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We're introducing a new section to the Daily Sceptic today: Reviews. We're also publishing our first ever book review in which Dr. Bo Winegard writes about How to Talk to a Science Denier by Lee McIntyre. It's a stinker!
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A panel of scientists affiliated to the Lancet which has been investigating the origins of Covid has been disbanded because of its ties to Peter Daszak, the President of EcoHealth Alliance.
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The Spanish flu and Swine flu are both made much worse when a particular bacterium is present at the same time. Could Covid behave similarly?
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A summary of all the most interesting stories that have appeared about politicians? efforts to control the virus ? and other acts of hubris and folly ? not just in Britain, but around the world.
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offsite link Dutch Protest Against Vaccine Passports Sat Sep 25, 2021 22:12 | Michael Curzon
People have gathered in The Hague, Netherlands, to protest against the "medical apartheid" barring those who haven't been vaccinated or tested for Covid from bars, restaurants and theatres.
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The sunday papers of iosaf's invention to air our grumbles and spite.

category international | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Sunday May 30, 2004 16:21author by iosaf mac diarmada the ipsiphiauthor email iosaf at mail dot azauthor address bcn. europe. Report this post to the editors

in this online edition (Ireland) :-

Guadalajara. EU and Central and South America Summit co-hosted by our Taoiseach.

the US Remembrance of it's WW2 dead.

A Reminder of what "iraq" was supposed to be about.

and the usuals :- Famous People, Horoscope, Travel news, I shall discuss a Latin quotation and thus add more text to the "Great Work of the one writing team member who got too personalised and stylistic to stay anonymous".
("disculpa me")
When it's demonstrated that this type of crowd control is permissable in EU countries, naturally it shall continue to be acceptable everywhere. = Que Se Vayan Todos! m'as é do thoill é. Bertie Ahern co-hosted this event and thus is answerable for @ least
When it's demonstrated that this type of crowd control is permissable in EU countries, naturally it shall continue to be acceptable everywhere. = Que Se Vayan Todos! m'as é do thoill é. Bertie Ahern co-hosted this event and thus is answerable for @ least


This is Bertie's Spanish "latin american" Gig.

At first sight to many readers the scenes of "disturbances" look like MayDay Dublin, the protesters go and say the same things, as they do every week all over the world, to pretty much the same people, the "leaders", and just like everywhere in the world, they meet the Police forces who more or less are supplied with the same offensive equipment and trained in the same sort of way to stand around a few hours and then get arbitrarily violent.
Guadalajara hasn't seen Water Canon used yet, rather tear gas and chemical weapons proved the favoured option of crowd CONTROL.
Bertie Ahern or the Irish Establishment can not pretend to be shocked because the Irish regime sends exactly the same message.
But somehow we think the "after care" of protesters might be slightly different in a country which has only approached legislation of the concept "innocent till proven guilty" within the last 100 days.

So why do regimes like Ireland continue to send out the same message?

This is a list of protesters who haven't been traced, or have been arrested or have been wounded It is ongoing and you can find the updates at the relevent sites:-

in Queretaro.
Gory, Nelo, Toño/Oscuro
in Monterrey

Gevas, Alonso, Anka, Roberto, Topo,
Oscar Castillo, Roxana Yanira Bestrin,
From Australian sources.

in Guadalajara central.

Kirris, Mido, Bayos, Pinky, Zomer, Mayra,
Chirri, Esteban, and Manu. (not Chou but hey he sings about this stuff Bertie, some day he may come to the Point and be photographed in your papers)

in Sonora

Ivan/"Nog", Frida- from Tucson Arizona
Katy- "a foreigner" Venia- DF

in Juárez

Mago and Roke, Laura (a spaniard) has been found and is ok.

in Culiacán Sinaloa

Chango,Sinaloco, Mguel,

Mico- Edgar, uan-Ruco,
Oscar alias Cristo- a Science Student
Latolla Jackson, Adrian Humberto, Monse,
Pili- from Jalapa, Romina- Biology student at UPNA, Alejandra, Rudy, Poncho.

in Durango

Irvin Balderas Meraz, Juan Jaime Hernández,
Níger,León Guanajuato,Sharky,

Detained. like the woman in the photo.

released (Minerva)
released (Sofía)
Jeanin Fdz Sagneno
Mariano Nube García "mauser"
John- Vasco
Laosalot (Norma Mtz)-
Daniel Olivera Salie
Mar- Spanish citizen.
Alfonso Rodríguez Olvera "Poncho"
Jorge Castilla Gutierrez "Mapache"

in Monterrey:-
Navarro- García, Dafinna.

Red Cross:-

Francisca Sosa Galan Serious condition.
Patrick Let
Ramon Lopez Barajas
Aristóteles Figueroa
Oswaldo López
Dante Costa (Poncho) Serious Condition.
Miguel Martinez
Jose Miguel García
Julio Cesar Gonzalez
Liliana Galariz
Lalou Desperrier-Roux- Canada

If you want information on Guadalajara go to google and search the Spanish School of English for links, map and so on.
The Irish government issues the statements made by the collective leaders from its home Europe Website.

or go to our links :-
minute by minute:-

Fidel Castro asked the assembled leaders to condemn the USA for torture in Iraq. But they being in the main the type of leader that prefers a world where the old man of Havana is a pariah chose to ignore his request.
It has been less than 100 days since the Mexican regime launched a diplomatic offensive on Cuba prompting the Old Man to go marching round the island crying "ave Caesar!".


Latin quotation Imperial memory bit :-
Verum opere in longo fas est obrepere somnum. "in a great work one must sleep sometime" one of Horace's reflections on Homer, it's almost a paradox, but can read like Joycean english oh so many ways.
The Previous line is :- "Indignor quandoque bonus dormitat Homerus".
I'd be very upset if Homer slept.
Homer was a writing team. We all know that. Just like Ireland's writing teams. Of those countries and states that did not play an active part in WW2 in Europe
Were counted Andorra, Eire, Lichtenstein, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal.
That’s all. Our writing collective were found for the duration of the WW2 On this continent in the states of :-
Eire, UK, France (vichy and occupied), Switzerland, and Spain.


The USA lost 400,000 servicemen in it's war from 1941-1945, and they were remembered for the first time at the WW2 memorial in Washington, the personal project of Republican Kansas Senator Dole, himself a War Veteran, the memorial was dedicated byt Bush yesterday.
His speech made reference to the War Time many times President Roosevelt who was a Democrat as it happens.

No one understands more than Europeans what the Eastern part of the new memorial by Swiss Architects in Washington means.
The Japanese, Americans, British, Chinese and Australians remember the Western pillars. You may look at pictures of the construction in an oval shape at Bob Doles homesite. The order to build it was passed during the Clinton presidency. Within the oval are writ in stone the names of the 400,000+ U.S. Servicemen who gave their lives in WW2.
The oval is an "architectural resonance" with its pillars and wreaths of both the oval office where rests the executive of the District of Colombia and from each pillar is hung a wreath of bronze. The best view is either from the top of the Washington memorial or 17th Street.

What the War on Iraq was supposed to be about:-
yesterday on our newswire appeared a other press article from America's jewish and the international yiddish writing community, it suggested that the Neo Conservatives of the USA thought the war would serve Isreal's interests (and thus her people's, regardless of religion or ethnic cultural background).

So this would mean creating the conditions in which a battlefield was opened in iraq for myriad islamic fundamentalist terrorist groups to recruit and under the banner of "iraqi resistance" further fan anti-jewish
feeling throughout the arabic world, whilst at the same time Israel under Sharon ( a man charged with massacres in Lebanon not too terribly long ago) would continue to build a big wall around it's territory both that established by law, and that established by de facto occupation, yet still subject to international dissent, so that Isreal
might make her self secure till the day the neighbouring arabs stopped attacking her either for illegally occupying the palestinian territories or being the primary allies of the USA in the middle east or just being

Whilst of course, Iraq would accept the USA administration and reconstruction, realising that contrary to the propaganda of Saddam for the last thirty years, that the US and UK were really the good guys, and the sanctions and all the other wars would be forgotten, and the Iraqi people would happily take on the serious business of being efficient
productive workers and "just like us" in the West, and happily convince their neighbours (who hate them Saddam or no Saddam) that they too would be happier with US help, for they would say "let us look at the happy
Saudi citizen or happy Kuwaiti citizens", and all through this wise project so well though out, the arabs would naturally start thinking
jews were misunderstood all the way and quite nice really.

And everyone would start going to each other's funerals, and learn each
other songs.
and naturally build each other memorials.

This is Delta thinking.
Actualy it's worse than delta thinking.
It's the loony right. It's more idiotic than any seventeen year old anarcho/bolshevik who
proposes a world revolution over the weekend without figuring out how to explain to a peasant that everyone has a right to share his one chicken. Or how to give the lumpenproletariat their smack or crack and stop them being counter-revolutionary.

This is the sort of thinking that normaly is safely tucked away in "ultra" right rants. Unfortuanately for us, this "ultra-right" ranting has become international doctrine.

It's called NeoConservatism.
it might as well be called Velvet Nazism.

Now for the benefit of those who have only lately jumped on the bandwagon, NeoConservatism is not only a US concept, this type of idiotic thinking is to be found in Europe's rightwing ruling parties as well. Look at the candidates and TDs who represent those interests in the US who's leadership now proposes yet more of these NeoCon solutions. This is why we are "anti-capitalism" or "anti-globalisation" or whatever
you want to say we are "anti-". We really are "anti-idiocy".

You all have to understand, that at base, the USA failed in it's mission due to "idiocy".
And it can't turn around now.

Read through the first "long sentance again". of this section again if you need.

Take a break, let the words slowly drop home.
It is was an idiotic idea, for the USA to enter Iraq to "liberate it".
It could rationally kick the shit out of it. It could quite understandably in the psychological climate which followed September 11, enter Iraq to see revenge done, but never never in a million years, will it be possible for the US army to achieve a "peace mission" or "reconstruction".
How are we to explain this, to them? Before our "bandwagon" was so great, and we were still thought of as "ultra-leftist" or "anti-american", those who gave us little sympathy posed our global protest as "vietnamesque".

It is not Vietnamesque. Please do not make that mistake.

The USA actually conceivably could have achieved it's mission in Vietnam which was to stop the country becoming communist.
All it had to do, was blanket bomb it and kill over three million of it's people, and then let the overspill of violence go next door, and bim
one decade later, most people probably wouldn't want to be commies anymore. It worked a treat didn't it?

But that is not the Iraqi mission.
Let's say it again:-

The Iraqi mission was supposed to be about:-

1. Securing Oil for the USA and EU. oil is now very expensive to buy, and other costs of protecting production are at their highest ever.
2. Establishing regime changes throughout the Islamic Middle East to facilitate a more westernised economic block and further the Isreali peace process by making everyone "nice". Despite both factions being headed by sworn personal enemies.
3. ending or minimising the threat to the Western Alliance by fundementalist terrorists by building good relationships with their
states (aside from like wanting to regime change them) and understanding the greviances of ordinary muslims (they hate the US).

In a way, I am as an Irishman, very glad that the NeoConservatives of the USA never got round (to my knowledge) to offering us any solution to the "irish problem".
Can you imagine how bad it could be, if they decided to "do us" in earnest and offer us peace and prosperity?
¿have they offered us peace and prosperity politicians of Ireland?
= Do tell us.

Now for an exercise in "how to explain to those people in your community, be that in Ireland or the USA why being a _neo.Con_ is so terribly "dangerous", think about what's it like to be jewish in Europe. Not Israel, where
they are very used to being hated by their neighbours, and to be honest they dont show anysign of collectively being that worried. Think about Europe's jews and muslims for a while. And their social and cultural identities and rights to those identities and thier histories.
Since Bush and the NeoCons of Dixie (the world HQ of anti-semitist propaganda and thought) took the white house, more jews have been attacked than ever before. Think about the assault on liberty which was the Turkish synagogue attacks a year ago, think about the almost weekly descration of graves in France, think about where "ultra-right" popularism comes from, in what soil it sprouts it's seed.

& how nicely it started and went on.

We "loony lefties and dingbats" (the term used by the Irish Prime Minister to describe anti-War protesters in Ireland) have been
vindicated so far.And quite a few have been criminalised, subject to the "force of Law". Not as mainstream media would suggest for taking part in wanton hooliganism, (just like Guadalajara) but for simply voicing the truth. the USA could never acheive it's stated aims. Nor can it now.

I don't want to see another terrorist event in Europe, having seen at first hand the mass hysteria which followed M11 Madrid, but most of all, I really don't want to see another in the USA. They go "mad", foaming at the mouth, after attacks. Can't you see how the response to 911 has endangered us all?


Famous People.

Jean Paul Aristide, has visited South Africa where he has been officially recieved by the President. Haiti was earlier this year subject to a coup, which "we saw coming" did not get out quickly enough, but now is touring the world. Use our search engine.
It's neighbour Dominican Republic has in the last 100 days held a general election and returned a surprise candidate and a regime change.
Both states are now dealing with a natural disaster which would test the resources of many richer and more prosperous countries.
Zapatero President of Spain has suggested sending a military presence to Haiti as part of the proposed UN mission. He has interestingly suggested sending the Guardia Civil rather than the Regular Army or Plus Ultra Brigade who at a cost of 370,000,000€ spent from September 2003 to May 2004 in Iraq.
It is interesting to note that this day marks the first year without deaths from Basque related terrorism in the Spanish State. in 2003 there were 3 deaths in this last year there were none. Zapatero has not yet seen his 100th day in office.
Horoscope: How did you ever think, when you were so gullible? You need to be more assertive but don’t forget to always have that conciliatory side when its needed. The figure $ or it’s equivalent will feature strongly this week.
Travel Bit:-
A look ahead to general exercising of the rights to free speech and assembly in France and Italy and Europe this next week.

France :-
France will see D Day celebrated June 6 and a lot of social movement activity the previous day June 5.

Italy :-
as will Italy info in english:-

Spain and others:-

Those without papers, labour for less than the poorest taxed and accepted minimum wage workers. They come from the poorest countries of the world, where rights we take for granted do not exist, where not even natural disasters can be met with organised structures. On June 5th the "sans papiers / sin papales" will demonstrate for thier right to papers, documentation, residence in Europe.
Why do the leaders of the EuroStates not wish afford their agricultural and urban lowest paid, an amnesty?
Why do they not think of the future of this planet in terms of the past they so love to memorialize?

A stitch in Time saves IX.

author by iosaf¡s who's itch is now lessenedpublication date Mon May 31, 2004 20:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

They are:-
1. Patrick Let (EU)
2. Silvia Ordaz Amor (España)
3. Matteo Zanotti (Italia)
4. John Dominguez Achalanda Vaso (España)
5. Maria Mar Dominguez (España)
6. Laloue Desperrier Roux (Canada)
7. Roxana Yanira Bestrin Fuentes (Australia)
8. Juan Francisco Maestre Morales (España)

There are still 44 local citizens awaiting trial.

Meanwhile, Bertie (Bartholomew) Patrick Ahern, TD an Taoiseach (don't over do it iosaf) The Supreme Little Rascal, leader of the Fianna Fail party, (really don't over do it joe) President of the European Union, (love dat) Knight of the Order of Constantine and St. George (jayzus man) Doctor of Law and Letters and not as bad as Mad Dog Snob well (dats de one)
has issued a statement on the EU Ireland website.
"Social Justice Necessary before Countries can Benefit from Free Market"

Social Justice means working towards equality, equal opportunities, and a society that perhaps values Doctors, Teachers and Educators over Lawyers.

Thank you Bertie. You do your best. We've a bargain. You're going into opposition in 2005 and will probably stand a very good chance of re-election in 2009 (or before) if we allow it.
And you're getting a big fat coffee table book in the meantime, just get that little snob interior minister off the table. We don't need that type of politics in Ireland.

Related Link:
author by macmuckind :-)publication date Mon May 31, 2004 21:54author address author phone Report this post to the editors

singed by the states of South and Central America and the 25 states of the European Union.
is divided into 104 articles and several sections dealing with multi-polarism, bi-regionalism, democracy and rights.
(search terms)
With the right energy and effort and so on,
it might be a very good piece of paper.

Thank you Bertie.
(less of the barthelomew)
I really like article 23º, though its's quite vague, best stay vague for the moment, and
I really like article 5º.

our numbers came up @ least in the declarin of universal lurve and sweaty partnership.

Read it. Xerox it. Post it somewhere.
Suggest doing evening courses or something, put a notice in your local supermarket, "here is a blueprint for a new relationship".
Take it from there.
Good times, then the question gets popped-
See the banker.
then the questions
what do you farm for a living.

oh well, its a long long road.

Indignor quandoque bonus dormitat Homerus : Verum opere in longo fas est obrepere somnum
"oh should homer sleep what misery be ours yet in a great work one must sleep sometime"
from homer to bart-
get some sleep bertie ;-)

Related Link:
author by -publication date Mon May 31, 2004 22:03author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The President of South Africa has welcomed Ex President Aristide into exile with an official welcome and red carpet-

it is not important whether you liked Aristide or not, or thought he ought to have got out before. what is important is that the South Africans have said it was a non-constitutional regime change.
You can't search _non-constitutional regime change_ here, only _regime change_ we put _non-constitutional regime change_ in the "coup section".

Disaster stricken Haiti looks likely to be the next U.N. international security operation mandate.
The USA and UK already have their own international security operation mandate, so probably won't be invited.
But you know how they get, if you leave them out.

author by nolympicspublication date Tue Jun 01, 2004 05:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

excellent roundup iosaf. I have to take issue with the following conflation though.

"Since Bush and the NeoCons of Dixie (the world HQ of anti-semitist propaganda and thought) took the white house, more jews have been attacked than ever before. Think about the assault on liberty which was the Turkish synagogue attacks a year ago, think about the almost weekly descration of graves in France, think about where "ultra-right" popularism comes from, in what soil it sprouts it's seed."

the conflation being, bush's gang are ultra right crypto fascists, ultra rightists and crypto fascists are often anti semetic, ips(i) facto anti semitism is the inevitable outcome of neo conservative leadership in DC.

Now here in the US the struggle to characterise criticism of Israel and Zionism as anti semitism is one of Israels latest PR victories. In part this has been managed through reference to the alleged increase in anti semitic incidents in Europe over the past few years. Coverage is of course selective and propagandistic as it is virulently anti intelectual but nevertheless it has worked a charm. And it is not all smoke and mirors if I am to believe Jewish comrades whose travels in europe have been marked by their registering a note of anti semitism as part of the liberal lexicon they encountered. this is among anti war or anarchoid types.

Meanwhile Europeans (and I am one myself if Irlantis can conceptually or culturally be separated from the US) tend to rely on the canard that your desecrations in France and other incidents elsewhere can be laid at the feet of hot headed Muslim youth doing their bit for the intifada. We all know this is a canard. i myself have been involved in anti fascist/nazi struggle in Spain Germany and Scandanavia in the last 10 or 15 years and it was not muslims who were the problem. Rather it is white racists and fascists. in refusing to acknowledge the problem of existing fascism in europe or the residual anti semitism in western and Eastern Europe (Rumsfelds new europe ironically) we play into the hands of the fascists and their political allies in Washington, Tel Aviv, Dublin, Paris and so on.

It is ludicrous to suggest that attacks on Jews and Jewish symbols has exploded due to Bushs policies. that is not to say that bushs policies, especially with regard to the Palestinians but also his xtian fundamentalism cannot possibly feed anti semitism, but in effect there is no difference between Bushs posture towards the Palestinians and Clintons. To refer to the attack in Istanbul as having something to do with bush or the neo cons per se is idiotic for what then explains the attack on the German jews in Tunisia while dollar bill was in office? Of course more jews than ever before being attacked since he took office needs no correction from me, simply google nazi or Limerick pogram or Catholic Popes and Spanish Jews and you will learn something. And finally the neo cons are followers of Jewish intellectuals (Strauss, kristol et al) and count among their prominents several Jews. they are also uniformally Zionists and not because they await the second coming as fundamentalist baptists or presbeterians do believing that a Jewish state from the river to the sea will allow the building of the second temple and all that shit that the Guardian allows Monbiot to write about. no, the neo cons believe in Israel becaus they see it as a civilising influence on the arabs and becuase it keeps the rabble in line.

i dont mean to be a train spotter here but it is mportant to point our that not everything can be credited to the US. Conspiracy threorists here love to blame the CIA for everything, or some other amorphous they which is so secret and frightening that it can never be imagined never mind explained. In fact the opposite is the case, more often than not the CIA and the various other agencies of US state power are incompetent, ignorant and naiive. Yes they are effective assasins and murderers and often destroyers of social movements but they are not in control of events, they are dealing with history as it unfolds rather than always making it. Iraq is a good example as was Vietnam. this sort of fuzzy thinking leads people to abandon all agency in the face of omnipotence, which would be the greatest victory of power, returning us to an age of god kings.

there are real forces now engaged in a fight against the imperialists of the US Britain Spain and whoever else we imagine as the craziest of the western powers. they are also fighting the resident oligarchs of Pakistan and indonesia while an actual civil war is going on in saudi arabia. this is not the CIA or the neo cons, this is an extremely rightwing disciplined capitalised and capitalist mutinational entity that is playing for keeps. in this sense washinton has met an adversary which is its measure in mendacity and dystopitude.

Related Link:
author by iosafpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2004 17:05author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I think the changes in the nature of Right and Ultra Right political activity in Europe have prompted many of us, if not to "blame" the NeoCon Bush puppetmasters directly, certainly to ascribe them the sin of "omission".
In 1996 we worried about old school racism and xenophobia and jingoism in the form of Le Pen threatening to expand beyond his base in Marseilles and field candidates in Strasbourg.Meanwhile a newer school of racism, xenophobia and jingoism was finding a very able and keen leader in Jorg Haider of Austria. The lessons of municipal, general and other elections since that period have shown that neither of these party machines have withered away, though increasingly there are signs that they are turning to other methodology to further their aims. Last year in neighbouring France, I chose not to lobby against the Veil and Religious Symbol proscription as I saw in it an attempt to contain two types of extremism, that of Le Pen and that of the Islamic fundamentalism. I did so on the advice of Turkish fellow activists.
I certainly think there is something in the suggestion that young muslims in France might be involved in desecrations, though I think it more likely that they are the work of FN types. In the immediate aftermath of M11 in Madrid, there were two "revenge murders". One in the Basque, where an offduty policeman shot a shopkeeper for not displaying a antiETA poster, and the other in a small dormitary suburb of Barcelona where I at the time taught. In a town pretty typical of mediterranean europe, with a large immigrant community, a morrocan was beaten to death in the train station on M13. Since that week one ultra right bookshop and printing press has been closed, in central BCN (with funding in the USA) and there have been over 100 arrests relating to ultra-right activity in Spain. Most were skinheads, youngsters, but significantly also included were business people and academics. Those arrested last week (when the bookshop was closed) were charged with holocaust denial.

I have since 1996 and my experiences in Strasbourg thought of "anti-fascism" as mostly appealing to the young left, and or descendants of victims of fascism in European countries. However since the last general election primaries in France, and in the lead upto the General Election and Madrid bombing in Spain, I revised my threat assesment of extreme right groupings, propaganda and "other activity".
It is the "other activity" that worries me most.
It is the effect of their lobbying potential on the centre right policy makers of Europe, who faced with increasing unrest and terrorist threat in the neighbouring countries of the Maghreb and Levant have moved to legislate in terms which would have been thought in the 1980s to be racist.
The increased terrorist threat posed to the European Union is not an autochthonous threat, it is a result of US mis-adventure in the Levant and Middle East, and perhaps in lesser terms of the nationalist and jingoist government of Aznar in his relations to Morrocco.
This is if not directly the fault of Bush and Co., then a result of their _omission_ to properly think out their war and post war diplomatic and security strategies.

It might seem hyperbolic to say "this is velvet nazism", but our societies are now legislated as a result of financial pressure from lobbyists, and as silly as it might seem, interior political temperature taking /background noise of the cyber activists.

what I see is the acheivement of internal and pan european policies which long were advocated by Haider and his generation.
They are getting results. And those results are being given to them, by centre right politicians (such as Mc Dowell) who would sell to their voters the same sentiments of jingoism, ethnic paranoia, cultural isolationism my manipulating terminology and language of ersatz "liberalism".

This has become possible due to the post Cold War geo-political climate, itself a direct result of Bush (1)'s european policy.

The Left whilst in change, in flux, has been presented to "the lumpen voter" by leaders who fearful of permenant opposition adopted centre right post-Reagonomic social policies.
Blair is a perfect example.

I and many thousands of others after returning from Strasbourg and succeeding in "containing" Le Pen, set to work to install John Smith, but it was not to be, Blair came to Downing Street and the "liberal left" moved right.
The pole shift runs all the way across the spectrum.

Our Western Civilisation of Nations is underpinned by all US administrations, it is "the greatest sin of omission" that the current administration the most isolationist ever, has ignored our problems in Europe, and that is in direct contrast to Clintonian "kid gloves" charm attitude (apart from bombing those serbs [ :-)]

I for one _do_ think extreme right thinking has moved to the centre. And I see every sign of the previous messengers dismayed at thier language being "stolen" / "neutralised" by those such as Mc Dowell, of turning to extra-democratic activity. This is how I explain the 35% missing electorate in the French municipal elections of this year, one in which the FN didn't poll. = They didn't vote.

And it is at the same time most odd, that the previous "extreme left" have in such a short time come to be seen as many as the vanguard of what properly is termed the Liberal Democratic Tradition. And that was the distinct impression I got between M11 and M14 in varying conversations with representatives of authority. It was odd, quite suddenly "the anarchist" (enemy of democracy of old) had been welcomed as championing those rights of old, and in a twinkle of an eye, the enemy was percieved to be the extreme right.

it ought to be.
and Mc Dowell too.
he is their polite middle class messenger.
In Dublin 6, the words may seem liberal, but the mind that inspired them is not to be found in D6 nor will the worst effects be seen there.

i'm rabbiting on as usual-
call me next time you're in BCN.
0034 636 105 231

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Dr Chris Neilson of the Irish Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Survivors accused Justice Minister Michael McDowell of being “very, very racist” and claimed the Government was setting up an “apartheid regime”.

He is happy to call others Nazis - This kind of mental activity can be characterised as 'displacement'.


author by nolympicspublication date Tue Jun 01, 2004 18:50author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I suspect I have a few years on you. to my mind the fascist thing has been a serious issue in Europe at least since the fall of the wall. From that time there has been both a fascist street movement and various electoral formations which have pushed the eurocenter far to the right. Both zapatero (the death squad guy of a few years back) and blair (the imperialsit) are referred to as socialists unironically, indeed our own master ahern will describe fianna fail as socialist after a few pints, but that is unrelated.

But im not grasping the track of your argument here, i still fail to see how US omission or comission has resulted in fascists determining public policy in Europe which is unarguably what has happened here. Of course Im not arguing that the US wont maintain whatever influence and pressure it can in Europe to ensure rightwing hegemony but that is different and independant to the choices that the European political class have made as a matter determined by their own interests.Take the hajib issue. First off there is no way that a kid would be prevented from wearing a head scarf, a crucifix or a yarmulke to school in the US. there would be uproar and ultimately it would be struck down by the supreme court as state interfence with the practice of religion. (thats not to say that the US is in the business of exporting its own model, it is interested exclusively in arrangements allowing for the maximum extraction of surplus)

Im not surprised that your turkish pals support the ban as it has been in place in turkey for generations. That said the Turkish state resorted to Mosque building as a way to parse support from the PKK in the early 90s ultimately resulting in the electoral success of the Welfare party, islamofascists in nice suits but better than the communists as far as le monde are concerned. the question in turkey is not one of separation of the church and state but of the military and state so lets not take that model as definitive. the story of the Israeli state and hamas is similar. Any state threatened by secualr social movements will resort to theocratic solutions if possible, so parliamentary bosses whinnying about their fear of religion are really talking about something else. which brings us back to the headscarf and la france. this is clearly an attempt to be more right than the right and, as blair attempted unsucessfully in britain, to outmanouver fascists by assuming their platform. Nothing more. and just because the teachers union buys it doesnt mean we should have any difficulty understanding that fascist positions are now mainstream in europe. whether this is the result of some strategy by the US is secondary. Lets not kid ourselves here. when i see an orthodox jewish kid expelled from school or monks arrested in the streets for their clobber i might change my opinion but right now this is about muslims and nothing more. So yes the US inherited the responsibility to dominate the muslim world after the brits couldnt handle it anymore but there is a healthy appetite in europe for a clash of civilisations also.

There is a level of hysteria in Europe regarding bush. People are genuinely offended by him. but i think that the offense is partly because his regieme does not allow them to maintain their illusions. remember the appetite for military humanism, the disgraceful role of france in overthrowing aristide on the 200th anniversary of the haitian revolution earlier this year, britain and france and belgium in africa in the last couple of years. europeans like their genocidal racism with proper table manners and kind soothing promises and assurances. Bushs gang are uncivil in this dept, they are overly ideological regarding the role or need of bourgeois consensus, they care little of offending intelectuals if it is the cost of getting the job done. one will not see susan sontag appear with the president to endorse the latest bombing mission as she did with clinton. Bush doesnt give a fuck what you think and this is unbearable for Europeans. But it also disarms and disempowers them. Literally the center cannot hold. Therein lies the self doubt so clearly expressed now as xenophobia and hatred whether it is the hajib or the dreadfull referendum in eirsatz. We are anti war and anti muslim.

i dunno, i ve become increasingly uncomfortable with the way the european left is concentrating on the US as the author of catastrophe when Europe itself is the master enabler and co conspiracist. Where are the sanctions on Israel, the parliamentary debates about the arms shipments to the lunatic mass murderers of palestinains, it is only a matter of time before everyone falls back in line over iraq, indeed a kerry victory will consign iraq to the sports section as bush is the problem, though kerrys position is to escalate the war. and in 10 or 15 years we will have a german chancellor who is against nuclear power, if we are lucky. ha ha

author by .:. iosafpublication date Tue Jun 01, 2004 21:45author address author phone Report this post to the editors

you may havea few years on me, yes, but without your real name we don't know. I'm 33.

It's been 59 years since WW2 ended.
It's been 36 years since Enoch Powell's speech "rivers of blood". It's been 13 years since "die wende" when the wall came down.
I think the problems to which we are reffering have distilled and altered much in teh meantime of any of those dates, which allow for your personal reflective experience "being older than I".

We now live on a continental superstate structure of 450,000,000 people some 130,000,000 of whom mostly did not grow up in the liberal western democratic tradition.
Xenophobia is naturally higher in the east, as there has been only one experience of migration, that of those who leave.

Yet this is to be balanced against the clear attempts in post WW2 Eastern and Central Europe to "de-nazify" the state. Something former East Germany was quite proud of.
This weeks debate before the German presence at Normandie for D Day memorial focusses on teh meaning of "befreiung", liberation. The Chancillor has thought to present the events of 1944 in terms of the liberation of Germany from it's Nazi regime.
Some would consider this to be revisionism.

It is less than forty years since the USA enshrined racial segregation.
Some would consider that USA to have been directly comparable to South Africa or Rhodesia at that time.

On the face of it, we can not say that we have as European or Western Nations come down exactly the same road, or at the same pace, to the XXI century, where now we consider what is to be understood as "racism", "xenophobia", "facism" and so on.

But it is my considered opinion, that such ideas, find ready funding and lobbyist support in the homeland USA, and play a role in continuing US global hegemony, and curtailing the "natural" effect of a unified European Union of 450,000,000 people on the greater world.

Apart from that, I am not uncomfortable at all with our "pro-Europe anti-USA" stance.
It is the wisest way to deal with the common prejudices of our greatly enlarged population and to build upon our ties with the world, which are in order of cultural and economic importance :-
the Americas, the Maghreb and Africa.

IT is a global condition, and you ought not worry about it @ all. We have never pretended that Europeans are not responsible for the ills of the world, but on a straight consideration of rights legislations, international conventions signed and encorporated into law, and external aid projects, Europeans are indeed "nicer, better, mroe generous, and more careful not to cause offence" than our U.S. cousins.

A banner sometimes makes an appearance in Barcelona, it describes the tripartite government as being "postmodern fascism", this is something that provokes my thought, for there is something in it.. AS long as city communities such as Barcelona, or nation states such as Ireland, continue to be subject to the "devolution of sovreignty" which they are to non elected and non accountable international and transnational institutions (as they are) then the mechanism of serving the concerns of citizens and the traditional "social estates" will continue to be subject to policy decisions made elsewhere.

Policy decisions made in the USA.

& that's it. its a system which _does_ owe more to fascist corporative state management than any other social model.
It's an effective model, for example the Irish Constitution has survived long enough no?
And the slogan does ring something through, a left wing alliance of republicans and nationalists and greens reflecting the true wishes of the electorate still can not find enough space to "really do what it wants".
The most important decisions are made in:-
Washington or NYC or presented through Hollywood. And that's the empire.
And the vast majority of Europeans, of which the Irish count less than 1% don't like the USA be they left or right.
It is the oddity of IReland that thanks to it's relationship to the British Empire thinks to have such a fine relationship with the "Great Satan".
now if we go on exchanging comments and stuff, you could mail me "your real name", in case I get all sort of paranoid and delusional and start thinking you're Mikey Mc Dowell or one of his kids. Coz I sort of like this weeks sunday papers and don't want to fill it up with more chitchat.

author by not looking for a pen palpublication date Wed Jun 02, 2004 05:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

In fairness iosaf this is not a penpal forum nor is it friendster. You choose to publish your ideas here and i choose to criticise some of them. that is the arrangement, no? If it is a stain on your newspaper gag to fill it with 'chitchat' then perhaps rather than publish it on the web you should print it and paste it above your bed.

author by .:. admonished.publication date Wed Jun 02, 2004 21:56author address author phone Report this post to the editors

over my bed I have a collection of photos of the Twin Towers taken on Sept 9th two days before they came down, and my whiskey tasting certificate that I forged when Prionsais de Rossa was minister for doleys, sorry sarah, i tippexed out your name, thought it would get me a job, I suppose writing a CV would have helped more.

anyway, my address for this type of thing is:-
other than that, I appreciate the criticism and it has served my well, I feel the better for learning an older reader's opinions and quite happy with how you pointed out the hyperbole.

I love you.
in a platonic sort of way, not a bit sexual, just sort of like a clappy handy Xian the week after the delusional rebirth, if you were here now I'd throw my arms around you and hug you.
You may be an old and cranky fart, but you've still a part to play in our movement.

author by john smithpublication date Thu Jun 03, 2004 15:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

dear dear iosaf, a shy child. again with your personal web log. That has nothing to do with any movement, just narcisism. And actually we are the same age, i imagined you were younger by your writing. You should continue though, it is entertaining if a little befuddled and uninformed.

author by rumipublication date Thu Jun 03, 2004 15:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

i brought yussef a mirror
for what could i bring him
who had so much
so that he could
reflect a light

what should you bring the
friend if not a mirror
to reflect the light?

= yep, I'm an egotist. I'm zelig, I'm there personally blogging away for eight years and only two are presented with my name.

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