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M3 Works Close-in on Lismullin National Monument

category meath | history and heritage | news report author Wednesday September 12, 2007 19:23author by Helen Rose Report this post to the editors

An Emergency Situation is developing at the Lismullin Site where Construction Works to Divert the Gabhra River have Seriously Breached the 250m Exclusion Zone of the National Monument.

Heavy machinery and gravel lorries moved in to the Lismullin site this afternoon to begin works to divert the historic Gabhra River as part of the M3 Construction.
Observers were immediately concerned as machines began excavating well within the 250m exclusion zone around the Lismullin National Monument. There was no Archaeologist present as NRA Contractors made deep excavations & backfilled with truckloads of hardcore only 120m from the Lismullin Henge.
Activists entered the site and were able to stop work for most of the afternoon by occupying the diggers. Gardai were called to the site and activists were given a Caution not to interfere with works. However, two people re-entered the site and have stopped two of the machines by standing on them.

These incursions show a blatant disregard for the EU concerns currently being voiced about the legality of destroying a National Monument without a further Environmental Impact Assessment being made. The EU petitions Commitee is due to meet tomorrow (13th September), hopefully Lismullin will be high on the agenda.

Related Link: http://www.tarapixie.net
author by Helen Rosepublication date Wed Sep 12, 2007 20:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Around 6.30 pm there was a collision between works vehicles near the entrance to the Lismullen site.

Protesters had gathered at the Gabhra Bridge about 50m from the site entrance, one protester was engaged in conversation with security workers standing in the road.
a site landrover with flashing light was following a large truck carrying 3 giant concrete pipes (for diverting the River) which was being directed into the site. At this point, the collision occured causing serious damage to the landrover. The protester who had been talking to security then moved up 20 paces and sat down in the road to prevent the damaged vehicle from moving away. The site Project Manager was overheard making a call reporting that a protester had 'jumped out' and caused the accident. Gardai were called and took about half an hour to arrive and are now taking statements.

Fortunately the entire incident is on video. This shows the value of having independent Legal Observers, both to safeguard protesters and keep an accurate record of events.
If you are available to go to the site with your camera or video over the next few days, your presence will be much appreciated. With Rath Lugh and Lismullin under threat, the coming weeks will be crucial in protecting this sensitive area at the Heart of Tara Valley from the destruction which the NRA has planned for it.
Today a number of local people gathered in solidarity with the protesters on the Gabhra Bridge to show their disgust at the flouting of EU directives. The bridge is a safe distance from the site entrance and you cannot be arrested unless you are blocking the road. Exercise your Civil Rights and join the picket at the Gabhra Bridge!

To get to the Gabhra Bridge: Take the N3 out of Dublin, turn Right at the 'Tara na Ri' pub, take next right signposted to Skreen, turn right at the next crossroads.
To get to Rath Lugh: follow the same route and go straight on at the crossroads, pull over at lay by on the right leading up into the woods.

Further details contact: 086 3600478
086 3107952
086 2205165

Related Link: http://www.tarapixie.net
author by KOMpublication date Fri Sep 14, 2007 00:02author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Video 1: Tigger on the Tripod - This action took place at the edge of the remaining tree line protecting the glacial esker where sits Rathlugh.

Video 2: The Collierstown Action - While Tigger was balancing the tripod a group went to Collierstown to stop ongoing work on the proposed M3 motorway.

Video 3: Harps of Ireland - Information on 22nd September Demo.

Video 1: Tigger on the Tripod
Video 1: Tigger on the Tripod

Video 2: The Collierstown Action
Video 2: The Collierstown Action

Video 3: Harps of Ireland - Info on 22nd September Demo
Video 3: Harps of Ireland - Info on 22nd September Demo

Related Link: http://www.tarapixie.net
author by KOMpublication date Fri Sep 14, 2007 00:14author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This is a reposting of the 'Saitanisci' video. It was first posted on YouTube on April 13th 2007, but removed from YouTube on Friday 31st August 2007 [two days after it was first publicised on Indymedia Ireland]. The video shows the work practices of ACS (Archaeological Consultancy Services Ltd) workers at the Tara site. The footage was captured by the workers themselves.

[ P.S. Don’t bother deleting it again – 100’s of copies are now floating around! :) ]

Reposting of ‘Saitanisci’ Video - ‘That's how we worked for ACS company on Lismulin site’
Reposting of ‘Saitanisci’ Video - ‘That's how we worked for ACS company on Lismulin site’

author by tarapixiepublication date Fri Sep 14, 2007 19:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hi all,

As you know, there have been diggers working around the Henge at Lismullin re directing the Sacred Gabhra River. We urgently need more people to join the protest and to keep the pressure on in a peaceful way.

The next 2 weeks are CRUCIAL as they will have to complete this project while the weather is good.

So, do a Raindance, pray for rain and GET HERE! This is an URGENT call for numbers now. Thank you.

Tara is calling you.

author by Tara Pixiepublication date Fri Sep 14, 2007 19:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

2 more arrests today. Activists were arrested while trying to prevent the re direction of the Sacred Gabhra River. They are being held in Navan .They are expected to be held over the weekend. We have no further info at present.

Please show your support and join the numbers so that those brave souls willing to risk arrest will not have done so in vain. Many are there protesting on a constant basis without being arrested and move away when instructed to do so. Others such as the 2 arrested today are doing so to call attention to the atrocities being committed in the Valley , all in the name of progress.


author by Carmel Ni Dhuibheanaigh - Hibernian Order of Druidspublication date Sat Sep 15, 2007 19:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Both men have been released with conditions imposed and recognisance of €500 each. Best of luck to ye both and try to stay out of trouble! :)

I thought it would be a great idea to organise a Raindance Protest. Dancing in a circle, song , chant, costume etc. and get everyone involved. Let THEM know that we have not gone away on ANY level :) This could be as colourful as ye like as well as serious and be a bit of craic too for all involved. The weather was hot today and way too much sun for the greedy NRA workers so a group of friends and myself will be doing our own thing and hoping for bad working conditions in order to save the Gabhra River from being re directed. The Gabhra River flows to the Boyne, another one of our Sacred rivers and they do not know how serious it is to mess with the Land Energies in this way or they surely wouldnt do it! My personal feeling is that this is like a final insult from the landgrabbers. Shame on them.

So, get Protesting! And enjoy the Rain :) She saved Trevett all Summer long from much further destruction as diggers were inoperable on the site so lets ask again.


author by Michael Martin - TaraWatchpublication date Sat Sep 15, 2007 20:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I am sure you are talking in jest , Carmel, since there is no scientific evidence whatsoever available to suggest that a group of people dancing can alter or change the weather!

The only way forward to protect the Tara`landscape and stop the road running through the Tara valley is through a legal injunction. Two organizations, TaraWatch and the Campaign to save Tara, are currently considering various legal options. Pressure has to be applied on the legal "heads" in both camps, to make sure that a new legal challenge will be mounted within the next few days. Working with, and putting pressure on the legal teams makes more sense than engaging in superstitious mumbo jumbo!

Related Link: http://tarawatch.org
author by Carmel Ni Dhuibheanaigh - Hibernian Order of Druidspublication date Sat Sep 15, 2007 21:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Have you seen this?

Direct Action Stops Work-16 Aug 07 posted by Oscar Beard. Please go to


Waay to go!

Related Link: http://www.tarapixie.net
author by Sean Dpublication date Tue Sep 18, 2007 21:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I'd imagine that both direct action and legal action are needed. The direct action can hopefully delay the destruction of the sites until the legal pressure allows the government to do a U-ey without losing face.
Still I wish the campaign would keep religion out of it. I have no problem with anyone's beliefs, but where campaign publicity is concerned could people just leave out the druidism and new age stuff. I really think the general public are put off by that, and the sites don't need any spiritual significance to be considered worth saving.

author by Carmel Ni Dhuibheanaigh - Hibernian Order of Druidspublication date Wed Sep 19, 2007 09:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors


Yes indeed both direct action and legal action are vital with one buying time for the other. The Raindance idea was very well recieved by the camp. We have had puppetry, drumming, costume and music before so anything to make the protest more enjoyable and give it a focus is welcome as it helps to pass the long hours. As for jest, even the oldest known surviving Shaman in the peruvian mountains who is asked to bring on the rain admits he wont come down until the rain season is on it's way! So, you can take it whatever way you like :)

I know that during the Summer we drummed for rain all the time and couldnt have been happier!!! As soon as we would drum, it would rain and we would dance around in sheer delight cos we wouldnt have to man Trevett and some days even some of the other sites were safe as well! So, it brings back good memories. We could do without the cold though ;) wink


author by Tara Pixiepublication date Wed Sep 19, 2007 13:51author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Dear Friends of Tara,

We urgently need more donations to help with purchasing new equipment for the Camps. People have been very generous indeed in bringing along whatever they can and their help is always greatly appreciated. Other items are still necessary and so a call is going out to all , to please donate what you can, even a fiver will make a big difference. All money donated to this account is official and is receipted from phone credit to gas cylinders and is going directly to the frontline.

The Pay Pal account is:


Please give what you can.
Thank you

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