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Billionaires caring for the old & the senile.

category national | bin tax / household tax / water tax | news report author Wednesday December 27, 2006 21:09author by John McDermott - removefiannafail

No more Leas Cross fiascos

John Magnier, J.P. McManus, and Dermot Desmond ,are teaming up to help you finish the race-you would rather not enter. The Graveyard Stakes.
Gambling Billionaires to expand old folks home empire-in Ireland.!
Gambling Billionaires to expand old folks home empire-in Ireland.!

When you grow old & senile, you will be in the safest (and the wealthiest) pairs of hands in Europe.
No more small time Fianna Fail businessmen chancing their arm in Leas Cross style nursing home ventures.The professionals are on their way! Barchester Healthcare (Ireland) have just announced a major expansion of its retirement home operation in Ireland with plans to develop a number of new centres around the country. Barchester is the venture where Denis Brosnan (Chairman of Horse Racing Ireland) has played a central role in the UK company of the same name, for moneybags John Magnier, JP McManus and Dermot Desmond

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