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Saturday May 05 2007

22 Irish hunger strikers to be remembered in Dublin commemoration .

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Saturday , May 5th , 2007 : Hunger-Strike Rally .

Republicans to remember and commemorate the sacrifice made by the 22 Irish men who died on hunger strike between the years 1917 and 1981 .
HUNGER STRIKE COMMEMORATION , Dublin , Saturday May 5th 2007 .
HUNGER STRIKE COMMEMORATION , Dublin , Saturday May 5th 2007 .

Between the years 1917 and 1981 , 22 Irish men died on hunger strike in their fight for Irish Freedom . That same fight continues today , as six Irish counties remain under the jurisdictional control of Westminster , which enforces that control with military occupation . The annual Hunger-Strike Commemoration -organised by the Republican Movement- will be held this year on Saturday , 5 May , when a picket and rally will be held on the traffic isle facing the GPO in Dublin's O'Connell Street , beginning at 1(one) P.M.

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