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Voltaire Network

belfast city centre, gone to pot

category antrim | consumer issues | opinion/analysis author Saturday October 01, 2005 23:08author by rattle your tins elsewhere - make poverty collectors obselete Report this post to the editors

give it a rest

Belfast city centre, tin rattlers are wrecking it for people who want to shop!!!

I may be cited slated and dehumanised as a monster or a cummudgen. But Belfast city centre must be the tin rattling capital of Europe. Lately thing's have gotten worse.
You can't move 10 yards without being assaulted by a charity collector. There is no problem with different charities being on the same street, and i do give of my own free will. But the make poverty dissapear and everyone gets a bunny rabbit campaign or whatever it's called which took place in septemeber really took the piss!!!..
They put me off going into shops as they roamed the streets in their hundreds!!. They could make more money putting collection tins into the shops people frequent..I'm sure i'm not the only one who feels like this.
But on a more important note why don't the clipboard holding market research wasters do everyone a favour and just fuck off!!!...Its warm i'm tired, i'm trying to shop kids are screaming everywhere my head is done in. And some asshole wants to ask me a few questions. I actually preferred the city centre when i was being searched at checkpoints and being tapped by wino's every 10 minutes.
I mean like c'mon fer facks sake i can't even go into gresham street for a wank mag without being approached by market researchers, or help the aged

author by give it a restpublication date Sat Oct 01, 2005 23:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

furthermore , where have all the wino's gone.
I remember as a child being greeted by their smiling ruddy faces. Ok yeah they may have smelled of piss, but they were part of castle street just as the flower sellers are today.. But now the only vagrants are mostly of east european origin and i presume herion addicts as well..
At least wino's could'nt spread aids through sharing meths bottles.

author by give it a restpublication date Sat Oct 01, 2005 23:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Why o why? is the city centre poliferated with the dispossed: slackers: morose; and just plain sad. And no i'm not talking about winos, i mean the kids that hang about the art college and city hall. Its a beautiful day birds are singing. and the walking dead (not the orangemen) are stomping about the city centre.
If i wore as much makeup as these kids i should be in a casket. When people claim to be individual and hang about dressed the same they are'nt individuals anymore they are a gang! Belfast council should ban goths from gathering in the centre. God forbid we should have to relive the notorious shootout between the crips and the bloods by the albert clock in 98

author by sickened newtownabbeypublication date Sun Oct 02, 2005 01:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

blah blah blah...uter crap. i work in belfast city center and love the place. its a gret place to shop and socalize. i got many freinds from belfast and they all feel the same as me.. they love the place 2

author by rikkipublication date Sun Oct 02, 2005 02:19author address author phone Report this post to the editors

oh dear - all you people on indymedia complaining about your shopping experiences! - i can hardly believe it!!

instead of visitng the mass consumerism, mall style, monoculture, chainstore experience of a city centre, try supporting your local shops, search out the alternative, the truly organic, the independent. and stop whingeing!!

jesus, we can't have charity workers, goths, or market researchers spoiling the religious bliss of your unadulterated consumer experience can we? wake up you idiots! don't you realise how stupid you sound.

if you don't want the complete experience, then don't visit the capitalist belly of the beast. you can't pick and choose which bit of capitalism you like, - i'm afraid it comes complete with warts and all.

jeez, you'll be complaining the weather's hotting up soon, while driving your cars to the city centre!

author by harpypublication date Sun Oct 02, 2005 02:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

a city centre is indeed a site for all people, for all tastes and interests that does not mean that we are all fools or cultural zombies if we choose not to want organic homegrown handwoven bobble hats whenever we go shopping....capitalism has indeed made it impossible to find much variety in city centres that has little to do with the right to make choices about the causes we want to support ....everyone has the right to be different but if that is true then everyone has the right to express their irritation with the life choices of others....that is not an extension of 'freedom of capitalism' whatever shakey concept that may be but it is a basic human right... it is more in keeping with these rights to be an unobtrusive participent than to be shaking tins under everyones nose....it is not about the legitimacy of the cause but of the effectiveness of the tactics....

author by ... - ...publication date Tue Oct 04, 2005 21:16author address ...author phone ...Report this post to the editors

i have to say i would be one of those "goths" if yooh actully did look everyone does were somthing diffrent and no we are not all goths or guffs and hippies as people perhaps like you that talk in high pitched tones and dont say all the words "wat da fuk leak" an example of this horrible lauguge.
and why band us we dont go around starting fights with everyone.

author by Leighpublication date Tue Nov 15, 2005 14:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Right ok!! hu ever said goths should be banned from belfast city centre, should take a look in the mirror and wise up. seriously, there is a thing in this bloody country about FREEDOM OF INDIVIDUALITY!!! we are allowed to hang out were ever we want. it would basically be like taking away the bloody city hall, because believe it or not, but many people come to see us up there. for satans sake, if we werent there, a university student wood not have got her project done. (I helped as she needed photos of alternate style for her project, so i did it)
So wise the bloody hell up, and piss off to empty hole in the ground or somewhere.

author by emopublication date Fri Jan 13, 2006 20:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

here wtf?? so wee have too like stay at home or bee f**king spides now f**k sake!
are we harming anyone?? are we hurting you by having a life?
no we are not!
if you are in town we have as much right to be there to!
go and get a f**king life you d**khead.
i don;t hear anyone complaining about the spide or treandys hanging around town..is it because they all look the same??
and yes, we do wear 'simaler' clothes but dosent everyone? at least we dont try t go with the 'trend' of tracsuits
people like you should be banned from voicing their views as they are utter s**t

author by goonerpublication date Mon Feb 20, 2006 14:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

From what I can see the "dispossessed" are in ever greater numbers. The only alternative to being a compliant little consumer means being marginalised and thus we have the huge numbers of "goths" - I wouldn't personally class them all as goths myself, maybe some berk in the musicmeedja will coin a more popular soundbite to describe them sometime soon- in Belfast of a weekend. I think it is only a good thing. I remember the days in the late 80's when there was only a handful ( large hand mind) of us and everyone else was a spide. Stay with me here and don't mind the overweening generalisations. I for one am proud to see the hordes skittering around Belfast at the weekend, maybe they are the next generation who can see the BS for what it is. If you don't accept the kak you are being fed then this is the only alternative on offer anymore. I know who I'd side with if I was a teenager.

author by Duinepublication date Mon Feb 20, 2006 14:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Is dóigh liom go bhfuil lár Bhéal Feirste an lár cathrach is fearr in Éirinn - cairdiúl, éagsúil, soranna agus an mhaith do choisithe.

author by Leighpublication date Mon Apr 23, 2007 11:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Hi there it is me again, cant believe i actualy said all that stuff. in case you are wondering i am still as goth as ever....but in the form of the Cybergoth kind, with hairfalls, pvc and HUGE platforms boots. i just want to give an apology, as i was young and naive when i wrote the last comment in 2005. then you could have called me a wannabe etc, but now i have grown into what i want to be, and am finaly happy. so as i have please excuse the 'for satans sake' pun i was just being an idiot. which i can admit to.
But ne way, there are many different types of people out there, who have the same rights as everyone else. goths, chav, millies etc have all the same rights as each other, therefore if we were all to conform to one thing, belfast would be a very dull, and lifeless place to travel to. therefore belfast is given character by each individual.
So place can we all just wise up, and enjoy life. and stop starting idiotic posts like this.

Again i have apologised for my rather rude and stupid comment from 2005.

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