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McAleese to greet Bush in Dromoland

category clare | anti-war / imperialism | news report author Wednesday April 21, 2004 19:06author by Mary Mac

finalised details released

Just published in current edition of New York's Irish Echo newspaper.

See link for full article.

McAleese to greet Bush
No outdoor appearances for Bush.
Unprecedented security.
US Readers get to see that Irish polls indicate more people opposed to Bush's visit.

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author by bushwatchpublication date Wed Apr 21, 2004 19:13author address author phone

hundreds protest as Bush attends fundraiser for Arlen 'magic bullet theory' Spector.
Cops beat and arrest six protestors for not staying in 'designated protest area'.

Arlen Spector is worth googling by the way... see JFK and the magic bullet, Gulf War syndrome coverup etc.

Pittsburgh indymedia has report and pics on Bush protest there, you can see the cops swinging extendable batons.

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author by weekenderpublication date Wed Apr 21, 2004 19:21author address author phone

a local shopowner conducted a small survey of his customers, and 80% are opposed to his visit to Ireland. not exactly a MORI poll, but worth a look. check out the link

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author by Jim Garrisonpublication date Wed Apr 21, 2004 19:51author address author phone

You need to do some research my boy.

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author by Bush Fan...publication date Thu Apr 22, 2004 14:24author address author phone

In all of Pennsylvania, they could only manage 200 protestors?????????

There were almost 700 republicans to greet Senator Kerry in New Hampshire last week, all waving flip flops.....

I'll wager PA's 21 electoral votes go to the President in November.


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author by Anti-Warpublication date Thu Apr 22, 2004 18:33author address author phone

4 more years of Bush??? Great, the world hates him. Kerry would have far more cred. and thus make it more difficult to mobilise people against the American state.

author by Starstruck - UCD Leftpublication date Thu Apr 22, 2004 19:46author address author phone

Who are these people?
Can i wash their brains with an informed detergent?

author by Michelle Clarkepublication date Fri Apr 23, 2004 01:31author email michelle33 at eircom dot netauthor address author phone none

Let me first state the need FOR AWARENESS relating to Peace Worldwide - this is vital

Oliver Goldsmith 1728-1792
'On the stage he was natural, simple, affecting. Twas only when he was off he was acting'.......................(Retaliation)

We behold a 'Bipolar' situation. It relates to Peace in Iraq; the Peace Process and also Rights for People with Disabilities................Ireland.

These apply to the Island directly and need attention. The time has come to leave aside the roles of actors and actresses and put heads to the grindstone and effect peace.

Dromoland; President of Ireland; President Bush; Taoiseach B. Ahern etc. etc. What about the will of the Irish people for constructive action? Bureaucracy abounds at all levels.

We await a decision about a second period in office by President Mary McAleese. We recently have watched a detailed programme about the President's family life with interludes into work regimen. I ask is it appropriate for such high profile media coverage while such carnage is reeked in Iraq with many innocent people being left without basic human rights.

I also ask about our own Irish Peace Process. I ask about the recent findings relating to para-military activity. I ask how a programme relating to President McAleese incorporate's her husband's meetings with UVF members (!!!!!!) as shown on that programme are interpreted by the people of the Island of Ireland.

My Grandfather a Judge, used these words that have provided a safeguard for me in periods of bipolar mood disorder and the words are few and simple 'Beware of the vested interest". Inference left up to reader.

I ask people to consider this quote by Kate Millett - The Politics of Cruelty

'The French, who have word for this kind of writing, call it temoinage, the literature of the witness; the one who has been there, seen it, knows. It crosses genres, can be autobiography; reportage; even narrative fiction.

But its basis is factual, fact passionately lived and put into writing by a moral imperative rooted like a flower amid carnage with an imperishable optimism, A HOPE THAT THOSE WHO WILL HEAR WILL CARE, WILL EVEN TAKE ACTION.


MICHELLE Thanks to those who care for others and whom one meets at the Anti-War Protests

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