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Bloody Sunday Week-End Programme Fri 30 Jan - Sun Feb 1

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Bloody Sunday Weekend Committee Programme of Events JUSTICE DELAYED JUSTICE DENIED January 24th to Sunday Feb 1st 2009

Before Christmas we were told of yet another delay to the publication of the findings of the Saville Inquiry. It is now unlikely to report until late autumn 09, more than 37 years after the events it inquires into. Certainly for family members of the murdered, many who have since died, and those of the wounded who are no longer with us justice delayed has been justice denied. However this delay in justice resonates beyond the case itself which is why Martin Luther King could say 'Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere'. 37 year's ago Lord Widgery's Inquiry took the side of injustice. His report retrospectively legitimised the military repression of the civil rights movement. To him justice wasn't a human ideal he had a duty to strive towards but merely a political consideration of the vested interests he represented. So the ideal was hollowed out to become another tool of oppression.

What explains the enthusiasm that surrounds President Obama's election and his first days in office is not just the colour of his skin but also the hope that he represents a turning away from the hollowing out of the principles of democracy and justice we have witnessed for too long and a turning back in the direction of justice. When we look to recent war crimes in Gaza clearly the Palestinian people need justice but we can neither put all our hope on Obama nor all our blame on Israel. The people of Palestine need our sustained support and Israel needs to discover that the international community will not let it away with genocide no matter what its history. In support of that cause, this year we are organising a Sea of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, A thousand Palestinian flags will be carried on the march.
Meanwhile this year's Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Clive Stafford Smith of Reprieve, the lawyer and human rights defender who represents British Muslim internees in Guantanamo. He is in a unique position to comment on the likelihood of the US President being able to fulfil his pledge to close the camp and what is likely to happen to its remaining internees. Meanwhile in the local context Internment an Injustice 40 years on will explore the use of internment here. Towards a Raytheon-Free Derry? invites all the sides of the discussion on the presence of Raytheon in our city to a forum discussion on the issue. Who Owns Ireland's Resources? explores the issues at the heart of the Shell to Sea conflict in Rossport. In relation to all the other injustices that comprise the conflict we are hopefull emerging out of, Friday night’s event at the City Hotel, Dealing with the Past: Did Bradley/Eames get it right? will be the first time the public have a chance to critically evaluate and respond to their recommendations.
In addition there are exhibitions, films and panel discussions. ‘Their epitaph is the ongoing stuggle for democracy’, so read the programme, come to events, join in the debate!

Saturday 24 January

2-5pm: BSWC support Irish Medical Aid For Palestine: A Sea of flags at the Bloody Sunday march

In response to the slaughter in Gaza the Bloody Sunday Weekend committee is putting its energy behind an urgent appeal to raise humanitarian aid in the form of medical supplies for Palestine. The committee have identified the Irish registered charity, Irish Medical Aid for Palestine (Irish MAP) as the best placed organisation to receive aid. Donations to Irish MAP go directly to the Red Cross working with the hospitals there and so channel the aid directly to the people that need it the most.

The BSWC is inviting the public to bring their donation to the The Gasyard Centre, Lecky Road, any time between 2-5pm. Please make cheques payable to: Irish Medical Aid for Palestine.

Dr Nazih Eldin, secretary of Irish Aid For Palestine will come to Derry on Saturday to receive a cheque from the committee and to talk about the work of the charity.

Sea of Solidarity - Sea of Flags:

In addition the BSWC has appealed to the public to come along on Saturday and help prepare for the Sea of Solidarity - Sea of Flags initiative which aims to prepare 1000 Palestinian flags to be carried on the Bloody Sunday march as a mark of respect for those who have lost their lives in Gaza.

Palestinian Flags will be available to buy at a solidarity price from the Gasyard, Museum of Free Derry or Pat Finucane Centre.
Venue: Gasyard Centre

Monday 26 January

10.30am: Launch of the Bloody Sunday Black Ribbon.
Venue: Museum of Free Derry

Tuesday 27 January

7pm Death In Gaza (Documentary 90mins)
Death in Gaza (UK, 2004, 80 mins, Documentary)
Written/Reported by Saira Shah, Filmed/Directed by James Millar, this is his poignant and unflinching look at the lives of three Palestinian children caught up in the cycle of violence, dramatically culminating in the director’s own death at the hands of the Israeli Defence Forces.
VENUE: The Nerve Centre Cinema: ADMISSION £2 or donation

Wednesday 28 January

7pm Film Peace is Every Step (Documentary 52)
What do we do with the feelings of regret we are left with after having taken life for a cause we no longer believe justified our actions? That is the question powerfully answered in this documentary. It chronicles a retreat held for US Army Veterans of the Vietnam war held by Thich Nhat Hanh, himself a Vietnamese Buddhist Monk who survived the war. The screening will be followed by a short discussion of the implications of this approach to peace building here, introduced by Jim Keys of Foyle Ethical Investment Campaign.
VENUE: The Nerve Centre Cinema: ADMISSION £2 or donation

8pm: Internment an Injustice 40 years on
PANEL DISCUSSION A public event that will outline the historical context of internment as a state weapon and explore the use of ‘special powers’ to effectively intern selected individuals, such as in the recent Terry McCafferty case. Speakers: Tony Catney, Belfast (Republican Network for Unity, others to be confirmed Chair: Ronan Moyne, Organised by the Republican Network for Unity

Thursday 29 January

7pm: The Hidden Hand: The Forgotten Massacre: (Documentary 50mins)
This powerful documentary about the Dublin and Monaghan bombings of 1974 points the finger at the extent of British involvement in the atrocities. First Tuesday Series:Yorkshire Television 1993
VENUE: The Nerve Centre Cinema: ADMISSION £2 or donation

8pm: Who owns Ireland’s Resources?
This event will host a speaker from Rossport who will give an update on the situation facing a community who is using non-violence to stand up for local and national justice and is currently under occupation by a multinational corporation and their own Garda Siona. The event will include a short film screening. Organised by MOAR.
VENUE: Upstairs in Sandino’s Bar: ADMISSION FREE

10.00pm: Bloody Sunday Memorial Quiz. £5 per team of 5, all welcome.
Venue: Crescent Bar

Friday 30 January

4.00pm: Minutes silence to mark the time of the shooting on Bloody Sunday. All welcome.
Venue: Bloody Sunday Monument, Rossville Street.

4.30pm: Unveiling of the Bloody Sunday Banner, now on display in the newly refurbished Museum of Free Derry. All welcome.
Venue: Museum of Free Derry, Glenfada Park.

7.30pm: Bloody Sunday Memorial Mass. All welcome.
Venue: St Mary’s, Creggan.

8.00pm: Dealing with the Past: Did Bradley / Eames get it right?
Towards the end of January the Consultative Group on the Past (the 'Bradley/Eames group') will publish their proposals on how to deal with the legacy of decades of violent conflict. As months of speculation come to an end the Bloody Sunday Weekend offers an ideal and immediate opportunity to discuss the findings of the Consultative Group. Before the discussion Dr Patricia Lundy, (UU) will give a 10 minute synopsis of the main proposals of the Consultative Group.

Stephanie English (family case worker, Pat Finucane Centre); Brendan Mc Alister (formally Mediation Network, now one of the four Victims Commissioners); Sandra Peake (WAVE Trauma Centre, Belfast); Mike Ritchie (Director, Committee on the Administration of Justice); Tom Roberts (Director, Ex Prisoners Interpretative Centre, Shankill Rd, Belfast)

Chair Jenny Wit, BBC Radio Foyle. Organised by the Pat Finucane Centre.
Venue: Alexander Suite, City Hotel

8.30pm: Film, “Sunday”. Showing of Jimmy McGovern’s acclaimed drama documentary on Bloody Sunday.
Venue: Telstar Bar, Creggan.

Saturday 31 January

11.00am-1.00pm: Tour of the Bloody Sunday 'Murder Zone' visiting the spots were victims fell to hear the story and to pay respects. Museum of Free Derry talk with John Kelly for update on the Bloody Sunday inquiry. Unveiling of mural (Boards) in Bogside - theme - Bogside to Basra etc.

12.00pm: Walking tour of Bogside and city cemetery. Follow by a discussion in French & English. This tour has been set up to give the many French visitors a chance to take a walk around the Bogside and hear the story of the area given by the people who have shaped it.
Assemble: Museum of Free Derry

1.00pm: Towards a Raytheon-Free Derry? A citizens forum discussion event.
In January 2004 Derry City Council passed an historic motion declaring itself pro-actively against building Derry's economy on the arms trade. Five years on Raytheon, now beyond doubt involved in military production in Derry, are still here. Justice delayed is justice denied. Representatives from Sinn Fein, the SDLP, the DUP and DAWC have been invited. The discussion will be conducted in respectful dialogue and chaired by Dr Peter Doran, Organised by FEIC.

Venue: Pilots Row

2.00pm - 5.00pm
Cuba 50 Years on - Triumphing – Sustaining- Defending- Spreading the Revolution!

Launch of Che Guevara Exhibition by renowned Cuban artist Juan Vazquez Martin
(Juan will be present)

Fifty years on from the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution this panel discussion will hear a brief history of Cuba, a presentation on the Cuban health and education system. The defence of the Cuban Revolution against terrorist attacks and the spreading of the example of Cuba, particularly in the Americas.

Panel discussion with: Dr. Úna Lynch Research - Manager Changing Ageing Partnership (Cap), Institute of Governance, School of Law, Queen's University Belfast, Peter Leary - formerly management committee Venezuela Information Centre and Eleanor Lanigan - Free The Miami Five Committee
The panel discussion will be followed by a political update on the current situation in the Basque Country in relation to the sustained continuing oppression in the region – Delivered by the Irish Basque Solidarity Committee. Q&A afterwards.
Venue: Pilots Row

5.00pm: Candlelight vigil for Gaza. All welcome.
Venue: Shipquay Street

6.00pm: Bloody Sunday Fundraising Concert: Songs of Struggle & Change

Joe Mulhearn; Elleen Webster; Gary Og; Cruncher O'Neill; Rory O'Dochartaigh; Tina McLaughlin; Declan McLaughlin; Barry Kerr and more.

Over the last number of years one of the highlights of the weekend as been the gathering of singer and musician to add there voice to the Bloody Sunday Justice campaign. This year is no different with an outstanding line up of artists from all over the world. This Show gives the music lovers a chance to see and hear these outstanding performers in a very unique setting. With a line up which includes some of the best in contemporary and traditional singing. Please come early, get a good seat.
Venue: The Gasyard, Admission £3.

8.00pm: Bloody Sunday Lecture

Clive Stafford Smith, Director of Reprieve/ Guantanamo lawyer

The original Bloody Sunday march was held to protest the policy of internment without trial. It is fitting that this years lecture should host the leading human rights defender acting on behalf of those held without trial in the modern day equivalent of Long Kesh-Guantanamo Bay. With the election of Barack Obama the world is watching to see if the new President will honour his pledge to close the camp. Clive Stafford Smith is in a unique position to comment on the future of the Camp and those detainees still held there.

Clive Stafford Smith is the founder of Reprieve and has spent 25 years working on behalf of defendants facing the death penalty in the USA.

After graduating from Columbia Law School in New York, Clive spent nine years as a lawyer with the Southern Center for Human Rights working on death penalty cases and other civil rights issues. In 1993, Clive moved to New Orleans and launched the Louisiana Crisis Assistance Center, a non-profit law office specialising representation of poor people in death penalty cases. In 1999 Clive founded Reprieve. Since 2004, he has focused on achieving due process for the prisoners being held by the US in Guantánamo Bay, as well as continuing his work on death penalty cases. Clive was made a Rowntree Visionary and Echoing Green Fellow in 2005 and was previously a Soros Senior Fellow. As director, Clive is responsible for overseeing Reprieve’s Casework Programme, as well as the direct representation of prisoners in Guantánamo Bay and on death row as a Louisiana licensed attorney at law. see
Venue: Calgach Centre, Butcher Street.

8.00pm: Screening of Bloody Sunday Documentary and Saville Update.
Venue: AOH Hall, Foyle Street

Sunday 01 February

11.00am: Wreath laying ceremony and prayer service. All welcome.
Venue: Bloody Sunday Monument, Rossville Street.

2.30pm: Bloody Sunday Commemorative March and Rally. Speakers to include Bloody Sunday families’ representative, Sinn Fein and SDLP. This year the march will stop in William Street, at the point where the original march was stopped on its way to the Guildhall, to signify how the families’ search for justice is being denied by delays in the publication of the report of the Bloody Sunday inquiry.
Assemble 2.30pm, Creggan Shops.

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