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The sunday papers "Independence day" edition.

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Sunday September 11, 2005 16:17author by iosaf mac diarmada .:. the ipsiphi - reclaim everything!author address barcelona Report this post to the editors

It has been long observed that people for some reason on their non-banking days readily absorb shite about Dangerous Places, Famous People, Sensible Saving Options, Holidays, Interesting facts, Sport results, Media, gardening and health as well looking ahead at “upcoming issues” and looking back at "how history was made".

Today is september 11 of the 9th month 2005.
It is also the 9th day of Elul, year of Moses 5765 it will soon be 5766.
It is also the 7th day of Shaban, 1426 years since the Hegira.
cept the lord buildeth the little housie they doth labor in vain that build it.
cept the lord buildeth the little housie they doth labor in vain that build it.

Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Her Majesty's Gvoernemnt of the United Kingdom of Great Britian and wee ulster, the cypriot territories, falkland's territories and various islands and current rotating president of the EU has a particular style, we varyingly term it "presidential" and "popularist" amongst other things...

In comments made to the BBC on 27/7/05 blair wanted everyone to remember September 11 2001, and make a direct link with the recent events in London, those of 7/7 and 21/7 and the shooting of De Menezes 22/7 and the imminent erosion of ancient liberties.

"11 September for me was a wake up call. Do you know what I think the problem is? That a lot of the world woke up for a short time and then turned over and went back to sleep again."
that's what he said. Mr Tony Blair. (the blair blair, not the cop blair, not the geographic feature blair, not the witch project, not the administrator, not the big brother writer blair)

at 09h05 EST 11th of September Andrew Card walked up to US President Bush while he was listening to a Goat Story with 16 second graders in Sandra Kay Daniels’s class at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida, and told him about the event.

it was 5 hours later in the UK.

You might have seen the popular movie by mr Moore.

At some stage in the next hour, we can be pretty sure that Mr Tony Blair as PM of the UK
was woken up and told too ( if he was asleep)
Does anyone want a presidential popularist prime minister of either the UK and wee Ulster or the €U who is asleep at 2pm?

And he didn't go back to sleep, because it was very serious, and it was his job to be awake, and start being seen to do leader things. You know the jargon "leader leader".

Very few people were woken up and told.
For one thing the phones went dodgy.
However, I was one of them. I awoke at what some would call early lunchtime, because I am nocturnal by nature, and rarely criculate before the sun has reached his zenith preferring my tasks to be left to the light of her, our wondrous moon. I had spent the night afore in the good company of an heiress whose dynastic expectations have been whittled down through the centuries from an italian principality and swiss lake home to a majority share in one of the most popular cigarette paper manufacturers and a very well appointed apartment in the so called “golden square” of the city where I live. I can confirm to the keen readers today that I did not turn over and go asleep again. It was not my home, and it would have been very impolite. My companion and friend had received a phone call from Washington confirming an attack on the Pentagon building which was built in a hurry on the banks of the potamac river some 60 years before. After a short breakfast I made by way by underground train to the arc de triomph where I saw on the televisions installed on the platform that the twin towers of world trade in the city of new york were aflame. At the arc de triomph built on the Passeig St Juan (st John’s boulevard) to commemorate the world fair of 1881 a celebratory concert was in full swing.

It was “independence day” in my adopted home, the 285th anniversary of the day a terrible ardous and long seige ended and the bourbon family and their empire came through the doors and over the walls of the city. “our city”. and the council of one hundred within along with all their brave knights, all their beautiful girlies & many of their wondrous mages and minor intellectuals were carried off into an united peninsular spain with global ambitions. Sure Franco ad the Nazis were only around the corner.

Many of you remember exactly where you were that day in 2001. Some of You in the UK were I believe protesting against War, and the Arms trade and being tippy toppy alert and awake pacifists, others in Ireland were protesting against THORP and preparing themselves for the launch of indymedia ireland.

Your history did not begin nor end on any 11th of September.
be it 11/sept/1714
or 11/sept/1973 when operation Condor brought Pinochet to power with US help and the chileans were rounded up in their thousands and brought to the Superdomes.

There is no "spin doctor" wake up call.
There was no "emergency call".

The Metropolitan Police were seeking two african born men, when Blair the Blair made his statement to the BBC. 2 men with no connections to pakistan or afghanistan for attempting to bomb London on the 21st in a what appears to be a copy of the attack on London the 7th of July when Mr Blair and Mr Bush and many others were in Scotland discussing africa and climate change .

It is very important we look at underlying causes.
It is very important we do not minimise the change to our way of life.
It is very important "we all" begin an exit strategy from Iraq.
It is very important we remember that countless million of people still see the hand of "God" behind lucky escapes, earthquakes and being born into a meritocratous or aristocratic or en-serfed family.
It is very important to remember that countless millions of people still haven't got into the popularism or really understand the nature of Blair "the Blair"'s intent.

It is very important to remember that Peace is not the result of token spin, of public opinion, or tv time. It takes a bit of honesty too.


.:. utrum horum mavis accipe.:.

On the 11th of September that year 2001. I could not phone my colleagues protesting in London against the arms fair, the phones were down, I had last spoken to them on the 10th, the day before which I had chosen a day to launch a campaign to raise awareness on four fronts scientific, artistic, political and legal of the awesome foul consequences of the evil marriage of capitalist and biotech speculation which would see human genomic material the object of experimentation, the results of which would be abomination. On the 12th i first phoned the legation of the USA and asked for a book of condolences to be opened. I was told it would be inappropriate.
The books were opened in all US legations to satisfy the european need to register sympathy a full week later. On the 13th I received my first and only visitor related to the events from England, who informed me of what had happened at the gates of the arms fair when the news came through. And because i myself legally had no door to my key ring, at that time, we held our meeting in the house where first I had heard the news. There were five persons present, and one dog of a red setter type. Michael moore’s gripping movie account tells us that that evening the ambassador of the Saudi kingdom dined with the 43rd president of the USA as the pentagon building continued glow in embers. I sent letters resulting from that meeting to various newspapers including the Irish Times. I was not alone in doing this, but one “Keith from Dalkey” expressed the general opinion by asking in his short published note “If I am not for the terrorists and not for the USA am I neutral?”.

The meta-narrative brought us from that day and week, with its call to arms, through the invasion of Afghanistan by UN resolution, to the illegal invasion of Iraq, to the bombings of Madrid and London, through the global responses to the Tsunami, the two earthquakes of Bam, the sinking of the Prestige, the truly alarming change of our global climate and the inaction on african and third world poverty. & Osama has yet to come out of his bunker.

and now the Meta-narrative is the contemplation of the damage a houricane has done to three states and one city and the prestige, and the perceived power of the USA.

Katrina was and is the wake-up call.

911 “the emergency” was a conceit of wicked human fashioning, which begot evil, which forespelled yet more malign conflicts between those of great and little power who pretend themselves to have the support or blessing of a God.

But no-one can deny Katrina had the backing of a God;
a God of such causes and consequences, providence and incalculable power, that she defies proper explanation or remedy. A God who favours neither rich nor poor, who places no regard in the strnegth of arms or value of gold. A god who with bright wings crook and staff watches his garden.

Let us forget September 11 the New York version now.
The towers are gone. The dead might rest in peace, but victory can not be their’s nor their descendents, the time since has proven that war is waged against innocents who live as innocents often do, in the wrong place, and work in the wrong building, which to others means evil.

“The war” has brought us nothing but woe and a movie version of the world which is short on fact or truth and the continuation of this “war”, can only logically end one way:

Victory for the species.
Or Victory for Capitalism.
Victory for the flesh
or victory for Gold.

You choose.

The Catalans are mostly looking forward to their new "estatut", the renegotiation of the constitutional arrangement between Catalonia and the rest of Spain. Man issues are cultural many are financial. Spain and the EU have changed and been created since the last constitutional accord was reached.
Globalisation has brought many millions of migrants to the peninsula and most have chosen to settle in Catalonia the richest and most industrialised area. THe new statue will recognise Catalonia as a "nation" which inarguably it is. And those of that nation must organise themselves for the future, safeguard their language and history.

Links on Catalonia in english:-

last year's September 11:-
the year before's:-
teh last edition of "The sunday papers".

this article is copyright september 11 2005
© iosaf mac diarmada. 0034 636 105 231.

author by oooops (iosaf)publication date Sun Sep 11, 2005 17:52author address author phone Report this post to the editors

they were not deliberate, and i have not left any cryptic clues such as have typified other previous editions of the Sunday Papers.
I also messed up the jewish date, sorry.
I also might have given the impression I thought the NYC event was ok, I didn't and don't.
I just think we all have and had before other priorities. They are not war, they are treating on the effects "our civilisation" in which we mostly live as 21st century precarious labour and keeps the majority of the world in serf conditions. As today the discover of DNA gives his umpteenth interview arguing that his genetic discoveries not be restricted I stand by my September 10, 2001 appraisal.

Not until we have achieved liberty and equality for all on the planet regardless of race, creed or class ought we take these scientific steps. Reclaim the Genome!

It is a science that can wait.
The weather is more important.
Closing the nukes is as well.

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author by Devlin Redpathpublication date Sun Sep 11, 2005 19:26author address author phone Report this post to the editors

It's all very fine 4 u, but I taut we cud at least attempt 2 take a breather on de day. And I like sport even if I play 'shite' most of de time. And I will contemplate 'matress'suicide if I have 2 be reminded dat some1 won't stop remindin us of de obvious.
Wat about de redundant plain speakers

Go back 2 bed and give it a rest, please?

No apoligies for the grandma!

author by -publication date Sun Sep 11, 2005 23:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The elected president of Chile.
This day the 11th of September is remembered and always will be remembered for operation Condor and Pinochet.

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