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Conference: Ireland’s role in international affairs - from making war to promoting peace

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with distinguished speakers and practical workshops for activists

The Irish Peace Society at the University of Limerick proudly presents:

Ireland’s Role in International Affairs
- From making war to promoting peace

at University of Limerick
Saturday 11 November 2006
(Remembrance Day)

One million US troops through Shannon airport.
655,000 killed in Iraq since the invasion began.
How will the new Secretary General of the UN tackle the need for reform?

Hans von Sponeck, former Assistant Secretary General of UN and head of the Oil-for-Food Programme in Iraq (1998-2000):
“Global confrontation, human security and the imperative of UN reforms”

Professor Gernot Biehler, expert in international law at Trinity College Dublin:
“Ireland, international law and unlawful wars”

1. Legal support for peace activists – the practical issues
2. Airport neighbourhood watch – practical issues on monitoring crime and militarisation at your local airport
3. Strategic planning – towards a diversity of strategies for the demilitarisation of Shannon airport
4. The role of the individual in UNCIVIL society – practical, peaceful and legal approaches to upholding and enhancing the rule of law.

Please expect the full programme here soon.

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