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Rolling Covid-19 Police State Lockdown Resistance Coverage

category international | rights, freedoms and repression | news report author Monday April 27, 2020 00:05author by 1 of indy Report this post to the editors

The mainstream media is acting as a mouth organ for the WHO and the state. There is very little coverage that questions the whole narrative of the Covid-19 lock down and police state measures nor any question of why the country is committing economic suicide. The propaganda has been relentless and so effective and it appears few seem bothered that their jobs and livelihoods have been trashed.

This story will contain links to what is happening elsewhere and the types of questions and answers that are appearing. This stuff should be front page on the mainstream media, but you do have to ask why not.

If you know of any important related story please add as a comment or use contact form and it can be added.

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Wearing a mask is an unhygienic and dangerous practice which is more likely to make you sick. Covering your respiratory passages undermines a strong immune system and only makes you more susceptible to disease especially when winter bugs strike again.

Second Wave:

Donít fear the mutant: Coronavirus may be Ďadapting to humans,í warns MSM. Havenít they been paying attention?

Sweden / Lockdown Dissent :

Dr. Steven Shapiro: Health Care Insight for Reopening the Economy
Chief Medical Officer for 40-Hospital UPMC Network Trashes the Case for Continued Lockdown in Senate Hearing. Says they never "surged". Peak use of their ventilators was only 48 out of 750 [6.4%]
Norway ĎCould Have Controlled Infection Without Lockdowní: Health Chief
Calls for country to avoid such unscientifc measures in the future

Italy finally to follow Sweden's lead
Italy to Speedily Abandon Mind Virus Lockdown, Bend the Knee to Swedenís Open Model
By June 1 Italy will look much like Sweden


Dutch riot police fire water cannon to disperse rally against coronavirus restrictions, dozens arrested
More than 500 people storm California beach town to protest stay-at-home orders
Predecessor of Germanyís Professor Lockdown Thinks Virus Crackdown Is an Unjustifiable Abomination

ďGradually Everyone Is Approaching the Swedish ModelĒ ó Rock Star of Epidemiology, Dr. Giesecke, Points Out the Obvious (VIDEO)
It's not Sweden bending the knee, it's the lockdown countries capitulating to Sweden's model

The WHO have been setting the agenda and have been the main instigators through their "sound advice" to countries to commit economic suicide and lockdown.

Despite many dire warnings, threats and pressure through their network of contacts, Sweden id not buckle. The first few links relate to this:

Italian MP, Sgarbi denounces the Statistical Fraud on COVID-19:
Vittorio Sgarbi, denounces the closure of 60% of the businesses for 25,000 COVID-19 Deaths, of which the National Institute of Health says 96.3% died NOT of COVID-19 but of other pathologies. That means only 925 have died of the virus. 24,075 have died of other things.

Itís Game Over and the Swedish-Belarusian Herd Immunity Model Has Won
One third of Stockholmers have already had Covid-19, shook it off, and are now immune

Swedenís Dangerous Experiment (Not Committing Social & Economic Suicide) Is Still Working
The COVID Death Cult said Sweden would be drowning in corpses by now. They were wrong

Medical Disaster -More People Dying from the Lockdown than the Disease Itself:

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Fear-Fueling Lockdowns Have Caused Gargantuan Excess Deaths Spikes Theyíre Trying to Blame on Covid-19
In London alone 600 people a week more are now dying from heart attack because they were afraid to go to hospital

Ď60,000 Cancer Patients Could Die Because of Lack of Treatment or Diagnosisí ó UK Oncologist on Coronavirus
"We are sleepwalking in to a massive crisis and cancer patients will die unnecessarily if we donít act now"

Cardiologists Conclude More Austrians Died From Untreated Heart Attacks Than From Covid-19
Collateral damage of lockdown panic

Lockdown / Virus Already Widespread -therefore Lockdown not warranted

The Not-So-Novel Coronavirus: Half the Uninfected Population Is Possibly Already Partly Immune

Media Silent After CDC Confirms Covid-19 Mortality Rate Is Actually Quite Low
It appears that the vast majority of people who get the coronavirus donít even know it because the symptoms are non-existent. Another large portion have symptoms that quite mild. And even the minority who contract the virus and get sick, the vast majority of them recover much like they would from the common flu.

Sloveniaís Official Antibodies Study Implies COVID Infection Fatality Rate Just 0.15%, Comparable to Seasonal Influenza

Infection is far more widespread (and far less lethal) than captured by PCR tests (15 to 58 times more so)

Oxford Epidemiologist: Hereís Why That Doomsday Model Is Likely Way Off
Professor Gupta lead a team of researchers at Oxford University in a modeling study which suggests that the virus has been invisibly spreading for at least a month earlier than suspected, concluding that as many as half of the people in the United Kingdom have already been infected by COVID-19.

If this is the case, fewer than one in a thousand whoíve been infected with COVID-19 become sick enough to need hospitalization, leaving the vast majority with mild cases or free of symptoms.

ĎFront Lineí Doctor in NYC: Covid Cases Peaked in Early April. End the Lockdown NOW!
An ER physician in the Bronx says it's time to open up

ĎScience-Basedí Comrade Alabama: State Kidnappings Are Awesome, All Deaths Are Covid Deaths

Guess What? US States Without Lockdowns Are Faring No Worse Than the Lockdown States
No worse on the covid front and far better on all the non-covid fronts

Russiaís Own Testing Data Shows Moscowís Draconian Lockdown Is Not Warranted
60% of the newly tested are completely asymptomatic and few of the rest are serious cases

Coronavirus Mathematical Model Suggest a Hoax?
Germany: Thousands of protesters slam isolation measures
Demonstrators gathered in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and other German cities to decry coronavirus-triggered restrictions imposed by the government. A right-wing protester attacked a team of reporters in Dortmund.

Police Break Up Attempted Anti-Lockdown Protest in East Germany
Reportedly 300 attempted to march but were brutally suppressed

2500 March Against the Covid Rouge in Washington, New Jersey Charges Protest Leader
"New Jersey hasn't been shy about breaking up gathering and charging individuals"

John Waters andd Gemma O'Doherty and Supporters crowd into Hight Court

500 Protest the Covid Rouge in Russiaís Vladikavkaz in Europeís First Demo Against the Virus Maos
North Ossetians of the Caucasus mountains saving Europe's honor

BRAVE: 300,000 Michiganders Have Joined a FaceBook Group Asking the Covid Rouge If They Could Be Whipped a Little Less Frequently

South Dakota Governor Hits Back at the COVID Rouge: ĎI Believe in Our Freedoms and Libertiesí
The rare adult in the room, refusing to allow emotion take over science in her decision-making

Violence & Poverty Caused by Lockdown

122 Million Indians Forced out of Jobs in April Alone, 12 Million to Be Pushed Into ĎExtreme Povertyí
"News reports are emerging of people foraging through piles of rotting fruit or eating leaves"

Taser-Wielding NYPD Punk Cop Punches Bystander During ĎSocial-Distancing Bustí
Welcome to lockdown, pleb!

Nigerian Police Has Killed More People Enforcing the Lockdown Than the Virus
And that's according to official government figures

Domestic violence rises in Turkey during COVID-19 pandemic

Social Conditioning and Money Wasting

12 US COVID Field Hospitals Constructed at $532 Million Are Standing Down Having Treated 82 Patients
That works out to $6.5 million per patient

Just 2 Out of 1349 Infected with THE PLAGUE in Tennessee Prison Have Any Symptoms

Russian State TV in Media War Against No-Lockdown Belarus
Belarus kicks the Russian doomsday info warriors out

British Lady Who Didnít Clap for the NHS (She Was Tired and Fell Asleep) Named and Shamed on Facebook by Degenerate Neighbors

1985 LA Times Poll Found 51% of Americans Supported Quarantining AIDS patients, 15% Wanted Them Tattooed
People are so very rational and evidence-based when a new disease appears

WHO Are Lifestyle Stalinists Who Should Have Been Dismantled Decades Ago
They've long traded fighting infectious disease for lecturing you, reeducating you, and controlling your life



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