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FEIC Monthly Vigil

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Reinstatement of Fallujah Memorial

5.00 pm SATURDAY 12 FEBRUARY 2005
raytheon, Branch Road, Derry

FEIC first dug its memorial grave dedicated to the people of Fallujah on Friday 19 November. Since then the grave has been desecrated and reinstated dozens of times. Despite raytheonís attempts to erase this memorial, we continue at this site of struggle to remember the nameless and numberless dead murdered with raytheonís product in Iraq. This Saturday, we will dig the grave again.

It is worth reflecting on the words of one US Army soldier in Fallujah, -- Lieutenant Colonel Brennan Byrne, commander of 1st Battalion of the 5th Marine Regiment. Interviewed by Robert D. Kaplan, The Atlantic Monthly (published in July/August 2004 as Five Days in Fallujah), he said:

"The bad guys only have what God gave them; we have what raytheon gave us."

Please bring flowers, candles and white ribbons.

A Large Stone Marker With The Words 'Fallujah 2004' Was Left To Mark The Grave.

raytheon Factoid of the Month: Out of their Own Mouths...

"The [raytheon] Firepower Enhancement Program - FEP- greatly increases tank lethality√ā¬Ö," said Lt. Col. John Swift, Marine Corps Tank Systems program manager. "Its capability is impressive and operationally significant."

"Giving our troops the ability to 'shoot the enemy before he knows you're there' is one way we can help them come home safely," said Glynn Raymer, vice president of raytheon Combat Systems.

raytheon to Equip 193 Marine Tanks with Night Vision Sensors Via $32.5 Million in New Contracts,
raytheon Press Release, Feb. 2, 2005


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