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Another major Archaeological discovery on Hill of Tara

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New site on Soldier Hill confirmed - action today

The existence of a newly discovered site was confirmed last night by activists on the Hill. This went out at 6am, before we read the papers


17 October 2007

`Significant New Archaeological Site Discovered in Path of M3

A significant new archaeological site has been found in the path of
M3 motorway, at the Hill of Tara in Co. Meath. Believed to be a
fortified complex, the enclosure is currently being excavated by

TaraWatch was alerted to the presence of the previously unknown site
last night, by an anonymous tip, and activists inspected it after the
archaeologists had finished work for the day.

TaraWatch is calling on Minister for Environment, Heritage and Local
Government, John Gormley, to place a preservation order on the site,
he did with the National Monument of Rath Lugh that is being damaged
construction work on the M3. According to section 14 of the National
Monuments Act, all work must cease immediately when a national
is discovered during the course of roadworks.

TaraWatch is also of the opinion that an independent assessment
be carried out before the fate of the site is decided, in order to
determine if it is a national monument.

Located between the defensive fort of Rathmiles and the burial ground
at Soldier Hill, the newly discovered site is further proof that the
Hill of Tara constitutes a vast archaeological complex.

The European Commission is expected to decide in the next two weeks
whether it will bring Ireland to the European Court of Justice over
M3. The Commission sent a Reasoned Opinion to the Irish government in
June 2007, stating that they firmly believe that the decision to
demolish the Lismullin national monument is contrary to EU law.

Activists plan to occupy the site today, after the anonymous source
indicated the demolition of the site is imminent.

Lou, an activist onsite at Tara said:

"This fort is certainly worthy of National Monument status, as it
lies at the heart of the Tara complex.

"Is the Government reluctant to recognise the importance of new sites
for fear of facing further scrutiny from the European Commission?"

Vincent Salafia said:

"It is highly disturbing that the presence of yet another significant
archaeological site has been concealed from the public.

"It would appear that Minister Gormley is still failing to be open
transparent on this issue, as he claimed he would be on taking



Vincent Salafia: 087 132 3365
Lou (on-site): 086 360 0478
Tara Vigil Phone: 086-1758557

www.tarawatch. org

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