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A Martyr to The Cause

category longford | health / disability issues | opinion/analysis author Sunday July 23, 2006 15:34author by Sean Crudden - imperoauthor email sean.crudden at iol dot ieauthor address Jenkinstown, Dundalk, Co phone 087 9739945 Report this post to the editors

The Death of John Carthy

Why was John Carthy so isolated? Why was he one against many? What is the rationale for the Abbeylara siege? Why did John Carthy have to die?

John Carthy was young, a mental patient, a handballer and he resisted authority to the point of death. That is why I have, since the very first day I heard of the tragedy in Abbeylara, a fellow-feeling for John Carthy as well as sympathy for his cause. And I am gratified that Judge Barr has been able to bring to a conclusion, with the publication of his report, an €18m process of inquiry into the killing of John Carthy. I think that this has been a remarkable personal achievement on the judge’s part. Bertie Ahern has given the judge’s report an accolade saying it is an "important" report.

I hope to read the report in the fullness of time even though I am already satisfied that the judge stood up to harassment and pressure and clung to the objective of giving a dead man justice and vindication.

Brendan O’Connor has a quite well-written article in this morning’s Sunday Independent. In the article he seems to me to be making a reasonably sincere effort to try to explain the why’s and wherefore’s of the Abbeylara shooting. He is not just trying to be provocative as on senses he often is. But if you sum up the article he puts the blame for the tragedy on one word "mental illness."

In a sense he is right and the seeds of the tragedy in Abbeylara are the same seeds as those which are at the root of many tragedies which are a daily occurrence e.g. many suicides and the personal repression of many individuals - both women and men - who are classified as mental patients.

Perhaps if "mental illness" were better understood there would be less repression and less tragedy.

The Garda may plead in mitigation of what they did in Abbeylara that they had no training in dealing with a mentally ill person i.e. that in some way they did not understand John Carthy. But where, in any case, would they get information from? There is no evidence, from the little I know, that the psychiatrist or the doctor involved understood John Carthy any better than the gardai.

That is why Eugene Magee has a lot of sympathy from me in his often rehearsed view that the local gardai who knew John Carthy personally would have resolved better the situation that arose in Abbeylara.

My own impression, in general terms, is that the gardai are often quite sympathetic to a mentally ill person - especially if he or she is amenable to control - because they know that the mental health system is often really only exploiting the gardai to get them to do their dirty work for them.

Really and truly this idea that there is someone at the end of a phone who understands "mental illness" is, in my opinion, an - often dangerous - mirage. The truth, in my mind, is that "mental illness" as Brendan O’Connor talks about it - and as it is commonly perceived today - is impossible to understand properly.

However I think it is quite easy to understand and get to know mental patients or people who carry the label of mental illness i.e. if you want to. Just give them the respect any human being is entitled to and engage with them.

Candidly I think that mental patients and the mentally ill have a lot to be thankful to John Carthy for and to Judge Barr.

Related Link:
author by Michelle Clarke - Social Inclusion Justice and Ethicspublication date Wed Dec 27, 2006 16:59author email micherlle33 at eircom dot netauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

2006 Happy Christmas and welcome in the New Year 2007


I was looking up old articles on Indymedia and found this one you wrote about John Carthy; Mr. Justice Barr; the role of the Gardai; the role of the medical professon and the article by Brendan O'Connor.

Yes, we thank both John Carthy RIP and Lord Justice Barr.

Mental illness covers a multitude and yet not enough to render the vulnerable person so diagnosed with human compassion.

To me, that fear that saw Bridget O'Leary burnt alive for her perceiving allegiences with fairies by her husband and neighbouurs. This was 100 years ago and in the rural Tipperary.

I believe we have not learnt to cope with the fear nor have the professionals who carry out the myriad of research in cliques of professional often with their own hidden flaws of addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Ireland needs a Dr. Patch Adams.......played by no less Robin Williams.......

I can't but raise about the young girl age 15 that the papers released she had died by then became assault by break in .......then the mother was unconscious as the daughter was unconscious with brain injury culiminating in death.

We learnt the Mother was a Consultant Psychiatrist, the Father a Director of the Carlow Institute relating to Aviation and the daughter had a remarkable i.q that meant she was attending a worldwide meeting of like mathmatical minds in Vietanm.......Quite an exceptional young woman yet who is representing her case, yes the daughter who is deceased?

The Gardai have not yet been allowed by a psychiatric contingent to speak to the Mother.........Is this normal? Does the same apply to all?

Personaly I feel strongly about this. The young woman deserves the justice of an accurate decision.

It so easy for the 'rest of people i.e. family' to contrive re write and re-arrange the papers, letters, files of the 'mentally ill' reflect the family story.......They are allowed to play God............Nobody heeds the people who experience it so this leaves vulnerable people exposed.

Sean. Keep up the good work.

Enjoy 2007

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethics publication date Thu Jan 25, 2007 00:51author address author phone Report this post to the editors

the urgent need to facilitate people with mental health issues in the community.

Where are the primary care services? Where are the multi-disciplinary teams? What about some positive healthy initiatives? We need a Patch Adams role model? What about some social mentoring. The leaflets exist, thereafter it is a minefield to get help.

Mental Health is still is haboured in the words of Stigma. If you mention you have mental health problems, you reluctantly notice the biased attitude of those people in whose hands you trust your health and being? Slippery to say the least is all I can report about my personal experiences with the last public hospital I attended.

What is the problem with people? You answer, their questions but they just don't listen to you.......Why? Are the bored or hopeless? I thought Science meant to learn and now that the web exists, people in the health services ought to have that sense of shared enthusiasm with their patients. It would be different perhaps if we were paying clients.

Again I refer to the previous posting. The young woman whose mother is a psychiatrist, who died in 'suspicous' circumstances - who represents this teenager's interests i.e. if they need to be accunted for...

Justice must always be seen to be done.......and the other adage, Justice delayed is Justice denied are essential mindsets.........when establishing Truth.

Michelle Clarke

author by M Cottonpublication date Thu Jan 25, 2007 05:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors


Have you come across this movement?

Here is a link here to an article on Znet which gives some background:

And another link to a list of articles on Google:

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Sat Jan 27, 2007 16:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors


Thank you for the above cited websites. I am enthralled presently and reading articles that cast a new dimension on my thinking relating to Health, Population, Government policy, AIDS/HIV. I would suggest to others to look into these sites particularly as it is an election year. 'Knowledge is no load and the internet is virtually free'.

I note the Gardai have put in motion further questioning of the psychiatrist presently in St. Patrick's Hospital, Dublin, in relation to the suspicious death of her teenage daughter.

I understand it is a very difficult time for all......

Quotation by Spike Milligan
'I am a hero with coward's legs'
British humourist and Animal Rights Activist.

Thanks Miriam for the websites..


author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Thu Feb 01, 2007 02:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Why. So young. So alone and in despair.

I ask people not to blame her for taking her son with her but if you really experience despair and you have nobody to help you, I ask, why would you not take your child with you. People say it is selfish but if your despair is all pervasive and you can't find help, of course that despair would want you to take your son and save him from the despair that this world holds for you at that time. Her note was simple: Sorry. This word can so often be used by people worn out and to them sorry is about sorry for living.

I say a prayer for Mother and Son, for family and friends, for neighbours, for those who tried to save them at moher.

Mental Health is in need of serious funds, ideas, innovation - it is the poor relation at all times - a kind of write off as no hopers!!! HSE must allocate funds to Mental Health Services with respect and generosity to those who have been so badly served.

Again I raise the suspicous death of a young (brilliant) child of 15, who died and the Gardai are cut off from their duties to investigate the mother of the child, because she a psychiatrist, was transferred from a few days in St. Canices hospital in Kilkenny and then transpared to St. Patrick's Dublin psyciatric hospital.

Two quotes again.

Justice must be seen to be done and Justice delayed is Justice denied.

The young girl in this case has the right to justice also in the same way as any other proceeding.

Michelle Clarke

author by Jack Russell - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Fri Feb 02, 2007 13:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

This is election year. This is the time to convince those in Government to take account of Mental Health as not a dead route for the hopeless but to commit their intellect, their experience, use access to the net and type in say depression, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Fatigue etc. into the computer under Harvard University, Cornell, Stanford, John Hopkins..........the knowledge is there. Again Ireland is destined to be a Knowledge society, why are we not embracing it. 'Knowledge is no load'

We appear to have people in Ireland working smugly back in the ages with the occassional group meeting and discussion followed by bed and drinks.

I have relied on the computer since 1997 and it now transpires that it is being promoted for people with head injury.

Now I have the ball and I realise while I thought all were way ahead of me, it was the computer that was re-training my memory and a different part of the brain.

Public Health system for patients is nothing short of a disgrace. You talk to people who gather pills, don't take them but are afraid to tell the psychiatrist, the hold stocks. They then take the alcohol rather than the pill to lessen the stress and anxiety. How many people are doing this? Why do they have so little faith in their doctor/psychiatrist. Do they not understand the danger and cost of the drugs. Is this due to the fact that they are not treated with Dignity or experience of public health service.

Then there is connectedness. Yes, the phone. The psychiatrists move to different rooms in different hospitals on each day of the week. The same goes for the social workers and maybe the nurses.

Did you ever feel worthless?....This is a symptom of depression and it is dirty despair that grabs you by the throat and God you struggle to open the grasp some of us don't manage (God Bless that poor alieanated and in despair mother who travelled from Cork to Galay and who got on the bus with her little boy aged 3...............Where are the supports? Where are the supports when you live where the hospitals for the psychiatric try not to take people in at weekends and whose clinics are closes at the weekend. Has anyone thought what A&E is like for people like me.

Our lives in depression and anxiety are governed by fear.........not big things necessarily but small thinks. Agoraphobia is fear of open spaces, Phone phobia, doctor phobia - Take just these three and really think about them. Here is the very vulnerable person; the person who has started the process of withdrawing from society, the person is exposed to fear. Me, I stopped opening post, I walked knowing noone for a little exercise, to go to christening was a nightmare - taking valium, travellington outside my immediate area is just fear consumed and not possible.

Kevin was the man I met who saw behind the facade and it has been some progress and a lot of hard and persistent work on his part to help me throughj

I believe there are ought to be primary Health care services. I believe that a relationship with the Pharmacist is essential especially when people are on a large number of drugs and can get muddled.

I believe the patient ought to be the person responsible for their medical file giving the disk to the consultants who manage your case.

I note Boots now take for certain bloods at a cost........This ought to be expanded. They take Blood Pressure also. This would mean in the long run that doctors practices with nurses, dentists, cousellors could be assigned to a street adjacent to the Chemist.

Bloods. Initially in Navan, we all queued for Mary and it appeared to be efficient. At Baggot Street it was the same. But now you must phone for an appointment; take same and wait a week for your bloods; The few times I have been around, noone has been waiting and I think the change is about drawing out time as distinct from efficient service.

I also feel that the young drug addicts who attend baggot street ought not be segretated and they should receive methodone from the pharmasists.

You could approach the number of coffee shops and possibly allocate time that people with problems could meet; have subsidised coffee; exchange books, join historical societies etc........a support group.....even an involvement in the park of garden.

Then there is a Buddying System. One person may say to another 'Before you think of committing suicide, promise you will phone me or meet me.......

Computer access supplied to one of the coffeeshops with free paper and a list of websites like blackdog.

Ask the Philantropists to not forget the mental ill and vulnerable and those with addictions. Let's make a concerted effort.

Again I ask the DDP's Office for clarification as to correct procedure in the case of the woman psychiatrist and her dead daughter (Suicide). Justice must be seen to be done.

author by Michelle Clake - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Sun Feb 11, 2007 02:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I note an array of articles by Fr. Gaffney on the Killkenny People. It must be difficult down there presently. Justice must be seen to be done. For Justice to be delayed, it is in fact being denied.

I fail to grasp what has happened about the death of a young girl who was moved from the Bathroom, to the bedroom and a collapsed Mother, a psychiatrist.

I know the mother upset was removed to hospital and then transferred to St. Patricks Private Psychiatric hospital, Dublin. Surely Minister McDowell has a statement to make.

I ask do the Gardai not have a set of procedures for this type of situation.

The girl was brilliant, she was aged 14, and all else went silent.......

Is this power in the profession of psyhiatry; would this stragegy apply to another.?

As a person who went missing a number of years ago and whose health deteriorated thereafter, I can say that the Gardai entered my home and being a writer certain items were removed from my computer. This would be sanctioned by my mother a doctor and brother. It caused me deep distress and undermined my person in an environment I lived for many years.

It is my believe that depending on the level of professionalism, and the stigma applied - that people who choose suicide are even vulnerable at death as their belongings - particularly those that might leave a blame trail, find their last wishes a puff of smoke, smothered by vanity of other people.

Who represents the case for this young girls, we ought not to have lost....She is too you.......

God Grant her Peace

author by Kevin T. Walsh - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Sat Feb 17, 2007 01:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

But there is a teenager dead. The Gardai ought to be in the position to seriously investigate the they do in others like the Wheelock boy who died in custodity,

I find it strange that it is not an issue of the DPP looking for Gardai to provided evidence for the 50/50 rule........

Surely someone has a view out there. This is about human rights and civil rights of a young woman who is dead.

Michelle Clarke

Peace to all involved in this sad case.

author by Kevin T. Walshpublication date Sun Feb 18, 2007 20:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

In the last week, the Irish Nation have found out that 3 eminent doctors, in relation to the Dr. Neary case, in Drogheda - have been found guilty of gross professional misconduct.

The silence surrounding the case in Kilkenny scares me so I phoned the Kilkenny Gardai station. A nice and courteous Ban Garda replied - Mr. Walsh, we all share your concerns but our investigation will definitely continue.

Now let us stop for a second on the word 'Investigation'. As read in the media, mother and daughter found unconscious, soaking wet, in bedroom. Later the daughter dies and the mother is transferred to Kilkenny Hospital. 24 hours later, Mother, a qualified psychiatrist, is transferred to St. Patrick's Private Psychiatric Unit in Dublin.

The Gardai in the media have said they are treating this death with suspicion. In the reports I have read, the Gardai have only questioned Dr. Hutchenson for 10 minutes in relation to the tragic loss of her daughter. It is almost 10 weeks now. To me as a non medical person, it beggars belief that her senior psychiatrist in charge of her care has made no comment to the media, to quell the rumours around Kilkenny.

This young girl excelled at school. She now rests in peace hopefully but I also hope that someone out there speaks on her behalf tonight because my gut feeling tells me - if this mother came from Finglas and her daughter was found in a bedroom in suspicious circumstances, this case would be handled a lot differently.

Kevin T. Walsh
Quoation: Thomas Merton - Cistercian Monk
'Today, the first and perhaps the only duty of the philosopher is to defend man against himself, to defend man against that extraordinary temptation toward inhumanity which - almost without being aware of it - so many human beings today have yielded.

I find this a saying the truth is the nucleus of any nation that is why Ireland now is sinking in its own greed of corporatism, in its own inhumanity towards the elderly, and about all in its ignorance of human rights of all people on this island.

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Mon Feb 19, 2007 22:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I ask for the Church because they were the first to have view in years gone by if the sad event of suicide occurred in a family.

The Church was God and the graveyard belonged to the Church and They could say - no place for your family member here.

In this case I am making no insinuations as to the cause of death of the young woman but just to the lack of procedure and the silence.

I am always concerned in the case of suicide, that others will dispense with the victims identity by removing evidence that they believe is detrimental.


author by Jack Russell - Social Justice publication date Thu Feb 22, 2007 00:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

pre Chrittmas. We know the tragic cicurmstances but the absense of debate and clarifications rendter the Justice Department with a paraters of what is just and inequitable......we ar3e traling about truth and clarification.

Jack Russell

Peace to this young woman and to her family but alreats rember that just must always to be seen to be done.

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Tue Feb 27, 2007 19:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Election year and the spratt to catch the salmon is a Constitutional addition to establish the Rights of Children.

Today, we hear on the news about a young 14 year old, something to do with the mobile phone and Abuse/ supposedly upstanding representatives of the Irish State........

CARI who represent children report an increase in the number of calls from children in distress.......class is not the issue; it is an abuse of power leading to abuse.......Why has this narrative not changed in Catholic Ireland!

Justice delayed is Justice denied...........The case today implicates a member of our Gardai force........add this to the outcome from Donegal - the Morris Tribunal.......and fear is invoked.

Again I ask about this young teenager who died at her home in suspicious circumstances. Have the Gardai carried out their duties in a non prejudicial way..........if not, where are the DPP or the Minister for Justice Equality and Law Reform.

The Joy of Rebellion - Germaine Greer Author The Female Eunuch
''Revolution is the festival of the oppressed'

author by Kevin T. Walsh - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Mon Mar 19, 2007 20:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Can the Gardai appoint their own medical psychiatrist? It is now over 3 months since this young girl died.........Has anybody an update on this case?


author by Michelle Clarke - Social Inclusion and Justice pleasepublication date Thu Mar 22, 2007 20:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Kevin - Strangely this eerie silence pervades ....... Your question I repeat

Can the Gardai appoint their own medical psychiatrist? It is now over 3 months since this young girl died.........Has anybody an update on this case?

Surely somebody can make a report about the young woman, a mensa girl gifted in mathematics.....?

The convention of Human Rights recognises the rights of the child as independent of his or her parents. Today as I read with deep sadness and dread the Irish Examiner and the sad heading to an article that covered half the front page 'The Hearbreak of Suicide' and a handwritten letter of yet another young man of just 16 years all those he loved'

Never doubt the love in suicide but always recognisedthe despair; the hoplessness.

What a handsome, spirited young face inset to the letter Darren Bolger.wrote.
His mother's pain is circuited through her desire to publish her son's story to help others - the writer can identify with this desire and I commend her and others who try.......I recall the words of a wise monk in Mount Mellary when I encountered awful distress and despair......his wise words were 'all we can give is time' and sometimes this piece of time needs to be in slow motion so that we can catch the 'signs'.

To know about signs we need to search, to read, to explore, to listen. I found solace in reading but then I am in my forties. At 16 when I entered despair it was different....

I picked up a booklet as I so often do for inspiration.....Imagine from Amnesty International. The quotation at the start reads 'It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness'. The publication is about promoting the human rights for all people.

Erich Fromm - The Fear of Freedom (I truly believe some people are very sensitive to life....despair goes hand in hand with this. Being free can be a real challenge at times......The book was first published in 1942.

Chapter 1 asks the question is Freedom a psychological problem?

'Modern European and American history is centred around the effort to gain freedom from the political, economic, and spiritual shackles that have bound men. The battles for freedom were fought by the opressed, those who wanted new liberties, against those who had privileges to defend. While a class was fighting for human freedom as such and thus was able to appeal to an ideal, to the longing for freedom rooted in all who are oppressed......Many died in those battles in the conviction that to die in the battle against oppression was better than to live without freedom'. I am sure people can identify with this .... particularly young people.

Public Health Services - Psychiatric services, Neurological services in Ireland are ridiculously underfunded; do not appear to attract those philantropic interests like in the days of Jonathan Swift i.e. 1600's; nor the pharmaceutical companies who seek money from medicine as distinct from the more human compassionate approach or the inspirational projects that can now be sourced worldwide on the net and could be used as a proto-type.......the answer belongs in the category 'Bin'.........What Stigma this unfurls?

Humbly I will say seek out Aware, the Samaritans, Grow, the Blackdog website on the internet.......Check out hospital websites like the Maudsley in London or Harvard and New York and seek answers.

I started on my trail at the age of 40 in second hand book shops and I say therein is hope........Libraries too are nice places to frequent

'Bacon 'Readeth maketh the full man'

Erich Fromm
'But man is not made by history but history is made by man'

Science is about Learning - explore try the site for New Scientist, Nature


author by Kevin T. Walsh - Civil Rightspublication date Thu Mar 22, 2007 21:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

We spend in the region of Euros 75 million a year in research - mainly cancer, diabetes, the main organs but if I am wrong, please correct me, the least money is spent of psychiatric health i.e. mental health.

Our psychiatric hospitals are a disgrace in relation to a country that is now ranked as one of the third richest countries.

Michelle - I am glad you read my article. I read and understand your response. Let me add to it.

Suicide in government terms is only an equation. It means S=S-M. Suicide equals stigma and Money is involved. When you hear Tim O'Malley saying Bipolar is not a mental illness - you have a serious problem with mental health in Ireland and particularly when he is Minister of State for Mental Health in Ireland. He slowly retracted his comments and apologised knowing he knew some of the medical click income in Limerick who were aware that he was earning in excess of half a million from his pharmacy in Limerick. Here is a man that denies that mental health is a psychological imbalance yet he earns over 500,000 euros from the sale of legal medications. At the time Bertie reluctantly defended him but if it was now, before the May elections, it would be a different story.

Michelle back to suicides. This site is full of Shell, IRA, CIRA and the b...shit that goes with it but why the silence on Suicide on Indymedia. Why such stigma in the year 2007.

I will close by asking again about the Death of Ciara Gibbs RIP in Co. Kilkenny. This young girl was found dead in the doorway of a bedroom in her home. According to Gardai on a pre Christmas Evening Herald front page - with serious head injuries. Her tragic mother, Dr. Hutchinson, a locum psychiatrist is in St. Patrick's Psychiatric Hospital Dublin - this is her 4th month.

I again close by repeating in my previous article on this - there are many questions unanswered. The perfect Irish Celtic family. If this was a mother from Finglas or Ballymun - would she receive the same courtesy from the Gardai. I think not.......

Dr. Hutchinson has only been interviewed twice at 10 minute intervals. Here is a qualified psychiatrists skilled in psychological practices related to disorders - I ask tonight Michelle why there is a silence on Indymedia on this issue.....

Kevin T. Walsh
Silence is Fear - it is a weakness created by denial.

author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Thu Apr 05, 2007 21:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Transparency is important. Accountability is also. Inaction to the degree that nothing is heard can indicate privilege.

Where is the DPP on this? What are the procedures in these unusual circumsntances?

No accuasations apply but just as in the case of the Murphy 18 year old who was murdered albeit unintentionally at the Burlington Hotel a few years ago, Justice was tested and his parents, friends and others concerned about the Rule of Law have persevered and questioned the Status Quo?
Their scrutiny has resulted in questioning of the procedures of the DPP and the Pathogist.......

Equality is intrinsic to Law and Human Rights - I see your point about how a similar situation but in Finglas and a Mother would be handled. I agree. I think of the Wheelock boy.

Theme Equality and the Celtic Tiger en route pussy cat!!!!

The Rule of Law in Ireland now is when a young trainee Garda makes a mistake at 4.30 a.m. in the morning some weeks ago and the death of the young O'Toole boy, he is handed into the custody of his uncle Superintendent Carey - Santry Garda station.......His other uncle is Chief Superintendant of Castlebar Garda Station ic of the Western division. Could someone please explain to me the word impartial.......What is the role of Kathleen O'Toole - Is she hen-picked by McDowell to be plucked only when she wants to be plucked - there are no sexual connotations here.....a sight to be seen no doubt........What is the role? Where are the details of access?

An article was written recently on Selective Policing......the wall of silence relating to this Kilkenny case - it scares me!!!

Is there no chatter in the Law Library? Rumour has it that the birds are singing but the voice is yet to heard..........

Can the commissioner name the Gardai investigating the case of Ciara Gibbs? I presume the Commissioner can name the Superintendent leading the investigation. Again the old adage 'Justice must be seen to be done'

Is there anyone with a view this Easter time?

Capitalism reigns in the Ireland of today. Let us look to the view John Maynard Keyness 1883-1946 (British economist....he favoured govt. spending as a cure to rising unemployment'

'Capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of men will do the wickedess of things, for the greatest good of everyone'...........

Let us think of the our Constitution this Easter......


author by Michelle Clarke - Social Justice and Ethicspublication date Sun Apr 08, 2007 17:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Article 1
The United Convention on the Rights of the Child defines a child as
'every human being below the age of 18 years, unless under the law applicable the child, majority is attained earlier'

Back to a young 16 year old girl who was reported dead at her home, having sustained head injuries and her mother found in a collapsed state but who has been in a psychiatric hospital since.

Who represents Ciara? Again where is the transparency in this suspicous case.?


'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only think that ever has' Margaret Mead, Antropologist US

author by Kevin T. Walsh - Social Inclusionpublication date Sun Apr 08, 2007 23:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Michelle, I read your article and totally agree with your choice of word - Transparency. I have asked in previous postings who is speaking on behalf of this girl Ciara.

Last week I was reading about aviation contracts in the Middle East - the name Gibbs came up on a multi-million aviation contract. The name was Gibbs and I wondered about it - just wondered......

Michelle, in the last few weeks I have phoned the Gardai in the Kilkenny headquarters. A very nice Bean Gardai on the phone said she understood what I was saying and reiterated that the sentiment existed in Kilkenny, I also phoned a reporter from the Kilkenny people - the reply was the deafening silence! I ask the question why tonight. Again I ask the question if the mother was from Finglas, would she be treated in a similar way.

This young girl Ciara is buried almost 4 months. Her mother, Dr. Hutchinson, psychiatrist, still lies in a private psychiatric hospital in Dublin. This to me borders on a constitutional matter of legal morality. Chris Murray writes a lot of articles on this site. I like his articles. I would value your view Chris.

Kevin T. Walsh

'It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness'
Peter Beneson's great insight when launching Amnesty back in 1961

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Benneson founder in Amnesty: 'To light a candle in darkness'

The DPP have arrived at a decision. Psychiatrist Lynn Gibbs aged 46 appeared at the District Court on May 23rd and today's news states that she has been admitted to Mountjoy, womens section.

Her daughter Ciara aged just 16 was referred to with great affection as a young beautiful and talented young woman....Nobody knows what happened yet but no doubt the court case will reveal some of the reasons and attempt to administer Justice on behalf of the young woman and compassion to the family and mother and to why emotional strife is so intrinsic in culture of today. Is the message that school curricula ought to change to study emotions in context of family, environment at school as is done in other countries?

This weekend another tragedy is close at hand, only a 'road' away on Waterloo Road. Tragically at 4.00 a.m. a young man walking with two friends, was stabbed to death by a young man aged only 17. The Nolan man who has died leaves a mother, father, brothers and sister, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends.....why is all one can ask? Outside the house where this young man tragically died are flowers - the stark reminder to people like me who live in leafy roads and expect no violence.

Why? I think of the young mother of the Campbell boy whose picture was in the newspapers at her son's graveside. There is way too much hurt, neglect, lack of responsiblity and compassion, too much greed, too much envy, too much sloth. How do we take responsibility for the society that we daily create that results in too many casualties particularly within our young popultation.

Thought: Looking at Harvard course in the Ethics section is 'Taking Responsibility'. It really made me think I passed by the house with the flowers and the sadness to all.

Quotation of Choice: The Little Book of Rebels bought in the Amnesty shop.

Crime Margaret Mead (1901-78), US Antropologist
'We make our own criminals, and their crimes are congruent with the national culture we all share. It has often be said that a people get the kind of political leadership they deserve. I think they also get the kind of crimes and criminals they themselves bring into being"

As the Tribunals exist and Govt. remains in flux post an election, we as people need to think....about values
Where is the candle that we can light?

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Having heard on the news about this conference, it dawned on me that I had written quite a lot on mental health, suicide, neurological problems - with no response from the HSE;HIQA; MHC; etc. etc. etc.

I ask the question of people in the medical profession particularly psychiatry, neurology, when are you going to consider your patients first, and your income and hours of work second.......

Time to end the denial factor.......does anyone every ask about people in the medical profession and the suicides within their families......

Where are Ireland's Dr. Patch Adams. I know they exist.....but then a lot die to young.........

Does administration stifle our psychiatrists? How best can we work out a system based on models from abroad if necessary.

Michelle Clarke

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Hi Michelle,

I am posting a link to some information on the conclusion of legal matters arising from the shooting dead of John Carthy almost a decade ago.

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It has taken some time to come back to you but what happened was hospitalised due being poisoned by the lithium I am prescribed by the medical profession.

The issue is the idea of this research on sucide and how it differs from the statistical type (which I find too hard emotionally). The team includes a humanities concept.

The aim is to look at the 'Lived Life' rather than denote the person in terms of the suicide. They feel to honour the life in such a way is to pass on gifts of the dead persons lifetime.

We must always realise that the image is worth more than a thousand words................yes.........

The research study consists of 200 people, 104 deceased. They have identified 10 Clusters...

Look out for the Console Conference for the Bereaved to be held shortly.

Michelle Clarke

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