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St Agnes Place Squatters Evicted

category international | housing | news report author Wednesday November 30, 2005 13:08author by David

Over 30 years of Community have been crushed by Riot police in the center of London City. St Agnes place squatted community has finaly been evicted. The houses had been empty for almost 15 years in 1974 when a few squatters rebuilt the decaying buildings and created a vibrant rastafarian community complete with it's own temple, a community TV station and a community radio station, social centers, libraries.

Yesterday the council completed the eviction they had been desperate to achieve since 1976, even though thhey had no use for the properties being occupied, they could not tolerate other people utilising the space, the council demolished many houses and made others uninhabitable to deter more squatters They were destroying good homes in an act of systematic vandalism because they could not understand any other way of life than their own

Today with the use of overwhelming police force they finally achieved their bitter little aim. Bob Marley's favourite place in london is no more and somewhere unique and beautiful is set to be replaced with low quality low rent low community estates. They are throwing hundreds of people out on the street to build 'social housing'. Fucking assholes.

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