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Spirit of Contradiction

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Decoding the News: Fear Mongering reaches new heights on reports of hospitals Overflowing

category national | arts and media | feature author Wednesday January 13, 2021 00:12author by 1 of indyReport this post to the editors

Bringing perspective to the news that the media refuse to do

featured image
Screenshot of Irish Times article from LAST year
reporting hospital over-crowding

All the news media in Ireland have gone ballistic in the last few days ramping up the Covid fear to new extreme levels. There are already 100,000s of people absolutely terrified by their misleading news and this sustained level of fear for over 10 months now is very likely leading to very dangerous health conditions for these people leading to heart conditions, mental issues, cancer and all sorts of problems caused largely by the extreme stress that they have put themselves under because unfortunately the media and the politicians are giving highly distorted, mis-leading inaccurate and sensational news about the Covid situation.

A good example is the news from the past few days where we are told the hospitals are overflowing with Covid patients and as of today it is claimed 46 are death.

The aim of this article is to bring some context and reality to this, something the mainstream media and politicians and their bureaucrats are strenuously going out of their way to not do.

So lets take the hospital admissions we are told there are thousands in the hospitals. Well if we go back to this time last year BEFORE Covid and check the Irish Times for Friday Jan 10th 2020 the headline reads:

First week of 2020 ‘worst ever’ for hospital overcrowding
More than 3,000 patients went without beds as trolley numbers hit new record

Source: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/health/first-week-of-2020-worst-ever-for-hospital-overcrowding-1.4135852
Check out the page and save it before the Irish Times remove it.

So you would never know that listening to Tony (The Grinch) Holohan or Stephen Donnelly. What we find is that more or less every year during this middle two weeks in January, there is a peak in hospital admissions because this is the time that the annual peak in deaths occur due to flu and pneumonia. What the Covid scare mongers want people to believe is that for decades we have these peaks hit our hospitals every January, when it is the coldest time of the year and people's levels of Vitamin D is at its lowest and for some reason possibly due to political expediency that flu and colds have disappeared and has been replaced by Covid. It is simply impossible for this to happen. It makes no sense whatsoever.

featured image

Update 25th Jan: How the Government Lies with Statistics

On Sat 23rd Jan, the headlines screamed 77 further deaths and the story was carried country wide. When you read down past the

headlines -and many people do NOT and the spin-doctors know this -it reads 76 of the 77 died this month. In other words they are not daily deaths because if they were they would love to tell you. Then on Tues 25th Jan, the main RTE news opens with 90 Further deaths. Again you are supposed to think from the headline that was since the previous day. But if you listen carefully they once again say all but one of those deaths occurred in Jan. So are they month totals? If it is a monthly total then it means it is probably LESS than last years January flu death totals.

featured image

Earlier in the year the http://www.hpsc.ie/ were publishing daily death totals but they have stopped doing that and focus mostly on the irrelevant cases which are meaningless. The only death totals you can find are for a sliding 14 day total that makes it impossible to recover the actual daily deaths. If you had the figure for the first day, it might be possible, but the HPSC purposely did not publish the initial figures. The graph to the side is graphed with the data for Jan. Because of the averaging any peak will not show up for at least 7 days. On the graph we passed the peak a few days ago which means the real peak passed probably 10 days ago! But during this period the scare mongering has increased and the restrictions have been tightened and put in place for longer. This is total lies and bullshit by the govt and it's officials. They should be charged with terrorism and vandalism of the economy and our society.

Update 30th Jan: Example showing a hypothetical daily series of daily counts represented by a 14 day moving total as used by the Irish government (HPSC.ie) will distort the reality and 1) moves the real peak by 7 days and 2) makes the daily total look 7 to 8 time higher than the real daily total. The HPSC is using a 14 day moving total to help lie by statistics. The objective is to make the annual January peak of deaths look like it is going on longer and the deaths are higher so as to justify the draconian police state measures
featured imagefeatured image

We are also told that all those been admitted are Covid related. How do they know or claim this. For the past 10 months we have been blasted in the media and press about Covid symptoms and one can't help notice that they are pretty much identical to the range of symptoms from the common cold, a bad cough flu and possibly Covid. This means that anyone with any one of these diseases and who has been terrified by the health terrorists in the government is naturally going to think they have Covid and rush off to the hospital where they will naturally say that they think they have Covid. Who can blame them? Perhaps this is one source of the "Covid" confirmation. The second main source is the PCR Test for Covid. It has been pointed out many times to government officials and the media that this test is completely unreliable and is next to useless. It has a huge false positive rate and is unlikely to distinguish between someone with a Common Cold and Covid. And there is a good reason for that. The Common Cold virus is a member of the Corona Virus family and shares practically all of the genes. A previous article here: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/107633 has already covered the story on the recent research paper a few months back by 10 leading scientists pointing out how useless and totally unreliable the PCR test. Indeed the original inventor of the PCR method, Larry Mullis winner of Nobel Prize for medicine said many times before he died that this test should NEVER been used in a medical setting as it is more of a research tool to be used in extreme care. So we more than likely have a casedemic but the increasing hospitalizations appear to give credibility to it so long as people are not made aware of this annual increase every winter. The same thing is going on in most of the other countries too.

Probing further into the above Irish Times article for this time last year, you will also see as highlighted in the screen shots a link to a separate story that reports Flu killed 44 people as hundreds wait on trolleys in hospitals. What a coincidence that a similar number die today except it is claimed they are from Covid. Once again the PCR test is central and is the "proof" that the government uses the real scientists in the scientific community that have some spine and are less worried about their careers and reputation -have proven that there is no basis to make such claims using such a test. The obvious conclusion is that sadly for these people, -one you will find probably all of them actually died from pneumonia and happen to be near the end of their lifespan already. Because this has been the case all along with Covid. And yes the odd person a good bit younger do die too. And when that happens, the media cynically use these deaths to someone imply the deaths are happening in younger age groups

featured image
Rules to use when certifying Covid death.

The definition of a Covid death is extremely liberal and this is how they are claiming deaths possibly from other reasons as Covid deaths. In every single country the protocol on filling out a death certificate has been updated to strongly bias in favour of Covid as the leading cause. There are on average 83 deaths a day in Ireland every day, every year and they can call on these deaths and especially at this time since in January so many die of pneumonia also. Since these symptoms overlap with Covid -then they are Covid. See the screenshot here which captures the definition as described on the HSPC (Health Protection Surveillance Centre) website.

What we are not hearing about is the huge increase in suicides and many of these ARE of younger people. There has been lots of anecdotal comments on social media about a huge increase already in this country. Back in October, a report on suicides in Japan showed a huge increased in 2020 and this is attributed to Covid-19 lockdowns. For example this report Lockdown Suicides Claimed More Lives in October Than 10 Months of COVID-19 In Japan says that in just October 2020, there were 2,153 in Japan which was an increase of 600 over previous years where it had been falling for the previous five years. That represents at approximately 33%. Similar reports are coming from the US in terms of reported suicide attempts are way up. Ireland had in 2018 352 deaths which fell from a high of 552 in 2009. An increase of the order of 33% would represent at least 120 additional deaths and the real increase could be more. If we count years lost for suicide, it is a lot higher than someone who is at the end of their life.

It is alleged we are doing lockdowns to save our granny's but this is once simply emotional blackmail. Back in March after the government had locked down the country, they basically abandoned old people and threw old people from hospitals where Covid was present into nursing homes. As if that was not bad enough all through this, they have a policy of not treating the very old. Yet it has been demonstrated that Covid-19 is treatable with cheap generic drugs and the death rate can be dramatically lowered. See for example Dr De Brun's report on the mismanagement of Covid-19 in nursing homes by the government here: http://www.indymedia.ie/article/107411

The government is desperate to give the impression that somehow -in their eyes at long last -that the people dying are getting progressively younger. This is not done as a straight lie but by careful presentation of facts and figures all of which of course are completely suspect when you dig into every one of them. You will noticed they emphasize the median age of Covid cases is far younger. By saying this and then reporting deaths a few seconds later, you will automatically think the deaths are of younger people. It is imperative on everyone to do their own research and digging. And you have do spend time and not expect these things to be presented on a plate to you. More importantly, the daily HSE reports which used to give the deaths by age group in an awkard cumulative format no longer contains any breakdown of the death figures by age. This is to hide the fact that as it happen all year, the median age of death was 82. They can't have figures like that floating around while they are trying to pretend it is people in their 40s and 50s who are affected. It is time to demand that the HSE publish the death by age figures again and retrospectively too!.

So what is the point of all this? Well there are really two objectives. The first one is implied automatically by the sheer insane paranoid fear mongering panic and that is we should all gag our faces with masks that have been proven to be ineffective and to impose harsher restrictions and lockdowns. These are of course simply all police state measures and serve to destroy the economy and the very fabric of life.

The second objective is simply to scare people into taking the experimental and potentially extremely dangerous vaccines. The government here and elsewhere are well aware the cat got out of the bag in terms of the risk and danger about the vaccines. The way to solve this is simply to change people's perception of the risk and it goes like this.

Suppose someone said you have a 2.6% chance of very serious side effects from a vaccine or a 0.1% chance of ending up in hospital due to Covid. Clearly the Covid chance is smaller so why would you risk the vaccine? Most people wouldn't. But if your perception is changed and the figures are now and 20% chance of ending up in hospital due to Covid, then the vaccine is clearly lower risk and people would opt for it. Note the way this is setup. It is either the Vaccine or Covid. And that is what the government has done. They don't want any mention of other forms of treatment and there is practically zero discussion on how to boost your own immune system and make yourself generally healthier overall. And yet you can easily do that.

Before discussing this any further, it is worth saying something about mutant strains of Covid or anything else for that matter. Every year there are mutant strains of the Flu, of the Common Cold and practically any other virus you care to mention. In fact, all viruses are constantly mutating and from the minute a new virus or rather strain of virus appears it will mutate. So all this talk of new mutant strains is simply to scare people. The mutant strains have been there from day one most likely. The word mutant itself especially in our culture tends to conjure up the idea of horror movies from Hollywood featuring such things. This is not the actual reality. The human body and every other living thing has been dealing with mutant strains for eons. This media hype is just that.

However the hype serves a purpose and that is. People at some level know that Covid for the past year has largely affected the very old and vulnerable as the average age of death is 82. The role of the news of the mutant strain is to make the public think it is (of course) worse AND it affects younger people. What this does is change the risk perception between the Vaccine and Covid so that the public think whatever the risks with the Vaccine, the Covid ones are worse. And since every single media outlet, Big Tech social media outfit, government news, corporate news, politician, health bureaucrats and medical official more interested in their reputation and career than your health, -every one of these people are screaming every day for YOU to just take the vaccine and it is implied that this madness and the lockdowns will end.

But if you probe further, you find that people like Matt Hancock in the UK government suggest we might need a vaccine every 6 months. If you check with the media, and airlines and say http://www.healthpassportireland.ie/ you find them pushing Health Passport Europe where in this new abnormal you won't be able to go anywhere without taking the vaccine. In China already in 100 cities you can't even take a taxi with one of these things. This new health passport should be called: The Passport to Tyranny

Yet still we find hints and announcements that the so called miracle vaccines do not in fact protect those at most risk from Covid from being affected by it. Surely that is the whole point of the vaccine.

And on and on it goes. Even the so called 95% efficiency of the vaccine is very suspect once you dig into the studies and get behind the figures as to how they categoriszed people with and without Covid.

If you want to start digging into the propaganda to figure it out for yourself, see the list of links on this page here: http://www.indymedia.ie/campaigns

Median age of death with Covid for each week. Gaps in July - Sept are because othere was zero Covid deaths then
Median age of death with Covid for each week. Gaps in July - Sept are because othere was zero Covid deaths then

Number of deaths with Covid -not neccessarily caused by it, per week.. March 2020 to Jan 8th 2021
Number of deaths with Covid -not neccessarily caused by it, per week.. March 2020 to Jan 8th 2021

Number of deaths with Covid per week per different age categories. March 2020 to Jan 8th 2021
Number of deaths with Covid per week per different age categories. March 2020 to Jan 8th 2021

All figures are taken from Irish Gov Central Statistics Office provided by HSE to them.
All figures are taken from Irish Gov Central Statistics Office provided by HSE to them.

author by Tpublication date Wed Jan 13, 2021 15:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

if you are thinking of taking the vaccine it would be a good idea to make sure you know some of the background context and facts and watch this in full

Dr. Simone Gold - The truth about the covid-19 vaccine


See also https://www.AmericasFrontlineDoctors.com/

The outcome of what is presented in the video is to launch a campaign to stop medical discrimination to prevent private companies like airlines forcing the use of vaccines for travel

The Petition To Stop Forced Experimental Vaccines

Go to: https://stopmedicaldiscrimination.org/

Caption: Dr. Simone Gold - The truth about the covid-19 vaccine

author by Crazy Catpublication date Sat Jan 16, 2021 09:42author address author phone Report this post to the editors

From the Off Guardian


author by 1 of indypublication date Wed Feb 03, 2021 22:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Attached is an updated graph showing that the annual peak in deaths is well over and rapidly heading down.It has to be stressed once again that the government has gone out of it's way to distort the statistics and lie with them by using a moving 14 day total which is a sum of all deaths for the previous 14 days. This as pointed out and illustrated mathematically in the update box above delays the apparent peak by at least 7 days and since the way these figures are presented, people are led to believe they are daily death rates. But because it is a 14 day total then this means it gives a false impression that the daily death rate is at least 7 to 14 times higher than it really is.


author by ecpublication date Fri Feb 05, 2021 12:36author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Simone Gold? FFS have you no shame.

author by Tpublication date Mon Feb 08, 2021 11:16author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Figures reported by the CDC to Jan 29th are showing 501 deaths caused by the Vaccine. There are over 11,000 reported adverse events which are defined as a reaction so severe that you are either temporarily or permanently incapacitated.

It is estimated that only 10% of reactions including deaths get reported. Many of the deaths will have been of elderly people whose immune systems would already have been severely comprised due to age and it is highly unlikely that not only would their deaths be suspected as being due to the vaccine but also unlikely that anyone would go to through the red tape to report it.

I wonder is it paranoid to point out the inconvenient truth ?

CDC database recording 501 deaths due to the Covid Vaccine. Not shown are 11,000+ serious adverse debilitating reactions. Deaths and reactions very likely underreported
CDC database recording 501 deaths due to the Covid Vaccine. Not shown are 11,000+ serious adverse debilitating reactions. Deaths and reactions very likely underreported

author by nphet watchpublication date Mon Feb 22, 2021 16:19author address author phone Report this post to the editors

A GP in Kildare, who described the pandemic as ‘a hoax’, has told the Irish Daily Mail four other GPs from around the country have been in touch to congratulate him.

And the 71-year-old now says the Medical Council is trying to ‘strike him off’ over his stance.

When asked how he would react to local people who want the jab, Dr Gerard Waters said: ‘If anyone is stupid enough to get the vaccine, they’re entitled to get it.’ He said he will not stand in the their way but they can go to another GP.

The GP, who has been a doctor for more than 40 years, said he will not step down silently from his practice and will take the Medical Council to court if he has to. Since his statement was read out on Liveline, Dr Waters said four other GPs from around the country have been in touch to ‘congratulate’ him.

Another GP, Dr Pat Morrissey, in Limerick, said he too has reservations about the vaccine and as a result said: ‘I’m a pariah among my colleagues.’


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