. Shell will yet find its pathetic little ‘victory’ flung back into its face by Maura, Noisiu, and the ordinary unbribable people of Ireland and the world.

Solidarity to Maura and the people of Erris!

author by C.M. Guerinpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 23:51author email claire_guerin at eircom dot netauthor address author phone

Countess Markievicz was labelled insane and a murderer by the media. Rumours to this effect were circulated amongst unionists in the immediate aftermath of the 1916 Rising before being broadcast more widely. Recently these rumours, and specifically the story that she shot an unarmed policeman in cold blood, have been circulated with most determination and persistence by Kevin Myers.

I investigated the issue, found the charge to be baseless, and wrote a letter to the Irish Times and, later, one to the Irish Independent challenging him to substantiate his allegations or retract them. He finally made an indirect reply in his column, but this clarified nothing, making some nebulous reference to a work on the Easter Rising which made no reference to the Countess in relation to the incident. Myers continued to attack Countess Markievicz with the baseless rumours in subsequent columns.

Stephen Collins has repeated these allegations, and Ruth Dudley Edwards did the same in an RTE broadcast. Her picture of Markievicz was familar to anyone who has studied imperialist rhetoric: rejecting her unionist background, Markievicz thus descended to the status of a native - racially, legally, morally and psychologically inferior, a state (it is implied) which her gender predisposed her to.

If you think this is a tangent unrelated to the issue, consider how many of the political and legal institutions work to protect outside institutions from the people. It is not a surprise, then, that the weapons of empire should be used against decent people who make a principled stand for justice.

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author by Arm-a-Geddenpublication date Wed Mar 11, 2009 23:54author address author phone

Very well said I have also met Maura and Noisiu, and they are incredible people they are honest and decent people who believe in what is right, right for every citizen of Ireland in what is lawfully and rightfully ours, our Natural resourses.

My thoughts and prayers are with Maura and her family as I'am sure are many others.

Maura is a very capable, and mentally very strong lady she will do the time but others will pay for the crime further down the road, as her illegal imprisionment will come back to haunt them.

We shall overcome,lets stand together there are a lot more of us than there are of them.

God bless Maura.

author by Madam Kpublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 00:15author address author phone

Maura arrived in at approx10.05pm where a crowd of 30 had gathered at short notice to voice their oppositiom to the jailing of Shell to Sea activist.Her supporters outnumbered by Garda yet subjected to various use of force.

author by TD - Galway Shell to Seapublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 00:39author address author phone

The Irish Times informs us that Judge Mary Nevins directed that Maura Harrington be psychiatrically assessed on account of her "bizarre" actions - a benignant direction, perhaps? or just evidence of ad feminem vindictiveness.? How do we divine,? for after all, the good Judge "witnessed the enjoyment" that Maura "seems to get in being in the public limelight". perish the thought, that Maura is been victimised for pleasures outlawed by Judge Torquemada.?

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author by Justin Morahanpublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 00:40author address author phone

The corruption at every level in this country is staggering.

Your non-violent fight against that corruption will be vindicated.

Sleep easy in that rotten place, Mountjoy, the last enforcer of a bullying and corrupt society. Hold your head high Maura as did the Rossport 5 in their own prison and recall the great and good who had to suffer the indignation of loss of privacy and freedom, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jesus, among others.

You can expect the slanderers on the outside to pour their venom on you when you are not free to answer them but stand firm and calm.. The public slur on your integrity and firmness of purpose implicit in the Judge's order is shameful. We who know you believe in your goodness and strength of character.

Bíodh misneach agat, a Mháire, agus moladh go deo leis an misneach a thaispeáin tú go nuige seo.

author by Mary L.publication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 01:18author address author phone

Ray and Justin, you've, thoughtfully, freeze framed this moment of truth for a society that has truly lost its moral compass and if it ever attempts redemption, it will be through, in recent times, the conscience's of Maura Harrington, Mary Kelly, the Pitstops, the Raytheon 9 and the Rossport 5.?

author by Johnpublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 02:29author address author phone

Disgusting... the bankers get away with an economic meltdown, while peaceful campaigners get thrown in jail. Our government is filthy


author by filling with hate - elapublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:38author address author phone

When they beat us we get stronger, when they lock us up we plan, when they ignore us we grow, when their not ready we hit back!!!!!!!.

author by lulupublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:35author address author phone

They've shot themselves in the foot with this case - a tiny lady sent to jail for mullering enormous Gardaí? Stay strong Maura and all.

author by Patrickpublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:59author address author phone

It seems to me that the bankers (or "bangsters" as many are now calling them) have fully taken over all of the main controls on the flight-deck, and that the members of our nominal "Government" (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) are little more than their "flight attendant" servants: who have to do as they are told, or else!!

I'm not sure when the next major election is due here, but, whenever it is, I fully intend to boycott it, and I hope many others will do the same.

I'd love to see our "Government" (so called) put in a position whereby they had to try and explain to the rest of the world why only 5% (or so) of the electorate decided to participate in the Republic of Ireland's grossly fraudulent version of "democracy".

I wish Maura Harrington well; and, unlike what happened in the case of Jesus of Nazareth (mentioned below), I hope she will not now be abandoned by society generally in what is perhaps her time of greatest need: for very courageously trying to stand up to the socially destructive and cowardly array of bullying despots and plutocrats (led of course by the "money-lenders in the Temple"): who are hell-bent on looting all of the very valuable oil and gas reserves belonging to the people of the Republic of Ireland -- and with the full connivance and support of "our most senior and most trusted public servants".

"Stiglitz (Former World Bank Vice President and Chief Economist, Member of former U.S. President Bill Clinton's Cabinet, and Nobel Prize winner) agreed that the process of hijacking and looting key infrastructure on the part of the IMF and World Bank, as an offshoot of predatory globalization, had now moved from the third world to Europe, the United States and Canada." (From: )

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:25author address author phone

Who is listening to the plain people of Ireland

Maura - How did you sleep or more importantly did you get soe sleep.

I know - somehow Ias I mbelieve myself to be - patient compliant and I am lithium overdosed and have been in hospital and now spend sleepless nights. Once upon a time by two kind nuns in Zimbabwe they advised me Rest Restores and lavender

Maura I wish you all the b est

I have copied the Judiciary
The President the Council of State
Members of Government........andd the rest I have no memory


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author by Arm-a-Geddenpublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 17:02author address author phone

Maura is in fine form, and is more determined now than she ever was.

Shell and the rotten State have made yet another enormous mistake, that will come back to haunt them, as is always the case when honest, and decent people are terrorised for doing what is lawfull and right.

Irelands Natural resourses belong to its people and nobody has the right to give them away.

The State is drowning in its own corruption.

author by Fred Johnstonpublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 18:44author address author phone

This is the definition of a hero - or heroine, in this case. Not some grubby bank chief or developer who got rich on other people's gullibility. Stay well, Maura.

author by lulupublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 19:02author address author phone

Act V in the Erris Story: The Powers That Be Have Blown It (again).

author by Shell to Seapublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 19:13author address author phone

There will be a protest at lunchtime tomorrow, at the Department of Justice in Dublin
Dept of Justice, 94 St.Stephen's Green, Dublin 2 at 1.00PM.


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author by Eamonn O'Coilea'in - Republic of Irelandpublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 19:43author address author phone

Just finished talking to Maura and she states thats shes fine and that most people in Mount joy should be free to make room for all the Irish Government traitors who sold us out to Big bussines once again. One of the most caring women who stands by the truth, that our enviornment is our wealth and health, not a few $$$ more. As Mel said in Brave Heart ( which is on tonight ) who will stand with me as they try to take our rights away. Get up Stand up, stand up for your rights.
It's really time that people from all over the world get involved, I always will ;; so should you.

author by put up or !publication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 20:29author address author phone

well now the state has decieded that they are willing to test the resolve of the mayo public, it will be intresting to see how many of our heros they will jail before this pipe is laid.
It is times like this we need men like the chief to lead us, I am sure he will be on the front line when the works start next week at glengad.
we are lucky to have him to lead us now maura is detained in prision.

author by Arm-a-Geddenpublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 21:20author address author phone

well now the state has decieded that they are willing to test the resolve of the mayo public, it will be intresting to see how many of our heros they will jail before this pipe is laid.
It is times like this we need men like the chief to lead us, I am sure he will be on the front line when the works start next week at glengad.
we are lucky to have him to lead us now maura is detained in prision.

To quote the very old adage To Hell or to Connaught, some people at the time opted for Connaught as they felt it might be better than hell, but of course as it transpired they were one of the same. And to this day those people's decendants are still in Mayo, a very proud, resiliant, and brave people as which has been proven over the last number of years,and that fortunately will never change no matter how dire the circumstances.

I have no doubt the Chief will be there to lead from the front, and if he is not, well there are many more who will assume the position of leadership, of course this is a quality that no every one possess, sadly our current Government has never heard the word Leadership, only bully boy is their order of the day, but it is a fact that the bully boys always meet their match.

Maura keeps well and will be on the road soon again, May God Bless her.

author by lulupublication date Thu Mar 12, 2009 21:46author address author phone

Beat 'em up or bang 'em's been tried before, lads. There's a good chance they will try to disable the Chief & anyone else they see as a spokesperson or potential leader. Don't let the dirty scuts harm our people! God bless Shell to Sea & the resistance to corruption & environmental destruction.

author by Thickpublication date Fri Mar 13, 2009 00:30author address author phone

fair play maura
the extreme betting economy has dictated that your cause is not within the betting arena so for now the ignorance will pervail more important matters of beating horses over fenches for dollars whilst you sit in the slammer for claiming your civil rights the Forts shall fall and the PEOPLES will rise.......

author by Chrissiepublication date Fri Mar 13, 2009 10:02author address author phone

The full weight of the 'Law' has been used to put this tiny woman of great heart out of the way, or so they think! Maura's example is a beacon of courage to us all, in Ireland & beyond. I've seen big Gardaí throw Maura like a dry branch at McGrath's Pier, & they say SHE assaulted THEM? Can it be that they're scared of her?

author by Arm-a-Geddenpublication date Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:53author address author phone

Senator David Norris made the comments and many thanks to him.

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author by old codger - pensionerpublication date Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:23author address author phone

The scum who are prostituting our counttry to line their own pockets must be removed. The battle with Shell is diverting our resourses in more ways than one, they are the enemy yes but the grater enemy is Fianna Fail. The judge who jailed maura should be called the Fianna Fail judge in all correspondenceand the mediator apointed to settle the Rossport issue should be titled the Fianna Fail mediator to make it very clear to the public what is going on here.
Fianna Fail juge versus maura no contest. the judge is not fit to lick maura's shoes,Maura has the strength and the courage to defeat these scum no matter how Evil they are.
good honest people are rooting for you maura keepkup your strength.

author by Cork Shell to Sea - Cork Shell to Seapublication date Fri Mar 13, 2009 17:34author address author phone


12th March 12, 2009.

The Cork branch of the Shell to Sea campaign makes clear its opposition to and dismay at the miscarriage of justice perpetrated upon our fellow campaigner Maura Harrington in Belmullet District Court yesterday by Judge Mary Devins. Maura has been jailed for 28 days for an alleged assault on a member of An Garda Siochana that never happened. She was not permitted by Judge Devins to present video evidence of the time and place the Gardai allege this assault took place which would support her defence. Judge Mary Devins is the wife of Fianna Fail minister for state Jimmy Devins, and the government of which he is a member stands fully in support of Shell and the forcing through of the Corrib Gas project upon the resisting people of Erris, Co. Mayo.

As this perversion of justice was carried out another Shell to Sea campaigner, Mr. Niall Harnett, was violently attacked by several members of An Garda Siochana in the courtroom itself and on its precincts. As a result, Mr. Harnett had to have an ambulance called to attend to the injuries inflicted on him and to take him to hospital. This has been the common experience of Erris residents and their fellow-campaigners in Shell to Sea at the hands of Shell and An Garda Siochana for some time now.

It is well worth recalling the events of the day the Gardai allege this assault took place. On the 11th of June 2007 at Pullathomas, Co. Mayo, a very large contingent of uniformed Gardai and several armed detectives, all led by Supt. Joe Gannon, used a JCB to force their passage through private lands without express permission from the landowner, in order to place on a pier a portacabin and other equipment for one of Shell’s subcontractors. Over a dozen protestors were seriously injured by the violent actions of the Gardai that evening, yet no Garda has ever had to face charges for their actions, nor is there any likelihood that such might happen in the future. The owner of the land was later subjected to an intimidation campaign by several of the gardaí involved in the pier incident, which had a severe effect on his health.

Cork Shell to Sea spokesperson Ray Hanrahan said, “This jailing is just the latest injustice meted out by the Irish government and the big oil corporations on the ordinary people of Erris, who have been resisting the imposition of this dangerous pipeline and refinery on their community and on the pristine environment of north-west Co. Mayo. This brave community of which Maura is a part has stood in the way of the greatest theft from the Irish people ever concocted by greedy business interests and corrupt politicians – the complete theft of the oil and gas riches off our shores. There may be anything up to €500 billion or more of energy resources out there, and both Shell and Ireland’s political establishment are determined that none of this bounty will ever benefit the Irish people.”

Cork Shell to Sea asks for people everywhere to express their solidarity with Maura while she is imprisoned by those who would rob us all of the resources that could benefit Ireland and positively transform our society for generations to come. You can send messages of support to Maura Harrington, Dochas Centre, Mountjoy Prison, North Circular Road, Dublin 7, or join in any of the many public actions in her support that will be happening over the coming days and weeks. We also urge people to get involved in the Shell to Sea campaign, especially now in advance of Shell’s next attempt to force their pipeline through Glengad and Rossport, which is expected very soon. We also urge all people to find out the facts about Shell in Co. Mayo and the Great Gas Robbery, with suggested web-links:


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author by Dublin Shell to Seapublication date Fri Mar 13, 2009 20:16author address author phone


Dublin Shell to Sea are holding a solidarity protest with jailed teacher Maura Harrington this Saturday opposite the GPO at 2pm. Ms Harrington was sent to Mountjoy prison for 26 days for allegedly assaulting a Garda in an incident last summer.

"We want to highlight the hypocrisy involved in Ms Harrington’s jailing" commented Dublin Shell to Sea spokesperson Caoimhe Kearns, "Throughout the conflict surrounding Shell’s discredited refinery at Bellanaboy the Gardaí have acted in a most unprofessional manner and with impunity for their actions; they have battened, assaulted and threatened protesters. Instead of serving the people of Ireland they are providing effective private security for Shell."

She further added "At this time of economic recession when the government is having a hard time balancing the budget books it is timely to remember that members of Finna Fáil, the party currently in government were responsible for effectively giving away our oil and gas to the oil companies for nothing. The Corrib Gas field is estimated to be worth at least 9.5 billion. It is money we could do with now for funding cervical cancer vaccines for young women or special needs teachers for out schools."

author by JMpublication date Fri Mar 13, 2009 23:02author address author phone

Jailing of Corrib opponents
Pobal Chill Chomain supports all efforts to resolve the ongoing Corrib gas controversy peacefully, through agreement and dialogue with the affected community of Kilcommon Parish, but our community has been subjected to a long and sustained campaign of corporate policing and judicial bullying by the Irish authorities, who are acting solely on behalf of the oil companies involved in the Corrib project.
This week's jailing of yet another opponent of the Shell/Statoil/Marathon scheme, Maura Harrington, is clearly a step in the wrong direction, and will only lead to yet more distress for the people of Erris. Even worse, the State's continued response to the people's legitimate grievances will only serve to escalate an already fraught situation, and prolong the suffering for all concerned.

With Shell, Statoil and Marathon planning a further assault on the local area in the coming weeks and months an agreed solution is needed now more than ever, before the situation deteriorates into a dangerous repeat of the events of last summer.

The Corrib gas project is the sole cause of the troubles in our community, and the State's heavy-handed response is directly responsible for the incarceration of Maura Harrington, who has also suffered an unjust attack on her character by sentencing judge Mary Devins.

If the recent past has taught us nothing else, it is that people are fighting for their most basic rights to be upheld, and that jailing opponents of Corrib simply for their opposition will never be the answer.


author by Base Fookpublication date Sat Mar 14, 2009 00:51author address author phone

Release Maura Harrington group on Facebook

Release Maura Harrington

author by Gaylepublication date Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:03author address author phone

It's Judge Mary Devins who should now be in Mountjoy Jail: for perverting the course of justice regarding the way she has corruptly imprisoned Maura Harrington.

Appropriately enough, "perverting the course of justice" is a criminal offence which "carries a theoretical maximum sentence of life imprisonment" -- according to the information at .

author by Cpublication date Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:52author address author phone

There is nothing corrupt in jailing someone for assault. If you are a political activist whom the law wants to prosecute and you slap a Guard then you can expect to go to jail. Such is life. It is terrible but it is completely rational. A rational response would be to use the jailing as a mechanism to build support for the campaign. The naivety of the response to this jailing is astounding for anyone with real life experience of criminal law. It also speaks volumes about the class make up of the 'activist' community.

author by old codger - pensioner publication date Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:41author address author phone

Here we go again you keep making references to the state instead of the party that is running the state. Please give Fianna Fail more publicity for the crimes they are commiting.

author by lulupublication date Sat Mar 14, 2009 14:11author address author phone

IF she slapped a Gard, that is.....
Your comment about 'class make up of the activist community', is that to imply that we are mainly naive & bourgeois? Class is rather a red herring here, as these issues affect all classes. Class is a mighty tangled category anyway; I would say that I'm a working-class activist, but many working-class people think I'm not one of them, because there is a bookcase instead of a TV in my living-room. Economic & environmental circumstances demand that we work together, instead of being divided along class lines: Fianna Fáil & their big business/big money friends are taking the mick out of anyone not rich enough for the Golden Circle.

author by Michelle Clarke - michelleclarke@upcmail.iepublication date Sat Mar 14, 2009 14:47author address author phone


I am shocked my very core with your attitude.

Assault can be just mere touch or as in my personal case, as a person with severe disabilities be ruthlessly selected with others.......including no less Joe Higgins (who writes for the Daily Mail and tries hard to keep our Government attuned to Checks and balance. Joe Higgins got the Paddy wagon - I got the emergency ambulancer to Neurology and Vincents. Me - I am still struggling.

What has this to do with class other than assign those with diversity of thought, am openess to change?

C. clarify your position about how the State reacts to activists. Have you a gift to see this sort of change in the future - Tiannamen square style? I hope not and seek social justice, equality, rationality in sentencing, accommodation of circumstances.

C.......think please.

Think of a woman like Rosa Parks, an ordinary boarding a bus in the USA 1960's. The law relates no blacks get seats and she broke the you know the outcome? C I am sure you do.

I was hoping the C represented compassion for Maura?

Sadly you fall into the jargon category 10 80 -10 (who actively involve themselves, 80 those who careless and the last 10% - C work it out. This is a wellknown academic in the US. Bowling alone lies ahead they say......I hope not

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author by just popped inpublication date Sat Mar 14, 2009 16:33author address author phone

Hi! So Maura's mental state is called into question by Judge Devins. Maybe she should look at the mental state of those politicians that she evidently fraternises with! The country has been led into the shit hole. The Gardai in addition to the financial anguish, as detailed below, will shortly have to forfeit 30% of their salary: all in the good cause of bailing out their political masters and their sponsors; while Shell and co will walk away with billions. I rehash a submission below that I previously posted.

"Stocks,Pensions, Savings, Hydrocarbons dissapearing!
by Just popped in! Fri Sep 14, 2007 17:15
The Gardai and some people in Erris are so worried that the Shell Construction Site is closed for a couple of hours. The Gardai would be doing more service for the community of Ireland if they inquired as to why every other construction site in the country is closing down. They should inquire as to where the billions of Celtic Tiger money is gone and why so many citizens jobs are at stake owing to the actions of the self same government who orders them to uphold the rights of Shell.

What about falling house prices: people rapidly going into negative equity; people’s savings being threatened; people’s jobs at stake all round the country. This country is being robbed left, right and centre and the Gardai have not a clue who the white collared culprits are or appear not to give them a thought. The Gardai concentrate their fire and energy on making sure that a very tangible massive STEAL of our resources goes ahead on the orders of a government that is making a mess of all our lives.

Gardai! Please join the 21st century. The real culprits are not down in Erris, but very cleverly manipulating everything in their own favour. Most of you are young and probably own your home and/or a couple or more houses with mortgages. Many of you will lose your savings as a result of current financial scandals unwinding. Go home to your negative equity homes; think about how safe is your savings and have a good think about, who is protecting what!

It is a sad fact that those in uniform are not doing this country any favours in Ballinaboy. The protestors are the ones who are protecting our resources. These Gardai and our Taoiseacht are in a similar vein at the moment; both defending very questionable practices."

Since I wrote the above, we have a new Minister for Finance, who on taking up his new post wailed at his misfortune when he found out the state the country was in. The politicians are just living on another planet. When the Lisbon Treaty was first muted with fear that Ireland would loose its low Corporation Tax; the French Foreign Minister Christine Lagarde commented that she never met an Irishman who was afraid of anything!!!!!!!!!

Maura, I had differences with you in the past. But I envy you your solitude, away from the chaotic Ireland that exists outside Mountjoy with its zombie politicians controlling everything except their friends and bankers! A person of character, integrity, truthfulness, honesty is dead meat in the Ireland of today.

author by Chrissiepublication date Sun Mar 15, 2009 13:16author address author phone

Maura & Shell to Sea are no dead meat; they are more alive than too many people who give out & do nothing. Ireland is in a devil of a state because of corruption, because profiteering Ministers gave away the resources to Shell & their like, because bankers & companies have been controlling the nation for all these years.

author by Arm-a-Geddenpublication date Sun Mar 15, 2009 17:18author address author phone

This piece that appears in to days Sunday Independent does give a very clear signal that The politicial class do not give a hoot about anybody.

So lads and lassies in the Blue uniform The Shell Cops, I hope you have read this, because when the day comes to answer for you crimes that you have commited on behalf of Shell and their buddy the Irish Government, on peaceful campaigners, and have no doubt about it will come, you will want to have the best Legal people that you can get your hands on, because the State will drop you like hot cakes.You will be on your own.

As ireland is changing, and changing rapidly by the day for the better, watch out for the major investigation into the atrocities that you have commited at Glengad and elsewhere, and that may not be that far off either.

Did ye really think that the rotten State will stand by you forget it.

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author by darko - napublication date Sun Mar 15, 2009 20:44author address author phone

Arm-a-Gedden get a life haha think your a slight bit too worked up about things. sure the sunday world had a good interview with the workers and seems everyone there loves shell for the jobs in the area. As for the gov dropping the cops do you really think in your sad little head that will happen

author by Mayo Manpublication date Sun Mar 15, 2009 21:42author address author phone

U mean the ones who are about to join the dole now that Shell have pretty much finished with them

author by Arm-a-Geddenpublication date Sun Mar 15, 2009 23:07author address author phone

I can only of course comment on what you have posted here as you unfortunately have not added a link or any other source for me or indeed any one else who surfs by here that would authenticate your claims.

We shall take this one piece at a time shall we?

Arm-a-Gedden get a life haha think your a slight bit too worked up about things.

Not in the least one bit worked up never have been bad for your health, but I do thank you for your concern, and I do have a life thankfully its obviously at great variance with yours but unfortunately for you I cannot help you with your problems.

sure the sunday world had a good interview with the workers and seems everyone there loves shell for the jobs in the area.

Now on the Sunday World I have never actually read it as I personally class it as an arm of the Gutter Press, its not exactly an intellectual, or moral type of newspaper which does say a lot really about those people who read it.

Regarding the interview with the workers, as Mayoman has quite rightly pointed out $hell/Topaz has finished with them, and it is of my understanding that 900-1000 workers will join the now ever extending dole Q's what a shame and with no where else to go this is a crime, but of course $hell/Topaz is very used to this. As for the few jobs that will be created, taking their wages over the life time of the field, in comparision to what $hell/Topaz will take from the Irish citizens pockets over the life time of the field makes pure nonesense out of your aurgement.

As for the gov dropping the cops do you really think in your sad little head that will happen

I now have to refer you to Donegal, and Dundalk, do you remember these events did the State stand by their man, it certainly did not, because when that old pot of smelly stuff, its called excrement starts to fly all over the place no one, particularly the big boys do not like it sticking to them, they pass it back the way to the very lowest denominator they can find, have no doubt about it. Any by the way I most certainly do not have, or never ever had, such a thing as a sad little head, I go by the facts of a matter, which is something you should seriously consider doing as you are all over the place.

You appear to be nervous about something I wonder what that might be.
Oh yes Newspaer never refuses ink, and you should never believe everything you read, obviously you have a lot still to learn welcome to the real world.

author by Arm-a-Geddenpublication date Mon Mar 16, 2009 00:44author address author phone

Just to substantiate my claims on Donegal and Dundalk, and there are a few more I have yet to research I will post them here when I have,researched them fully.

On the Irish Times its a subscription, I'am sure you will manage that ,however as far as I can recall, on mature recollection he was demoted to Garda and this was on a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Now an assault by a cop thats a different story, and would probably, end up with job loss, pension loss, disgrace,loss of overtime any way ask some of your friends they will probably know more about dismissial.

Nothing stays the same forever fact, it is a very sad fact that Ireland has been runing on a system of Cronyism,Corruption,and Criminality, and its not only me that knows about it now the whole World know, big changes are coming its clean up time, big time the people require this, the Government will fall, this is the crowd of chancers that took their lead from the Bush rotten regime, take a look now at the USA see the changes, its coming your way to.

Lots of Love.

author by "right thinking" personpublication date Mon Mar 16, 2009 00:56author address author phone

Association Fallacy alive and well at the Irish Times:

author by Taggerpublication date Mon Mar 16, 2009 01:16author address author phone

Got to by Shell,Another Manchurian Canditate

Must be a slander case in this.

author by Jimmy Opublication date Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:51author address author phone

That article in todays IT is beneath contempt and is that type of gutter journalism that one would expect in one of the O' Reilly Red tops.

Here is a rough outline of a reply I intend to send into the IT:

Madame Editor,

I suggest Mr Drury, the author of Mondays crude hatchet job on Maura Harrington/S2S do a bit of research before he lowers the tone and standards of the IT. RSF is not banned in the republic and have been present at many demonstration throughout the country including ones against hospital closures, the Waterford crystal dispute and even the recent mass union demos in Dublin. Does that make all those people guilty by association???

Like many many apologists for Shell and their government fellow travelers Mr Drury has studiously as usual ignored the central issues involved, including the giveaway of our natural resources at a time when this country is facing an economic meltdown not to mention the contempt Shell in mayo has already shown towards the integrity of protected habitats(NHA's and SAC's around Rossport and Bellanaboy) including Carrowmore lake, the regions main water supply. No mention of course of the prestigious environmental prize(Goldman award) received by Willie Corduff(Rossport 5) on behalf of his communities struggle against Shell who are rightly known internationally for their contemptible attitude and actions regarding basic human rights and the environment.
The personalized and spiteful comments directed towards Maura by Judge Devins are indeed a cause for concern given the fact that this judge is married to a prominent member of the current government whose main party is largely responsible for facilitating Shells every whim in Mayo. As Senator David Norris pointed out last week in the Seanad, attempts by unqualified judiciary to label people as being mentally unstable bare all the hallmarks of the dark days in the former USSR.
Finally your claim that it is the gardai that are being abused and intimidated in North Mayo is simply laughable going on the RTE footage of the November 06 protests alone. The only people who spent the following night in hospital were protestors.
To conclude I would expect this kind of biased right wing nonsense in one of O'Reilly's red tops, not in the IT or have all our media been reduced to the lowly standards that appear to be the hallmark of the modern irish establishment

Jimmy O' Byrne

author by Martin Mallonpublication date Mon Mar 16, 2009 13:04author address author phone

Dear Peter

I've been startled by the complete absence of context of todays piece.
This is only matched by a complete dearth of logic, and rationale. The
intention of 'doing a hatchet-job' clearly shine through. Personally i
have no truck with militant republicanism, nor nationalism for that
matter. What i do believe is that the present plans for the Corrib
field, put in place by Ray Burke and Bertie Ahern are an absolute
disgrace, and given the current ecomonic/social context, increasingly

However you opinion peice serves neither to enlighten or inform, and
from someone who won the Reporter of the Year award in Britain in 1986,
this seems to be at the lower end of your talent and critque. Or just
maybe its that you are part of the elite that Judge Mary Devins. Or
maybe, you seem to have missed the fact that that bastion of truth, the
Mayo News has recently lost its editor, who joined Shell as PR and spin

Its really no surprise that there is a concerted effort on behalf of the
established elite to damage to local community activists and the
campiagn by trying slur a woman as a drunk. Cheap and nasty. As for
conspiracy, one would have thought that you own uncoverings of the State
phone tapping journalists would have helped you see just what the
capabilies of those in power actually are.

It would be one to see a right of reply to supporters of the campiagn.
I for one will be lodging a complaint with the Press Ombudsman this

---- i got this reply---

Dear Martin.

The context was the court case and sentencing of Maura Harrington. It
was an opinion piece and was identified as such.

Best wishes in your dealings with the Press Ombudsman.

Peter Murtagh

Peter Murtagh
Managing Editor
Editor's Office
The Irish Times
+3531-675 8739
+35387-253 1198

author by Billy Idlepublication date Mon Mar 16, 2009 13:29author address author phone

Drury appears to come from the same smug school of journalism as Paul Williams et al going on that lazy reply

author by Arm-a-Geddenpublication date Mon Mar 16, 2009 13:52author address author phone

The context was the court case and sentencing of Maura Harrington. It
was an opinion piece and was identified as such. Yes it was a hatchet job.

Perhaps Mr Murtagh you could explain in your own opinionated way, your proof to back up these allegations, and I refer to this in particular.

who also happens to have a fairly long record of being drunk and disorderly, verbally abusive and violent, all of which has been detailed in court cases resulting, almost invariably, in conviction.

I await your reply.

author by internet activistpublication date Mon Mar 16, 2009 14:17author address author phone

what was the email address for Peter Murtagh? the one the reply came from

author by Martin Mallonpublication date Mon Mar 16, 2009 15:38author address author phone

i just emailed from the Times online website, the details above where posted in his reply.

author by Michelle Clarke - Justice is our Prioritypublication date Mon Mar 16, 2009 17:22author address author phone

Maura - you are still in the Cage........why? Has nobody a voice? Where are Human Rights Watch? Ambassadors say from countries that have similar problems with corporatism and unfair reward. Look at the trouble with Oil in Nigeria....then the Sudan.....etc

They say assault a Gardai. I thought the company provided the security guards and there are strict instructions as to how they handle people.

I am sure our constitution narrow as it is can construe that you have been unfair criticised.. There was a review of out Constitution in 1996.
Again I state a case that is worth looking to... It still remains the Precedent. The barristers were Sean McBride and Brendan East. The concern were mines owned by my Grandfather, Michael Comyn in Doolin, Noughavil, and other sites. It was WW2 and FF wanted them and seized them. Michael a man in his eighties was stubborn and forfeited the mineral rights to the state and accepted a very nice payment of compensation from the Govt. There is some documentation in Clare Library. Work done by CLASP......Sometimes there were as many people as 500 working for him. This is history but what it says is the Govt. can decide to deal/make provision and people can we disagree and bring about a change. In our case we ought not be so divergent from Norway's oil deals.

Where are the maverick Lawyers and devils? I call out....and others also.

The Valley of the Squinting windows (Delvin) provided an opening for the Irish to see just how parochial their lives were.

Enter Denial......that Cloak that saves some and destroys others.......

What is basic denial.......'the assertion that something did not happen or is NOT TRUE. The blatant denial, the fact or knowledge of the fact is denied'


'I am a social drinker, not an alcoholic; what happened was not reality say 'Not Rape'!!!

How do you rationalisation?

We need thought at every level, from the country villages, towns, cities......we need to review senate debates in 1928 onwards to understand the Ireland that emerged.

Michelle Clarke

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author by lulupublication date Mon Mar 16, 2009 22:06author address author phone

Whatever one's viewpoint, it's disgusting to see such entirely biased hectoring & unwarranted smear tactics from what used to be one of the best newspapers. The most honest journos seem to be on the smaller publications; small wonder, if working for a big daily demands toeing the party line.

author by MARGARETpublication date Mon Mar 16, 2009 22:16author address author phone

Our Gas&OIL have been given away in a"dodgy deal" to SHELL/TOPAZ ,STATOIL&MARATHON .Ireland will not benefit from this act of "ECONOMIC TREASON".Why should ERRIS and pristine GLENGAD be destroyed forever? It is our duty to protect the environment and we must not let this happen .Support MAURA-PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE.

author by Sharon . - Individual .publication date Tue Mar 17, 2009 16:41author address author phone

Hi !

Thank goodness that those that operate and oversee the operation of this State's most upstanding judicial system would shiver at the very thought of this -

I feel much safer knowing that that is the case...



Related Link:
author by Sharon . - Individual .publication date Tue Mar 17, 2009 23:30author address author phone

I was being more than a wee bit facetious in my last comment - just thought it best to state that now least anyone (else?) thinks I feel safe with said system.
Thanks !

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author by Chrissiepublication date Wed Mar 18, 2009 18:17author address author phone

Many intelligent readers who didn't have a fixed viewpoint on the Corrib Gas debate will be repelled by the unreasoning bar-stool-bully tone of Murtagh's article.

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Thu Mar 19, 2009 03:47author address author phone

Maura are you? I hope you get some sleep and a little more so that you can the prison rested and a little more learned.

I am not sleeping but somehow I seem to think there is a most comprehensive piece in Vincent Browne's Magill magazine.........It ceased to be published in the 1980's I think

Quotation to think abou Leon Trotsky (1870-1940) Russian Communist
Insurrection is an art, and like all arts it has its laws'

Maura shortly it will be over just like a bad dream

Related Link: http://www.Corrib
author by observerpublication date Thu Mar 19, 2009 06:46author address author phone

'lies or worse half truths' logic re Shell/Corrib
Peter Murtagh in 'Opinion' of Irish Tmes March 18 2009 is exercised by the poster 'Maura Harrington Political Prisoner of Shell'
By way of response to Murtagh's 'here he goes again' tone of article, one indeed recalls a similar article taken by The Irish Times from the Mayo News some time ago.

The Irish Times did announce that Shell had poached the editor of the Mayo News in the last weeks for its media unit.

Murtagh refers to numbers - the Rossport One - he might also recall the overwhelming numbers in the Irish Times Opinion Poll carried out on the issues pursued by Shell to Sea and Maura Harrington.
Indeed the Rossport 5 were imprisoned on foot of an application of judicial injunction by Shell and released likewise. It has used imprisonment.

Murtagh mentions the support of extreme groups and individuals. I am sure a fair share of these read the Irish Times as do lots of people who have been before the Courts for one reason or another.
How would you control the readership of the Irish Times effectively? Would it want to?

Extreme groups might well learn that punishment comes even if you do not wield a stick or throw a stone or even a fist. A flathand is a poor weapon. The Gardai are as adept at using verbal abuse as are protestors.

The attack on the messenger, Maura Harrington, shows a fear to confront the truth of the message. There is no lie or half truth in a poorly executed deal for the State; there is no lie or half truth that Ray Burke went to prison for corruption; there is no lie or half truth that the pipeline had to be moved for health and safety, there is no lie or half truth that Shell had to withdraw its recent application for a new route; there is no lie or half truth that over 200 objections to the new route have been sent to An Bord Pleanala on the latest application, there is no lie or half truth that 200 Gardai spent months suppressing dissent; there is no lie or half truth that this suppression cost the State almos 15 million euro...

Overall the limited intellectual argument of focus on messenger rather than on message is below my usually met expectations for the Irish Times.

author by observerpublication date Thu Mar 19, 2009 07:00author address author phone

Peter Murtagh's ' Opinion' was in the Irish Times of the 16 March 2009 and not in 18 March as mistakenly stated. Apologies.

author by Arm-a-Geddenpublication date Fri Mar 20, 2009 10:57author address author phone

The scum who are prostituting our counttry to line their own pockets must be removed

Quite right you are, however this has been going on for far to long now it is my own belief that the CJ Haughey era was not the very begining of corruption in Irish politics he brought it to a much greater level, and has continued at a tremendous pace ever since.Remember the old brown envelope jokes which continue to this day only the envelopes are much larger, this managed to create a mindset amongst a lot of irish people,which unfortunately lead to getting right and wrong completly mixed up,it was ok to do it as long as you are not caught which that was the real crime to -get caught. In any society, organisation,group,etc it is practice to follow the leader, leaders lead by example, but F/Fail have sent out a signal to the masses that whatever works do it.its rather like giving the prisioner the keys of the cell block, and everybody ignores the elephant in the room.F/Fail should be re named the 4C's, Corruption, Cronyism, Criminality, and Chancers.

Best wishes to Maura Harrington, now there is a Lady they could learn a thing or two from like, honesty,belief,conviction, protect your fellow citizens, not the Multinational Corporates who have plundered the Country with the full authority of the Government.
A Bannana Republic that has now also gone totally pear shaped.

author by margaretpublication date Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:55author address author phone

The MAYO ECHO wed 18th March edition has an interesting article .front page" TIME TO CALL A HALT TO THE GREAT STATE GIVEAWAY"

author by lulupublication date Fri Mar 20, 2009 17:06author address author phone

The Mayo Echo is a great little paper, with a courageous editorial policy; contrast with the dishonest slurs printed in the Irish Times.

author by cable - Shell to Sea ~ Cambridgepublication date Fri Mar 20, 2009 17:55author address author phone

There's a slash on the end the web address:

author by Arm-a-Geddenpublication date Fri Mar 20, 2009 19:07author address author phone

Fair play Margaret many thanks.

author by jkpublication date Fri Mar 20, 2009 19:17author address author phone

Below is an extract from the mayo echo!
not very positive towards maura is it!

"Maura Harrington, the
eccentric spokesperson
for Shell-to-Sea, one of the
groups opposed to the
construction of the
refinery in its current
location, was sent to prison
for 28 days last week for
slapping a Garda in the
face. Maura is well known
to those who have
followed the ongoing
Corrib Gas controversy.
She is viewed by many as
extreme, irrational and
dogmatic, and does not
represent the majority of
those opposed to the gas
refinery, who would be
more open to dialogue,

author by margaretpublication date Fri Mar 20, 2009 21:37author address author phone

The above article by jk contiues thus "however she is genuine and passionate in her opposition to S hell in Erris.For Judge Devins to suggest that MAURA HARRINGTON should undergo psychiatric assessment was both unfair ,and an abuse of her position."ends.[ On balance I would conclude that the Judge came off worse.rightly so!!!!] Those who know the fine person that MAURA is know what to believe.

author by Arm-a-Gedden.publication date Sat Mar 21, 2009 01:04author address author phone

Below is an extract from the mayo echo! not very positive towards maura is it!

Well of course it depends on what way one looks at this, thankfully we are not all focused in the same direction what a horrible world that would be.

Maura Harrington, the eccentric spokesperson for Shell-to-Sea, one of the groups opposed to the construction of the refinery in its current location,
Shell were given an option of building the refinery at a different location at Glinsk this obviously did not suit them,and it does not suit S2S in its current location so whats the problem. S2S are opposed to this thats allowable.

was sent to prison for 28 days last week for slapping a Garda in the face.

The charge of slapping the Garda in the face, that still is very questionable, as the evidence was all one sided, why wasent Maura Harrington allowed to show her evidence, which would have been the most credible and democratic move on behalf of the Judge, this is the way it would be done in a real demoracy, and would exonerate her (the Judge) from any criticism of her handling of the case, but she failed to do this. As a result of this her husband who is a junior F/Fail Minister in the current Government and is pro Shell, does question the independence of the Judiciary in this case, and has also created a difficult situation for the Judge, it certainly has not gone un noticed.

She is viewed by many as extreme, irrational and dogmatic,
The medias use of words, their job is to sensationalize issues it makes better reading, juices it up so as to speak.

and does not represent the majority of those opposed to the gas refinery, who would be more open to dialogue,(compromise and a
pragmatic resolution to the conflict.) in brackets you forgot that piece.

Each and every one of us to our own devices S2S is campaigning for local community, envioremental, and the National interest and the common good.
The other groups involved appear to have only local interests on their agenda.

However, she is genuine and passionate in her opposition to Shell in Erris. For Judge Devins to suggest that Maura Harrington should undergo psychiatric assessment was both unfair, and an abuse of her position.

Says it all really.

author by MacEpublication date Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:10author address author phone

Arm-a-gedden, you're allowing the troll to personalise the issue and distract from the main themes of the article. The section on Maura is miniscule. The main thrust is the abetted robbery.

author by lulupublication date Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:33author address author phone

Nothing wrong with eccentricity, particularly when coupled with a strong sense of morality - all the prophets, saints, & people who achieved great things have been 'eccentric'. Fianna Fáil's creepos would like a nation of 'centrics', who don't put their heads above the parapet, & believe & do just what they're told. Baaa!

author by just popped inpublication date Mon Mar 23, 2009 11:08author address author phone

"They bought into the myth that was perpetuated and fed by government and bought at the peak of the boom,'' he said.

"This Government refused to pull the brakes on the greed of property developers and they are now left with huge mortgages.''

He said it was a great source of anger to the GRA that the Government has not called on lending institutions to "give people a break, either by allowing them a way out of fixed rate payments or by writing off 20pc of the mortgages".

The Gardai are now calling for agreements to be reneged on!

Maybe, if they slap a politician in the face; they could get an Opinion Piece in the Irish Times! Are there any heavyweights among them? The Gardai have more in common with the people than with the government. The government is tearing up agreements, left right and centre:
- Recently negotiated national agreement
- The agreement that set up the National Pension Reserve Fund
- Capping the salaries of top business people
- Agreements made to the Irish people at previous elections. Medical Cards, Hospitals, Railway tracks etc and "No increase in Taxes" just you wait for April 3rd.Civil Servants Salaries, the Dole stake home pay will be reduced by up to 30%.
These all affect the normal Irish citizens.

It is now time to tear up the highly controversial and most likely illegal agreement (secretive Burke's etc) with the MNCs. As it is, the Irish people are pitted against each other because our politicians’ ineptitude.

Remember the slogan from the year 2,000- 2003(pre Rossport Five) "EXPLOIT OUR HAYDROCARBONS INSTEAD OF OUR YOUNG PEOPLE (jumbo mortgages)": the silence among the politicians, National Press, people in authority was deafening! Now, the fallout in the form of government expenditure cuts, higher taxes is going to be splashed all over our faces!

Maura “heavyweight” Harrington, who at this stage must be as confused as a jeered goat (a state of mind that I can readily identify with!), lashed out and struck a Gardai in the fence. This is the sad state of affairs, when our government, legal system, national press only sit up and notice when events finally lead to an explosion in the form of a National Monetary Budget Affairs gone extremely awry, a bombing or a slap in the face! Heaven’s above!

author by lulupublication date Wed Mar 25, 2009 22:07author address author phone

Please keep on sending messages, cartoons, postcards, etc., to Maura (address above) - they try to kill you with boredom in jail!

author by margaretpublication date Thu Mar 26, 2009 09:29author address author phone

IT is important now to reflect on what the situation would have been had the CORRIB GAS PROJECT been allowed to procceed unchallenged& had it not been for many fine people who alerted us to the dangers of A RAW GAS PIPELINE&REFINERY .

Our air heavily polluted[gas flaring]
Water supply to 10,000 homes undrinkable
The risk of explosion from a rusted experimental RAW GAS pipe[above ground]
Our beaches privatised and marine life extinct ,where are our dolphins?
Fishing industry damaged [family incomes gone]
Our roads impassable[residents of ERRIS bullied off the roads by SHELLS oversized vechicles.]

ALL this to be endured for a handful of jobs and IRELAND playing host to a multinational who has left a trail of ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER in every country they been in, NO THANKS!!!!!
Maybe our technical experts will expand on the above........

author by protest tday at 1publication date Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:42author address author phone

protest at Norwegian embassy in Dublin today- Molesworth Street at 1pm - opposite passort office - come along and show support for Maura

author by margaretpublication date Thu Apr 02, 2009 09:15author address author phone

The following is a quote from EDWARD R MURROW.
"The corporate media has done a miserable job over the past decades representing the people they work for-the citizens.Instead they serve the corporate business and wealth interests in our country-it is nearly impossible to get accurate and investigative journalism anymore-instead what you get is propaganda for and by the oppressors and mudslinging against anyone who is fighting to keep the constitution intact and to represent and fight for democracy"

Well MAURA it,s a good job we have INDYMEDIA.!!

author by J Kpublication date Thu Apr 02, 2009 16:34author address author phone

Well said Margaret, you are spot on.

State/Corporate media will lift the censorship only if they feel they can spin a negative against Shell to Sea, as is their gameplan, ie to give the mass of the population the mushroom treatment on the issue.

All posters and leaflets should have websites clearly printed on them, MAYOGASINFO.COM is a very good intro with a lot of cold, black and white information, plus links to other sites such as INDYMEDIA.IE

author by Fearbolg - S2Spublication date Fri Apr 03, 2009 19:46author address author phone

I agree with J K that the media are never going to give a fair hearing to our side of the argument, so I think it's time we started getting the

message into the public domain ourselves. My suggestion is that all of us make posters, even handwritten ones, and put them up in

cars, public places, and generally anywhere they will be read. I agree that the relevant websites need to be referenced, but other than

that, keep the message dead simple, e.g:

Ireland's Natural Resources:

Shell € 500 Billion

Ireland Nil

Nothing else is needed at the moment. The people of Ireland are slowly but surely copping on to what's going on with the Government

and the oil industry, All it needs now is a nudge in the right direction and the Natural Resources argument comes centre stage.

Shell are more than aware of this and are once again pulling all the media strings in an attempt to keep the lid on. So lets make those

posters. A marker and a sheet of A4 might yet be as powerful as O' Reilly's whole empire.

author by big_ronpublication date Fri Apr 03, 2009 22:49author address author phone

Campaigning continued today Friday 3rd April at mountjoy, Shell HQ and IFI in Temple Bar where there was a Friends of the Earth film screening ...with Eamon Ryan, Trevor Sargent, Deirdre DeBurca and Labours' Proinsias De Rossa all in attendance. (they all got a warm "shell to sea" welcome on the way in)



author by Joan Murraypublication date Sat Apr 04, 2009 15:38author address author phone

I fully agree with Fearblog S2S and J K. The crass distortion of the issues by the mainstream has to be countered.

This is much easier said than done but websites are a powerful tool and now it seems to me that the trick, the very simple trick, is to advertise them on, pardon the term 'mainstreet', and wherever people may gather or pause for whatever reason and may also take in the message and website/s name.

I also agree that MAYGASINFO is a very good introduction, reminder and or overview of the issues that we will never read about in the mainstream media.

author by big_ron - Dublin Shell to Seapublication date Sat Apr 04, 2009 22:10author address author phone

The campaigning goes on today at Mountjoy and outside the GPO ...






author by margaretpublication date Sun Apr 05, 2009 07:27author address author phone

Well done to all concerned,great photos and banners , so so proud of you all !!!!!!!.
Infomation is the key.The tax payers need to know why they have to bail out the banks etc; ,the global recession is only partly to blame ,the real answer lies in the exposure of the "DIRTY ROTTEN CORRIB GAS DEAL".

author by Alannapublication date Sun Apr 05, 2009 11:08author address author phone

It's great to see the "street" efforts that are being made to make people aware of this outrageous rip-off -- in spite of the mainstream media and their corruption-supporting silence on the core issues relating to it, not to mention their obnoxious and grossly misleading "spin" relating to the whole overall situation generally.

The Internet may now be the only real way to get around this "mainstream media" problem?

Judging by the two listings below, I find it encouraging to see that Google and Yahoo (and there may be several others) really do seem to be "media-horses of a different colour" -- perhaps? -- when it comes to NOT suppressing crucially important information about our extremely important oil and gas reserves: which the people of our nation desperately need to get to know about FAST, if they are to avoid being robbed blind on yet another front at the hands of our "public servants" (so called) and the media outlets they either control, or are controlled by.

Hopefully such lists as the two below will fatten up and lengthen until they are bulging at the seams, and cannot be ignored by our "public servants"?

Google: "Shell Oil Robbing & Jailing Republic of Ireland Citizens":

Yahoo: "Shell Oil Robbing & Jailing Republic of Ireland Citizens":

author by state censorshippublication date Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:43author address author phone

It is increasingly hard to know where one can look to in ireland for truth in the news

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