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Send in the Army

category national | rights, freedoms and repression | opinion/analysis author Monday March 08, 2021 01:40author by Gary Jordan Report this post to the editors

Turkeys Voting For Christmas

The plea for tyranny is loud in Ireland in 2021. The people are asking for their chains to be tightened. Orwell was right. But do the people realize what they are asking for ? They should be careful what they wish for.

When the prescient George Orwell wrote, “People will, in fact, have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it” back in 1949, I don’t believe that a war-weary population anywhere in the world, captivated by their recently threatened democracy and infatuated with freedom, could have imagined his words would one day carry weight. Fast forward to 2021 and the only criticism we can give to his prediction is that it was an understatement.

Perhaps though, Orwell was not so much a great prophet as he was someone who had looked at recent history in Germany and envisioned that the events would repeat themselves elsewhere in the years to come. It was only 16 years before he wrote those famous words that the Reichstag was burned down. What ensued was a plea from the masses for the eradication of liberties. The German people, with their irrational fear of a Communist takeover, begged the Nazi Party to remove their freedom of speech, restrict their freedom of movement and delete their freedom of the press. Adolf Hitler, naturally, granted them their wishes. Now replace the words ‘ irrational fear of a Communist takeover’ with ‘irrational fear of a virus’ and we see that, in reality, little has changed.

Many today are not just enjoying the removal of their liberties, but they are begging for more. They are addicted to their new-found servitude. A recent survey conducted in the UK showed that when people were asked if they would miss lockdown measures, should they be terminated, more than half stated that they would miss some or many aspects of them.

And whereas some are taking to the streets to voice their discontent with draconian measures enforced by their government, there are others who are taking to the streets because the measures have not been draconian enough. This was the case in the northern suburbs of Paris, for example, when students exploded in anger in November 2020 on receiving the news that their schools were free to remain open and they could continue their education. They would go on to set fires on the streets and vandalize vehicles, demanding that their lives are put on hold and they be cooked up in their homes. Their teachers, who you would think would know better, actually joined them in the protests.

We see similar acts of hostility towards the prospect of self-determination being waged presently in the United States, where bartenders, cooks and delivery drivers are demonstrating against the removal of coronavirus restrictions by Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. The fact that a legislator in any country of the world would roll back regulations is extraordinary and almost unheard of. But that is lost on these workers who demand that they be muzzled and made to follow orders.

Here, in my home nation of Ireland, it’s no different. I had the unfortunate incident, a few months back, of stepping into the home of a family member who had the radio turned on and tuned into a local propaganda outlet known as Shannonside FM. This was at a time of particularly rampant media scaremongering and finger-pointing, as the nation was plunged into yet another wave of a horrendous viral outbreak which was killing 80-year-olds with 2,3,4 or more co-morbidities and had already taken the lives of 0.06% of the population. It was no surprise then that the radio station host was in a state of sheer panic. He was so upset that he declared, loud and clear, to all his listeners that it was ‘time to send in the army’.

Similar sentiments were to be heard only just last week when a sizable number of young students at a university in Limerick City decided to embark on the unacceptable and dangerous act of partying. The nation recoiled in horror as they watched social media footage of drunken students - reacting as if they were witnessing the emergence of the seven-headed, ten-horned Beast of the Book of Revelations emerge out of the River Shannon. Inevitably, many frantically typed ‘send in the army’ into the comments section of the post.

I have heard and read this plea for army intervention too many times than I care to remember since the beginning of the plandemic.

It was with great interest then on Sunday morning I picked up a copy of the Irish Sunday Mirror and read the following headline; “GARDAI TO PROBE ‘ARMY PAEDO RING’: Whistleblower claims Curragh abuse was over 40 years”.

The report was stomach-churning and made for a disturbung read. It detailed how soldiers in the nation’s Army Headquarters in County Kildare were accused of operating a child sex trafficking network with children as young as seven been abused and assaulted. 41 victims had come forward to tell of their experiences, dating back to the 1970s, and had described how they were passed around like pieces of meat as they were raped. Many of the victims suffered severe psychological trauma and some attempted suicide.

The report goes on…..

“Anthony (the whistleblower) told the Irish Sunday Mirror; ‘You are talking about young boys and girls, 10 and younger, being brought up to the billet and handed over to soldiers. We’re talking about sex abuse that has been happening over generations in the Defence Forces. Abuse of rank for sexual favours. Paedophiles preying on children. I have been contacted by maybe 60 or 70 people, both male and female. It’s not just the Curragh Camp, it’s the whole army.”

There’s nothing new under the sun. At least not in Ireland - the rare auld time it shines.

Here we see, yet again, another mind-blowingly evil and a perverse case of establishment rape and abuse of young children in yet another one of Ireland’s elite institutions, with indications that we have only just scratched the surface. We can now anticipate that a wave of victims will come forth to tell of their life-crushing, soul-destroying, torturous journeys as casualties of tax-payer-funded, government-employed depraved paedophiles.

What this should drive home - but probably won’t - is that the mythological belief in holier-than-thou government branches and agencies must stop. What can be said now by those who hollered for help from the army, in their perceived time of need? And when will people realize that those they are begging for protection are, in many cases, the biggest perpetrators of abusive and inhumane acts imaginable?

How would the DJ from Shannonside radio feel about having the soldiers that raped children in Army Headquarters stationed permanently outside his front gate? Did he perhaps consider that those very same people he looked upon as superheroes only months ago, could indeed be criminal sexual deviants who wouldn’t think twice about defiling a child? Probably not. Because he most likely lives, like the vast majority of the public, in a pseudo-reality, where the army and the law enforcement of his country can do no wrong. He most likely lives in a fantasy land, like so many do, and is firmly enshrined in the belief that the government and their advisors have only one thing in mind, and that is to protect him and his family.

This, despite years and years of evidence to the contrary.

Some of the most heinous events that have ever taken place in human history have occurred when the army has been let loose on the streets of towns and cities, overseeing the actions of the population. This is not to say that every person who is a member of the Defence Force is a threat. But what we can say with certainty, is that when you unleash thousands of young men and women who are armed and trained to kill people amongst an unarmed, vulnerable public then, undoubtedly, there will be ugly and, sometimes, deadly consequences.

We see this presently in Myanmar with anti-coup protestors being murdered in broad daylight as they demonstrate against the military. We have seen it in recent times in the Middle East where American, Australian and British soldiers have massacred civilians. We have also seen examples of military personnel using their weapons in a bid to settle scores or to ‘solve’ personal disputes. There have been instances where soldiers are said to have ‘snapped’, like in the case of Irish soldier Michael McAleavey or US soldier Ivan Lopez, turning their weapons on their colleagues. Is this what we want on our streets, all because it somehow, in some inexplicable way, makes people feel less scared of a virus?

The same can be said of any major institution in any country being invited to wield so much control over the people. What happened in Ireland in the early to mid 20th century when the Jesuit Christian Brothers of Ireland were given unbridled power over the education in primary schools of young boys and of the ‘Reformatory’ schools for minor offenders? Ten of thousands of innocent children were abused, beaten, trafficked and used as slave labour.

What happened when the population viewed the Catholic Church as an almighty and superior entity which could do no wrong? What happened when they were free to set the nation’s rules and regulations with no accountability to anyone - not even the government? Murder, rape, sexual abuse, violence, torture and never-ending psychological trauma.

What happens when the government is awarded jurisdiction over the most defenceless in society? What is the result when we give our approval to governments and their associates to impose their will on these same people, as they see fit. We can take, as an example, the children of poor and impoverished unmarried mothers in Ireland - children who were viewed with disdain in the eyes of the State and the Catholic Church; pariahs in the nation, before they were even born. Their destiny became the responsibility of the same people that viewed them in this light . How did that work out? More murder, more rape, more sexual abuse, more violence, more torture and more psychological trauma.

This is what happens when those who sit and worship at the altar of the State put all their trust and faith in them.

But things have changed since those days, right?


As I write this, the people of Ireland have allowed a corporation posing as a law enforcement agency, known An Garda Siochana, to control every aspect of their lives. The same people who eagerly invite the army into the fold, at the sight of a few drunken 18-year-old kids, have implored the government to keep them safe. The government has responded and now that same corporation posing as law enforcement, as and when they choose, may arrest a member of the public without a warrant if they have reasonable cause to believe that person is a threat to public health, detain them, take them to a location against their will and place them in isolation should they believe the person is a potential risk to public health.

In my book, The COVID-19 Illusion; A Cacophony of Lies, I outlined the dangers of giving this type of power to An Garda Siochana (or any law enforcement agency for that matter) and documented how their many crimes through the decades indicated that they were not to be trusted with such power. Unfortunately, it happened anyway.

On top of the powers given to An Garda Siochana, in an effort to appease those of a nervous disposition, the government of Ireland has also granted the Department of Health the power to prevent citizens from flying out of the country, restrict travel within the country, force people to stay in their homes, prohibit events and gatherings, close down schools, close down colleges, close down places of worship, close down businesses and close down childcare facilities.

Plus, under amendments made to the Mental Health Act 2001, a person can be committed to an insane asylum on the judgement of a one-person tribunal. That single person does not have to have any medical qualifications. A lawyer or a barrister is sufficient and he/she does not even have to call the patient to speak before the tribunal in order to have them sent away. While in the facility of the mental institution, the authorities may have the patient forcibly medicated if they feel it is necessary. This is happening at a time when legislators are publicly questioning the mental health of those who won’t conform.

And just today, President Michael D. Higgins signed the mandatory quarantine bill which will see those traveling into the country placed into the now notorious COVID jails that are springing up in nations worldwide. Ironically, the army will play a major role in this operation.

But still, for some, it’s not enough. Many want that same army on the streets, in full force.

The turkeys have voted in favour of Christmas.

Gary Jordan

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This is how people are doubling down


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