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Human Rights in Ireland
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offsite link Government Considering Making Working from Home ?Default? Option Thu Jun 17, 2021 18:41 | Michael Curzon
The Government has confirmed that it is considering making working from home the "default" position ? another shift from normality beckoned by lockdown ? by giving employees the right to request it.
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In my Spectator column I have tried to answer the question of why the global elite are such enthusiasts for the heavy-handed, statist approach to managing the coronavirus crisis and opponents of less draconian alternatives
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Glen Bishop, the maths student at Nottingham, has worked out what the Government has effectively spent on each life saved from COVID-19: £1 million.
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Here is a list of the 60 MPs who voted against the extension of lockdown restrictions yesterday evening ? 49 Conservatives, six from Labour, five from the Democratic Unionist Party and two tellers.
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offsite link Hairdresser and Plumbers Working Care Homes Also Face Mandatory Vaccination Thu Jun 17, 2021 09:23 | Michael Curzon
The mandatory vaccination of care home staff extends to people who visit homes for occasional work, including hairdressers, plumbers and inspectors, ministers have announced.
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Voltaire Network
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Norway-Afghan Hunger Strikers

category international | racism & migration related issues | other press author Tuesday May 30, 2006 11:30author by solidarity Report this post to the editors

Afghan hunger strikers against deportation

( I saw this posted on UK Indymedia)

Norway: Afghan refugees on hungerstrike

After a demo on 22 of may, afghan refugees are escalating with a hungerstrike their protests against the decision of the norwegian government for their immediate deportaton to afghanistan.

26 May: 23 Afghan refugees started a hunger-strike in a central park in Oslo.
More refugees are expected to join the hunger-strike within the next days.

More than 800 Afghan refugees were marching in Oslo streets. There were also many Norwegian, Pakistani, Iranian and Kurdish activists, despite the weather that was so bad and raining.

There were also another 4 demos in the north and south of Norway. Pepole from many refugee camps participated in these demonstrations.

The refuges said:
"We said if the Gov don't comply our demands we will start massive hunger strike.
We will continue the protest until we succeed in our demands.
Our demand is to live safely somewhere in this world.
We need your support."

Initial Declaration

We will prevent the deportation of 2000 afghan refugees

The Norwegian government, Afghan government and UNHCR, have recently signed an agreement to send back Afghanistan refugees, and the Norwegian government declared that if Afghan refugees do not return to their country voluntarily until 26 of May the Norwegian police will deport them by direct flight. There was a similar agreement on August 2005, which resulted in a series of Afghan Refugees demo.

To oppose and condemn this inhuman agreement
and because Afghanistan is not safe and every day tens of people lose their life because of the ongoing war countrywide, because Afghanistan government is made of war criminals, Islamic fundamentalists and big drug dealers, because there is no freedom of thought and belief and the communists and atheists are clearly deprived of their right to life constitutionally , because the women, in the law and daily life, are the zero level citizens , because we do not want to return to the hand of our killers….

And toward reaching these aims:
• Immediately stop of deportation program
• The right to stay here for all afghan refuges that were waiting for so many yeas in the refugee camps
• The right of learning and going to school for all of those who are waiting for their answers,

We will organize the following:
• Boycotting the UDI’s information meeting in all refugee camps around the country
• Demonstrating in Oslo, from communal department toward Afghanistan embassy with a short stop in front of the parliament on 22 of May, 12 to 15
• Playing street theatre during the 22 of may demo

If the Norwegian government do not comply with our demands, before reaching the deadline (26 of May), we will start massive hunger strike (hundreds of refugees) with no time limitation.

Related Link:
author by Anonpublication date Sat Jun 03, 2006 21:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

At least 60 afghan refugees are continuing the hunger strike in front of the Cathedral of Oslo.

The norwegian government has threatened to stop violently the refugees' hunger strike for sanitary reasons, since they only had one toilet in the open air where the hungerstrikers stay. The refugees were determined to go on with their protests, and the government did not proceed with any violent actions yet.

author by Duinepublication date Mon Jun 05, 2006 15:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors

agus seo lonnú eile theach an phobail i nGent na Beilge.

Gliogáil ar "kerkbezetting" ( lonnú theach phobail)

author by anonpublication date Wed Jun 14, 2006 18:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The strikers have said they'd rather die in Norway than be sent back to the uncertainty and dangers of life in Afghanistan.

author by Stianpublication date Sat Jun 17, 2006 14:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

At five o'clock yesterday morning the police raided the camp of the hungerstrikers, tearing down all their tents and stole all the blankets and sleeping bags. The hungerstrike continues.

The norwegian gouvernment have five hundred troops occupying Afghanistan, destroying the country. And the gouvernment refuse to help the victims. It's totally sickening.

Here's a movie about what happened yesterday morning. Some of it is in norwegian, but most in english. U can watch it at:

Related Link:
author by Ahmad Alipublication date Tue Jun 20, 2006 04:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

My name is Ahmad Ali, an Afghan asylum-seeker living in japan.There is a very small group of Afghan asylum-seekers,probably less than 20 people here in Japan.Japan has also a very tough and strict policy against asylum-seekers,and in the past few years they detained most of the asylum-seekers arbitrarely, and that caused the asylum-seekers to return their home against their wishes,and there is no news if what happened to those who were returned,probably some were detained in Afghanistan,some killed and some left the country once again.
We seriously condemn the wrong and unfair desicion of Norwegian government for forcible deportation of Afghan asylum-seekers.
We sincerely request UNHCR,human rights organaizations,Norwegian people to ask the Norwegian government to change their mind,and give value to the lives of hundreds of human beings, and not deport them against their willings.
We also hope japan would change its tough and inhuman policy and give residence and protection to these small number of helpless asylum-seekers in Japan.

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