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V world social forum begins

category international | consumer issues | news report author Thursday January 27, 2005 23:20author by reclaim the planet! - - my subscription ran out. I am no longer in an org.author address small planet under attack from comets and goo. Report this post to the editors

President Lula has opened the V world social forum in Porte Allegre.

Today President Lula addressed thousands of activists in social movements in Brazil, and through them millions more across the globe.
And he got jeered by the impatient. You'll get that.

We live in the time of soundbytes.
& translators.
& interpreters.
& thinktanks.
& billionaire philanthropist pacifists with major stock in arms corps and undeclared interests in narcotic routes and the fine post-graduates who work for them spinning tissues of deceit and benovelance.

So I'll just tell you what I remember him saying at his monster meeting, coz I can't quote him directly, I wasn't there, and it was in Brazilian which is sort of like Portuguese.

He said-

Brazil looks to Africa.
Brazil owes Africa a debt.
For too long the elite of Brazil looked to Europe.
Brazilians will have three meals a day within his presidency.
He's going to attend the next "global rich polluting country meetings and hammer his shoe on the table". coz Mr Blair / Orwell asked him.

He didn't say what he feels about Mr Blair's plans to go on a reality big brother style show and get watched for 24 hours to win the yoof vote in engurland.

Brazil like most of South America is an ideal representation of ethnic mix, a land where all humanity constantly saw beyond colour to sing and dance and live in poverty together. A country of incredible resources and beauty which is the lungs of our planet, and was chosen by monsters to take up camp in.

Meanwhile in what is now a very apparant joke,
as always it was, less than 2300 "leaders" of the world, continue to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland.

Economics was once described as the "dismal science".

& it is.

Economics is derived from a middle greek term for house-keeping. It implies keeping food in the larder, the pantry clean, husbandry of the land, not shitting in your garden, making sure everyone does the right tasks, repairing the wear and tear.
And deciding what you really think about drugs.

Every squatter on this earth has had ample opportunity to learn these lessons of co-operation and co-habitation in the last decade.

Global economics implies Global housekeeping.

I am at long last making myself clear, it must be the practise.

U2's Bono Vox, the UK's Tony Blair, Microsoft's Bill Gates, Mbeki of South Africa and the US's Bill Clinton and others took the stage to perform for the mediocrities of meritocracy in Davos.

You all know the hymnsheet.

We have very little time to sing it properly.

Meanwhile a little Miss Kreuger has taken the stage from Argentina to explain why the Spanish efforts to support cancellation of the Argentinian debt and support Argentinian education and health instead don't make dismal scientific sense.

The Kreuger Rand was once a gold coin minted by the Supremacists of South Africa and Rhodesia which has been illegal since the suspension of gold standard. The same supremacists who thought HIV/AIDS would kill off all those of non caucasian or non jewish stock. The same supremacists who fought a war against us longer than you were ever taught in school or heard in a ballad.

A war we have now all but won.
MMV = the year of Victory.
You want the punky churchill stuff about fighting them on the beaches? about taking them on at the banks? about decyphering their enigma codes?
about taking them for a ride of coups and counter coups?
Well sorry we don't have time for that now. Because we have yet to win the peace, the prize being the future of our humanity, of humanity's continued stewardship of the garden as equals. The way the creator intended.

You play your part now by telling the truth.
Indeed all history and politics has been mostly trickery, lies, illusion, diabolic confusion and deceit. And very few can remember long enough ago to see through the forgery, or have the key to the vaults to check it.
So the truth lies in what we as a species do next.

In what the meritocracy of mediocrity does next.

Do we want a world where only the mediocrity of meritocracy are allowed bear children?
Do we want a world where the slaves to mortgage are those who dictate security and culture?
Do we want a world where billions continue to be condemned to biowar, famine, the vagaries of the arms industry, the games of the mercenaries?
Do we want a world where chemical colours that look good on your car and sofa freeze your vegetables in the winter and drought your land in the summer?
Do we want a world where the monkey has forgotten how to be a monkey?

You have the key to the door now.

You're not alone.
You were never alone.
& your species can stop finding this planet habitable very very quickly. The first rule of squatting was always be nice to the neighbours.

It's your choice
always was.

Sing your songs.
Dance your dances.
Make your "hard choices"
Ram those camels through the fucking eye of the needle.
Dinero Gratis!

and maybe who knows ( I don't) God, who just might manifest as an unexplained blob of goo will forget about the really shit things done in your name.

For those of you used to believing the crap,
this might all come as a bit of a shock,
but you'll get used to it, and find it therapeutic.
Just like a Mc Donalds outlet in a Cardiac hospital.
When you've been so long doing it, you get a warped sense of humour.

If you never got into capoiera classes
you didnt get to learning brazilian
so go to this link instead and read english.
Dont jump on a plane and go to the forum.
strange things happen to everyone on their ways to fora. (another bit of didactic middle greek)

Related Link: http://www.forumsocialmundial.org.br/in
author by Indy - non of the abovepublication date Fri Jan 28, 2005 11:20author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Great that you are over there but will you just stick to report on whats happening, not a self indulgent rant.

The fact that Lula is going to the G8 gives a voice to the protesters outside and more power to him for it. He is trying to produce real change because at the moment unfortunately that is where the real power is.

author by planetabrasil - planetabrasilpublication date Sun Jan 30, 2005 03:52author email sprisp.mms at pop dot com dot brauthor address author phone 087Report this post to the editors

I was at the launch of the World wide campaign of the MDG, some members of the PSTU and PSOL ( ex PT members)
said to him traitor as being a centre and not left government

very good to have the opportunity to be here!
back in Ireland next week

author by GISSpublication date Sun Jan 30, 2005 19:46author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Follow the instructions in order to connect to watch the streams with Windows, Mac or Linux:


author by bbeeeeeeppppublication date Sun Jan 30, 2005 23:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Article above is helpful if you can't hear and want software

Related Link: http://radio.indymedia.org/news/2005/01/3527.php
author by bernardpublication date Fri Feb 04, 2005 18:55author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A lot of gibberish posted above. Does anyone know if any definitive and agreed conclusions or resolutions were at the forum?

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