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Bail Granted to the 12

category international | summit mobilisations | news report author Wednesday May 05, 2004 19:15author by hydra Report this post to the editors

High Court

update on detentions

According to RTE, a bail application to the High Court for the 12 denied bail this morning has been successful. Bail was set between 100 and 500 euros and requires that they seen on at a garda station three times a week.

Congratulations to the legal team, and welcome back to liberty for those freed from detention.

The High Court Judge was Nicholas Kearns, it took him ten minutes to decide.

The DC judge was John Coughlan.

Cops did not oppose bail in either DC or HC.

author by David C.publication date Wed May 05, 2004 20:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The release of the Cloverhill Twelve is truly a joyous event! Knowing that these brave dissidents are no longer the political prisoners of an evil state reminds me of the release of other political prisoners - Nelson Mandela, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Mahatma Ghandi and the Guildford Four. Freedom rings!!!

author by Drbinochepublication date Thu May 06, 2004 00:22author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Comparing these twelve mommysboys to the likes of Mandela, Gandhi and the Guildford Four is really fucking scraping the barrel here. I mean c'mon, the twelve people are facing at max 1 month in jail, NOT life without possibility of parole, not the death sentence. Fuck it by that rationale every one of the people who marched on Saturday and got the slightest Booboo should be compared to the many who died in Tianneman Square. Please realise you need to get things in a bit of a better perspective.

Also to the activist who was upset he might be missing his college exams, poor fucking diddums, shouldn't have fucked about when his exams were so close, and anyway why was he not at home studying with his exams so close.

I really hope they all get a full month in jail when the courts get around to em.

On one of the other threads regarding this, might I point out the fact that someone has harped on about Innocent until Proevn Guilty and then point out the case of Judge Curtin. I must point out that Judge Curtin was not convicted of anything and no matter ho wobvious the fact that he had Child Pornography, he is, under the eyes of the law, still innocent. Horrible I know, but hey thats the law. Also he was being charged with possession of Child Pornography NOT Child Molestation. Get the facts right. The person also brought up Berlesconi in a rant about corrupt politicians, whilst forgetting that they were discussing Irish Policticians and as such Berlesconi is untouchable by Irish Law. C'mon I expect better from some of the people on this site!

author by I think David C was taking the pisspublication date Thu May 06, 2004 00:35author address author phone Report this post to the editors


author by Paidipublication date Sun May 09, 2004 20:44author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I am the person who you so lovely descirbed as the fool who should have been studying for his exams and not out protesting against globalisation. i would like to remind you that i have and everyone else has the right to protest and that sitting down having a peaceful protest is not as you might say messing about. Apart for your will to see me in Jail for a month i would just like to say that the charges brought against me are for breaking the peace and not violent conduct or assault. So to say that i should get Jail for protesting peacefully, which the Court and Guards acknowledge is just plain stupid and immature. Unless you were there when the riot Guards came out and subsequently been battoned, arrested put in jail for 6 days, denied bail twice and in the process have final exams looming i think you may say nothing, noithing at all. U have no idea.. The protest was peaecful till hooded protesters pushed from behind trying to break the lines, the riot Guards came out so eagerly and the water cannon was seconds from use. I was wrongfully given a prision time, since it was such a meaningless charges. However since it is no longer in the hands of the courts but rather politicans time and a record will be expected. so to say to me that i went out there acting the fool, not protesting about something that is crucial in regargs human rights or life or otherwise...... U HAVE NO RIGHT....... U WANKER

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