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category international | gender and sexuality | other press author Sunday August 19, 2007 20:04author by Chris Murray

Including links.

Independent Media Centre, otherwise known as CIM and Indymedia operates a
women's list which has links to both Global and Pan -European sites, where women
are working on tech development and support mechanisms for women writers.
Most of the developers do not hail from Indymedia but from a wide variety of disciplines
that feed into each other and generally there are multiple crossings between lists. and are two of the groups that
participate in creating spaces for developing free open software systems.
Linuxchix logo
Linuxchix logo

The full range of resources for women who are interested in writing, tech and software
development are available in links to several articles , previously published on the newswire:-

The 'Take back the Tech' and 'Ungdomshuset 'articles relate to groups who
are currently using free open software systems they developed and are working in
affinity groups with the European Feminist Forum.

Instructions on cms and article writing come from a variety of places including:-

The IWMF:- International Women in Media Federation also runs online courses in
tech and reporting for women:- have been developing community media and online
magazines that create awareness of issues pertinent to a wide variety of causes
and include women activist feeds from Oaxaca and Iran, where community media
and activism amongst feminist writers (incl.solidarity actions for imprisoned
feminist writers is ongoing).

Links to discussion lists on IMC and the chats page are available through:

The EFF- European Feminist Forum has interesting discussion documents ranging
from Migrancy to Secularisation, to War and Reproductive Rights. The pages include links to
affinity groups who are developing tech and creating supports for community media

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author by C Murraypublication date Sun Aug 26, 2007 18:35author address author phone

The European feminist forum secretariat hosted a meeting with Central Asian Women Activists:
Pics and reports at link above.

Also reports from the affinity groups and anti-war groups who are agigtating for change
in areas decimated by war;-

Beyond Victimhood:- Women's Peace Building in Sudan, Congo and Uganda.
To make Room for Changes. Peace Strategies From Women's Organisations in Bosnia
and Herzegovina. [[Other stories at this link have appeared on the newswire]

The reports were collated By MADRE:-

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author by C Murraypublication date Thu Aug 30, 2007 16:27author address author phone

The Freesoftware foundation (FSF) have press released a number of articles relating to use
of gnu and linux systems; and condemning the Microsoft Vista system. The mailing list
for users is at:-

The GLPv3 license was launched in June 2007:

First statement / Microsoft cannot declare itself exempt from the requirements of GPLv3.
This is an article on anti-competitive issues with Microsoft/Novell

The women's groups above in the article are using linux and the FLOSS system
which they have developed and adapted for female users, FLOSS was developed
by Genderchangers who first appeared on this newswire with their Ungdomshuset
Protest and solidarity on International Women's Day, they are a member of the
European Feminist Forum as affinity group:-

Second Statement:/An international Coalition of environment and social justice groups
has united to condemn Microsoft Vista and called for like minded groups to adopt the free
software systems:-

Links to Genderchangers and Linuxchix in the first post (above).

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author by plugpublication date Thu Aug 30, 2007 18:34author address author phone

C Murray, could you please explain - in your own words - how it was 'developed and adapted for female users'?

author by C Murraypublication date Thu Aug 30, 2007 19:16author address author phone

If ye are a girlie and join the linuchix site (which I did) the techie bit is being explained, exploited
and a new magazine is being created for women in activism. if ye want the L'oreal bit, cannot
help am reading the stuff at the minute. thats the thing with women in tech, the majority
come from activist backrounds and dont go all nerdy on the details.

Girls can join the grrls only list and help develop the site, some of the women are
working in this area years- I am a new one, btw:- the tech is treated of in the eclectictech
modules and the reports are on the newswire. as one article writer pointed out to the
readers ages ago, we use tech differently and therefore it needs to be adapted to that usage
in a friendly, and easy to understand manner. (for people like me anyhow).

so... There is a new magazine/journal and tech advice going out for girls use.
the link is in the article above. also women tend to co-operate and join many lists
so many of us would have met through vounteering for imc (outreach/feminism/eff)
and other such concerns... (they do get a bit pissed with the male domination, thus
FLOSS was developed by a group of women, thats a free open software system btw)
like the fsflink above in the comments- people are asked to sign against Microsoft vista
and keep the software systems open.

author by Another Plugpublication date Fri Aug 31, 2007 08:33author address author phone

I mean seriously Chris, I can't believe you are still spouting this sexist existentialist crap about women using technlogy differently to men all over Indymedia three years after you first started to spam us with your rubbish? A spoon is technology, do you use it differently to men? Given society may construct role playing in terms of technolgy, who gets educated with in it and expectations of skill levels; but the idea that women have an essentially different means of relating to technology is a level of horse shit worth calling. Its as if you have swallowed all the reactionary bollox people spout about the role of women and tried to use it as a starting point for a progressive politics. I mean, duh.

author by C Murraypublication date Fri Aug 31, 2007 09:08author address author phone explores the uses of radio/CIM tech in a female context.

(lists such as activix/riseup and linucxhix offer help with tech and imc women have organisational space
and chat spaces for women within the imc network)
The article above contains a link to the gnu/linux petition: , its signed by the UK Green Party, but not as yet by the Irish co-opted GP.

author by C Murraypublication date Fri Aug 31, 2007 14:29author address author phone

On July 15th 2007, President Gloria Arroyo signed The Human Security Act' which puts
people on a 'watchlist', two women found themselves unable to leave Manila.
Others named on the watchlist include a novelist and a rights advocate:- Ninochka Rosa
and Judith Mirkineon.

Dr Annalise Enrile was physically stopped from boarding a plane, the initiative by
Arroyo (currently under investigation for gulags and crushing of dissent) is
to tie the Phillipines in to the Global post 9/11 terror laws. However, novelists
and writer/activists are finding terror laws used against them, much like the MJetropolitian
police did against the climate camp at Heathrow.
(links to the human security act in this link)

The WE! publication is out with links to the Nicaraguan fight for justice against
US pesticide use

and the Rangoon suppressions regarding internet access and telecommunications
legislations including the ongoing violence:-

Related Link:
author by so36publication date Wed Sep 12, 2007 17:42author address author phone

The home of a young German family was raided late July, the husband of an eff
activist/communicator/gender rights advocate were subject to arrest and summary imprisonment under
the charge of 'intellectual terrorism'. her computer was seized and her children frightened by
armed police officers.

She has contributed on the issues of migrancy, gender, feminism and cyber equality
over many years.

The entire server of so36 was brought down in the run up to the G8.

The message of her shock and hurt on behalf of her children and the inability to use her computer
system has been altered into her own sense of failure to attend meetings and continue
her work in the absence of her files.

Solidarity and mind the little ones Anna.

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