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the auld triangle

category meath | history and heritage | news report author Wednesday July 09, 2008 20:52author by campaigner - save tara campaignauthor email dinnyw123 at hotmail dot com Report this post to the editors

8.7.08 another dark day for tara, as gardai yet again illegally evict another tara camp.

The Auld Triangle is a plot of land by the entrance to the Hill of Tara which has been disputed for many years. Apparantly the state have tried to claim the land several times over the past one hundred years but were unable to do so as there are no title deeds for this patch of land. On March 3rd 08 the land was still registered to the Minister of State (documentary proof attached) .

On the summer Solstice this year due to the OPW employing the services of MD security to prevent peaceful members of the public from camping on their lands on the hill of Tara, campaigners we forced to move onto the 'auld triangle', this was even a suggestion from some of the security on the night.

Over the next couple of weeks Michael Maguire of the coffee shop claimed squatters rights to the land as he has grazed his animals on this patch for years, other locals claimed the land had been given to a Protestant minister to graze his horses many years ago, all claims seem to have been rendered useless due to the occupation of the newest residents and somehow Meath Co Council have engineered their own plan for the take over of the triangle.

Yesterday in the early afternoon 20 Gardai and 15 Co Council workers arrived quoting the Housing and Miscellaneous Act 2002, claiming this act gave them the authority to remove the property ( 1 large hut and an assortment of tents) from the triangle, they gave Mr JP Fay a piece of paper which they claimed to be sufficiant legal documentation to permit them to remove his property (please refer to video link page copy of letter can be seen there). When the Sargent present was challenged on the legality of the eviction memebers of the public were told to contact the Garda Ombudsman about the matter. Onlookers watched in horror as Co Council workers trashed Jp's belongings including the St Brigids crosses which were made at a workshop on the Summer Solstice this year and JP's altar with all the gifts brought to him from all over the world over the last two years while he has been holding the space. He was informed that he could collect his posessions from Navan Garda station at a later date.

By 5pm the dirty deed was done and the gardai and council workers left. Campaigners were left sitting round the stove in the carpark ... again , feeling that all too familiar experience of violation and injustice .
At around 10.30pm 3 off duty council workers who had been there during the day arrived and proceeded to pester JP, shouting in his face and following him around. Repeatedly JP told him to leave him alone and go away but the pest was relentless. There was a cafufal and the the gardai were called. It was quite obvious to those present that the Co.Co. workers were just there to antagonise and provoke .

Related Link: http://www.livevideo.com/video/084D1CDF469D4FD080F0D445258B248D/the-auld-triangle-2.aspx
author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Thu Sep 11, 2008 18:40author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Michelle back but confused and back in the 1970's (thanks to ABI). Rath Maeve that I recall is quite a focused picture. It was a mound and I would suggest the that the Mound positioned there would appear on archaelogical maps of the time and would have been quite an apparent to the OPW.

Similar to the Mound on Tara but elongated from the side of the road running parallel in the field that would have sketched it in line with Long Residence and house adjacent - now I believe sold.

Rathmaeve had a signpost....people visited. Is it possible that one could have grown crops over such a mound and destroy same. I can't see this being possible - as the rights of Tara were preserved at the same time.

Lord Dunsany I believe would have orignally owned this land (pre the Longs, and the Twormey's). I think it is time for people to view the Lord Dunsany Architves.

A coincidence: Irish Art - this month's publication has writtten up an article on Lord Fingal, they show a portrait completed by the Artist Twohig who was introduced to Lord Fingal by Dr. Murnane. Lord Fingal is the Plunkett family who involved themselves in Land Reform in the late 1800's. The archaeclogy will surely start here in those records.....

Is it not that Lord Carnarvon was invited by the select few including Arthur Griffith and Maud Gonne to Ireland around 1915 to Tara and no doubt Rathmaeve based on the belief that the Arc of the Covenant was to be found at Tara. These were different times to now - just recall the impact of the Pyramids in Egypt......the sense of wonderment that injected vision into the people of the Island of Ireland.

Also, we must not forget the history of Tara Hall, its positioning. No different to Coole House, it was one of the many surplus mansion houses, that were demolished.

This may shed some light....on Tara....
The Speeches of W.B. Yeats edited by Donald R. Pearce

Ancient Documents - August 3rd 1923. Land Bill. The Report Stage

To insert section 46 a new section as follows:

'The definition of ancient monuments contained in Section 14 of the Land Act 1903 shall include any monument which in the opinion of the Land Commission is of archaeological interest and shall where the Land Commission so declares also include the site for the monument and such portion of land adjoining it as is necessary to prevent injury and afford access'

Skryne also has a deep embedded history and archaeology.......Elizabeth Hickey - archaeologist RIP was a most committed person to the history of Tara and Skryne....there is much hidden in history I would suggest.

Michelle Clarke
Quotation Chosen
Stand Fast
Edward Abbey, contemporary US writer
'Be like a tree in pursuit of your cause
Stand Firm, Grip Hard, Thrust upward
Bend to the Winds of Heaven and Learn Tranquility

Related Link: http://www.transparencyireland.ie
author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Thu Sep 11, 2008 13:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors


The Vigil Camp is now located at Belper Farm and welcomes visitors at the Long House. Facing Rath Maeve, Belper Farm is on your left just after the first farmhouse. You will see a large orange dreamcatcher hanging on the gate marking the way in.

JP Fay was away for 2 weeks but is now back in his usual spot :) thank gawd!

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author by Wonderingpublication date Wed Sep 10, 2008 19:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Is there still a Vigil Camp at Tara? Where is J.P. Fay?

author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Thats good to hear! Thank you for that. I never recieved a reply from the OPW and am wondering if anyone else has heard from them re Rath Maeve? Please let us know what they have said if so. Thanks.

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author by Horticulturistpublication date Tue Sep 09, 2008 10:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"Rath Maeve has been harvested. It has been sown and harvested for years apparently so any hope of finding any archaeology would be slim to none at this stage."

The above statement is not nessarily true because the root stock of Cabbages & their like such as Kale are not that deep, the maximum depth would be about thirty Centimetre (1foot).

The artefacts that may be present on Rath Meave are most likely about 80 Centimetres or more and might possibly be down as far as 1 Metre.

The fencing stakes shown in the photo are again not that deep, their depth may vary depending on the material they are made from 12 centimetres (6 inches) to 30 Centimetres (12 inches).

author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Mon Sep 08, 2008 15:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors


Rath Maeve has been harvested. It has been sown and harvested for years apparently so any hope of finding any archaeology would be slim to none at this stage. The State has obviously done a very poor job of protecting this monument. It is now divided in half by a fence and is being used to graze sheep.

I have really enjoyed reading your postings about Tara in times gone by. Thank you.

Rath Maeve 8-9-08
Rath Maeve 8-9-08

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author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

My memory, which tends to be very clear due to acquired brain injury, is back in the 1970's. The road to Belper from Lynch's shop was a turn to the right and a journey upwards passing Long's house an active farm (and a bungalow alongside on the road). Then further on on the left, you could see the outline of Belper, through the trees on the right. At the gateway to Belper, a large victorian house, owned by Meath County Council and part of the Rural Dispensary system provided GP medical service, far more encompassing than the today's GP services. I presume Lord Dunsany originally contributed or even built the house and 5 acres for the dispensary doctors who were appointed.
Dr. John A. Clarke arrived in 1963 and died in 1977. He took over from Dr. Jack Murnane who was there for decades and I think the doctor before them was Dr. Lynch........People travelled, a lot of the time on foot for surgeries and in those times the doctors dispensed the drugs nd provided immunisations. A rnt was paid to the Council circa one hundred pounds inspite of the fact that the doctor had to live in the house as his and his families place of domicile.

The house at the end of the avenue was also a dispensary - a waiting room, a surgery, broken window, no toilets, two benches. Monday's and Thursday's were the days for dispensary and generally a day for sickness certs. A short walk down the road, on the right side was a thatched cottage and shed.....in disarray, unwanted, owners probably dead and gone and a site not worth much. Across from this was the wrought iron gate. We used to run down or cycle down as kids to play there. There was curiousity about the name and what existed there but we never really knew. There was more in the mystery of such a mound than what reality would tell us. Yes, this was a site of cropes - barley or wheat and around this time of year, we would play and no doubt flatten some of the crops. However, the mound in my memory is a litte different to the photos.

Over the gate to the left was the wheat or barley and to the right was the Mound but it was elongated and running parallel to where the crop was sewn - the crop did not grow over it.

As I say, it was known at Rathmaeve and like Tara - the tourists stop. Who place the road sign there I don't know but somehow I think it links in with the Lord Dunsany archives. Land in Tara and along the Belper road was granted to Farmers at some stage in history.

I am reading Roy Foster, Historian - his book 'The Luck of the Irish'.......It is a good read and I find it very easy to read. Pages 160 and 182, he writes accurately about Tara. He mentions that at time of planning road way, there were some 141 sites identifiied.

Why or what made it so easy for those planners so many years ago identify Tara as the weak link that they could target for near destruction?

Related Link: http://www.selectivejustice
author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:03author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Yes Michael Slavin is one of the M3s staunch supporters, surprising isnt it, or is it?
As to Rath Maeve last I know is that it was planted with kale, photos and report on thread at link below. I will see if there is an update and get back on. The OPW are aware of this and the fact that it will have to be harvested!!! Will the penalties be applied?

Related Link: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/88213
author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Mon Aug 25, 2008 20:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Michelle here.

I am so surprised about Michael Slevin and his support for the road. I always knew Michael as having a keen interest in history, archaeology, horses. I haven't seen been in touch with Michael for years but am very surprised he is not behind Tara and its historical placing in time.

I think there was a gathering during the weekend - Seamus Heaney spoke.

I can't understand how those computers and brilliant brains in Planning have led us down this path of damnation. There is motive, motive is money and greed perhaps. Who stands to gain the most ultimately?

Let's hope we don't have to hold another decade long Tribunal to find out those people who are 'dippers' in the profit pot.

Bye Bye

Michelle. (What has happened to Rathmeave)?

Related Link: http://www.selectivejustice
author by Ye olde bookshoppepublication date Thu Aug 07, 2008 00:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

What a beautiful piece by Michelle Clarke. Just one note of caution, the M. Slavin that is mentioned as owning the bookshop - he supports the road, has done so in public on at least 3 occasions and even gave an affidavit for the court case. Not a friend of Tara - although he calls himself the same.
Just for information ...........

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Wed Aug 06, 2008 19:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Dear Michael

I feel entitled to endorse the content of your affidavit, because your family were neighbour of ours for a long number of years.

People will know Belper, near Rath Maeve, which was the Dispensary Residence until 1977 when my Father John A. Clarke died. The property was sold by the County Council at that time.

Your Mum's flair and contribution was apparent to me and my brother and friends, and left us with a vision of the Tara that so many now seek to endorse. Daily, on return from school, Shane and I spent our allocation on sweets. All of us from that time, shared the mysteries of Tara in our very own ways.

Since when in Ireland can people choose to claim land, on behalf of an interest, and foil others.

My recollection of Tara (I have chronic fatigue and other complications so I have not been to Meath since 2003) covers the first period with the first St. Patrick (my cousin published a poem about this statue). This is back in the 1960's - the days when we knew that a court case was imminent and that the State would secure ownership. It was this time when we would cycle up to the first entrance and climb over. This is now closed. Cars had created their own indentation - no doubt its gone now.

To be honest, being a little less learned then, we would take our bikes up to the mound and explore the scape and just be children. The iron bars and the mound had a particular mystic message.

Then we might move onward to the hill, to your family business, to look and see and buy if we had the money. Now I am where the carpark used to be. I am sure people say - car-park in the 1960's. Yes, there was. This was the Failte Ireland era and believe or not each day we would see the big CIE bus negotiate the road, our Corgi and Basset Hound, and some patients up to Tara.

Ingenuity existed back then ...with our young generation. Yes, the Tormey's from the other side of the hill and owners of the land, used to charge visitors.

This adds to the definition.

Michael Slevin then moved to Tara with his bookshop and more importantly his learned contributions about history and horses.

Then Michael, you opened the coffee shop and what a haven for all people, my cousin JJ liked his chats on old times with your Dad and Mum, my mum, Dr. Alice Murnane who had sketched many years ago, the little habitat of Tara which is now your business. So many used to meet - people like Noreen Harte Walshe whose paintings and photographys of aspects of the hidden Tara were there for all.

Michelle Clarke

Related Link: http://www.selectivejustice
author by The Vigilpublication date Wed Aug 06, 2008 18:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This Friday 8-8-08 will be a day of Solidarity for Tara. Day long activities and meetings are planned. For contact point start at Tara Car Park from early morning- 1pm for details. Bring rain gear, food, water, camera and video equipment as well as the usual cheer :) All past helpers, supporters, Direct Action, anyone willing to show solidarity are invited.

Níl neart go cur le chéile, slán a Pixies.

Tara Abú

Related Link: http://www.tarapixie.net
author by The 2 ronniespublication date Wed Aug 06, 2008 14:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Had a look at that site there Phantom, very cynical little piece well deserving of your raspberry but the other page of post ups is very good :)

Related Link: http://www.tarapixie.net
author by The Phantom Raspberry Blowerpublication date Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:49author address author phone Report this post to the editors

www.thehandstand.org -------I forgot the THE!

A Tara related web.

Related Link: http://www.thehandstand.org
author by The Phantom Raspberry Blowerpublication date Wed Aug 06, 2008 09:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

In addition to the above please support J.P.Fay, Griffin Park, Trim, Co.Meath who this afternoon,was given a Court summons from a long term employee, a local resident,of either the County Council or the Office of Public Works, to remove his material advice and for his trespass and other counts at the gate entrance to Tara Hill Co.Meath from the 29th July. This gentleman for months has created the reality of the Irish people's Protest here, indeed the only evidence that Protest still exists for all tourists and Irish visitors to this Ancient Heritage site. Mr Fay has been given ten days to remove himself from public or common ground at the Entrance Gates, where he has been available at all times to answer any questions on his material evidence. His presence and protest is not intrusive and indeed collects evidence of the immense interest forvisitors to Tara who, other than on the Internet, may not understand or realise the archaeological crime that is going on here in this valley; and as one visiting American said to him yesterday we may thank God that people like Mr Fay still exist. During his watch here he personally observed the Security men employed by the National Roads Authority remove with no little violence the many foreign and Irish visitors on the night of the Summer Solstice. This included the slashing of tent ropes and other outrageous behaviour from what should have been an Irish police force, disciplined and legal. Medical attention had to be provided for two elderly German visitors whose tent was brought down on top of them. Bye Laws had indeed recently been put up to prevent Camping on Tara Hill but exclusive to the dates of the Solstice for which hundreds of people for possibly hundreds of years have camped overnight to witness the Sun rise on those days.The guilty acts of authorised vandalism in every connection with the M3 Road development through the Tara Skyrne Valley all reveal the guilty indecision of a Government error - and how is it legal for the Office of Public Works to employ other than the Garda Siochana to order the public around?

As to the Office of Public Works we may ask ourselves how it is that they have not cared for this immense Public Park correctly. A huge herd of sheep has been released too late to crop grass that had grown till seeded, so that the ground underfoot is a real mess - also more seriously, sheep who like to roost, as it were, in small gullies they create at the edge of banks and ditches, are beginning to create these on the mounds of Tara, in particular Cormac's House on the east side, and again, and this time right down to the stone interiors, twice on the horseshoe shaped mound at the south end of Tara Hill. This south mound is no longer identified - and indeed what can we understand from the identification material on site atall. Three other high posts with the words, Lia Fail or Cormac's House or the Mound of the Hostages. There may be printed publications to hand from an office, but why are there no interesting site notes provided for the casual public visitor.

Related Link: http://www.handstand.org
author by A Friend of Tarapublication date Tue Aug 05, 2008 23:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It's not only our archaeological heritage that's been threatened here, but our constitutional right to freedom of speech as well.

Related Link: http://www.tarawatch.org
author by The Raspberry Phantom Blowerpublication date Mon Aug 04, 2008 13:02author address author phone Report this post to the editors

You can see from this pic that where JP stands is a considerable distance from the tea rooms and gift shop. Shame Maguire is suffering from the same economic downturn as the rest of us but I doubt very much that JP is responsible for that! If anything JP is an attraction and one can see him regale coachloads with tales of the Fianna and the High Kings every day as well as passing on information on the M3 works.


Related Link: http://www.tarapixie.net
author by the 2 Ronniespublication date Mon Aug 04, 2008 12:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors



I MICHAEL MAGUIRE of Hill of Tara, Tara County Meath aged eighteen years and upwards MAKE OATH AND SAY as follows:

1. I am the Plaintiff in the above entitled proceedings and I make this affidavit from facts within my own knowledge save where otherwise appears and where so appearing I believe the same to be true and accurate.

2. I say that I am in possession of and am entitled to be registered as owner of the lands comprised in Folio 3071 County Meath and more particularly coloured yellow on the map exhibited herewith. I beg to refer to a copy of the said folio and map upon which marked with the letters MM! I have signed my name prior to the swearing of.

3. I say that the said lands are immediately adjacent to the entrance to the Hill of Tara and the visitor’s car park. The said lands are also immediately adjacent to tea-rooms and a gift shop owned and operated by me which is my family business.

4. I say that on the 20th June 2008, the Defendant wrongfully entered upon the said land without my consent. He has set up camp on the said lands and is residing there.

5. I say that prior to this the Defendant had been camping on the actual site of the Hill of Tara from 2006 until removed by the Office of Public Works in or about May/June 2008. The Summer Solstice on the 21st June is a particularly popular time to visit the Hill of Tara and accordingly the OPW hired a security firm to secure the Hill of Tara and prevent Defendant and other protesters from setting up camp on the Hill. The Defendant is engaged in a protest regarding the construction of the M3 motorway.

6. I say that the Defendant was also engaged in a protest at the construction site of the M3 Motorway and I believe that events surrounding the said protest are currently the subject matter of criminal District Court proceedings.

7. I say that in order to gain access to the Hill of Tara, persons must pass by the Defendant. The Defendant is engaging in a campaign of abuse and intimidation of persons visiting the Hill of Tara, my staff , customers and family. In particular, I say that the Defendant is abusive towards my mother as she passes by the Defendant in order to visit my father’s grave which is located on the Hill.

8. I say that I have received numerous complaints about the Defendants behaviour from visitors to the Hill of Tara. I have also suffered a significant loss of profit as a result of the Defendant’s actions. My customer number and sales have been significantly reduced since the Defendant commenced trespassing on the said lands. I say that my business has suffered a loss of profits in the sum of €29722.00 since the Defendant commenced trespassing and that the said loss of profits is ongoing.

9. I say that the Defendant has been removed from the said lands by Meath County Council under the supervision of An Garda Siochana on the 8th July 2008 but that he returned to the lands approximately 3 hours later and set up camp again. I say that since that date I have repeatedly requested that the Defendant leave the lands but to date he has failed, refused and neglected to do so.

10. I say that the Defendants presence and actions are causing considerable upset to me and my customers, staff, my family.

11. I say that my solicitor has explained to me the meaning and effect of any undertaking as to damages and I am happy to give such an undertaking to pay damages as assessed by this Court in the event that I am found liable for same.

12. I therefore pray this honourable court for the reliefs sought in the Notice of Motion herein.

Sworn by the said MICHAEL MAGUIRE this 29th day of July 2008 at Dunshaughlin County Meath before me a practising Solicitor and I know the Deponent, the Deponent having been identified to me by Michael Maguire .

Solicitors for the Plaintiff.

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author by penmanpublication date Mon Jul 14, 2008 16:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The end of a camp does not mean the end of a campaign. The campaign is made up of people not just camps.

author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Mon Jul 14, 2008 14:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Still flying the flag :)

No Surrender
No Surrender

Related Link: http://www.tarapixie.net
author by Con - nonepublication date Thu Jul 10, 2008 13:08author address author phone Report this post to the editors

If that was the last Camp, then whats next ? is this the end of the campaign ? Is it all over ? Hope ye get your gifts back JP.

author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Thu Jul 10, 2008 09:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well said JP!!!! Hear Hear!

Related Link: http://www.livevideo.com/video/9B9E1F64167B4ADEAA50C0309E87437A/another-illegal-eviction-hill-.aspx
author by Tara Tara Tarapublication date Thu Jul 10, 2008 09:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors

They will never crush your Spirit JP- you and your friends who have held space for Tara for so many years no matter what the injustice- and there have been many!

Thanks for the video link, it gives a small indication of the feeling on the day. Awful.

JP's Hut
JP's Hut

Related Link: http://www.tarapixie.net
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