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Joyce Statue Hooded by Anti-War Activists

category dublin | anti-war / imperialism | press release author Thursday June 17, 2004 13:45author by DGN - DGN

-- Anti-Bush protest to be held next Saturday --

Today (16 June) anti-war activists from the Dublin Grassroots Network placed a hood over the statue of James Joyce off O’Connell Street in Dublin. A placard was attached to the Dublin landmark which quoted Stephen Dedalus’s line from Ulysses: “History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.”

Dublin Grassroots Network
June 16, 2004
For Immediate Release

Several activists dressed in Guantanamo Bay style orange overalls knelt before the statue, heads bowed, in a silent vigil.

The action coincides with the centenary Bloomsday celebrations, and is intended to highlight the shame of Irish state and corporate complicity in the occupation of Iraq. The symbolic action also echoes the hooding of statues which took place throughout Rome during the recent Bush visit there.

A victim of the dislocation and human trauma caused by war himself, Joyce and his family took refuge in Zurich during World War 1. It was unsafe to stay in Trieste, Italy, where he had taught in the Berlitz Language School, since definitively leaving Ireland in 1904. Joyce was once pointedly asked what he had done during the Great War. His reply? "I wrote Ulysses."

Spokesperson Dermot Sreenan said:

“Ireland is aiding the occupation. 10,000 US troops move through Shannon airport every month enroute to Iraq. Top Oil refuels the war planes. Analog (Limerick) makes targeting and firing systems for the Apache Attack helicopters. raytheon (Derry) produce software used to guide weapons like the US Tomahawk Cruise missile.”

Clare Lee of the Dublin Grassroots Network added:

“We are going to protest in Dublin at the role of the Irish state and companies in Ireland in the war the Saturday before Bush arrives. Join us in a tour of some of these sites of shame. Assemble this Saturday,
June 19th, at 2.30pm at the Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, in saying No to Bush, No to Irish involvement in the war.”

The Dublin Grassroots Network is part of AmBush!, an umbrella group which is mobilizing people for the demonstrations which are to take place at Shannon over the weekend of Bush’s visit.

“When George Bush is here make sure you are at Shannon. Whether you cycle, drive with friends or take a bus. This will be a protest to remember,” Lee said.


Sat, 19 June, 2.30pm, Garden of Remembrance

Dermot Sreenan 087 6277606 or see

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