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Bush at Shannon Tonight

category national | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Tuesday February 28, 2006 14:56author by Deirdre Clancy - Pitstop Ploughshares Report this post to the editors

Air Force 1 to go through Shannon

This is not original news, as I just heard it on Newstalk 106. But it is important. Air Force 1 is going through Shannon in the early hours of the morning tomorrow morning to refuel on the way to India. There was no time given, but it's after midnight. Hundreds of guards and army are lined up to protect the war criminal and his aides.

It would be great if some folks could turn up there, though I know it's short notice and an awkward time. Bail conditions preclude those of us still being dragged through the courts after three years, by the same forces now protecting Bush, from doing so.

We don't need to accept the forces of our State turning out to protect a warmonger, whose policies have created an ongoing bloodbath in Iraq that will probably not heal for generations. This administration intends to do to the Middle East what the Regan Administration did to Central America in the 80s - bombard it into submission to its economic interests. Please don't accept it, or your country's part in it.

Soon our army will drive tanks up O'Connell Street to supposedly celebrate the rising up against empire in 1916. What a pharse, given that it is now propping an empire up unashamedly. Let's not accept the double standards lying down.

author by Annapublication date Tue Feb 28, 2006 15:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

of the cowardice of FF/PD regime.........
But it shows they've to transport the war criminal as quietly as possible...
I can't make shannon tonight but I''l be out march 18th

[Download Poster]

author by Conor Creganpublication date Tue Feb 28, 2006 19:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Security is building up heavily at Shannon Airport today with An Gardai Siochana and the Irish Defence Forces moblising at areas around Shannon town, the airport and the industrial estate.

The Army, Navy and Air Corps are well represented with their jeeps driving around Shannon Airport and Industrial estate all day. Also involved in the security operation is two army helicoptors and a bi-plane. Close to the area where I kept vigil a small group of Soliders setting up a communication statellite and when I approached they called the Gardai. At one point a civilian 4x4 pulled up and a the Officer in Charge greeted the man with a hand shake. This man wearing civilian clothes seemed to give the soldier his orders pointing to exactly where they proceeded to set up theirpiece of sophisticated kit. In a humorous display of ineptness, a FCA transit van, was driving around all day with its orders still stuck in the window. These A4 Sheets gave alll the areas where the army had put units and what their purpose was.

The officer in Charge of Shannon Gardai Station and Security at Shannon Airport, Inspector Tom Kennedy was seen patroling the area with an other (unknown to me) Inspector in an ummarked car and a Superintendant was driving around in an other unmarked car. Having such esteemed high ranking members driving around the industrial estate can only mean that the security operation is spearheaded by a Chief Superintendant or even a Asistant Commisionor at least and indeed the US President will land at Shannno tonight. This will be in contast to last May when the Irish Security Forces where mobilised at Shannon for a false alarm as Air Force One is also able to refuel in the air.

Earlier today two massive Russian built Antonov 124:000 cargo planes landed at Shannon Airport offloading two black jeeps and a black limousine. These planes are a regular visitor to Shannon with on unconfirmed report that nine Black Hawk Helicoptors have been transported through Shannon on one of these planes.

Unlike Saturday An Gardai Siochana will be well manned at Shannon Airport tonight as George W Bush lands at Shannon. This security overkill is testimony to the fact that An Gardai Siochana have fumbled the ball in the past but tonight their American masters will be pleased. All paid for by you the taxpayer. remember that the next time your mother is lying on a trolley in the A&E department.

author by Teddypublication date Tue Feb 28, 2006 20:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Similar security is offered in foreign countries when our president travels, the level of security is relative to the risk involved. I dont see a problem with it.

The Gardai have hundereds of different tasks that makes up their job description and in my opinion are doing an excellent job considering their resources. The amount of young irish gardai that put themselves in the front line of danger in O Connell St last saturday is a testimont to the courage of the Irish.

Most Gardai stationed in Store st and Pearse st are young 20-25 yr olds from country backgrounds. Normal Irish citizens, i applaud them.

author by Shannon Workerpublication date Tue Feb 28, 2006 21:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Mr Cregan just wanted to correct one part of you little tale,no vehicles were offloaded off the the AN124 today, how do i konow this? Because i worked close to both those flights today and at no stage were any vehicles offloaded, any more lies for us Mr Cregan?

author by Skepticpublication date Tue Feb 28, 2006 23:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Because you're anonymous. Conor Cregan isn't though and he has a good long history of accurate reporting. Now, back to cleaning the urinals at HQ!

author by Justin Morahan - Peace Peoplepublication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 08:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

George W Bush landed at Shannon, spent about 20 minutes with about 200 troops and pictures taken. Left 2 a.m., according to RTE 7 a.m.news

author by Justin Morahanpublication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 08:41author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Troops in Shannon with Bush "on their way to Kuwait" (RTE and Newstalk 106). Reports say "he may be on his way to Afghanistan" (Newstalk 106, 7.30 am.)

author by Caitlin - Code Pink Irelandpublication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 09:41author email codepinkireland at gmail dot comauthor address Irelandauthor phone Report this post to the editors




Note that the Reuters article above was filed from Shannon.

IOL runs the most interesting story on the Chimperor's pitstop:


Mr Bush's plane touched down in Shannon around midnight and the US president disembarked for about 20 minutes to have his picture taken with some troops who were also passing through the airport. Reports this morning claimed the operation cost the Irish taxpayer €300,000.



How come there's always so much money and manpower to protect this unwelcome guest? Rather than protesting Dubya, perhaps we should be focussing our protests on those who have given him an apparently open invitation to land here. Bush lands at Shannon because he CAN. It's time to put the pressure on those who allow him to excercise that option.

author by Shannon Workerpublication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 09:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Skeptic I dont really care if you believe me or not i am telling the truth and i know for a fact Mr Cregan is lying!

author by Johnpublication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 10:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

$300,000 seems a very small price to pay for the advertising of Ireland as a tourist destination to the American public. I reckon the extra American tourists that this publicity will generate could bring in ten times that sum. Very timely too, given the bad publicity that Ireland received as a result of the activities of some rabble last Saturday. We should seriously consider asking President Bush to attend the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin this year. It shouldn't always be a question of Ireland's democratically elected leaders visiting the White House for the St Patrick's Day festivities. Still, I'm sure that, when the Taoiseach visits the President in the White House on St Patrick's Day, the President will thank him for Ireland's part in helping to defeat Al Quaida and this will ensure a lot of favourable publicity for Ireland in the American media.

author by Johnpublication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 10:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I'm sure we can all accept the odd spelling mistake when posting on here. I'm sure I occasionally make some, a slip of the finger when typing fast etc. But, really, to spell 'farce' as 'pharse' takes the biscuit. That looks like more than a slip of the finger to me, more a reflection of the educational attainments of the author. Standards must definitely be slipping under this government.

author by Justin Morahanpublication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 10:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Report from Newstalk 106. 9a.m.

"Anti-war campaigner Ed Horgan was outside Shannon airport last night to show his opposition to the visit.
(Ed's voice continues:)"There were about six protestors and about six hundred security staff if you take the Army, the Gardaí, probably the Navy, the air corps, the US military, the US air force and miscellaneous airport security" "

The report added that Bush had landed in Afghanistan

author by Epublication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 12:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

You got of hand it to them, Daily Ireland are the only paper to have it on front this morning that I have seen. And they quote from Ed Horgan who is bascially ignored by the rest of the media.

author by DCCpublication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 13:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Don't let this crowd get to you, Shannon Worker! They are so full of their own importance that when the truth gets in the way of their view of the world they just twist or ignore it.

author by Conor Creganpublication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 16:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I notice that "Shannon Worker doesnt dismiss any other part of my comment. So Shannon Worker what did come out of that Antonov 124 and why was it parked at Gate 14 and garded by An Gardai Siochana? To those unfamiliar with the Airport Gate 14 is the last gate at the terminal building is has only been used by the US military since the actions of Mary Kelly and the Pit-Stop Plough Shares. It has been secured with a retractable steel fence thats pulled around US military planes and an alarmed fence behind the exsisting parimeter fence. From time to time large cargo planes like the Antonov 124 and Evergreen or Polar Air Boeing 747's park there. We have documents to support that these airplanes have indeed transported weapons through Shannon Airport. We are a group of people who sometimes go to the airport and witness whats going on at there. We have encountered harrasment on many levels. So "Shannon Worker" what do you see? What will be enough for you to wake up to the crimes commited in your place of work?

Now to deflate my self importance and I might live to regret this. The story of the Jeeps and Limousine being unloaded was relayed to me by journalist who said he witnessed this. He might or he might not confirm this. There is a chance he could have been talking about the C130 that arrived in Shannon the day before and there is also a chance that he yanked my chain and the joke is on me. So be it if thats the case. Must do better next time. It is a well known fact that where ever "Airforce One" lands these cars are always there before it just in case young George might feel the need to go somewhere.

Last night a small group of us when up to the Airport or as far as we were allowed to go which was alort further than the the IAWM would dare ask the state to allow them. Eight of us hell up a banner in defiance of the state security forces and held a token protest. You might like to enjoy this on TV3 today.

author by Patrick Merrickpublication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 18:06author email beyourownreason at gmail dot comauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

"There are no hard distinctions between what is real and what is unreal,
nor between what is true and what is false. A thing is not necessarily
either true or false; it can be both true and false.' -Harold Pinter

Now that's for both shannon worker and the original author of the post, Conor Cregan.

Shannon worker, instead of accusing someone of lying, just say that what you saw was
ie you didn't see anything being offloaded those cargo planes. Period.

Accuracy in reporting is not a mere formality, it's primordial.
As said by the author, this piece of info was given to him by a journalist;
He then should have double checked that info. He didn't.
It's a mistake and as he said he takes responsibility for it.

Coming on this website and accusing people of lying or being a crowd
full of their own importance is absolutely not part of a constructive debate.

Next time sign with your real name and just mention that you didn't see
anything. Easy.

And you and "DCC" could just go to a different source of info, one that mentions
nothing about all this.

author by Fredric L. Rice - The Skeptic Tankpublication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 21:25author email frice at skeptictank dot orgauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

I'm sorry that we're exporting our convicted mass murdering war criminals to your shores like this. If you would, do you guys think you might capture the terrorist butcher and hold him over for trial in the World Court, maybe? That'd be a big help and we here in the USA would greatly appreciate it.

It's amazing that a mass murdering butcher like Molosovich is easily arrested and remanded for trial for tocmmitting the same crimes against humanity and atrocities that this fascist Bush regime commits, and yet this butcher is allowed to fly around most countries, protected by collaborationist governments who apparently support and defend his atrocities against brown people who worship the "wrong" gods.

We here in the United States are the responsible ones -- sorry about this. But The Simpsons are on television and we've got to be sure to catch every television espisode of American Idol. If we were to rise up and take back our country and put these murdering terrorist butchers on trial for their crimes and treason against us, we'd miss an episode on television. Can't have that.

If you guys can get photographs of the butcher's aircraft, we'd love to see them at the New York Indymedia web site. And maybe if Americans ever decide to restore Democracy, rights, liberties, freedom, and the rule of law here, maybe we'll put these butchers on trial and hand them over to the Hague for trial -- the way it';s done in civilized countries.

My opinions only and only my opinions.

Related Link: http://www.elmerfudd.us/
author by A10publication date Wed Mar 01, 2006 23:27author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Why would the US secret service and co use a RUSSIAN plane {antonov] to transport the POTUS personal limosuine etc.
When they have a perfectly good and capable plane made in America called the C5 Galaxy???????
So it sounds like Shannon worker and Connor Cregan are not up on aircraft ID.Plus Connor got his information from a journalist "who witnessed this first hand."[After maybe one too many Scotches down in the Oakwood Arms perhaps??].Sounds like it is a load of cobblers to me.

author by Corneiliuspublication date Thu Mar 02, 2006 03:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well done the people who decided to make a gentle, yet telling statement about the use of Shannon for war troop transport and 'rendition' flights. It needs to happen a lot more too, let me tall ya. Dubya's photo op with the troops is an embassasment to all Irish people, and puts our nationals travelling abroad in jeopardy ... as well as our politicians - as there are many people who want to see the war criminals tried at the world court, many, many people - but you wouldn't know that from the mainstream media ....... if I was Bertie I'd be thinking again about this.

The main reason for the Iraq war, and the coming attacks on Iran are down to Iraq and Iran wanting to trade their Oil in Euros, instead of the US dollar. Iran, who is NOT in breach of the Non Proliferation Treaty , is about to launch their Oil Trading Bourse (exchange) on March the 20th. The euro is set to become a very important international trading currency, which the yanks don't like. Have a read of this interesting article on the subject :


If Bertie had the balls, he'd close Shannon to the US Military on Paddys Day, and return Irelands Neutrality to it's proper upright Position, and boy would the Irish be popular in many places! Yes indeed. For sure we'd get stick from the British and the US, but it would pass. But of course he hasn't. Unlike those fine people who made a point at Shannon a few days ago.

Related Link: http://www.corneilius.net
author by Shannon Workerpublication date Thu Mar 02, 2006 04:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

First of all Mr Cregan your information is once again incorrect, Gate 14 is not specifically used by the US Military it is also used by many other charter airlines and also by Aer Lingus. Secondly the AN124 was not being guarded by the Gardai because they have no reason to guard an aircraft that is not being used by the US Military. I would love to see the documents that you say you have that will prove that the US Gov are using Russian Airlines to transport cargo, why would the US do this when they have there own cargo aircraft such as C-130s, C17 the C5 ? Now after speaking to some of my colleagues at the airport today i found out that the AN124 was in EINN (Shannon) to deliver maintenance parts to a second AN124 which had a technical problem and needed spare parts. Sorry to disappoint you Mr Cregan but not for the first time on this website you and your journalist friends seem to be making stories up to suit your side of events.

author by anonpublication date Thu Mar 02, 2006 09:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

COE Report http://www.coe.int/T/E/Com/Files/Events/2006-cia/
“Hardly any country in Europe has any legal provisions to ensure an effective oversight over the activities of foreign agencies on their territory” he continued.

The analysis of the replies received by the governments of the Council of Europe member states to his letter of 21 November 2005 also revealed that the existing procedures to monitor who and what is transiting through European airports and airspace do not provide adequate safeguards against abuse. Indeed, no Council of Europe member state appears to have established any kind of procedure in order to assess whether civil aircraft are used for purposes which would be incompatible with internationally recognised human rights standards.

Respone to Coe Re Torture-Kidnappings

The cars could have been for another Mis-leader?

author by Seán Ryanpublication date Thu Mar 02, 2006 11:31author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I was at the protest in Shannon.

I had decided to have a little chat with the Gardaí as part of my protest. This was to be my first actual protest and I'd noticed that protesters tended to get a lot of legal hassle. Because of this, I decided to go meet the Gardaí and let them know about me - to show them I didn't constitute a threat. And I'd decided, that if I was going to get legally bullied that it would be under terms that I myself dictated.

So, armed with a dictafone (which remained off the whole time) and a notebook with lots of notes about the Irish constitution in it. The first page of this notebook contained a statement that pointed out that the Judge involved in the Dubsky case had ruled that the war in Afghanistan was not a war as defined by our constitution. Everything after this first page contained relevent (in my opinion) articles from our Constitution, many of them with explanations as to how this ruling caused some actions by our government to be illegal and indeed how the judges ruling itself was invalid.

I wandered up to a group of about ten uniformed Gardaí at the first checkpoint in the airport complex. I gave them a bs story about a ficticious girlfriend I had to meet at the airport. Before they went to check this out I was asked did I mind being searched - I didn't mind. They'd probably guessed I was a protestor before the notebook and dictafone. The notebook really grabbed their attention and three or four of them immediately took it into the shelter to examine/copy it.

They then asked me loads of questions, many of which I had the right to refuse to answer, but hey, twas a high security event and I had nothing to hide, and in truth I didn't really want to be in the airport, where I might get shot by the CIA.

Let me point out at this point, that I spent about an hour in the company of the Gardaí and at no time did I feel uncomfortabe or threatened in any way. Each and every Garda I talked to was a perfect gentleman.

In the building opposite us, I noticed many gentlemen observe me. One suited man came over for a closer look and then joined the Gardaí examining/copying my notebook. He gave me another once over before returning to the building to rejoin his comrades.

Shortly after this a dark car pulled up and two men in suits got out. One approached me and asked me did I remember him. He looked vaguely familiar and I asked him did we go to school together. He said no and started to tell me who he was. But I stopped him - I'd remembered. A few years back, I'd stupidly driven through an intersection in the Shannon industrial estate, and a truck rolled over the front of my car. This gentleman now in a suit had been had been the attending Garda. My dealings with him at the time showed him to be good natured, very street savvy and showed that he gave a shit. He even got a solicitor to represent me at the subsequent hearing when a family emergency prevented my attending. He even phoned me with the result and enquired as to how I was coping.

For what it's worth I felt like an arsehole continuing the girlfriend bullshit with this man. But I did. I gave the Gardaí a very valid reason to arrest me, but at the same time, it would have been a bullshit arrest. I would have only been worth arresting me if they had wanted to harass me.

The chap I knew offered to give me a lift to the nearest pub, where I could set up a centre of operations to trace my now missing girlfriend. I accepted. They then took me on a high speed tour of the airport to show me there was nothing amiss going on. Only joking; they'd spotted a hippy lookalike on a bus and wanted to check him out. He was legit, so we headed back towards the entrance at a more sedate pace. At the same checkpoint I'd stopped at, we spotted Conor Cregan and a fellow activist in conferance with the Gardaí. The gent I knew got out and said something I couldn't hear. He then got back in the car and we headed for the pub.

I was dropped at the pub where I was later joined by the two who'd also been ejected. The chaps in suits turned up a short while later to observe us, to have a drink (non alcoholic) and to rub my nose in the fact that I'd been rumbled.


Let's get back to the notebook. The Gardaí spent close to an hour examining/copying this notebook. It is evidence that they have gathered. It was gathered as potential evidence against me, to protect George Bush and the rule of law as defined by our state and organs of justice. This notebook prompted a very thourough investigation of myself and even ended in me getting to say hello to someone I knew.

Spend one minute looking at the evidence from my point of view. Just look at the first page. Our justice system says that the war in Afghanistan was not a 'war.' I'm not suggesting that you don't police an event where a foreign head of state arrives. I'd expect nothing more than the highest standards. But it is our peace that you are bound to. And this cannot be blinkered.

Not one egit did I speak with, either in uniform or in more casual attire. Not a one of you hassled me and you even went out of your way to show me no ill will - which I appreciate. But take that thinking to its fullest implications. Your actions towards me suggested care as well as suggesting that I wasn't getting into the airport. Look at the bullshit we must swallow to facilitate Bush's war machine. You are caught right in the middle. And that's a tragedy. But it's a fact, and you're good with facts. There must be many of you who feel like I do. Dissent is a voice of change and progress. No progress is made without dissent. The DPP is currently washing the hands of our government in all of this. The government obviously sees that the shit is going to hit the fan.

Who will get the shit end of the stick when when it gets handed out?

The Gardaí.

Collateral damage?

I sincerely hope not.

Seán Ryan

author by Conor Creganpublication date Thu Mar 02, 2006 15:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

"Shannon Worker" I have never stated that we had documents proving "that the US Gov are using Russian Airlines to transport cargo" but when you prove your credentials to me I will discuss with my colleagues the issue of showing you any documents we have to hand. Please be assured that I will be discreet about it and I am not hard to find. Any local garda can tell you where I live but I think you know already.

I have visited Gate 14 often in the last three years and I have not seen any Aer Lingus planes parked there. If I do I might or might not let you know. Again I notice you do dispute the other airline transporting cargo(weapons) for the US. Why wouldnt you? Maybe because you know we have the proof. So I have to throw you question back at you. "why would the US do this when they have there own cargo aircraft such as C-130s, C17 the C5 ? Economics Stupid. The US have privitised this war and companies all over the world are enjoying the booty. Look at Halliburton and Aegis. You may well be right about the spare parts but you only disappoint me when you use an alias.

If you asked your colleagues some hard questions and found out something you didnt want to hear would publish their answers here for all to see?

author by George's Mumpublication date Thu Mar 02, 2006 20:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Its just been on the Last Word that bush is heading back through Shannon this Saturday. Anyone know what time?

author by A10publication date Thu Mar 02, 2006 23:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

There is no way in Hell that the USA would use Russian planes to transport anything related to GWB or the war of liberation in Iraq.Russia has consistently been on the opposition to the war of liberation,and "privatisation" only works in Russia when you have the OK from the Kremlin.Especially when using the still state airline Aeroflot transport dept.Again I have to say the USAF has plenty of capable and just as good aircraft to move US logistics.
Glib answers or made up stories on your part do you no favours.

author by Aaron Aaronspublication date Fri Mar 03, 2006 09:44author address Berkeley, Californiaauthor phone Report this post to the editors

Sometimes the worst political errors are expressed as presumptions rather than assertions, making them more easily accepted by the uncritical as true without argument. Here's an example:

Fredric L. Rice wrote:
It's amazing that a mass murdering butcher like Molosovich is easily arrested and remanded for trial for tocmmitting the same crimes against humanity and atrocities that this fascist Bush regime commits ...

Implying that the somewhat nationalistic and opportunist social democrat, Slobodan Milosevic, is or was in any way a mass murdering butcher -- especially one like George W. Bush or Bill Clinton or Tony Blair or any of their major henchpersons -- is absurd and a parroting of the propaganda used to justify NATO's criminal bombing of Yugoslovia and its continuing occupation of large parts of that country.

Anyone who believed the NATO lies should ask themselves why the trial of this alleged mass murderer, Milosevic, in NATO's own puppet court has been mostly ignored by the same mass media that have been demonizing him. Could it be that the trial, despite its bias, has exposed the criminality of NATO, not of Milosevic?

I'm not saying that Milosevic is some kind of saint, although I'm sure the R.C. church has sanctified people far worse than him! He is or was a capitalist politician who, like, for example, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, gave the U.S. and its allies most of what they wanted and found that most wasn't enough!

author by Tim Houriganpublication date Fri Mar 03, 2006 11:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A10 spouts :
There is no way in Hell that the USA would use Russian planes to transport anything related to GWB or the war of liberation in Iraq.

Dead wrong. We're not talking about using Russia's fleet, Aeroflot or the Russian Air Force. The Pentagon HAS and continues to use Russian DESIGNED Antonov aircraft to move outsize cargo.
Their are companies outside of Russia using these planes, such as Air Foyle Heavy Lift, which is based in the UK
In any case Conor is not simply making stuff up out of thin air. It's well known that the perfectly good and giant USAF C-5 has maintenance problems galore, and that up to a third of them are on the ground being repaired at any one time.

Here is Reed Air Transport Intelligence reporting on the US military using an Antonov aircraft. just cos you weren't paying attention.
US military hires An-225 for additional flights
David Morrow, London (02Jan02, 15:23 GMT, 223 words)

UK-based outsize freight specialist Air Foyle HeavyLift is expecting its
Antonov An-225 transport to leave Stuttgart Airport later today on the main
leg of its first fully-commercial service as it delivers supplies for the
US military to Thumrait in southern Oman.

The aircraft has been preparing to conduct the flight since arriving at
Stuttgart from Kiev on 28 December. It has been chartered to ship the
187.5t load, comprising 216,000 pre-packed meals for US servicemen, by German
company Proair-Charter-Transport.

Air Foyle HeavyLift says that the aircraft is currently awaiting overflight
approval from Italian authorities but the carrier insists that the An-225
will depart today regardless.

“They’re just trying to obtain the overflight permits from Italy, to
shorten the length of the flight,” says a spokesman for the company. The An-225,
the only airworthy example of the world’s largest operational aircraft, has
been introduced to commercial service following an extensive restoration

After delivering the load to Oman, via Cairo, the aircraft will be flown to
Muscat in preparation for a return flight to Munich. It will then be loaded
in Germany with a similar cargo of supplies – this time totalling some 230t
– in readiness for a flight to the Kyrgyzstan capital Bishkek scheduled for
5 January. This flight will operate the route in parallel with an Antonov
An-124 service on the same day.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news.


A10 further spouted :
Glib answers or made up stories on your part do you no favours.

--- And jumping in feet first didn't show you to be much of a genius either...

author by Kabul planespotting collectivepublication date Fri Mar 03, 2006 11:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Gee what's this?

photographed in Afghanistan, September 17, 2003


It's another one of those Antonov planes.... well, seeing as the Red Army was kicked out of Afghanistan, and the only people flying in there now are the US and their allies then it wouldn't be mad to say that the Pentagon is using these giant aircraft to move cargo for their war... One doesn't need to be Sherlock Holmes for this...

author by Conor Creganpublication date Fri Mar 03, 2006 14:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

As always, Tim, you have my back covered.

author by another shannon workerpublication date Fri Mar 03, 2006 16:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

number 1 the anf 124 was not offloaded how do i know because i was at the plane for its duration on the ground.
number2 the stand that the aircraft was parked on is the only stand that an aircrart of that size can refuel
the stories that come out of shannon airport come from one man ...a known liar trying to make a quick euro for any shite he can make up or twist ...name pat flynn.
so before all you idiots start posting stuff you dont know about check the facts...

author by Cian - Socialist Partypublication date Fri Mar 03, 2006 16:44author email ComradeCian at eircom dot netauthor address Limerickauthor phone 085-7077919Report this post to the editors

Joe Higgins, TD:

The cynical posturing of US President George W. Bush with Iraq-bound troops at Shannon Airport this morning, displays an utter contempt to the opposition of a majority of Irish people to his policy on Iraq.

Far from the US/ British invasion bringing peace and stability, Iraq sinks deeper into disorder on a daily basis.

As the opportunity arises, I will be demanding an explanation in the Dail from the Government on whether they had prior knowledge of Bush's propaganda stunt and why they continue to facilitate the disastrous occupation of Iraq.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --
Check out the link for more...

Related Link: http://www.SocialistParty.net
author by A10publication date Fri Mar 03, 2006 22:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

You arent too much of a rocket scientist yourself Timtim[Are you like that fellow in Southpark?Your thought process sounds like it]
.First off since you are all so knowing would you like to inform us all of the "technical faults"of the C5 Galaxy???Considering it is one of the most safest aircraft next to the 747 in the world.But please enlighten us...
What maintenance problems exactly???

Second Foyle heavy lift has not,will not and cannot transport ANYTHING regarding the POTUS .
It MUST be USAF aircraft,personel pilots in Airforce one must be Col rank and have at least eight years of active service with combat experiance.Also ALL equipment must be American made,reason being,it is checkable from the first cuts in the making of the parts,to the offical handing over of the plane.That means EVERY part is checked and made in the USA.That includes the C5 which BTW to fill in your general ignorance of how the US secret service works has Four special C5 designated to presidential movement detail.

Now ,as for the US hiring a UK company who uses a Russian plane to carry US MREs,is abit different from saying a Russian plane is used to ferry the POTUS personal helicopters and limos isnt it?
Jesus,you lot are desperate to try and pin anything on the US arent you?Might I suggest you go away and learn somthing about how the US armed forces work,as you are making total gobshites out of yourselves[as if anyone didnt know that fact already].With your GLIB and SPURIOUS arguements.

Like Afghanistan plane spotting.An Antonov landed at Kabul airport.So what?????Does that prove anything??It could just have easily been carrying food and medical supplies to feed and care for the Afghan people after their years of butchery under the muderous scum of the Taliban.You need to know the contents of the plane,not what it is.Back to conspircy theory school for you.

author by Badmanpublication date Sat Apr 08, 2006 17:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The indo have confirmed the use of Shannon to transfer helicopters on the date that Conor mentioned above

Related Link: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/75316
author by Badmanpublication date Sat Apr 08, 2006 18:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Now that the story has been confirmed by the government, it's interesting to note that there are several people on this thread claiming to be Shannon workers who have been revealed to be blatantly lying and spreading misinformation re the use of antonov's by the US military and the reason why that particular antonov was at Shannon on February 27th.

I wonder who they really work for?

author by A10publication date Sun Apr 09, 2006 20:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Choppers were being sent to Isreal.Not for GWB personal security detail.The debate was wether the Secret service used an Antonov to transport their personal equipment etc.A total impossibility due to many political and saftey considerations.
Two,more than likely it was the Isrealis who paid for the reshipment.Anyawy it is totall irrvelant how they were shipped.Main thing is the Isrealis have proper weaponary to deal with Islamist terrorist fanatics.

author by blaisepublication date Mon Apr 10, 2006 05:51author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Regardless of funnyman Bush's appearance at Shannon Airport - the main story is that the Taoseach and his goons allowed this man to use our air field for his illicit activity - to port his dirty laundry - through our sacred grounds - for his illegal sham of a war - he has 2 of them going on if you count Afghanistan - and the backing of the the Israeli terrorist nation is another. I have nothing against the man himself - in fact I find him quite entertaining and absent minded - but he represents a country which causes much more harm than good - his country has taken the Sadam out of Iraq and basically sodomized it - blown it back to the dark ages - turned a secular state into a sectarian one - actually given Iran the upper hand - while telling us all that Iran is a pariah state - the US is a very confused country - they were warned by the French not to enter into middle eastern politics and they have paid the price. We definitely should have nothing to do the US and their wars. Acquiesence can be a very foolish thing. When one considers that the British are involved in it, too, we look very wimpy indeed. I heard one American radio talk-show host tell George Hook on Talk 106 that if Ireland would'nt take this business there would be 25 other countries lining up for it. Let them have it. It has dirt written all over it.

author by A10publication date Mon Apr 10, 2006 12:30author address author phone Report this post to the editors

under Saddam.BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!ROTFLAMO.Blaise you really need to get out more and get abit more with world events.For your info Saddam is a Sunni Muslim,not a very devout one at that.The Sunnis were a ruling minority in Iraq,oppressing the Shia majority under Saddams and his families rule.There are a minority orthodox christians and a few Iraqui jews.Apart from that ,the place was a dictatorship .
Maybe you meant it was more liberal under Saddam,if there can be such a thing.as for your other comments that the French advised the US not to get involved in Iraq,hardly surprising as they were busy flogging Saddo ,arms,nuke reactors,and WMD technology.Ditto for the Russians.Please dont go bleating on now about Rumsfeld meeting Saddam and the US supplying Iraq in the 80s.Different world then and ancient history.
As for your ill informed comments on the USA.Well,your boys up in the North wouldnt have had many armalites without the gullability of Irish Americans stuffing the buckets with their dollars in the pubs on 5th Ave.I for one am thankful to the US it gave me more than this pesthole of a rock that I must admit I am VERY ashamed to call the country of my birth ever did!

author by blaisepublication date Mon Apr 10, 2006 15:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

listen mudslinger - I don't need any historical ABC's from you - everybody knows Saddam is a Sunni - who ruled a secular state with an iron fist - how else can you run an oil-rich, religious incinerator? You actually believe Iraq is better off now with the Americans and the British. You are living in a delusionary state. Check the stats on Afghanistan while you are at it and you will find that it was the Taliban who wanted to wipe out the poppy fields, hence the heroin trade, which is now flourishing under the American backed government. Perhaps the Americans can pull the wool over your eyes but not the rest of the intelligent world. By the way, where do you get your intelligence from? The George Bush-Donald Rumsfield-Tommy Franks colouring book for middle eastern studies?

author by A10publication date Tue Apr 11, 2006 01:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Blaisey,Blaisey ,Blaisey.You really are now losing it now.You DO really need some lessons in the Really real world.You know that place away from this god forsaken smug lilttle rock,inhabited by fools???YOU are the one living in cloud cuckoo land [AKA Ireland].Funny that about the Afghan and the Taliban,while they could enforce a medival religious regin on the pouplation,they couldn't stop it totally.Maybe because it was bringing in some sort of infidel money into the place.Not to mind that Ol Osama and his crowd were being well supported by wealthy fanatics back in Saudi.So it is doing well under the evil US ,EU occupation??Funny then that the DEA, and Interpol have exellent drug busts out there and the street price is level and most of the stuff comes from Coloumbia,and Peru .Actually I get my knowledge from most places where sensible people get theirs ,from all sources and thenn make up their minds.Not Indymedia RTE and Irish anti american war org ,and the Sinn Fein Student union bar..So I would suggest you take off your patriotic green tinted glasses,stop wanking off over a pic of Charlie Haughy,and sit down watch CNN,Al Jazerah,BBC world service ,some french and german news channels,if your education allowed you to learn them.Then sit down and post somthing sensible and coherent.As for America pulling the wool over anyones eyes,it gave me a job ,an education,and a differnent outlook on life,and more chances to better myself.More than this shithole country and people of Ireland ever did,of which I am totally ashamed of to belong to,or have to call myself an Irish citizen.
You display the typical Irish bog ignorance,of the defeated Irish .When you cant come up with a coherent answer,you go to personal insults or sling shit.Typical Irish.

author by Skepticpublication date Tue Apr 11, 2006 01:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Notice how the accurate information about Antonov's in Shannon was posted by a known, named person and then some anonymous mudslingers said it was impossible? And then Badman points out the factuality of the thread later. And then A10 and Blaise have a fake little fight to distract attention from two points:

1) Indymedia.ie got it right again
2) The US is using Shannon

author by blaisepublication date Tue Apr 11, 2006 02:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Christ you are a skeptical one - please - I can guarantee you there is no phoney battle going on between the highway man and myself - but I do find his ranting a tad hilarious - so much so I cannot continue battle with him - as we are polarities apart on this issue. I can be conservative on some issues but not when it comes to the brazen and quite foolish American world policies. There are conservative and liberal parts to me - as I think there are to most people. Most won't admit it for fear of losing their peer status. I stand by my claim that the Bush led government should not be allowed to avail themselves of our airstrips. There are too many hidden agendas involved and our Taoseach is not respecting the views of the majority of his citizenry.

author by Skepticpublication date Tue Apr 11, 2006 03:09author address author phone Report this post to the editors

from the central facts:

1) antonov's were seen in Shannon and reported here
2) A10 and anonymous "shannon workers" denied it
3) it turned out to be true and now you and A10 have a "fight" that doesn't mention these central facts
4) now you try to turn it personal and away from the thread again

Shannon airport is being used in a massive way by the US military, huge armament shipments and munitions are going through, troops are going through. The gardai are not searching the planes. Anything could be going through.

author by blaisepublication date Tue Apr 11, 2006 03:31author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I am not doubting your centrally stated facts - with the Americans involved one can expect a ton of subversion - and exactly how am I getting away from the issue - which is that our Taoseach is playing games with the Yanks - much like the Israelis do - when they need something big in return, which is probably amnesty for the 50,000 potential deporties living in the US. Or other favours. I personally cannot see why the government wouldn't want 50,000 returning Irish - most of who are far from poor, returning with the families to churn the economy even more and help balance out the Irish versus immigrant equation. Sure, it must be other favours Bertie really wants. Help with the peace deal up North? That's not exactly more fuel to the economy, is it? Whatever it is, Ahern wants something from the Americans, that's for sure, or else he simply is too much of a coward to say no to them and just wants their business. As for A10, don't know him, never met him (or her) and give it up, the conspiracy theory. It's all in your head.

author by Seán Ryanpublication date Tue Apr 11, 2006 05:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The vast majority of troops, sent to kill and die and torture by Bush are transited through Shannon Warport. The same can be said of troops going home. This being the case, it logically follows that the majority of everything else that needs transiting, uses Shannon too. Particularly so when the only impediment present can be countered with an 'assurance.' "Look the other way if you wouldn't mind and I know you don't, I promise you that you don't actually need to look away."

Lots of data can be surmised by that fact that Ireland offers the least resistance to be found in Europe (at least) to the practice of Genocide and Torture - Not only does Bush use our 'airstrips,' he uses the Irish people. And he does so in two ways. We make his war machine more efficient, and our unspoken consent is used by him for propaganda purposes, all via Bertie's dishonourable colaboration (Check out any shamrock ceremony on Paddy's day to see examples of how we are used in the propaganda effort, especially last year's presentation and the one before). The Black Shamrock will make this obscene practice a little harder to practice.

The Antonov questions: (especially for A10)

Fair enough we actively support the American genocide effort, how many other efforts do we support?

And do you really believe that there isn't an American connection to each?

How fucked up is this country? (In your opinion).

And finally a question for the Minister for Muppetry, mr. Cowen.

Mr. Cowen, I note that you have in the past taken a very active role in denouncing Israeli acts of wanton agression towards the should-be citizenry of Palestine. How do you feel about A10's assertion that Ireland is also complicit in these wanton acts?

Oh and as a side note mr. Cowen. You visited 'ground zero' shortly after 911 and as well as setting the scene for our complicity in crimes against humanity, you must have sucked in loads of that lovely air that the American government had assured you was ok to breathe. I would suggest that you give these assurances the respect they merit and get yourself medically checked out. Of course you didn't breathe it for as long as most of the victims, but nonetheless I urge you to get yourself checked. I want you to be healthy for your trial.

author by Elainepublication date Tue Apr 11, 2006 14:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

... the date this thread started, 28th February. The same date given for the refueling of the Antonov 124 Cargo plane which arrived only hours before Bush and stayed overnight in the high security corral used for U.S. military planes. Indeed, as Conor reported on that same day...

> by Conor Cregan Tue Feb 28, 2006 18:44
"Earlier today two massive Russian built Antonov 124:000 cargo planes landed at Shannon ...These planes are a regular visitor to Shannon with on unconfirmed report that nine Black Hawk Helicopters have been transported through Shannon on one of these planes."

So Indymedia was again first with the news thanks to dedicated Anti War activists.
Rereading the thread I also note with interest certain comments made by 'Shannon Worker' (such moniker doesn't make clear that he/she works IN the airport, but possibly in the vicinity - capacity not given) and A10.

>Reply to Conor Cregan
by Shannon Worker Thu Mar 02, 2006 03:15
"... the AN124 was not being guarded by the Gardai because they have no reason to guard an aircraft that is not being used by the US Military." ... "why would the US do this when they have there own cargo aircraft such as C-130s, C17 the C5 ?" and "... Sorry to disappoint you Mr Cregan but not for the first time on this website you and your journalist friends seem to be making stories up to suit your side of events."


>Reality calling Connor Cregan
by A10 Thu Mar 02, 2006 22:09
"There is no way in Hell that the USA would use Russian planes to transport anything related to GWB or the war of liberation in Iraq." And
"Glib answers or made up stories on your >part do you no favours."

Indeed glib answers help none of us, so perhaps you will stop now.

Maybe 'Shannon Worker' could write a letter to the Editor of the 'Indo' and clarify matters, just to put their mind at rest? Or even to the Islamic Republic News Agency which is only one of many foreign news agencies that have picked up on this story. Perhaps you could join forces with A10 and form an affinity group?

From the Islamic Republic News Agency

"On Saturday, the Irish Independent revealed that a cargo plane carrying Apache attack helicopters for the Israeli army landed at the airport on the western coast of Ireland in February.
It quoted both the Departments of Transport and Foreign Affairs, which are responsible for foreign civilian flights and foreign military flights respectively, initially denied any knowledge of the landing."
"The aircraft, a massive Antonov 124 cargo plane landed, was said to have landed at Shannon only hours before US President George Bush made the first of two refueling stopovers at the airport on February 28, on his way to and from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. The plane, and a second aircraft owned by the same company, were said to have been parked overnight in a specially constructed high- security corral, which is used on a daily basis to protect US military aircraft."


> by another shannon worker Fri Mar 03, 2006 15:16
"the anf 124 was not offloaded how do i know because i was at the plane for its duration on the ground."

What a way to earn a living? Completely unnecessary too according to this report.

"Mr Collier denied the growth in US military traffic was the main driver of growth at the airport. His colleague, Dublin Airport Authority chairman Gary McGann, said that the decision by the budget carrier Ryanair to establish a base at Shannon during 2005 was a major factor in the growth in passenger numbers at the airport."


author by ChrisP.Baconpublication date Thu Jun 29, 2006 20:48author email Gitdail at yahoo dot ieauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

I agree with John. Eur300,000 is a small price to pay to protect our livelyhoods and comfortable living conditions. Many people believe that George Bush is a war-criminal, but there are those who would disagree.

Firstly, for a long time, Ireland has relied on tourism from America to help keep our industry alive. Now with the boom of the "Celtic Tiger" we find more American business drawn to these shores as we have a perfect link to the continent, a well educated work force and, at times, a willingness to work long hours. Were we to go all negative against the American administration, would we not risk losing out on what money these companies are bringing here to other, more co-operative and low salaried countries like those of Eastern Europe?

Secondly, George Bush is a war criminal because he sent his "cronies" into Afghanistan and Iraq to rid them of their "tyrannical leaders", while of course grabbing any oil wells or other natural resources that he could, with the help of aul Tony. While we all know an amount of people died in the liberation of these countries, is it not better for them to have re-gained control of their own lands from those who ruled them with an iron fist? Remember Marie Antoinette, "then let them eat cake"? Remember Saddam had a number of Palaces that he wined and dined his elite guard and relatives while the ordinary iraqi lived in squalor. I know some would say they still do but that is for time to judge as they now with a democratically elected government will be able to allocate finances towards reconstruction of neighbourhoods from shanty towns. Secondly, as I stated in a point to a number of Dáil Deputies, imagine having been born a Kurd in a city called halabja in northern Iraq. Imagine while your wise ruler is involved in a war against his neighbour, he decides to test some weapons on his populace. Imagine watching your friends and family die while poison gas fills their lungs and eyes. I would say you can imagine nothing like that, as those that protest against America and all that is warlike would never have publicised the dates 15-19 March 1988 when 7,000 people died for being Kurds. As far as I know, America hasnt launched any chemical weapons on Iraqi citizens since the start of the war, not like the leader did before being forced from power by a coaliton offensive.

Neutrality. A sticking point for us Irish. A word that makes all our T.D.s scowl and run. What does it actually do for us now though? It was a handy thing to have during world war 2. We were a young people with our renewed freedoms, sure the Atom Bomb was only being invented. But what does it do for us now? Bali is what it did. A bomb goes off in a nightclub, did the terrorists ask "Are there any Irish people in here, you'll have to leave because we only want to blow up brits and americans"? Nope, because to a terrorist, all people are victims, and the more the merrier as it will be broadcast all over the world. Take Sellafield for example. Would Al Queda actually check weather reports to ensure the wind was blowing south west to north east to ensure the radioactive fallout wont totally destroy our precious land? Doubt it, but you can always ask your local Al Queda representative.

Bottom line, we live in one effed up world, and all these different opinions and arguments are great because it shows you that we live in a society that can treat all peoples from all walks of life and all countries fairly. Because we know how to value Democracy. Would it not be a war crime for us to show those that are oppressed the wonders of our system and let them embrace it too?

Related Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halabja_poison_gas_attack
author by fearing the future - nonepublication date Fri Sep 29, 2006 22:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

did bertie recieve payment for letting US war planes land and refuel at shannon by way of havin his daughter's FIRST book published by both an american and british publishers? note> shes the first person in ireland that was paid more that 100,000 euro for a first novel. and hollywood breakin down her door for the rights to make that book into a film.. an no the book is terrible, ive read it to make sure it wasnt due to its own merit.

thoughts please...

author by Ernst Udet 7th - Jasta 2publication date Fri Sep 29, 2006 23:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Did I not watch a tv doc some time ago about an English company which had purchased and now operates 2 Antonovs commercially moving heavy loads around the world.


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