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English Chap On Trial In Dublin For Mayday '04 Squat

category national | summit mobilisations | event notice author Thursday September 16, 2004 15:43author by Peter Sutherlands Nemisis - global justice movement

This 38 Year Old Has Been Forced To Live In Ireland Awaiting Trial For Trespass Since May '04.

Monday 20th September court appearance.

Need More Info:
- anyone got the time and court number?
- anyone know his name?
- anyone organising a few banners?
- solidarity?

See Indymedia UK for fuller story and background [people 'picketed' Irish embassy in London for his rights on Wed. Sept 15th]:

Even though he used to live in England and just came over here to partake in the kollectively organised participatory Non-Violent Direct Actions around the Mayday '04, having being arrested in the squat (or outside it?) the judge forced him to sign on in a Garda station every week (don't how many times a week or where) which he has had to emigrate to Dublin.

There were two other English people arrested at the same time. A woman who is in a similar position to this chap is not up in court until November, and the third chap is back is England as far as I know (?).

Whoever organised the squat for the London possie last May should perhaps do a bit of publicity for his trial on Monday 20th Sept. ????

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author by publication date Sat Sep 18, 2004 21:09author address author phone

The trial of Joe and Neil (arrested before the Mayday weekend on trumed up tresspass charges)starts on Monday morning, Court 50, Richmond Hospital, North Brunswick Street at 10.30.. DGN heads will be meeting from .9.30

author by dgn headpublication date Sun Sep 19, 2004 20:36author address author phone

Loadsa coffee, early morning ciggies and shall be grand...

Heres a map to get ye there

author by paulcpublication date Mon Sep 20, 2004 23:09author address author phone

Two men arrested during May Day security operations had their cases adjourned today at Dublin District Court due to a shortage of judges.

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