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the threat to Denmark?

category international | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Tuesday July 19, 2005 15:45author by - Report this post to the editors

Can the danish breed danish suicide bombers or fanatical muslim converts? Or are they safe?

According to Danish tradition, the weather on one's birthday indicates whether one has been naughty or nice throughout the year. The jury is still out on US President George W. Bush. Heavy clouds blanketed the sun as his motorcade pulled up to Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen's Marienborg residence for his 2005 birthday.

President Bush disappeared into the mansion to celebrate his birthday with Rasmussen, who presented him with a birthday present and a cake shaped like a Texan cowboy. At the obligatory press conference held afterward, President Bush offered his thanks to Rasmussen.

`Thanks for the cake. I can strongly recommend the Danish birthday cake to everyone,' said Bush.

After expressing his gratitude to the prime minister for Denmark's support in Iraq and in the war on terror, the president shared his feelings on the conversation topics Rasmussen brought up over breakfast, which included concerns about prisoners held at Guantanamo, aid for Africa, and new strategies for dealing with global warming.
The president ensured the prime minister and the gathered journalists that prisoners at Guantanamo were treated humanely.

`I would suggest buying an airplane ticket and going down to take a look,' said the US president.

The president agreed with Rasmussen's plan to aid Africa by combating epidemics and poverty and strengthening democracies on the continent.

With regard to the failed Kyoto Treaty, Bush acknowledged that the earth's surface was indeed growing warmer, but he had no apologies for US resistance to the climate treaty.

`It would have weakened our economy and put people out of work,' said Bush.

Instead, Bush opened the door to technological advances as a means for reducing global warming.

`No doubt about it, we will be driving a different kind of automobile in the future,' said Bush.

With a final, curt `thank you' to those gathered, Bush left with Rasmussen to attend a luncheon hosted by Queen Margrethe at Fredensborg Palace.


on July 16th 2005 one and half months later, there was read on arabic internet, on a site which has though it asks that no "claims of responsibility be made" regularly sees "claims of responsibility made", and thus perhaps to the frustration of its readers, sees its internet service withdrawn and has to find a new adress...

The group "the Abu Hafs al Masri brigade" is one of the emergent imitative terrorist groupings with direct involvement in the post-Saddam Iraq.
They have said the warning "of one month" refers to forthcoming attacks by their "european brigade".

The statement made specific mention of Denmark. Also Italy, Belgium and the UK.

Nizar al Khazraji a former high ranking Iraqi army officer is currently in Danish custody having been tried on charges on the gassing of Kurds by the Saddam Hussein regime having left Iraq to settle in Denmark in the 1990s he was for some a possible Baathist succesor to Saddam, if Saddam had been deposed by other means than war, most anaylsts would have expected an interim government with Baathist members and of course a split on islamic lines and a Kurdish problem but an economy bolstered by trade and other contracts which would have still held.

Thankfully, the illegal occupation saw none of that.

Maj. Kent Gjedsø, the first Danish commanding officer at Camp Niebuhr, near Basra, shared his occupation sector with the British, and after complaints on the poor equipment afforded his troops (lack of sun cream, suitable clothing, and water) was replaced by Maj. Jesper Helsoe who oversaw abuse allegations including a military intelligence officer Captain Annemette Hommel and four military police sergeants.

The five were accused of abusing prisoners in the southern sector in March - June 2004 and were sent home to face an investigation.

Denmark presently has 500 troops stationed in Iraq the decision to deploy them was made by Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen the man who gave Bush his birthday cake.

Rasmussen said of his support for the US-British Security Council draft resolution in March 2003 (the motion which led to the illegal invasion of Iraq) which gave Iraq until March 17 2003 to disarm or face a war :-

"It is positive that the weapons inspectors have signalled some progress, such as the destruction of missiles, but that does not resolve the international community's problem that Saddam Hussein does not respect the demands of the UN Security Council when it comes to disarming,"

"Irak is only cooperating a little, cooperating only under pressure and at the last minute," he added. He said it was essential that UN Resolution 1441, which demanded that Saddam Hussein cooperate immediately, actively and unconditionally with the UN, be respected. "That has not been the case so far. As a result the government supports the draft resolution" submitted by the United States, Britain and Spain, which "sets a final deadline for Saddam Hussein to account for Iraq's weapons of massive destruction," he said..

Danish reaction to the threats made in this last week have been muted.

UK thinktank reaction to the July 7 bombings.

author by Seamuspublication date Wed Jul 20, 2005 09:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The Danish are far right neo nazi lovers, to say nothing of licking US arses. No surprise the red carpet was rolled out for Bush. Anyone going to be surprised when Copenhagen goes bang in the near future? Hopefully not, but realistically a certainty. No doubt our intelligence will be insulted by Rassmussen stating that attacks have nothing to do with Iraq, as the idiot Blair expects us to belive....

author by -publication date Wed Jul 20, 2005 12:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

(tabloid, broadsheet, magazine, journal) are considering the "one month" threat. At the same time they gurggle about "what brought us here".

What factors might produce such strange mixtures of old time religion, young male suicide, home made explosives, targetting of civilians, indiscriminate murder?

In the last two years, many writers have asked

"would it make sense just to leave Iraq?"

"if you break it - you own it - you fix it, but what if its not worth owning or you can't fix it?"

"what if you don't pay for the breakage?"
"what if you don't have the cash for the compensation / reparation?"

"How do "they = you = we" get out?"

"what do you say to all the Iraqis who thought you could fix it and took your occupation payroll when you go?"

"Wouldn't going mean admitting it was a mistake in the first place?"

"Wouldn't that place too onorous a burden on the shoulders of Anglo-American pride?"

"Wouldn't that mean giving a victory of sort to a generation of alienated someone or others here and there?"

"how many other issues and conflicts in Islamic societies are there which might now enflame & produce terrorism?"

"What level of acceptable violence can the home populations of warring western nations support?"

"when do the home guard have enough?"
"public transport bombs?"
"targetted tourism?"
"pub and shopping centre bombs?"
"chemical or bacterialogical agent bombs?"
"the WMD type bombs that we were told justified the whole mistake?"
"when will this chapter of history with all its unpleasant surprises finish?"
"when Bush leaves the White House?"
"when the Bush twins are wrinkled?"
"how far do you go down the road to your own certain calamity before you can't turn around?"

"why is that the European mind be it on the continent or further afield in Australia or North America always underestimate the capacity for bloody war that our most ancient friends and/or enemies in the maghreb and levant have?"

"is that a cultural thing?"
"is that a historical thing?"

author by bypublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 12:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

amazing is it not?

Imagine if the Limerick Leader (as an example of a small circulation paper) had published cartoons of dubious quality and low humour, and then global Islam had decided they didn't like Ireland.

and started a boycott of Irish produce and business.

and stormed Irish diplomatic missions.

and painted Irish tricolours just so they could walk on them.

and burnt Irish tricolours just for "r-e-l-i-g-i-o-n".

and kidnapped Irish citizens from hotels.

and added Ireland to the list of "number one enemies".

and made sure they taught all their kids where Ireland was,
and made them promise to avenge the prophet PBUH there.


is that a cultural thing?

indonesians don't like Denmark.
indonesians don't like Denmark.

they don't like Denmark in the West Bank either
they don't like Denmark in the West Bank either

not much viking love amongst the Shia of Iraq
not much viking love amongst the Shia of Iraq

Related Link:
author by yatespublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 15:23author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Its no worse than "The Life of Brian"

author by Dublinfidelpublication date Fri Feb 03, 2006 20:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Suicide bombings.
Murdering schoolchildren.
Mass slaughter of fellow muslims.

Where were the outraged imams preaching provocatively?
Or the Arab street seething?
When demonstrations against such atrocities happen as readily as they did for some cartoons - perhaps then the West will accept Islam is not it\\\'s enemy.

author by iosaf .:. ipsiphipublication date Sat Feb 04, 2006 16:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

There is of course another thread i wrote about the 12 cartoons.
you can read it and comment on it relevantly here:-

In July 2005 a very credible threat was made against Denmark.
But no incident justified the threat thereafter. But the background noise led (as is usual) to increased "anti-muslim" and indeed "anti-religiosity" sentiments amongst the chattering classes of Copenhagen. Another contributor, Coilín ÓhAiseadha has left us quite a lot of good reports on Denmark and indeed the Danish have adopted an "Oscailt 3" system for their indymedia. They are our not too distant cousins. Sure didn't they invade us for the whiskey? Put Denmark through your nearest search engine-
or put Coilín through it
like just don't rely on me. :-)

And now appreciate it when i tell you that the "Threat to Denmark" has after all transpired. Not the great big dirty bomb of WMD american fantasy or not even a does of bird flu. But rather an economic attack throughout the globalised world, which as much as the Iranian divestment a week ago, has shown us the very real "p-o-w-e-r" that Islamic states have, should they unite on anything. Of course not even Nassar or the Baathist could have imagined, being cold war warriors. just like Rumsfeld and Cheney come to think of it.

I'll try and squeeze this into the next Sunday Papers, meanwhile, look at it another way. not "The Threat to Denmark" but :-
"Why did the vikings want to have a go at the muslims?"

author by ipsiphi .:. iosafpublication date Sun Feb 05, 2006 01:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

to kill or die for, no religion too!

Ok. I'm going to break the rules. I'm going to leave a comment on an article I published long ago, of little value on the "updating" thing.
Instead, iosaf the ipsiphi is going to tell you another of his stories. Gather round, a bit of shush, you too Seanín, lets begin.

Long Long ago, in a galaxy far away, we united to oppose the US invasion of Iraq, and mobilised lots of people to stop it. In Barcelona (where I live) they say (with pride) we got on Feb 15th, 1.5 million people on the streets. That didn't really leave many people at home. But of course not all the marches were so big. Oh yes, search the newswire for "Jeb Bush" and you can read how in the pelting rain, only a handful of us within a month of Feb 15th turned out to say "Fuck you Bush". We also said "republika" coz we knew that would put the wind up them. But one occasion we got a quarter of a million to walk under the "No war in Iraq!" banner thoughtfully combined for that saturday with "Aznar resign!".
It was that pleasant day, that I granted the only TV interview I did on the subject of the prospect of war on Iraq by the coalition of the willing. Or maybe, it was the only time a really professional and commercial and well subsidised by the state TV crew talked to me for twenty minutes. { i still don't know which it was, but I like the sound of "granting an interview" } Youze is a fucking egotist!!!! Quite Seanín, quite, but its my story. Now that saturday as I walked through the city with the TV crew and comrades, we took up the "rear guard". At the front were the Socialists, PSC and big trade unions, and behind them the ERC catalan republicans and ICV greenie marxists both with balloons. And at the end were a few thousand "youngsters". Oh and such a motley crew they were. Piercings. T-shirts. Hoodies and attitude. Sure they had responded to posters and calls from the squatters (okupes) of the time, the local Reclaim the Streets! bunch, the yo mango bunch and the black block "it wasn't us we swear" punky types. I enjoyed, egotist that i am, being the last person in the march. Police estimates of 250,000 in front of me, and a line of police vans 30 metres behind me as I (and some others) spoke to the TV crew. & part of what I said to them was this-

{ this mass will end at placa tetuan to speeches and a playing of John Lennon's "imagine", during which you will note that the thousands of youngsters at the back, will not observe the minutes silence and continue to reclaim the streets to the three sound systems we have in the vans. You may think that is a "civic" thing, or a "cultural" thing, or a "generational" thing. Many will complain that continuing to dance during an anti-war protest and not observe silence followed by "IMAGINE" is disrespectful and contrary to the "family vibe" by which we will oust Aznar. } ((( of course I said a lot more which is worthy of repetition, but now is not the moment )))

Imagine no possesions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger,
A brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say Im a dreamer,
but Im not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one

I suppose given half a chance rucking muslim kids are just like us.
But in the name of "PEACE = SALEEM = SHALOM &C..,"
I am very wary of the route to dancing at the end of the march they take. I hope you think about those kids. They'll outlive Bush and never even afford a ticket to see the Hans Anderson Christian mermaid in Copenhagen. Attacking their "religion" as one of their primary social indentiy constructs in time of extreme external pressure, will not help them get that hoody and dance. Its long past time we mocked Lennon, and his like more instead.

author by iosafpublication date Tue Feb 07, 2006 12:25author address author phone Report this post to the editors

(Denmark has issued a 14 state list of no-go destinations for its citizens.)

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s interview with Al Arabiya

The interview was pre-taped on 1 February 2006 in the Prime Minister’s Office

Mr. Prime Minister, we welcome you in Al Arabiya and first we would like to ask you what your comments to the Muslim world about the reactions coming from Muslims against Denmark regarding the newspaper cartoons?

First of all I would like to thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to appear on Al-Arabia. I am delighted to get this opportunity to address a wider Arab audience. I would like to tell you that the Danish people value the close relationship between Denmark and the Muslim world - a relationship, which is based on friendship and mutual respect. We know that the Arab civilization has made a very important historic contribution to the world civilization. We do recognize that, we respect that. And I have a very important message to you: The Danish people have defended freedom of expression and religious freedom for generations. We deeply respect all religions including Islam and it is important for me to tell you that the Danish people have no intention to offend Muslims. On the contrary we will do our utmost to continue our historic tradition of dialogue and mutual respect. And therefore I am deeply distressed that many Muslims have seen the drawings in a Danish newspaper as a defamation of the Prophet Muhammad.

Okay, then this is very interesting. The main question we ask is why this picture of the Prophet was published in September of last year, but the reaction now is coming with big reaction with attention. What do you think about it?

Well, I don’t know exactly why the situation escalates right now. But I look upon this the following way: We are neighbours and let me use a picture. If you and I are neighbours and we live side by side in our two houses and we get a common problem then I will do my utmost to solve that problem and I do hope that you will do the same because we are neighbours and we should live together in peace and harmony. I know that we have got this problem and I will really do my utmost to solve that problem and some days ago the Danish newspaper apologized for the offence caused by the drawings and I hope that this apology will contribute to solving that problem.

But about the Danish government reaction. Why is your reaction so late?

Well, actually we have worked to find a solution for several months and I addressed this issue in my New Year’s speech recently. I made a couple of very important points in my New Years Address to the Danish people. I made it clear that the Danish government condemns any expression and any action, which offends people’s religious feelings and I made it clear that we condemn all expressions that attempts to demonize people on the basis of their religion or ethnic background.

Do you think that now Danish interests in the Middle East especially in the Gulf States – the Muslim world – is now hurting - that the economy will have problems because of this fight with the Muslim people?

Well, the Danish government is very much concerned about the reactions all over the Muslim world. Denmark is a country, which works for free and peaceful trade – open trade – and we have a long historic tradition for trade with the Arab countries and of course it has a negative impact that our goods are met by a boycott in certain Arab countries and I do hope that we can find a solution to that problem.

Why the government of Denmark cannot ask the newspaper of the media here that they do not publish such a thing, which can destroy and create a conflict?

Yes, I think it’s a very good question because many Arabs ask themselves why can’t the Danish Prime Minister just take punitive action against a newspaper? Why can’t the Danish Prime Minister or the Danish government just interfere with the media in Denmark?

I understand that question, but it’s important to understand how our society works. In our society the media is completely independent. We have free press and the government has no authority to control the press or interfere with the press.

I can tell you that in my country the government is very often criticized by the newspapers and the media. I myself am very often criticized and I have to accept that because that’s part of our society that we have freedom of expression, we have a free press and this freedom of expression is a vital and indispensable part of our democracy and this is the reason why I cannot control what is published in the media. But on the other hand neither the Danish government nor the Danish people can be held responsible for what is published in the media.

You mean that you are for or against such things? My question exactly: I mean that media also should have a responsibility not to create a conflict?

Yes, we have freedom of expression - but of course everybody has a responsibility not to stimulate conflict. Everybody has a responsibility to demonstrate respect for religious feelings for instance and I have made it clear that I personally – I would never depict religious figures in a way that could hurt other people’s feelings.

How would you describe the relations between Denmark and Arabic and Muslim world?

Well, we have a long historic tradition for good relations between Denmark and the Muslim world – economically, culturally and in other areas and I would very much like to see these relations develop in the coming years and I do hope that Danish companies can continue to do business in the Arab world as well as Arab companies are very much welcomed to do business in my country.

Do you think that the business people and business men in Denmark - as we have close relations […] get some pressure from them that you should come with apologising for that? Because the economy, the companies, the business in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf now are under rest?

Of course the business community in Denmark is very much concerned about the situation as well as the government is very much concerned about the situation, but we have a long tradition in Denmark that there is a clear distinction between business and politics and this old tradition means that Danish businesses do not interfere with politics.

But they have been complaining so much in the media?

Well, of course they are very much concerned about the boycott of Danish goods and services in the Arab world and they do hope that we can find a solution to that as soon as possible.

About the Danish Muslims – what’s your message for them after all this?

Well, we have a big Muslim community in Denmark and many Muslims in Denmark do a lot of business and they contribute in a valuable way to the Danish society. Some Muslims have been elected to local political councils; they have been elected to the Danish parliament. We appreciate very much their contribution to the Danish society and I can tell you that in my political party we have Muslim representatives and we appreciate very much their contribution in my party as well. So all in all we do our utmost to ensure a positive integration in the Danish society and it’s important for me to tell you that the Danish society is based on a clear principle of religious freedom which means that Muslims as well as members of other religious communities in Denmark are free to exercise their religion.

We are asking all - Muslims in Denmark or in the other world - why only Islam is attacked this time or several times […] or Denmark. Why not other religions? Why not talking about other issues – only Islam?

It is a very interesting question because you used the word attack Islam or Muslims, but I think it’s very important to understand our tradition in Denmark. Our tradition of freedom of expression. When people are – I would say – depicted in caricatures in Denmark we do not consider it an attack. There is no intention to offend anybody. That’s our tradition. What we have realised, however, is that people with another religious and cultural background may consider that an offence, but it was really not the intention and this is the reason why I have clearly stated my personal opinion that we should be aware of that and personally I would never depict religious figures in a way that would hurt other people’s feelings, but I think it is crucial to understand this cultural difference that in my society we have a tradition of a free and open debate in which we use drawings and caricatures, but with no intention to offend anybody.

Can I ask you now that the Islamic World is looking for it now from the United Nations to come with any resolution to protect all religions – Islam and others – that they will not be under attack from media and others because to protect from conflicts? Do you support such - this idea?

Well, I think it is crucial that freedom of expression is always combined with freedom of religion and respect of religious feelings and beliefs. That is crucial. And we should live in peace and harmony with each other. I would use the picture – I think we have a common point of departure so to speak. Historically, economically, culturally and also as far as religion is concerned. We live in different places, we have different historical backgrounds, however, I think we should consider each other brothers and let me use the picture: If three brothers decide to make a journey to a larger city, they start the journey and then the first brother finds a wonderful oasis and he decides to settle there and not go to the larger city, but he settles in this oasis. The two other brothers continue their journey and the second brother finds another wonderful spot and he decides to settle there. And then the third brother continues and he settles in the larger city. Then they live in three different spots, but still they have a common point of departure, they are still brothers and therefore - despite the fact that they live in different places they should live together in peace and harmony and that is how I look upon it.

Saudi Arabia has called its ambassador home. What is your message – is there any crisis now between Denmark and Saudi Arabia?

Well, obviously we have some problems because we have faced a boycott of Danish goods in certain areas of the Middle East. We have seen actions against Denmark and Danish interests - so obviously we have a problem, but I would not describe it as a crisis between Denmark and Saudi Arabia. We have a long tradition of very good and friendly relations between Saudi Arabia and Denmark and we are in continuous positive and constructive dialogue with the authorities in Saudi Arabia and I do hope that we can solve this problem in common.

My question that after all this situation about this story - are you worried about Denmark and similar countries to happen any attacks from extremist groups?

Well, we do know that globally – we are faced with an increased risk of terrorism. And terrorists may attack everywhere in the world, but I have strong appeal to all groups that we do our utmost to cool down tempers and feelings - that we do our utmost to solve these problems peacefully.

My question to you, Prime Minister, about the facilities provided from Danish authorities for Muslim people – can you explain - is any mosque here?

Well, we do have mosques in Denmark and the Danish society is based on a clear principle of religious freedom - that is everybody can exercise their religion in full freedom including Muslims. And in general I think that we have good facilities for Muslims as well as other groups in the Danish society. And it is a crucial element in our policy of integration in Denmark that we should do our utmost at all levels to ensure the best possible facilities for minority groups in Denmark.

What is your message for extreme groups from both sides in Denmark especially – what is your message for them - after this?

Well, I think that the only group, which can profit from problems like these – the only group is the extremist group. Group of extremists and fanatics - they can profit from problems like this. But I do believe that a huge majority of people in our countries hope for dialogue, peaceful relationship and mutual respect. These are the corner stones in our relations and I feel sure that a huge majority of people in your country as well as in my country prefer that we continue our tradition of peaceful dialogue.

And your message for Danish people – the ethnic groups. What’s your message for them?

I have sent a very strong appeal to everybody in Denmark that though this dispute may raise many strong feelings everybody should take responsibility to ensure peaceful cooperation in Denmark, social cohesion in Denmark, and ensure that we can continue our tradition of dialogue and this is an appeal to both Danes and different ethnic groups.

Members of the Muslim community as well as other ethnic communities in Denmark contribute in a very valuable way to our society and it is of utmost importance that all groups in Denmark work together to ensure continued progress in our society.

An additional question: Your personal attitude and your government view of really what happened?

Well, I can tell you that the Danish government is very much concerned about what is going on because we have a tradition of peaceful cooperation with and open relationship with the Muslim world and we would very much like that to continue. And for me personally, I would like to make it clear that I am deeply distressed that many Muslims have seen the drawings in the Danish newspaper as a defamation of the Prophet Muhammad. I know that this was not the intention of the newspaper. The newspaper has apologised for that and I do hope that we can find a solution on that basis.

This taking us to the question of Palestinian President Mamoud Abbas who condemned that threathening Danish peoples. What is your message to his people - as Denmark has long traditions and relationships with Palestinian people?

I would like to send a very clear message to everybody living in Palestine: Denmark has for many years supported the development of the Palestine authority. We have supported that development economically and politically and I would also like to make it clear that one of the corner stones in the Danish foreign policy is to achieve a fair and lasting peace in the relationship between the Palestinians and the Israelis and what we are striving for is an independent and viable Palestinian state living side by side with Israel - an Israeli state recognized and secured. This is our goal. Back in 2002 Denmark presented a plan, which eventually became the roadmap, which is now the basis for the peace process in the Middle East. And we do hope that this initiative will eventually lead to peace between the Palestinian people and the Israeli people.

Thank you very much for your time. Thank you so much, Prime Minister. Thank you.

You are welcome.


I believe Rasmussen ought like Aznar before him in the "coalition of the Willing" be asked to resign by his own citizens.

author by iosaf .:. ipsiphipublication date Fri Feb 10, 2006 13:31author address barcelonaauthor phone Report this post to the editors

Flemming Rose, culture editor of the Jyllands-Posten newspaper has been sent on leave.

So far we have known about Carsten Juste the editor in chief whose apology (so warmly accepted) is printed above.

But now mr Rose, has announced his wish to reproduce the "Holocaust cartoons" printed in the Tehran daily 'Hamshari' on the 7th of February 2006.

So for exactly the same reasons I ask you to condemn Iran, I now ask you to condemn Denmark and its government for stoking the main sources of hatred in the name of "media profit".
121-122 St. Stephen's Green
Dublin 2
Tel: 00 353 (1)475 6404
Fax: 00 353 (1) 478 4536 ...

Iran Embassy
72 Mount Merrion Avenue
Co. Dublin

Tel:(+ 353) 1 288 0252
Fax:(+ 353) 1 283 4246

Any state which sponsers and incites street violence not only in its own territory but beyond in the name of insult by a European state demanding censorship which subsequently denies the Holocaust {in which millions of European citizens were denied their citizenship, educational qualifications, homes, jobs, put to enforced labour, tatooed, starved and subject to experimentation and then murdered systematically} in its _own press_ is not a state which may be allowed to screen a labour force (unionised or not) to work in, build, maintain, or secure a nuclear facility for the simple reason that : a state which censors foreign media & internet is responsible alone for the conditioning of hatred, prejudice and xenophobia amongst its own population of labour-force.

the Holocaust was and is a European issue.
Neither the Danish nor the Iranians have any right to insult the memory of the Shoah, its victims or survivors.

Iran in the UK
16 Prince's gate
Tel(+44) 207,253000.
Fax( +44) 2075894440.

Denmark in the UK

Embassy of Denmark
55 Sloane Street
London, SW1X 9SR

Tel: 0044 (0)20 7333 0200
Fax: 0044 (0)20 7333 0270

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