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Na Cosantoiri Siochana, the Peace Network, defenders of the peace...

category national | anti-war / imperialism | press release author Saturday September 17, 2005 16:31author by Na Cosantoiri Siochana - Na Cosantoiri Siochanaauthor phone 0876493485

We are Na Cosantoiri Siochana, the Peace Network, defenders of the peace... a group of
unaffiliated peace activists using peaceful demonstration and protest.

We're here at Shannon Warport today to highlight the disgusting transit of torture
victims through this public civilian airport by the C.I.A. and it's continued use by
the U.S. war machine, in contravention of the Irish Constition, national and
international law.

We expect the Irish authorities and law enforcers to protect and defend our right to
do so under that Constitution.

We are motivated by the Nuremburg Principles and the Geneva Convention.

We call on the Irish Government on behalf of the thousands who marched on Feb 15th
2003, and demand that they:

- Stop the militarisation of Shannon Airport.

- Stop the facilitation of U.S. Warplanes through this airport, our country and it's

- Deny access to the C.I.A. torture jets into this country.

- Break the deal that Minister for Injustice Michael Mc Dowell made with the C.I.A,
giving them carte blanche interrogation rights in this country.

We call on the people of Ireland to come to Shannon next Saturday 24th in support of
the national rally taking place that day.

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