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Public Inquiry
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Callejera á la Francaise

category international | politics / elections | opinion/analysis author Friday November 04, 2005 17:54author by iosaf the ipsiphi Report this post to the editors

The Spanish have a word for it, they call it "callejera", it means street violence which includes arson, houses, businesses and cars get burnt.
The Basque term is "kale borroka", its thought of as the lowest level of sustained urban unrest.

The French today, look at their newspapers and see photos which usually they see in Iraq of cars in flames. But this time its "their cars", as their prime minister De Villepin assured the national assembly from the floor.

They must be very re-assured.
Even though he was never elected.
One might have heard an artistocratic taunt hanging in the gilded air, "let them buy cars!".
Let them own Cars! be Equal & Free! & vote for their rulers. let us call it democracy!
Let them own Cars! be Equal & Free! & vote for their rulers. let us call it democracy!

De Villepin "the tall and lean's" premiership began on the 31st of may 2005 when he replaced Raffarin "the short and stout". He asked for 100 days before he be judged by the public on June 1 2005. In short they could come back and ask him about 10% unemployment and slum housing around September 11th.

There was a certain concensus in the chattering political classes that had chosen to interpret the defeat of the EU constitution as a sign of "discontent" which they felt was mirrored by the difficulties of the German partner to the French rights EU project - Schroeder. It was the week the German CDU chose Angela Merckel to lead them.
De Villepin was widely regarded as "dauphin" to Chirac, a biographer of Napoleon his appeal for 100 days had a certain resonance, the intellectual poet and protegé of the most elite academic and diplomatic education (école national d'administration) available in France, DeV chose Sarkozy as minister of the interior. Sarkozy being his main rival for the eventual leadership of the French right and the job of president, the man had earned in the earlier stronger days of Chirac's regime a certain reputation for investing in mosque building in the periphery.

DeV has never been elected, because he has never stood for election and his career through democratic politics from French embassy to the USA, to the UN voicing opposition to the war on Iraq, to the gaunt politician who this week chose to answer questions properly put to the ministry of the interior from the floor of the assembly of deputies rather than the podium _has never been voted for_.

His cabinet of 31 ministers, of whom only 6 are women and only 2 come from ethnic minorities was heralded by an inordinate amount of televised speeches by Chirac to "the metropolitan and overseas departments". I recall joking at the time that Chirac's reaction to the Non! vote almost put him in the bizarre role of imitating Chavez with nightly "hola presidente!" tv shows.

Chirac's personal vision of "the republic" has slowly collapsed and his final appeals to a frankly dead sense of national pride in the televised addresses to a "global francophony" seemed strangely ridiculous and a prelude to the deterioration of his health through the summer.

On June 6th less than a week after taking office DeV met with representatives of the main trade unions in france to discuss a "social pact". It had been less than 6 weeks since the french left had as part of international may day celebrations taken on board the concept of "precarity" and the political agenda of those who oppose it. The unions proposed a social pact on four priorities-
combatting precarity.
prospects for youth.
social security.
«et enfin. la lutte contre la pauvreté » ="& finally the struggle against poverty". It can not be said that the French government have improved their performance on any of these 4 points. Rather economic indicators have shown that poverty has got worse. The summer saw an upheavel in Europe follow the failure of the EU constitution votes (where only one state Spain, had ratified with only 52% electorate participation and a slender majority of that). The germans voted for neither CDU or SPD to rule them, and then got an impossible coalition of both. The french watched their non-elected prime minister fête Condoleenza Rice, but he began to lose his global élan as the distance between his richman's government and the reality of life amongst the poor of France kicked in. Chirac was to appear on television only once more before this week, in a heartfelt appeal for solidarity with African migrants who died when the slum house they were housed in burned to the ground. DeV met with the Ukraine's Julia Tymoshenko, ironically he seemed completely unaware of her impending "resignation". The whole global stage changing, the faces we had come to know leaving one by one. Sarkozy's response to the fire in August in which 14 children and 3 adults died was to concur with DeV that a census of unfit housing was needed. The main campaign group (droit a logement) for the most poorly housed (migrants in the main) agreed.
There were and are 50,000 migrants in slum houses they suggested, as well as a further 2,000,000 unemployed, 2,500,000 precarious workers and 6 million others living on social benefits "at or about" the poverty line. But they had said as much when a fire had killed similar hostel housed migrants in April of 2005.

Sarkozy sent in the police in the weeks which followed to forceably evict the poorest he found on the census. Great play was made on the international stage of the DeV government's deportations of "salafist" and "jihadist" suspects. But the majority of "poorest of the poor" are not so political or religious, and they have simply "dis-appeared" into the migration internment camp return system. The incidents at Ceuta and Melilla through the months of August and September when many thousands of migrants were found to either jump the border into Europe or be "waiting" in the desert to do so, was accompanied in Paris by another fire and yet more sabre rattling against migrants by the right wing. By this time Chirac had found that his televised adresses to the republic from metropolitan to overseas departments were as useless as napoleon's one hundred days.

This summer a certain rather quaint notion of "european statehood" and "european leadership" and "european prosperity" died. Oddly one could almost say in the UK sense, "prosperity" had grown up in marginalised urban areas, learnt the language, worn the hoodie, got the jobs, gone to the state built mosque, and then decided to blow itself up. Yet the spontanous reactions which typify "unrest" have not died. Though they may be given new "labels", or explained using "ethnic" or "religious" cliché rather than class analysis. But the riots in the UK's birmingham and the banlieu of Paris must be understood in the same way as the protests on precarity in Merchant shipping, the "old-fashioned" lefist blockading of Spain's motorways by the agricultural industry soon followed by the blockading of Spain's ports by its fishermen and at time of writing the blockading of Spain's northern provinces by miners.

De Villepin has still not been elected.
& the "non voters" of tomorrow's France
are burning cars.
& throughout Europe the proletariat [sic]
is awakening and its claim to be a proletariat is good, for these people's great grandparents were equally excluded from "Europe's prosperity".
De Villepin gets the job-
Social Pact for France?
Paris Housing Hell (1)
Paris Housing Hell (2)

Europe reacts to the "urban guerilla warfare"

I have used one of Banksy's art works as illustration
"say it with flowers" you can visit his site @

author by iosafpublication date Sat Nov 05, 2005 10:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

We all agree that Paris is not Mar del Plata. The unrest in Argentina is political, take away global free market capitalism & it will stop, but no-one has an idea how to stop Parisien kids burning their streets on a nightly basis. Some think a standard political response might work - "sack Sarkozy!". Others realise that a generational and global disgust with the kind of politics which saw DeV and Sarkozy in power means Argentina's Avenue de Mayo burns "against Bush", and the next generation in Paris engage in utterly non-political urban violence.

Filling the banlieu with police probably won't stop it, because there are not enough police to clamp-down the whole periphery. So the finest they can come up with is the hope that parents will exert an influence over their kids and keep them indoors, or talk to them sternly if they smell of petrol. The media play a role in this. Accordingly great space will be given today to the reports that a disabled woman recieved 30% burns when the bus she was travelling in was ambushed by parisien kids last night and burned.,11882,1635043,00.html

some of 27 buses burnt on the 9th night of Parisien rioting.
some of 27 buses burnt on the 9th night of Parisien rioting.

author by iosafpublication date Sat Nov 05, 2005 23:11author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Today many of the residents the effected areas of Paris went walking, including councillors and local authority members and small business people to say they "want the riots to stop".

The government met in crises session and Sarkozy is toning down "zero tolerance" and has spoken of the need of the greater French public to realise "there is a sense of great injustice" in those areas.

The Indymedia people in Paris and ile de France have reported since yesterday the continuing occupation by "the 9th collective" of the offices of Patrick Devedjian, the deputy for the area, a member of Raffarin's cabinet for industry, and one of Chirac's old guard and a indeed a former delegate to the trilateral commission.

author by Gyropublication date Sun Nov 06, 2005 10:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

DeV is not the real culprit. Just look at French Society (About 15-20 years ahead of Ireland down the Liberal Agenda road). The bottom line is that the birth rate amoung the indiginous people of France has constamtly collapse over the past 40 Years (Ireland over the past 20 years). Moslems make up roughly 7-10% of French Society. But they make up at least 33% of teenagers to low twenties.

Similar to French young people of twenty years ago, the Young men and women of Ireland are now being exploited to generate bigger profits. The system encourages both parents to work. Try using the fact that you have a number of kids to feed in order to avoid paying back your mortgage: the system will crucify you. Kids do not enter the equation! Both parents work, the country is booming. This creates lots of jobs for immigrants. Nothing against immigration. Our Western Society has not taken proper control of a tool that no other society in existence had to cope with; that is mass availability of contracetives. It appears that a race/society that does not realise what they are dealing with in this area - IS DOOMED!

It appears that the capability of using our Use of Reason, which signals us out as able to use technology for the betterment of society instead of being an instrument of self destruction, has not yet being reached!

Sorry for being so crude; but been full of scruples, it tends to direct my thinking to the examination of the bald facts! The alternative is to blame the rioters; the effects of the growing Chinese economy; multi-nationals or more of that baloney that fills our business pages every day!

author by Mr. Eunuch Bowellpublication date Sun Nov 06, 2005 12:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

How politically incorrect of you to speak your mind so freely and frankly. The indymedia censors will be down on you like a ton of bricks. Just be thankful that you are not being indicted for "incitement to hatred".

Don't you remember Enoch Powell and his infamous "Rivers of Blood" speech back in teh 1960's and how it effectively ended his political career. If you're too young to remember, you should jog your historical memory. Read the speech - it's freely available on the Internet.

Then you'll realise what you're up against.

author by Gyropublication date Sun Nov 06, 2005 22:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Thanks Eunuch! 'Doomed' does not mean 'Rivers of Blood' unless like in the Balkans; a race that fears the high birth rate of it's neighbours tries to correct the situation by systematic annihilation (murder, buildings raised to the ground, burning of libraries full of ancient manuscripts etc.) of these same neighbours. Your identification with Enoch is not just the above association, but your fondness for Greek words; a foundation culture that we may not hand down to furture generations because of our concentration on the human rights of the individual and not the survival of the community.

author by iosafpublication date Mon Nov 07, 2005 13:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

in 12 nights of rioting there have been no deaths.
Crucially there has been no looting either. Only one shot not attributed to the police has been fired.
But over 240 districts have seen cars burned.
& a lot of ordinary people are seeing their poorly serviced areas thrashed.

= no rivers of blood.
but a question of justice.

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