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The Saker
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Public Inquiry
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Human Rights in Ireland
A Blog About Human Rights

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Spirit of Contradiction

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Dublin - Event Notice
Thursday January 01 1970

Protest Demonstration over recent racist attacks on two Afghani men and a teenager

category dublin | racism & migration related issues | event notice author Monday May 09, 2016 14:05author by pbp - United Against Racism Report this post to the editors

Stop Racism in its tracks. United Against Racism are holding a protest
demonstration at the garage entrance to Nutgrove Shopping Centre to show
solidarity with the three young Afghani people who were subjected to a racist attack on Nutgrove Way

Public Rally: Rathfarnham Assault: Stop Racist Attacks in Their Tracks

Tuesday 10 May 7PM
Nutgrove Way, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
(At corner of the petrol station at the entrance of Nutgrove Shopping Centre. )

Please share and invite...

Afghan family assaulted in racist attack. Rathfarnham assault perpetrated by gang of five assailants who threatened to kill family.

We are calling on all people, community groups, anti-racism activists and organisations to support this call for an anti-racist rally in solidarity with the victims of the racist Rathfarnham attack and say NO to racism. We cannot allow this sort of racism to exist in our communities.

Please let us know if you would like your organisation to be listed here as supporting/endorsing this rally. All are welcome.

As one of the victim said, this is our home and we don't want racism in our homes...

"This is my home" - “Irish people have been lovely. This is my home. I can’t believe this attack has happened. Why would people want to hurt my son like this? Nothing has ever happened like this. From what the men said, I can see it’s racism"

Supporters (List will be updated)
Dialogue & Diveristy
Waterford Against Racism
Kilmore West against Austerity
ROSA For Reproductive Rights against Oppression Sexism and Austerity.
Anti Racism Network
Republic of Ireland Against Racism
Galway Anti Racism Network
Westmeath Immigrants Network

Tues 7pm Nutgrove Shopping Centre, near garage entrance

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author by pbppublication date Mon May 09, 2016 22:10author address author phone Report this post to the editors

In a statement, Bríd Smith TD of People Before Profit has condemned in the strongest possible terms the ‘disgusting and disgraceful’ racist attack that was committed against an Afghan family from Rathfarnham in Marley Park, Dublin on Thursday 5 May. Reports say that the attack was committed by a gang of five men.

Deputy Smith said “this is a disgusting, disgraceful and racist attack. I condemn it in the strongest possible terms. This behaviour has no place in Ireland and I am calling on the community in Nutgrove (where I was born and bred) to stand united against racial abuse and violence.”

The group, United Against Racism, have called a vigil against racist violence outside Nutgrove Shopping Centre on Tuesday 10 May at 7pm. Deputy Smith will be speaking at the event.

Deputy Smith continued to say that “it is very important that we, as a society, come out against these racist vigilantes.

“I think it needs to be made clear that these animals do not represent the people of this country. Having said that, as anti-racists, we must be on high alert and put measures in place to prevent future attacks like this.

“I am appealing to everyone in all communities across Ireland to show solidarity with this family and every ethnic minority in this country. We must say it loud and clear that everyone is welcome in Ireland and that who lives here belongs here. The attackers bring shame on this country.”

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author by raspberry teapublication date Thu May 12, 2016 15:00author address author phone Report this post to the editors

- Nobody is saying the attack doesn't raise questions,however had this been an irish lad out on his own getting beaten over the head with a metal bar - as has happened more than once in Ireland,it wouldn't warrant such a thread,it wouldn't even get so much as a batted eyelid,but when you throw something as incindery as racism into the mix,it provokes a reaction,its like lighting a match - the media love it..How do we know that these lads shouted ''get back to your own country or use the F word'' - we can only take their word for it,where is the actual evidence of that?It could be these thugs like many were just looking for an excuse to beat the living sh*t out of someone for kicks,as does happen - and the victims happened to be afghani...Would there be as much uproar from the afa crowd if it was a normal everyday irish joe soap?My guess is probably not...Of course this is a prime opportunity for the social justice ''warriors'' to come out and DAMN Ireland as a wholly racist country,that needs to take in more immigrants until we are at bursting point....And then some if we do object then we are all damned as racists and social pariahs...The truth is this incident will provide more leverage for the immigrant orgs intent on dividing communities just so they can flood the market with cheap labour and satisfy the insatiable appetites of the elite landlords and politicians buying up votes,and golf stick swining ceo's..They are not really socialists they are just doing the bidding of their puppet masters....

author by Ruapublication date Thu May 12, 2016 21:02author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Did you know the travellers(from a prized of the left - precious ethnic group) initiated this attack on yet another precious ''minority'' - so who is the ulitmate victim?The travellers or the afghans?Now remember the travellers are victims too of the settled community they terrorize and institutional racism and poverty,so are these attackers really perpetrators or are they nice cuddly victims - i bet its the ultimate head melt for the left trying to decide who is the ultimate victim - i noticed since the story broke that these were travellers who beat them up rte dropped the story like a hot potatoe( one a 13 year old afghani who looks about 30) - RACISM PUHLEASE! It could have been a middle class irish male who got attacked that day but of course if that was the victim it wouldn't have even blipped for a second on your ''wacism'' radar,would it??Nobody cares only if it is someone from a victimhood minority - you milk it for all you can get for funding,protests whatever,your advert for a protest on the back of this assault is shameful...And very opportunistic!

author by Johathonpublication date Thu May 12, 2016 22:01author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I checked my white male hetrosexual priviledge,and you guys should look up intersectionality,the disadvantage of the traveller community and its subsequent outcomes are a direct result of the white heteronormative capitalist patriarchy and the instiulised violence imposed on travellers, ultimately disadvantage is a result of the cis white settled christian male, we need to smash this system and displace and defeat them thus achieving justice and equality for all..

author by Tpublication date Sun May 15, 2016 22:43author address author phone Report this post to the editors

If this was an Irish lad getting hit over the head it would be just as awful and this does happen, but the reason a racist attack will tend to get coverage is because they tend to tend to be politically motivated and if left unchecked these become a focal point and the toxic seed out of which a rabidly right-wing racist neo-nazi ideology riven by hate, takes hold and in every case these political parties / groups are used by the capitalist elite to divide and conquer the population while they live their millionaire and billionaire lifestyles with all the money they have robbed from their workers and state transferred offshore through tax havens and creative accounting.

Attacks on 'white' people tend not to have this political motivation and are just thuggery. There is a tendency for people who don't particularly like foreigners to feel that the racist attacks get unfair attention and see it unequal in terms of coverage and are ambivalent as to whether a far-right racist party rises up. But what they perhaps don't realize is that a party like that will end up terrorizing the entire population and always strip away all civil liberties when they get free reign and remove all the social benefits and the population ends up in a worse situation and the reason is that the powers that be take any and every opportunity to use any tool, or mechanism to divide and distract the population while the capitalist elite rob the country blind.

In one of the other comments above it is pointed out that one of the attackers may have been from the Traveller community. If this is the case it simply proves that the system itself has been very effective at pitting the desperation, poverty and alienation not against the system, but against other minority groups

In many ways it is similar to the way in Northern Ireland, the capitalist elite there established the Orange Order to promote sectarianism between Catholics and Protestants, successfully ensuring the working classes of both communities have not united against them but remained bitterly divided and during the period of the troubles, attacked and murdered each other at times.

Lastly we should not forget that the current wave of immigrants to Europe are a direct result of a series of wars of aggression by the US and main European capitalist powers. We must not forget that these capitalists who have turned our societies into permanent surveillance states with never ending austerity are the same people who spent billions and billions of tax generated by the working class to rain millions of tonnes of bombs and weapons down on countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and most recently through their friends ISIS and Daesh which they have heavily backed through the agency of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, on Syria. Plus they have supported civil wars in numerous other countries like Eitrea and Somalia.

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