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*(in the interest of international prisoner solidarity, please read, support and distribute the following info - crit solidari internacional amb els/les empresonats/des, si us plau llegeix i distribueix la seguent info - grito solidario internacional con l@s pres@s, por favor leer y distribuir la siguiente info).

Free John Brady Campaign

John Brady is a political hostage from Strabane (County Tyrone, Ireland) who has been detained since June 2004 with no charges pending against him other than on the orders of the (then) secretary of state Paul Murphy. His legal team expected him to be released at the beginning of September 2005 after a successful application was made to the sentence review board, and supported by Fr. Denis Faul.

He was rearrested in November 2003 and charged with possession of weapons, allegations that John has strenuously denied since his incarceration. The charges against John and his co accused were dropped, but John was returned to prison in 2004.

The reason for Johnís return was "damaging information", to date John or his Legal team have been unable to define what this statement means, but they are well aware of the impact that it is having on John. In the absence of any other explanation, we can only conclude, that Johnís continued incarceration is nothing more than an organised campaign of selective internment.

On Thursday 1st of September John was taken from his prison cell in Maghaberry Goal to Antrim road RUC interrogation centre. John was later charged with the attempted murder of a Royal Irish Regiment soldier in Sion Mills in 2002.

The evidence against John is of a DNA nature and because of the length of time and the fact that John had been questioned and released regarding this incident; they are considering taking a case of abuse of process.

This case and a number of cases which have collapsed over the past number of years, bare sticking similarities. Seamus Doherty, who has pledged his support to this campaign, is one such case. We believe that this is another attempt by the British establishment and the RUC to conduct a campaign of selective internment against anyone opposed to the GFA.

We call on people to come out and show their support for this campaign and the unconditional release of John Brady. John Brady today, tomorrow, it could be your son or daughter, we demand this manís immediate release.

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