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Jinxy sez "Know Your Station Gouger Nation"

category louth | arts and media | opinion/analysis author Monday September 18, 2006 19:12author by eekkkk

It is a weird and wonderful feeling to realise that right in front of you for once in your life in this sorry excuse for a nation that someone is actually describing in song life (as opposed to romance) as it is lived outside of the tiny Irish celebrity bubble and to realise that your unhappy hometown has unambiguously produced a living poet.
escaping from planet of the apes
escaping from planet of the apes

Ireland (and Dundalk) is a place where people go bald, fail, fuck themselves up on drugs, terrorise others, eat absolute shit for comfort and escape, get afraid of their own children and try to make themselves happy through buying property.

Jinx Lennon knows this and, despite the absolutely unremittingly bleak landscapes he sketches out in a myriad of songs poised on the razors edge between comedy and suicidal despair, rises above it and encourages his audiences to dance and do the same.

Oh yeah, he does it all in a Dundalk accent. It makes for a terrifying,hilarious and unprecedented kind of gritty realism. This is what Damien Dempsey should have been like if he lived up to the hype.

His new (to me) album released in early 2006 on his own label 'Know Your Station Gouger Nation' is incredible. Jinx Lennon is too. Paula Flynn is too. Over to you Jinx . . . . .

"You can escape from the planet of the apes
If you only cut the tape inside your mind
as you escape you'll see that things aren't in great shape
but at least you're free to make your own design" - Gigs - Tunes

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