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Voltaire Network

Na Cosantoiri Siochana, the Peace Network, defenders of the peace...

category national | anti-war / imperialism | press release author Saturday September 17, 2005 16:31author by Na Cosantoiri Siochana - Na Cosantoiri Siochanaauthor phone 0876493485 Report this post to the editors

We are Na Cosantoiri Siochana, the Peace Network, defenders of the peace... a group of
unaffiliated peace activists using peaceful demonstration and protest.

We're here at Shannon Warport today to highlight the disgusting transit of torture
victims through this public civilian airport by the C.I.A. and it's continued use by
the U.S. war machine, in contravention of the Irish Constition, national and
international law.

We expect the Irish authorities and law enforcers to protect and defend our right to
do so under that Constitution.

We are motivated by the Nuremburg Principles and the Geneva Convention.

We call on the Irish Government on behalf of the thousands who marched on Feb 15th
2003, and demand that they:

- Stop the militarisation of Shannon Airport.

- Stop the facilitation of U.S. Warplanes through this airport, our country and it's

- Deny access to the C.I.A. torture jets into this country.

- Break the deal that Minister for Injustice Michael Mc Dowell made with the C.I.A,
giving them carte blanche interrogation rights in this country.

We call on the people of Ireland to come to Shannon next Saturday 24th in support of
the national rally taking place that day.

author by Paula Hayes - Cosantoiri Siochanapublication date Fri Sep 23, 2005 16:28author email pwhayes at indigo dot ieauthor address 15 Corke Abbey, Bray, Co Wicklowauthor phone (01) 272 0865Report this post to the editors

Would have made it down to Ennis if I could but, failing that, will see you at Shannon tomorrow (Saturday, 24th September). Lots of hugs and kisses to you all. Paula

author by Joepublication date Tue Sep 20, 2005 15:15author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I was not talking about AWI
I suppose we will never all agree, I happen to think that a march/demonstration that achieves something is a good one as opposed to marching around and achieving nothing other than giving the Gardai more overtime

author by Mark C - Teacherpublication date Tue Sep 20, 2005 11:13author email mark at markconroy dot netauthor address author phone Report this post to the editors

Recently I received an email offering me abuse and props for the Shannon Peace Festival from Mark Conroy ( a retired US Marine, not me) who seems to be taking offence at me remarking that the Peace Festival will be, and must be, anti-American as well as anti-Irish government, since it is the American military with the aid of the Irish government who are occupying Iraq and Shannon. Following is his two emails and my two responses. My second response hasn't been replied to.

Email One, from Mark Conroy, US Marines, Ret.

No Subject

My name is also Mark Conroy. I am a retired Marine. I am deeply saddend that you are anti american. I hope you are at least pro communist/socialist and I hope that your country is soon run by your wonderful Labor Party. If you it would please you I will send you an american flag (to burn) and a Quran and Mao's Little Red Book to carry on your "protest". Why don't you start a "Free Saddam" rally while you are there. Mark Andrew Conroy, Capt. USMC (Ret)

Email Two, from Mark Conroy, Teacher

Re: No Subject

Thank you, Mark, for such an informed and rational email. Could you please
furnish me with some more information for my archives on how you deduced
that I am anti american (by the way there should be a hyphen there and a
capital "a" for American) and how being anti-American would lead
you to believe that I am pro-Saddam?

Again, thanks for your interest in me.
Mark Conroy (still working, for a better world).

Email Three, from Mark Conroy, US Marines

Re: No Subject

I did not capitalize american because history is a testament that all republics destroy themselves from within. I believe we will be able to accomplish our own destruction. I do, sincerely, apologise to you and I offer this explanation. This is not an excuse. I served on active duty from 1970-91, 2 tours in Vietnam, 2 years in Beirut, The Lebanon and one year in Desert Storm. From 1992-98 I lived in Frankfurt, Germany. I know the world hates us. I never understood why we positioned Nuclear weapons in the UK. Even my own countrymen and politician hold my ilk inquiet but fervent hatred for having served in american combat units. Until I visited Ireland in 1978 I was proud of my Grandparents heritage but came away feeling sick.
I know....to my point. You want peace. How? When a bully (I KNOW AMERICA IS A BULLY) runs loose, do you honestly believe that your "protest" will do anything other than make YOU feel good. I have lived in Africa, Asia aand the middle east. The human problem that we face will not be solved by ranting against the "geart satan" as my country is so fondly known. I am opposed to our new endeavours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I want the UN to leave america....HEY! maybe they can live with you guys! I want ALL US Bases overseas closed down and the troops brought home. ALL foreign investments in the US and their bank accounts should be nationalized YESTERDAY. ALL diplomatic mission, USAID, AMRedCross and foreign should cease. Close the borders, become self sufficient and let you "peace " folks solve all the problems without the "EVIL" influnce of america. I am sorry that I am an american, a combat veteran, a donater to world relief and, most of all, that my grandfather, Colin Benrnard O"Shea ( who served in the Great War in YOUR Europe, was born an Irishman. If you are a prod go kill a catholic, or, if you are a ctholic gun down a young british trooper and a few children while you are at it. My offer stands. anything american that you would like to trash I shall send you at MY expense. You have an e-mail outthere that you may have forgotten about and this is why I am bothering you (and we happen to have the same monicker). pray for all of us

Email Four, from Mark Conroy, Teacher

Subject: Hi Again

Hi Mark,

Again, thanks for having an interest in me. I really cannot make out what
your email is all about. Firstly, I replied to you to ask two things: 1)
What makes you believe that I am anti-American, and 2) How would this lead
you to believe that I am pro-Saddam? I'm not sure that you answered
either of my questions, but never-the-less I'll do my best to put
some notes together towards a reply to yours, in an effort to try to
understand your motives.

I am not sure that all republics destroy themselves from within (and I
don't think that this is a good enough reason for you not to
capitalise the word "American", but I'll give up on grammar
and punctuation with you because I think we have more pressing issues to
attend to); some regimes are taken down from the outside - for example,
President Allende's democratically elected government in Chile - to
be replaced with a more laissez-faire-sympathetic head. You are, of
course, right that your country would be able to implement its own
destruction (especially if it was in the economic interests of a small
elite of people, you know who I am talking about: you seem like an
intelligent person) - although, I would have been more sure until I saw
your government's handling of the Hurricane Katrina fiasco.

You tell me that you worked on active duty from 1970 - 1991, but I am not
sure why. Is it supposed to lend your argument legitimacy? Arguments are
arguments and can be waged by anyone, unlike force. For this reason I am
not interested in whether you served in "Active Duty" or not, I
am only interested in the validity of your arguments. (Incidentally, how
proud are you to have served in a war - the Vietnam one - given how
disgraced your nation has been for being involved in it? and was it
interesting in Iraq to try, albeit not very-seriously, to overthrow a
dictator that your government had installed? - these questions are only
marginally rhetoric. - I'm sure you are familiar with the work of
Noam Chomsky)

I don't think that the world hates you (America, not you personally),
I think the world just can't understand you. I think the world is
bemused that after all the talk of enduring freedom and bringing democracy
and restoring hope the world is flabbergasted at your nations striving for
imperial dominance in many fields - political, military, economic,
ideological, amongst many more. (I've been reading Tariq Ali's
The Clash of Fundamentalisms.)

I'm sorry Ireland made you sick. You see we have had problems with an
imperial neighbour. Perhaps it was hard for you to see a nation struggling
when it is supposed to be modern, being English when supposed to be Irish.
Perhaps you felt a lump in your throat realising that your own
grandparents could have been harshly treated under an imperialist project
- this is not how it should have been. I'm not sure why you would
choose to hate Ireland for this though - we didn't invade and occupy
our own land (we were invaded and occupied), but I'm sure you have
your own reasons for, seemingly, taking the side of the empire. You should
come back again sometime; lots has changed in Ireland.

I am not sure if protest will achieve anything. Is that a reason for
people to stop protesting? I also don't particularly like to see
myself as a protester - too much negative baggage - more I like to see
myself as an activist. Does activism make me happy? Not really, it can be
fun, but that is lessened by how saddened you feel because of what you are
activising about and against. And sometimes, just sometimes, the people
can do something that makes a difference. For example the Brittish do not
rule India anymore. (And to personalise it for you a bit: you're not
serving in Vietnam anymore.)

You are right that the human problem that we face will not be solved by
ranting against the "geart satan" - I presume you mean Great
Satan, as the Ayatollah called you - but it is a beginning. The human
problems will be partially solved, however, by some sort of change in
American policy in areas adversely affected by it - you shouldn't, to
use an economic term, externalise all problems, and say that is just how
the world works. The world does not have to work like this and America
could go a long way towards helping it run in a more
"humanitarian" fashion.

From here your email means nothing to me. I really cannot work out what is
supposed to be sarcastic (if anything) and what is not (if anything) so I
am not going to reply to that section. If you feel like explaining it in
more rational prose -don't be letting your feelings get the better of
you -do so and I'll gladly respond. One thing I will ask though is:
why would I want to kill a Brittish person or an Irish person, no matter
what my religion is? Also, just to clear things up: I am an atheist - does
this mean I have a loophole to allow me not to have to kill anyone or
would it lead you to believe that maybe I should kill more people than
just Catholics and Protestants?

I do not want anything american from you to trash. The capitalist elite
would benefit from it through direct sales too much for me to suffer. I
cannot pray for you because of my religious beliefs or lack thereof. You
are, however, in my thoughts, and I hope you find peace in your time.

From one Mark Conroy to another Mark Conroy,
Mark Conroy.

author by Sarahpublication date Tue Sep 20, 2005 10:19author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Ambush was a joke. But if it makes Joe happy to think it was the cause of much fear and trembling to the highly trained US secret service then let him be happy. That's what gets to me about the antiwar movement here. It's full of people who are more interested in inflating their own importance beyond what it actually is than in cooperating with likeminded people.

author by BPpublication date Mon Sep 19, 2005 22:31author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The hearing had been set for 10am, but according to the Garda Press Office at about 11 o'clock "the Judge is still in bed, waiting for his brain to dry out - the matter is beyond our control" Fantastic! The gathering mob began to become more unruly with each passing minute.

Jarvey Kennedy, Shannon's smooth-stuttering old-spice ace prosecutor, arrived in civvies and hobbled into court, possibly due to an early morning hunting accident involving a bear-trap, some buttered popcorn and a gay pidgeon - but the less said about that the better! He was, as usual, in a huge huffelly-puffelly hurry to cobble together a lot of florid imaginings into a threadbare and rambling tale just about good enough for Mungo Jerry, the renowned judicious sauce-demon he once famously described as "only a fucking lunatic anyway!"

Jarvey also needed to quickly coach his star turn, Shannon Airport Homeland Security Maestro Jimbob Fourbellies, pictured, who after starting out as the 'inside man' who supplied the intelligence, planning and tactical diversion for the banner infiltration operation, has now apparently decided to turn tout against his former resistance compadres - he will squeal like a canary in State's evidence after succumbing to offers of free liposuction and a shiny new uniform button for each year they spend in the slammer.

Shortly after some press photographers and the touts shown had arrived, a half dozen uniformed An Garda Shitonyá animatronic dummies from the RTÉ props division brought in the hostages in a paddy-wagon. They were hustled up the steps in the traditional 'perp-walk' and shamelessly displayed before the waiting press jackals. Then into the gloom of the shithouse, aka courthouse.

Eventually, with just a 90minute delay Mungo Jerry graced us with his presence - as ever he was in sparkling form, his rapier wit undulled by a night of heavy boozing - Christicles, what a liver that man must have!? The size of a dog it must be!

Three of the hostages were represented by Mr Ted McCarthy, solicitor of Limerick, and Mr. Cregan represented himself, assisted by a McKenzie Fiend.

Each of the defendants had been charged and given a charge sheet the previous evening without the name of any complainant or defendant on it - a sketch really - but in any case not a legal basis upon which to hold them overnight. Conor Cregan made an issue of this, stating that the detention was unlawful and asking that the charge be stuck out on that basis. Mungo Jerry reacted by ordering the cops to retroactively fill in all the blanks on the sheet and 'serve it on him'. Further protest against this sleight of hand in favour of cop incompetence was answered with threats to have the defendant dragged out of court.

Further legal issues at this bail hearing revolved around the conditions under which the hostages would be released - Jarvey asked the judge to force them to:
1. Reside at the addresses they had given
2. 'Sign on' at local An Garda Shitonyá barracks once daily within a 3 hour timeframe
3. Be excluded from Shannon Airport and its environs

When challenged by both counsel to justify these draconian demands, Jarvey could only stutter that he wished to 'control and monitor' the movements and activities of the hostages. Yes, well obviously that is a brilliant and worthy objective for a bone-idle super-sleuth like himself, but it has f***-all to do with the Bail Act of 1967. He seemed quite bemused to be asked such impertinent questions. Normally in this place just a nudge and a wink are enough for his wildest fantasies to be fullfilled.

After quite a bit of counter-argument over this point, Mungo decided to just apply the first condition, more a symbolic concession than anything else. Each hostage then signed their own bond of €0 (zero) and was free to go, next appointment on 13th October for mention, the trial to be at a later date.

It became obvious during this hearing that the State has an extremely tenuous case against all four defendants - if the carges are carried forward to trial it should result in plenty of further highly embarassing exposure of the corrupt game of ping-pong being played between cops/courts around the Shannon Airport issue in order to hammer down legitimate and peaceful protest against the crimes of this lackey state.

4 Desperados pose for the Hushpuppy Press while plotting to escape
4 Desperados pose for the Hushpuppy Press while plotting to escape

National Security Superhero, WingCaptain Jimbob Fourbellies gets in for the kill
National Security Superhero, WingCaptain Jimbob Fourbellies gets in for the kill

Three touts were spotted lurking about the court, just squealing at each other
Three touts were spotted lurking about the court, just squealing at each other

Will this little Piggy tell the Judge porkers? Does the Pope shit in the woods?
Will this little Piggy tell the Judge porkers? Does the Pope shit in the woods?


author by Ciaron - Ploughshares/Catholic Workerpublication date Mon Sep 19, 2005 21:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Good to see some discussion on directions for the anti-war scene in Ireland. It seems more accurate to talk of a scene rather than a movement. (Having lived through the anti-Vietnam War & anti nuke power/weapons movements this doesn't resemble one!) There remains mass passive opinion against continued Irish involvement in the war. There is also mass ignorance (cultivated by the self-censorhip of the mainstream media) to the depth of ongoing Irish involvement in the U.S. war on Iraq.

There was a brief mass movement (end of 2002/beginning of 2003) against the war starting, which was defeated. But there has not been an emergence of an anti-Iraq war/anti-occupation movement in Ireland. The mainstream political parties that surfed the brief upsurge for opportunistic/profile lifting/ membership marketing reasons have not remained proactive around the growing Irish involvement in the war. If it emerges again they will demand their time on closed platforms etc.

As has been pointed out, with repetition, the SWP controls the IAWM to the point of abandonement of other authoritarian & moderate (NGO etc) left groups IAWM activism on the war seems to re-emerge on cue from sister organisation in US/UK...this week has been set for an international mobilisation. So we are getting the first visit to Shannon this year (better than nothing, we'll be heading down as close as our bail provisions allow!)

The libertarian movement in Ireland has not been strong enough or well networked or maybe well intentioned enough to sustain activism against the increasing role of Ireland in the war. So pissed off with the authoritarian antics of IAWM, libertarians are unwilling to head to Shannon this week. Up to this point, there also seems to be a reactionary theme to confrontation with power determined by set pieces by the state eg. May Day, Bush visit, G8. Once the initiative is lost all is lost.

Initiatives such as last Saturdays Guatanamo action at Shannon, the recent S11 memorial at the spire and CW attempts to raise the broader issues around our trial & take public action against the war point in a helpful direction. That direction being one of organising in affinity groups rather than hierarchical organisations (or attempts to duplicate them). What is need now is such ongoing creative initiative and actions and a broader sense of mutuality and solidarity that transcends ages, hairstyles, faith/nonfaith orientation, musical tastes etc. This is growing as folks move from satisfaction with subculture to being serious about a counter-culture and begin to trust others more from experience. The lack of any sense of mutuality (extreme example of pettiness was the refusal to mention the 1300 strong AWI/Ambush Shannon demonstration on Bush's arrival by the IAWM at the rallies that weekend) is what drives people away. A sense of mutuality/solidarity is what will bring us together.

These affinity groups should continue to find focus for activity and eventually network from the bottom up...there are attempts in Dublin to do this in the wake of the libertarian efforts at the G8.

This looks like its going to be a very long war, I can't see an end in sight and haven't met anyone convincing that can. Irish participation in it needs to be addressed, even though it maybe easier to ignore outta sight/outta mind Shannon.

Related Link: http://www.peaceontrial.com
author by One of onepublication date Mon Sep 19, 2005 13:32author address author phone Report this post to the editors

So, WHAT political party and hierarchical authority was benefitting from the Antiwar Ireland demo at Shannon on the Friday night? (You remember, the one the SWP/IAWM did their best to sabotage.)

author by Joepublication date Mon Sep 19, 2005 13:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Amused, The object was not that we had fun but that the march was effective in showing that we did not and do not want the warmonger Bush on our soil, it was.
It got the media attention worldwide as George Warmonger Bushs press conference was held up by a beautiful desultory march.
And yes most people on the march did enjoy themselves as they decided where it went not some idiot with a loudhailer who brought the march to where they could get the most exposure for their flags/ party!

author by Amusedpublication date Mon Sep 19, 2005 11:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Well, Joe, the important thing is that you had fun.

author by Joepublication date Mon Sep 19, 2005 11:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The march that had the Gardai, Riot squad and Irish Army running around like headless chickens. In fact the only thing that was of anygood over that weekend

author by Joepublication date Mon Sep 19, 2005 11:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The march that was to be from Bunratty but was moved to starting at the peace camp. Yes, the only march that achieved anything over the weekend the one that held up the international press that held up the Bush press conference. The march that had the Gardai, Riot squad and Irish running around like headless chickens. In fact the only thing that was of anygood over that weekend!

author by Johnpublication date Mon Sep 19, 2005 10:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Do you mean the desultory march from bunratty on the Saturday of the Bush visit? What Ambush action?

author by Joe Sheehan - MAMApublication date Mon Sep 19, 2005 10:24author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Brilliant action! I am honoured to know the people who performed this action and proud to call them my friends.
Shannon is still a major issue and everyday we hear more reasons why we have to get the public talking about it again.
Would not count myself as having any political leaning other than anti the FF/ FG/ PD mono brained view but Ambush was probably the best action I was involved with for a while and the one that reinvigorated my belief in the anti-war movement in Ireland.

author by Johnpublication date Mon Sep 19, 2005 10:04author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Gotta say, it's a bit rich of Anonymous the anarchist tp bemoan the demise of Anti-War Ireland. Imo, the anarchos did nothing but damage AWI, the prime example being the setting up of Ambush at the time of the Bush visit rather than working through Anti-War Ireland. The establishment of Ambush sent out a clear message that the anarchists were not interested in getting involved with or supporting Anti-War Ireland. Of course, Ambush went belly-up after the Bush visit, so god knows why they saw it as a realistic alternative to working with others in AWI. So...Anonymous ask yourself why AWI is gone. You're partly to blame.

author by Fintan Lanepublication date Sun Sep 18, 2005 23:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The planned founding conference of Anti-War Ireland was initially meant to occur in early 2004 (not 2003 as I wrote above). A few of us argued strongly that it should be held before the Bush visit. In the event, it was postponed and, as I feared would happen, long-fingered and then (once Bush had come and gone) forgotten about.

author by Deirdre Clancypublication date Sun Sep 18, 2005 23:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

As someone who was somewhat involved with Anti-War Ireland, but not one of the main organisers, I'd just like to reinforce what's been said. Basically, Fintan and Dominic Carroll did pretty much all of the organising, often at their own expense and time - with help from the Cork Anti-War Campaign. When it became apparent that other people weren't willing to put the effort in and the workload became unmanageable, they had no choice but to step down from AWI. They remained engaged with the anti-war movement and willing to put time in when they could.

The movement wasn't willing to take ownership of AWI - that was what it boiled down to. Different groups went off to plough their own furrows. Sometimes, those who had promised to be spokespeople for AWI at various times ended up speaking on behalf of other groups, rather than AWI, even when it was an AWI event. This mitigated against AWI getting exposure, which in turn meant their were no new members pulled in. The whole enterprise became unworkable.

author by Fintan Lanepublication date Sun Sep 18, 2005 19:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Damien remarks in one of his comments above that "some of the main organisers for Anti-War Ireland stood down from anti-war activism at a certain point." This could be read, though I'm sure it's not intended, as suggesting that the organisers abandoned ship and left the anti-war movement in the lurch. So, for my part, I'd like to clarify the situation.

By the time of the Bush visit, I had spent more than 15 months concentrating all my time and resources on the anti-war movement (including some time in Limerick Prison). My income was badly undermined and by the time I came out of prison I was scarcely able to pay my rent.

Nonetheless, when Anti-War Ireland was initiated, I was appointed as convenor, a position I accepted but I stated at the outset that I would only act in this role until a founding conference was held. Disagreements meant that this conference was not held as planned in early 2003, but I agreed to continue as convenor until the Bush visit. This I did and then stood down (as I said I would from the outset) because, bluntly put, I had to earn a living somehow or other. Bills had to be paid, and so on. Moreover, I wanted to move to Dublin for personal reasons. Long story short, I took a job in Dublin that has severely restricted my time. However, I certainly don't feel that I've abandoned the anti-war movement because I'm not able to be as active as I once was.

What about Anti-War Ireland? Well, I stepped down as convenor immediately after the Bush visit, nobody was selected to replace me, the conference never happened and AWI seems to have drifted into oblivion. Others also had reasons (primarily financial) for scaling back their involvement. The gaps were never filled. Many people, such as Anonymous above, stood back from Anti-War Ireland and the project failed. It could have succeeded, but the interest clearly wasn't there among activists and others.

author by Limerick Ladypublication date Sun Sep 18, 2005 18:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Great stuff at Shannon today! Your keeping the flame of hope alive!

One of the focal points for the continued use of the airport has to be the new Shannon Airport Authority. They seem to be going all out to increase the economic viability of the airport with their new Ryanair schedules etc. Their view would be essentially commercial depending on the throughput of Military planes through the airport. To establish their stance Na Cosantoiri Siochana or anyone for that matter could write a letter to;

Mr. Pat Shanahan,
Shannon Airport Authority,

and ask him what the boards view of the continued us of the airport by the US Army is.

author by Michaelpublication date Sun Sep 18, 2005 17:31author address author phone Report this post to the editors


Why do I bother?

Anyone can search for SHANNON AIRPORT on news.google.com to get a quick idea of the sort of current interest in that place. It's almost all to do with this action, the CIA torture jets, and the upcoming protests. SNN is on the radar again, including an Iranian news agency who have reported about the US military use of the airport since at least 2001.

author by Damien Moran - DCW/PSPpublication date Sun Sep 18, 2005 17:31author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I believe it is sad that there is not more resonance to date with this action but I suspect the recent lull in Indymedia activity, unsexy title of the news item, ambiguous nature of the pre-action drafted press release may be some of the factors as to why people have not prioritised this thread, compared to the solidarity messages been left at Limerick secondary school student Cian's thread linked here: http://www.indymedia.ie/newswire.php?story_id=72020

Nevertheless, today's Star newspaper had a snippet reporting the arrests. Not sure whether other papers also reported but doubt it very much.

In response to anonymous point number 1:
I agree that the libertarian community are sick of the repititious format of rallies which have taken place at Shannon led by the IAWM/PANA/NGO PA coalition. I believe libertarians should not be cannon-fodder for an SWP front nor have they allowed themselves to be in the past/ nor will they in the future. I did write that libertarians would........ probably feel undermined by a march & rally and also fear the march would be disempowering like it has been in the recent past.

The position taken by libertarians on March 1st 2003 was returned by a putrid sell-out and back-stabbing by the authoritarian and moderate left.

I was merely pointing out that it is not strictly the IAWM who have initiated this venture on Sept. 24th but by virtue of the fact that they are only going to engage in 2 elements of the UfPJ DC demo. it will become another opportunity lost. Not having an elelment proposing non-violent resistance will ensure that those who attend on the day and are not part of the SWP clan will also be disempowered and see no viable alternative leadership/options to their pathetic tactics, or lack thereof.

There was/is nothing preventing libertarians from organising their own bus and heading down to Shannon assembling at Shannon at 12noon and holding a separate demo. rather than been coralled by the cops which has happened to protestors in the past.
Indeed Anthony and Lawrence have initiated an attempt at organising a nother bus with little or no response (Contact Lawrence at 085 1544021)

And to make my long story short, you/we should not support an org. like the SWP. But not returning to Shannon at a time when International mobilisations are been participated in by groups from the left, centre, and the fringes is in a sense capitulating to the dictatorship of the authoriatrian left and seems a bit like sulking in the schoolyard cause they own the football and we don't like the game of football they've decided to become a part of.
Anti-war resistance is gaining some momentum as a result of the ongoing exposee of the CIA's extraordinary renditions programme and Shannon's support role for this.
To answer the last few questions of your point number one I will adapt your own final remark, 'Nothing.............'

Anti-War Ireland was promising at a certain point and Deirdre Clancy's analysis addressed this issue in part on another recent thread (See the comment entitled, 'With Regard to Darragh's query')link at http://www.indymedia.ie/newswire.php?story_id=71843One

I stand to be corrected but my memory tells me that some of the main organisers for Anti-War Ireland stood down from anti-war activism at a certain point. There was a call put out for non-violent resistance in December 2003 which didn't bear much fruit. Post-Bush dissipation seemed to cause the arse to fall out of the Anti-War Ireland trousers but I defer to others who can relate more insight as to why Anti-War Ireland ceased been active around the war.

With regards to your second point the anti-war movement is badly divided. The elements of SWP stacking, control-freaking, the lack of glasnost & perestroika, and our failure to create a sustainable alternative has ensured that anti-war activism seems to be as distant a memory as the bin-tax protests. Obviously it is difficult to sustain activism at such intense levels over a long period of time. It was the period immediately prior to and subsequent to the aerial bombardment which really required more resistance from our community of activists. Post the two disarmament actions, the withdrawl of three companies contracted to ferry US troops, the deployment of the Irish army, and upscaling of cop resources for the area, more direct action would have put serious pressure on the State. But we lost the opportunity to maintain the intitiative regarding resistance at Shannon and largely became a reactionary or stagnant movement.

The most interesting criticism I have heard of this new group was from a seasoned activist and Irish speaker who informed my unGaelicised brain that the name Cosantoiri Siochana appeared to him to be an uncomfortable nominal merging of the Defence Forces and An Garda Siochana. A pretty humorous insight if not anything else. From my recollection this group sprang from a meeting in Boghill Co. Clare last April organised by Gluaiseacht and EYFA. See http://www.indymedia.ie/newswire.php?story_id=68860
There was follow up meetings in Dublin and maybe Galway. Lawrence Vize, Mark Price, and Paula Hayes (all former members of Fairview Anti-War group) sre the Dublin section of this network.

I was confused yesterday about which name to use as both Niall and Conor were/are members of MAMA so clarification on this would be good.

At least they can rule your good self out if they need legal representation in Dublin if they decide to do any actions up here;-) but nevertheless one can you use the State's terms of reference and attempt to hold them accountable to their own statutes despite the difficulty/impossibility in finding a judiciary open to heeding dissenting voices from his or her political appointee masters hymnsheet.

That's why we have plead not guilty to the charge of 'criminal damage to property of another without a lawful excuse'. We would be in and out of jail by now if we had plead guilty on our initial appearance in Feb. 2003.

On the one hand Coasnatoiri Siochana appeals to national and international law while on the otherhand it witholds the right to commit acts of civil disobedience based on the Nuremburg Principles.
Indeed, a solidarity action organised by Fairview Anti-War group for ourselves (Pitstop Ploughshares 5) and Mary Kelly demanded recognition that our actions were legitimate under this element of international law
I don't think this group will be actively recruiting members of the anarchist community so fear not but thankfully thay seem to enflesh their words and directly intervene rather than waiting for the General election next year.

The issues you addressed in point three are feasible but we must wait and see whether folks are open to acknowledging that this is still a winnable issue and act accordingly, and that even if it's not our politics demands we act nonetheless.

I still think and hope that the street party on S24th can encompass many different issues such as actions against Shell & Support for the Rossport 5, reminding folks that TOP Oil still refuels US military/commercially contracted planes at Shannon, critical mass & anti-private transportation, squatting options and rights, Seomrai Spraoi activites, community gardening, etc.

I'll re-iterate one suggestion: 'Hopefully the extended libertarian networks will explore the possibility of quarterly/bi-annual returns to Shannon with comprehensive preparations on affinity-group based acts steeped in nonviolent tactics.'

Related Link: http://www.peaceontrial.com
author by Text by Tim Hourigan Via Damien Moranpublication date Sun Sep 18, 2005 14:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

State represented by Inspector Kennedy asked for exclusion order and daily signing on which Mangan refused to impose. The proposed daily signing on time was 4-6pm.
All four are now free.
Next court date Oct.13th in Ennis courthouse before Judge Mangan.
Please send solidarity texts to 087 6981831

Related Link: http://www.peaceontrial.com
author by Anonymouspublication date Sun Sep 18, 2005 12:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

it is weird that an action such as yesterday's at Shannon evokes so little interest among activists and, in that context, Damien's overview of the anti-war movement is worth reading. Can i just make a few points, though:

1. Libertarians/anarchists (including me) wont be at the Shannon demo because we are sick of being treated to the usual IAWM (read SWP) dirges. I mean, honestly, why should we be cannon-fodder for an SWP front organisation? Direct action advocates have been treated with contempt by the IAWM/SWP from the beginning. There was a brief moment when it seemed like the IAWM was turning to mass civil disobedience (with the blockade at Shannon) but that strategy (and the opening up that accompanied it) was foisted on the SWP by Fintan Lane and other independents who got themselves on the IAWM national committee. In the end, Fintan and the others were forced to break from the IAWM as the SWP did everything in their power to regain control. Meetings were stuffed with SWP members representing fictionous branches of the IAWM, etc. etc. etc. Likewise, when Fintan went to jail, the general SWP attitude was pleasure that he was out of the way. And as for support, a senior Dublin SWP member told me that he thought Fintan Lane's tactics were all wrong, that he should have paid his fine and that he was just an ultra-leftist anyway. Meanwhile, Tim Hourgian, Harry Browne, Larence Vize and other advocates of civil disobeience and glasnost were forced out of the IAWM/SWP. So, to make a long story short, why should we support a group like that? A group that actively undermines advocates of direct action, even within their own ranks? What have they ever done for Mary Kelly or the Pitstop Ploughshares for that matter? Nothing, except rip the backs off them in private.

2. The anti-war movement is badly divided. I agree with Damien totally on this point. I thought Anti-War Ireland might provide a focus (admittedly I didnt get involved myself - mea culpa!) but that seems to have disappeared. The anti-Bush demo in Shannon was great but after that Anti-War Ireland seems to have withered. Don't know what the story is there. The new group (Irish name) has potential but I couldn't personally be entirely happy with a group that looks to the Irish constitution, the Geneva convention and the Nuremburg principles as its raison d'etre. Pretty unpolitical stuff and leans very heavily on legitimising itself within a bourgeois legal framework. I'm an anarchist, not a campaigning lawyer.

3. With the collapse everywhere of the Irish anti-war movement (the IAWM is totally collapsed as well - just the SWP members are left and a few hangers-on) perhaps the best way forward is affinity groups that organise small-scale direct actions around the country. These should be about Shannon, but dont necessarily have to be at Shannon. Occupy Aer Rianta offices, etc. etc. The possibilities for small-scale direct actions are endless - from painting wall slogans to damaging an American warplane. And it only takes small numbers to do these things. The banner-drop at the Shannon terminal was a brilliant example of this type of action.

author by bemusedpublication date Sun Sep 18, 2005 11:40author address author phone Report this post to the editors

it's funny when you look how long this has been posted and how little reponse they have got, before you start yes i am bored with nothing else to do than look about on the web, but don't u think if ppl were bothered about the use of shannon that they would post here with support messages. yes 100,00 ppl did walk in dub 2 yrs ago againts the war, but did they march against the use of shannon, did anyone go around asking them to put name to paper, no. ppl say that alot of workers in shannon are not happy with the US using shannon, i know alot of ppl that don't care and they know ppl that don't care, it very easy to post on here and say anything you want, if i said that the APO's dropped one of the protesters yesterday while carrying them in, would u know i was lieing, no, well not untill someone said i was, which could take awhile due to them being in the garda station making sure there buddy was ok, (after being dropped). i know im waffaling on now, but i feel its time that someone told the other side, i know ppl dont like bush, everyone is aloud there opinion, but the troops were using shannon before bush jnr and bush snr, if they didn't stop here they;d stop somewhere else, no matter what u do u will not stop them travelling, even if they hv to refuel in the air they will get to where they are going. If u got your way and the plans didn't land in shannon anymore, what about the ppl that would lose there jobs, are you going to feed and cloth them, are you going to buy presents for there kids. i don't like the fact that children are being killed, but if u look at the other side, ppl are dying every day due to hunger, lack of hygine etc, but what are you doing about it. not alot. what would hv happend if saddam had been left in power, will never know, could he hv blown the world up, could he hv just let sleeping dogs lie. we'll just never know. but i belive that he is better out of power than in it.

author by Damien Moran - Dublin Catholic Worker/Pitstop Ploughsharespublication date Sun Sep 18, 2005 01:11author address author phone 087 9638398Report this post to the editors

Why the IAWM are returning to Shannon and why others are not!

It is US based United for Peace and Justice who have initiated the call for the international anti-war mobilisations on Sept. 24th '05.

UfPJ are a coalition of over 1,300 groups in the US from the New York Catholic Worker to Iraq Veterans Against War, to the more bizarrely named 'The Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane' to 'Corporate Lawyers Against War', and back again to Food Not Bombs and the 'Raging Grannies'.
Definitely a mixed bag of sweets with lots of colours and flavours to attract, detract, and give us much food for thought.

Prominenet members include the Communist and Green Partys of the US, School of the Americas Watch, Voices in the Wilderness, Peace Action, Military Families Speak Out, International Solidarity Movement, Pacifica Foundation, Global Exchange, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Greenpeace, AntiWar.Com and American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

For a full list of their affiliated groups check http://www.unitedforpeace.org/article.php?id=1879

They were founded in October 2002 after 70 peace and justice groups convened in Washington DC to set up a national campaign and co-ordinate activities against the build-up for war in Iraq and subsequently against the Iraqi invasion and occupation. They helped organise the two biggest rallies in the US against the Iraq war, i.e 500,000 on Feb. 15th '03 in New York City; and 300,000 on March 22nd '03 in NYC.

This is the outline of events/training UfPJ have organised for Washington DC from Sept. 24th-26th.

Sat., 9/24
• Massive March & Rally
• Peace and Justice Festival
• Operation Ceasefire Concert

Sun., 9/25
• Interfaith Service
• Training for Grassroots Lobby Day
• Training for Mass Nonviolent Civil
• National Meeting for Counter Recruitment
• Other Activities

Mon., 9/26
• Grassroots Lobby Day
• Mass Nonviolent Civil Disobedience

So what about the Irish ant-war (small case denoting all of us)/peace movements response to this call?

The two elements adopted by the Irish Anti-War Movement (IAWM - www.irishantiwar.org) from this programme for their upcoming Shannon demo. are the

1) March and Rally {I have excluded the adjective 'massive' for obvious reasons}

2) Concert (While Washington will have Steve Earle, Shannon will have The Revs)

If ya wanna know more about the concert in DC go here http://www.opceasefire.org/

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the IAWM are not now and have not since their birth facilitating nonviolent civil disobedience at Shannon. Nor have they (and their co-organising pals PANA and NGO Peace Alliance) ever put effort into organising nonviolent training for peace activists who were/are willing to acknowledge that it would have (and will now)l take alot more than walking around Dublin on a sunny weekend to scare what was then the FF/PD Ahern/Cowen/Harney/McDowell/Smith/Brennan junta. The same gvt. parties of course remain in power with a little seat-shifting: Willie O'Dea at the Defence Ministry helm, Cowen moved to Finance, D Ahern at Foreign Affairs, Cullen at the Transport dept.

This of course didn't/doesn't mean everybody had/has to engage in such acts of civil disobedience. What was/is required is for collective of affinity group(s) to form,relationship-build, committ, strategise, plan,and nonviolently act according to their formative brainstorming tactics.

The building blocks of affinity-group based type actions will help rebuild a culture of activism around anti-war activism, with all the highs and lows of court cases, jail, bail, and banishment from Co. Clare (one of the most effective State mechanisms in silencing dissent).Tapping into the passive resistance which exists amongst the Irish public will be difficult. It may need another stage where the public feel betrayed and lied to by the gvt. of the activities at Shannon, increased hype around an Iranian invasion by the US, or God forbid that some day The War may Come Home to us here in Ireland.

Those who have rallied in the past and will rally in the future needed/need to show solidarity in it's in many different forms, i.e. financial, court/jail support, etc. to those willing and able to put their liberty at stake. A good compilation of direct actions was drawn up by Andrew Flood of the WSM which may be worth reflecting upon (http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/wsm/rbr/rbr7/antiwar.html) along with strategies which have worked at Greenham Common, Trident Ploughshares in Scotland, Gorleben in Germany, etc.

The communities I am involved with, the Pitstop Ploughshares and Catholic Worker movement
( Links at the foot of the page) endorse nonviolent resistance as the way to end war and it's multi-tentacled preparations.

Alongside PANA, NGO Peace Alliance, the Greens, Shinners, and Labour (and pro. lots more) the IAWM undermined the neccessary step up into nonviolent civil disobedience after the huge demo.'s in Dublin and throughout Ireland on Feb. 15th '03. The media scaremongering about the libertarian networks March 1st attempts of civil disobedience at Shannon was bought and swallowed wholesale by the above mentioned groups. It's been pretty much downhill since then.apart from three other direct actions at Shannon (Potato Planters on Good Friday '03, Banshees on the Eve. of All Souls November '04, the Boat people and the AMBUSH/Anti-War Ireland demo. June'04).

So where are all the groups involved in anti-war activity in Ireland around the outbeak of the Iraq war?
Why has it taken the Peace movement and other anti-war activists so long before returning to Shannon, despite the fact that troop levels have increased almost 200% since 2004?
Of course ex-Irish Army commandant and PANA member Ed Horgan alongside Tim Hourigan and other activists from the Mid-West Alliance Against Military Aggression (MAMA) have been continuing their resistance through monitoring and recording US military flights and exposing the Irish gvt.'s and Shannon's complicity with the CIA's extraordinary renditions programme, etc.

When they started off monitoring and recording activities with Eoin Dubsky at Shannon post 9/11 through the refuelingpeace.org website (i think it's inactive?) they helped wake up many of us as to how significant the Shannon issue was.

Now the lads have lost Dubsky to France and the situation at Shannon is arguably at par with or worse than the level of relative inactivity which we had in mid to late 2001.

So where to next?
Well, the Pitstop Ploughshares/Dublin Catholic Workers future is uncertain because of their trial so we'll have to wait until mid-Novemner to see what transpires from the Four Courts.

The SWP dominated IAWM will continue to concentrate on the more popular Anti-State Corruption/MacBrearty/Raphoe and Rossport Campaigns with a consequential dissipation in focussed energy on anti-war resistance activity.

The NGO Peace Alliance, previously involved in co-organising big demo.'s with the IAWM & PANA, have like Keyser Soze in The Usual Suspects, disappeared off the radar and are not involved in organising the upcoming Shannon protest rally.

The Green's still seem to be picking up the pieces from the Eamonn Ryan/Patricia McKenna (presidential and European )electoral fall-outs and maybe they will have to decide whether they are going to join Labour/FG In a potential alternative (i.e the same aul shite different with a blue and pseudo-red tint) gvt. They have already laid a solitary path but when did that ever stop the the seductive nature of power from spreading it's wings and engrossing all moderates within it's path

Labour are battling unsuccessfully with the Shinners in working class areas while competing with FG'ers for the same middle class votes. Pat Rabbite's move towards an electoral pact/alternative (well, we all know it won't be that much different) programme for gvt.

The Shinners activities with the Rossport campaign have been very good so there may be hope of tapping back into some grassroots members becoming active on the issue.

Part of the Libertarian scene have disappointly decided not to go to Shannon on Sept. 24th. Seems like they felt they would just have to follow/or be undermined by a march & rally they fear will be disempowering like it has been in the recent past. They will have a Reclaim the Streets
(RTS) in Dublin instead with no anit-war theme and if it's anything like the last one very little politics (there wasn't even anti-private transport/pro-bicycley stuff)!

Hopefully the extended libertarian networks will explore the possibility of quarterly/bi-annual returns to Shannon with good preparations on affinity-group based acts steeped in nonviolent tactics. With regards to SHannon I feel this is definitely the only form of resistance which will get us back on the playing field.

Not to propose people/groups shouldn't return to Shannon before this, but the third anniversary of the outbreak of war in Iraq, next March 20th, 2006, looks like a date every activist should have in their calendar as a time to return to Shannon

At the moment we ain't even making the panel when it comes to resisting the US military's use of Shannon and Ireland's increasing participation in warmaking/sustaining. Thankfully, this is beginning to change with the recent Limerick secondary school students willing to exercise their free speech to dissent against the apolitical State education they receive on a daily basis oblivious to the fact that they live on the doorstep of the greatest imperial army's transit for sustaining their world domination.

And of course today's 4 arrestees naming Shannon for what it is: 'The facilitator of CIA Torturers'.

We hope that there actions will inspire more Irish peace activists to take non-violent action
at Shannon.

Anyhow, if you want to know in full what the UfPJ are up to in the US from Sept. 24th-26th check out their website http://www.unitedforpeace.org/

Cindy Sheehan's 5 week vigil outside Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas closed down on August 31st. Cindy and three buses left Camp Casey to head North, East and South carrying members of Gold Star Families for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace to dozens of cities across the US. They will convene on Washington DC Sept. 21st.



Related Link: http://www.geocities.com/dublincatholicworkerh
author by Damien Moran - As Abovepublication date Sun Sep 18, 2005 00:39author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Four activists arrested today will appear in Ennis court at 11.30am before the one and only Judge Jospeh Mangan.
Best of luck lads. Joe may not be too happy that your making him miss his weekly fishing trip to Lough Derg.

Related Link: http://www.peaceontrial.com
author by Damien Moran - PSP/DCWpublication date Sat Sep 17, 2005 21:15author address author phone 087 9638398Report this post to the editors

Five were originally detained by the airport police but when the Gardai arrived they decided not to detain one of those engaged in the direct action. So four were arrested and detained. The four are been held overnight and are due to appear in a district court tomorrow morning. Time and venue has not been released by the Gardai but supporters at Shannon believe it will be Ennis Courthouse probably around 10am or so and I suspect before the one and only: Judge Mangan.

The four are currently awaiting their solicitor Ted McCarthy who is on his way to Shannon Garda station. Ted is used to making trips there. He defended 'The Boat People' who were arrested on the River Shannon during Bush's June 2004 visit to Shannon/Dromoland district. In Jnauary 2005 all charges were dropped: http://www.indymedia.ie/newswire.php?story_id=68377®ion=clare

Ted was back in Shannon and subsequently in court defending the Shannon Banshees mentioned above. Scroll down for court report http://www.indymedia.ie/newswire.php?story_id=68526&time_posted_upper_limit=1107838800&time_posted_lower_limit=1107752400

More info. will be posted as soon as it is available.
Once again solidarity to those involved. It's important for the rest of us to provide court support for the four after they receive their intial court hearing tomorrow morning. They may just receive the probation act, as did the banshees in February of this year, but it's likely Ted will tell his clients the same he told Elaine and Zelda when they acted:
The most likely outcome would be a fine, probably a ban from Clare or the airport region and being bound to the peace for a period of time.

If they only recive the probation act and do not reoffend within the specified time their record will not be tarnished.
Although, I think it's a pretty good thin to have on one's CV :-)

Related Link: http://www.peaceontrial.com
author by Eoin Dubskypublication date Sat Sep 17, 2005 21:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Excellent! I hope someone else took photos of the banner drop. Peace, solidarity and much respect to Conor, Niall, and the others from Paris!

Suggestion for updaters/commenters on IMC: Don't publish names, personal details about activists on indymedia.ie without their permission. If they didn't include their names in their Action Statement it could be for a reason.

Again, much peace and respect to everyone involved! Tim and Ed, as usual are at the scene to help out. Thank you two too!! :-)

author by Elainepublication date Sat Sep 17, 2005 20:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Ring Ring

Male Voice: Hello Shannon Garda Station

Me: I believe you have a Mister Conor Cregan in custody?

Male Voice: Yes

Me: May I speak with him?

Male Voice: (Pause) Yes, hold on.

Short Silence

Another Male Voice: Hello

Me: Conor?

Male Voice: No

Me: May I speak with Conor Cregan?

Male Voice: He's in custody at the moment.

Me: May I speak with him?

Male Voice: No, he's in custody at the moment. ( To someone making noise in the background - 'Will you stop shouting' )

Me: Can you tell me what he's been charged with?

Male Voice: I can't give you any information over the phone, you will have to come down to the publlic office to get that information.

Me: You have Niall Hartnett in custody too?

Male Voice: I can't give you any information over the phone, you will have to come down to the publlic office to get that information.

Me: Can you tell me the names of the other people who were arrested with them?

Male Voice: I can't give you any information over the phone, you will have to come down to the publlic office to get that information.

Me: Thank you, goodbye.

I just posted this to let you know what you will have to put up with when you phone. I am not for one minute suggesting that you phone the Garda Station (number in above posting) all night and annoy the shite out of them. Oh, no no no, that would be wrong! Hah!

author by Fionapublication date Sat Sep 17, 2005 20:58author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Those arrested are to appear in Court tomorrow morning (Sunday).

author by Damien Moran - Pistop Ploughshares/Dublin Catholic Workerpublication date Sat Sep 17, 2005 19:32author address author phone 087 9638398Report this post to the editors

This is excellent news and solidarity/congrats. to all involved.

It has almost been 12 months since direct action has taken place at Shannon. The last two arrested wer Elaine O'Sullivan and Zelfda Jeffders from ther Catholic Worker Movement. The ladies, dressed as Banshees spent 5 hours airside at SHannon calling out the names of the ward dead on the feast of All Saints and All Souls.
More info.

This is beautifully timed and hopefully will give a boost to the campaign against the US military use of Shannon, especially the Peace Rally next Saturday September 24th.

Niall Hartnett and Conor Cregan from Mid West Alliance Against Military Aggression (MAMA) were two of those arrested.

Tim Hourigan, currently providing support for those detained and been questioned at Shannon Garda station, has just told me that Ed Horgan has made a complaint to Gardai about three people (supporters to those detained) been fully searched in the public office of Shannon Garda Station.

Can people please Ring Shannon Garda Station 061 361212 and give solidarity messages to the five brave people who have broken the peace movement out of it's dormancy.

The Pitstop Ploughshares will host a Public Meeting in Halla Ide on Thomas st. Limerick on Friday Sept. 23rd 7.30pm, the day before the Shannon rally.

As we are barred from a 5 mile radius of Shannon we will vigil from 12 noon at Bunratty Castle. Beep the horn if you are passing us by.

Related Link: http://www.peaceontrial.com
author by in the knowpublication date Sat Sep 17, 2005 18:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Sorry for the lack of detail, posting what I know at the moment.
Five people have been arrested today at Shannon Airport. Three people were arrested after dropping a giant banner from the balcony in the airport dressed in Orange Boiler suits.
Two others for filming the event, one male was told he was being arrested for not identifying himself having given his name and address, the woman who was in the car park was arrested for not allowing the Gardai to look at her camera.
When others went to the garda station to make sure that the rights of those arrested were being upheld, they found that the arrested were being searched in the public office in Shannon Garda Station, in front of other officers. The observers were then threatened with arrest for obstuction though they were being very careful not to do so.

More details to follow in due course. If anyone is out that way feel free to drop out to the Shannon Garda Station and see if you recognise anyone there ;-)

author by annom,publication date Sat Sep 17, 2005 16:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

would it be you that was taking the pictures outside the building today while your fellow friends were being given a free ride out of the airport?

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