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National Demonstration Against Shell in Bellinaboy

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Call for show of support and solidarity for a community under siege.

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Will The State Turn to Thuggery Again?

Amid Widespread Fears of State Violence and Thuggery, Shell To Sea Call Another Day of Support

Since October 3rd 2006, residents living near Shell's proposed refinery site have peacefully protested each morning despite increasing levels of state violence. Erris Shell to Sea campaigners have demonstrated their protest in a number of ways slow car drives, sit downs and protest walks. On Friday, November 10th, a national day of action was called in Bellinaboy, which saw a huge show of violence and intimidation from the police.

Now, another national day of support is being held on Friday 16th February at Bellanaboy. The aim of the day is for people from around the country to show their support and solidarity with the community of Erris in their struggle against Shell. Buses have been organised for supporters from Dublin, Galway and Belfast. Shell To Sea has once again called for a peaceful protest and their supporters have urged the state not to repeat the violence, thuggery and intimidation displayed on previous protests.

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