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category dublin | summit mobilisations | news report author Monday May 03, 2004 18:26author by circus Report this post to the editors



author by Iosaf Mac Diarmada - Reclaim the Streets! and May Day 2004publication date Mon May 03, 2004 18:28author email ipsiphi at planetsearch dot comauthor address C/Side 5,1º,1ª Barcelona, 08003 Catalonia, Spain, EUauthor phone 0034 636 105 231Report this post to the editors

to the Minister of Justice / Irish Times / RTE / EU / Garda Commisioner / etc., etc.,
This is my personal contribution to RTS! Dublin 2004.

I am a member of the May Day 2004 Barcelona Assembly, and have been
a member and activist of RTS! collectives in Europe since London
"the year of the Seattle bother".
My Dear Micheal,

I hope I can have a small part of your attention today. I'm going to write to you and all the others who get to read this sort of stuff before you, about "My Little Babies".

Accordingly I have gone to respectful lengths to get your attention today.
I replied to the "worm advise" message from Blackrock College in the County of Dublin (I can't get used to this rathdown lark) which msyteriously appeared in my "ipsiphi@diplomats" email account a day after I wrote "sure If I had your address Micheal, I'd explain to you how to "reclaim the republic" when you thought to use the phrase in one of your sillier national question _keynote speeches_.

Maybe that account is one of the silly bunch of indymedia instead, but sure we're all in the loop aren't we?

Now if May Day, "bealtaine" is important to me, well then RTS day is just as important to me. And you appear to have really fucked up the objective of Irish Security this weekend and failed a number of crucial tests on proper identification, good community relations, and minimising damage to property and person. and all under the watchful eye of Europe's media workers, whom you have mostly fed well.
(thank you very much).

And it's RTS! day in Dublin 2004.

The Joycean centenary year, which might not seem significant yet, but could like become a terrible oversight on so many political careerists' part so soon.

Amazing what a poet can achieve given time.
And the beautiful and innocent have no enemy but Time, and neither you nor the Mammy Harney nor indeed Pat the Cox are either innocent or beautiful.


RTS! Dublin 2004.
Seemingly there is a sound system in a van playing music surrounded by people.
What great harm, will be done the nation if it is allowed drive around unhindered for a day?

Seemingly there are a lot of people walking around, and with just a smidgen of "instinct" I would say many have been subject to the old "hormones" over the weekend.

I doubt very much you have been subject to the old "hormones" over the weekend, because there isn't really a female presence in the Leadership of the EU, and all those women you met therefore (and I know you are a hetrosexual Micheal) are married to your fellow leaders, or working in the press corp. And you're not going to be getting off with a member of the press corp. now are you? Exactly not. There will never be "where exactly did the stain get laundered" question and answer session with Michael. Nor will you have got the hormones buzzing from the old nosey stuff. Sure Your work environment is puritan pure these days. Of course this has really annoyed in ways that non problem drug users do not appreciate many of your fellow workers in Government. And I presume your hormones haven't been a moved due to being faced down by water canon, masked and very intimidating Gardaí with batons and shields.

But most of my "little babies" have.
And I want, quite sincerely, in that mostly misunderstood wisdom, which knows fiun uisce from Greek, phoenix from Farmleigh, Harry Potter from a Suicide Bomber, for my little babies to be allowed "calm down collectively today".

That might mean, dancing.
I hope so.
That might mean postering, being creative, and stenciling.
I hope so.
You mightn't like that, but you don't have an art collection. Nor have you hung out with many artists, and I know how much the Andy Warhol wallpaper cost in th RHK, and it's not so difficult to paint over The Walls later.

My Little Babies are going to be given some Space. Head Space.
Because they have been terrified, and among the pretty terror-giving for all I have seen of the weekend.

Someday, Michael, when the other Mc Dowell no longer plays Golf, when Burlusconi has had so many face lifts he's shaving, my little babies will be your age. Just think how much is going to happen between now and then.
And just think how Burlusconi could possibly last that long.

So, This time, please, be a bit weird.
be a bit,

"sensitive to the press corp" you have nodded and smiled at and fed well, (thank you very much),

give a thought to the Soldiers you moved to Dublin and presented with the traumatic news that they might be ordered to fire on their fellow countrymen.

give a thought to the Gardaí, many of whom will be very hormonal as well, after the shocking and shameful lack of planning and forethought on your ministry's part before this weekend.

And Give that RTS! Space.

Meanwhile if you're interested, the landlady has paid 40€ to three Ecuadorians to do a bit of major work on the roof of the house, which is why she called around today looking for rent from my local "little babies.
Three of one family. The youngest I reckon to be about 13 years old, ought he not be in school? They obviously need the money, eh? Michael. And as I never tire of telling you, much of that money will go out of Europe, the glistening Fortress, where everyone has enjoyed "increased prosperity". The Shining Fortress, where "everyone has healed the divisions of left and right, and nationalism and socialism", which Bertie described (or as it the Cox?) as the terrible past of Europe.

And the landlady told them to bring the rubble downstairs at night, because she's not paying for a works license, and they're not to let the Guardia urbana see them, becuase she's not paying a fine. And the rubble will sit on the street till "someone" else who doesn't get paid enough to pay the rent and send the kids to school collects it.

We call that the "real world".

You don't tinker with those figures.

And that is who we represent. So we had "batterings" in our "noble beginning to Europe 25" this weekend.
(do you like how I qoute Bertie's speech, - did you expect that?)
And those who were briefly hostages in an incident we are now closely analysing, have issued a statement of sorts. And we are sorry and think it might have been a mistake to make that occupation. And we very bruised.
And we are very tired.
And we share these things we all our "little babies" and all "our mammies".

So, Give them space.
a little bit of diversity and tolerance.
a long leash.
your Cops a rest.
and the media corp, who will return to former centralised Socialist Authoritarian Regimes, and economies and societies which will in the next few years naturally undergo changes as of yet unadmitted by you and your colleagues, a message, that Maybe Europe, of the XXI century, won't see the victims continually exploited, unseen, criminalised and so terribly _"unwanted"_

Because I want them, they are my little babies, as beautiful as those mammies of South America and the caravans.

As beautiful as any signet, any ugly ducking, any stich on the golden and green silken kamino gifted the lodge, which for us represents the Great Gazebo.

Thank you for your frequent and long attention to the details of my political if not creative and other careers, Minister Mc Dowell. I feel like I almost know you by now.

Yours etc.,

Iosaf Mac Diarmada.
a.k.a. :- the ipsiphi.

sorry for using the "F" word in relation to your ineptness at securing the borders of Ireland, Michael, have a big sloppy hug instead.

Give my babies space.

author by apologising for the spelling and ingratiating myself.publication date Mon May 03, 2004 19:12author address author phone Report this post to the editors

either then nor now.

never had a filling
never worn a mask
never used spell check
never had a social security number
never had a credit card
always had resonant addresses.
always had a get of jail free card.
never had a normal truthful about everything relationship.
never been able to get it all "off the chest".
never known how many people I meet have real names.
never won the lottery.
never met a single tosser who knew what a Gazebo was for.

Now later on, the little babies, are going to disperse. Think about it, like a carnival type thing, think about Notting Hill, 3 million people in one area smaller than Dublin, for four days and almost all of them black.
Oh dear that would test the hormones wouldn't it?
So let the van disappear unhindered, let the drums take over from the beats, let the kids walk/run out that excess energy, and let them have a good time, and give the "lads and ladettes" of the Gardaí a holiday / time off.

I get the feeling, that I do write the same things over and over again.
And then it seems not in the slightest bit odd, that as the years pass by, and my three hours a day @ a cost of 4€ a day investment in world peace and prosperity, that these words, slogans, and so, get everywhere.

I am rash.
I am a virus.
I am not, I'm just very much in need of paying the rent and bills like quick.
oh well.
might have to sell a kidney,
-did I tell you about the lufthansa flight of organs that went missing?
-oh no I didn't.
oh well, hardly relevant now, the country is a member of the EU, and over this weekend has miraculously civilised itself to the tippy toppies standards and joined the imaginary world of rich cuisine at Farmleigh House.

I bet you the original inhabitants of Farmleigh had a better idea what went in a Gazebo.

Anyone want to publish a 80,000 novella "how to build a Gazebo"?
or how about a 120,000 word novel
"the inside of Michael Mc Do Well's mind"
or a film script:-
"Aznar my part in his downfall"
or a radio comedy series:-
"Ahern my part in his downfall"
or a cartoon pop-up book
"Hussein my part in his downfall"
or a book of poetry

"I did it all with my little babies for my mammies"

You have a lovely Reclaim The Streets! day my little babies. and you too lads and ladettes. Let's just forget those Effin muppets in the Park who want to see us all have a go at each other to the Shame and Disgrace of our Society and Nation. & I might just explain to you how to spot a suicide bomber some day.

Related Link: http://www.indymedia.ie/newswire.php?story_id=12739
author by iosaf mac diarmada. - the name that will do for the moment ¿no?publication date Tue May 04, 2004 00:06author address author phone Report this post to the editors

suicide bombers are mostly spotted by civilian participation.
Suicide bombers never are seen to be returning from international known RTS! actions.
Suicide bombers have never been stopped by a normal police service.

It is late at night, that the judges of the land, are now mostly asleep. May they have a restful sleep, away from the worries of the bench, and wake-up tomorrow to their usual work-load for this time of year, and not have any more perhaps "over-doing it now", charges to face in the coming months.

It is late at night now, and the time when most arrests are made, for things like driving a car without due care and maybe having a drinkie or two, so think about getting into that car, after having enjoyed like a "car free party".

It is late at night now, and tranquility and the hoped for end to the annoying daily writing career which started by simply offer useful experience and advise on RTS oh so long ago,
do the judges want to be reminded?

So, Garda Superintendent and most definitely media corp, and most particularly "the suitable Radio Stations", (the type the doughnut guard might be a listening too) have their part to play in ensuring that the Judges of Ireland don't get any more pissed off than they will already be.

So disperse with people you know,
write the legal number on your arm,
and just do your best to get home
after this extra-ordinary weekend.

And Gardaí, don't make any more problems for yourselves, your future co-operation with civilians "who may help you stop a suicide bomber some day (like when Bush comes to stay)" and of course the Judges who at the moment are more than usual important to the Government who have had wee problems and set-backs in Judge land in the recent weeks.

So you see,
no-one and "someones"
really want more arrests in Dublin tonight.

We may all presume that "the quota"
is now filled.

Don't want to be overdoing things.
2 days on the row, means months and months of judging.

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