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The French Republic taken hostage

category international | anti-war / imperialism | opinion/analysis author Wednesday November 18, 2015 23:10author by 1 of Indymedia Report this post to the editors

In light of the butchery that took place in Paris on Fri 13th by Terrorists largely financed, supported, trained and armed by Western powers and corporate entities directly and through Gulf state and Turkish state intermediaries and the totally inadequate analysis from the mainstream media, we reproduce here in full this article from Voltaire Net.

The French Republic taken hostage by Thierry Meyssan

The war which has now spread to Paris is incomprehensible for those French citizens who are ignorant of practically all the secret activities of their government in the Arab world, of its unnatural alliances with the Gulf dictators, and its active participation in international terrorism. These policies have never been discussed in Parliament, and the major media have rarely dared to take an interest in them.

For the last five years, the French people have been hearing about distant wars, but without ever understanding what they meant. The Press informed them about the engagement of their army in Libya, but never about the presence of French soldiers on mission in the Levant. My articles on this subject are widely-read, but perceived as some sort of Oriental aberration. Despite my personal history, it remains quite acceptable to qualify me as an « extremist », or a « conspiracy theorist », and to point out that my articles are reproduced by Internet sites of all political colours, including those which are in fact authentically extremist or conspiracist. Yet nobody seems to have any quarrel with what I write. But neither do they pay any attention to my warnings about the alliances concluded by the French governement.

Now, suddenly, the unheeded truth surfaces.

France was attacked on the night of Friday 13th November 2015 by several commandos who massacred at least 130 people in five different areas of Paris. The state of emergency was decreed for a period of 12 days over the whole territory, and may be extended by act of Parliament.

No direct link with the Charlie Hebdo affair

The French Press interprets these acts of war by linking them to the attack made on Charlie Hebdo, although the operational modes were completely different. In January, the attack was aimed at killing specific people, while in this case, it was a co-ordinated attack on a large number of people chosen at random.

We know today that just before the January attack, the editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo had received a « gift » of 200,000 Euros from the Near East in order to continue his anti-Muslim campaign [1] ; that the killers were linked to the French intelligence services [2] ; and that the origin of their weapons is covered by the Official Secrets Act [3]. I have already demonstrated that the attack was not an Islamist operation [4], that it was immediately recuperated by a state [5], and that this recuperation had raised echoes in populations hostile to the Republic [6] – an idea which was brilliantly developed a few months later by the demographer Emmanuel Todd [7].

To get back to the war which has just spread to Paris, it has been a shock for Western Europe. It can not be compared to the attacks in Madrid in 2004. In Spain, there were no shooters, no kamikazes, but 10 bombs placed in 4 separate locations [8]. The type of horror which has just exploded in France is the daily lot of many populations of the « Wider Middle East », and has been since 2001. And comparable events can be found elsewhere, like the three days of attacks in six distinct locations, in Bombay, 2008 [9].

Even if the assaillants of the 13th November were Muslims, and even if some of them shouted « Allah Akbar ! » as they killed passers-by, there is no link to such earlier attacks, to Islam, or to an eventual « war of civilisations ». These commandos had clearly received the order to kill at random, without first enquiring as to the religion of their victims.

In the same way, it is absurd to take at face value the motive claimed by Daesh against France – even if there is no doubt about its implication in this attack. Indeed, if the terrorist organisation had wanted to « avenge » itself, it would have struck at Moscow.

France has been a terrorist state since at least 2011

The interpretation of these events is unclear, because behind non-state groups there are always states which sponsor them. In the 1970’s, the Venezualan Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, known as « Carlos » or « The Jackal » aligned himself by conviction with the Palestinian cause and the Revolution, and was offered the discrete support of the USSR. In the 1980’s, the example of Carlos was revived by mercenaries working for the highest bidder, like Sabri al Banna, known as « Abou Nidal », who carried out terrorist attacks for Libya and Syria as well as Israël. Today, there exists a cloudy network of terrorism and secret actors implicating a large number of states.

In principle, states always deny their participation in terrorist groups. However, the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, declared in December 2012, during the « Friends of Syria » conference in Marrakesh, that Al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of Al-Qaïda, had « done a good job » [10].

Because of his status, M. Fabius knew that he did not risk being taken to court to answer for supporting an organisation listed as « terrorist » by United Nations Security Council, but he took a serious risk for his country by dropping them into the cauldron of terrorism with this statement.

In truth, France had been implicated on the side of Al-Qaïda at least since the beginning of 2011. At that time, the United Kingdom and France had signed up for the US project called « the Arab Spring ». The goal of this operation was to overthrow all the secular Arab régimes and replace them with dictatorships run by the Muslim Brotherhood. Although London and Paris had discovered this operation while it was on-going in Tunisia and in Egypt, they had previously been solicited for Libya and Syria [11]. In Libya, with the help of the Italian Special Forces, they organised the massacres in Benghazi, and then, with the help of Al-Qaïda, the capture of the Libyan arsenals. I can attest to the fact that in August 2011, while I was under the protection of Khamis el-Kadhafi, NATO assaulted the capital, and the Hotel Rixos, where we were staying, was seiged to cries of « Allah Akbar ! » by a unit of Al-Qaïda. They were called the Tripoli Brigade, and were commanded by Mahdi al-Harati and supervised by operational French officers. The same Mahdi al-Harati was present with his commanding officer, Abdelhakim Belhaj, the founder of the so-called « Free Syrian Army » which was in reality a section of Al-Qaïda, fighting under the French colonial flag.

In Syria, the presence of French officers supervising armed groups while they were committing crimes against humanity is widely attested.

France then went on to play an extremely complex and dangerous game. In January 2013 - in other words, one month after Laurent Fabius’ public support for Al-Qaïda in Syria - France launched an operation in Mali against the same Al-Qaïda, provoking the first reaction against its agents infiltrated in Syria.

You, of course, have never heard anything about all that, because although France has democratic institutions, its current policy in the Arab world has never been publicly discussed. In violation of article 35 of the Constitution, it decided to enter into war with Libya and Syria after only a few hours of superficial parliamentary debate - at the most - and without a vote. The French parliamentarians thus discarded their mandate to excercise control over the Executive as far as foreign policy was concerned, apparently believing that this was a private domain of the President, and without real consequence for daily life. However, as anyone can now see, on the contrary, peace and security, one of the four « Human and Citizens’ Rights » of 1789 (article 2), depend upon it directly. The worst is yet to come.

In the beginning of 2014, while the liberal US hawks were working on their plan for the transformation of the Islamic Emirate in Iraq and Cham into what was going to become Daesh, France and Turkey transported munitions to Al-Qaïda so that they could fight the Islamic Emirate – this point is attested by a document presented to the Security Council on the 14th July 2014 [12]. However, France later joined this secret operation, and participated in the international anti-Daesh Coalition, which, as everyone now knows, contrary to its name, did not bomb Daesh, but delivered weapons to it for a year [13]. The situation evolved further after the signature of the 5+1 agreement with Iran. The United States suddenly turned on the terrorist organisation and pushed it back to Al-Hasakah (Syria) [14]. But it was only in mid-October 2015 – a month ago – that France began to fight Daesh. Not to stop the massacres, but to conquer part of the territory it occupies in Syria and Iraq, and install a new colonial state which is to be called « Kurdistan », even though the Kurdish population will be largely in the minority [15].

In this perspective, France sent its aircraft-carrier – which has not yet arrived – to support the Marxist-Leninists of the Kurdish party YPG against its ex-ally Daesh. But what does this polititcal reference mean when the project is to create a colonial state ?.

We are currently witnessing the second reaction. Not from al-Qaïda in Syria this time, but from Daesh in France, on the instructions od France’s unmentionable allies.

Who directs Daesh

Daesh is an artificial creation. It is nothing more than the instrument of the policies of several states and multinationals.

Its principal financial resources come from petrol, Afghan drugs – of which the French have not yet understood the implications on their own territory – and Levantine antiques. Everyone agrees that the stolen petrol freely crosses Turkey before being sold in Western Europe. Given the quantities involved, there can be no possible doubt about Turkish support for Daesh [16].

Three weeks ago, a spokesperson for the Syrian Arab Army revealed that three planes, respectively chartered by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, had exfiltrated Daesh combatants from Syria and taken them to Yemen. Once again, there can be no possible doubt concerning the links between these three states and Daesh, in violation of the pertinent resolutions of the UN Security Council.

Following the first Geneva Conference in June 2012, I explained in depth that a faction within the US state apparatus was waging its own policy, contrary to that of the White House. At first, this conspiracy was directed by the head of the CIA, which was the co-founder of Daesh in 2007 (« The Surge ») [17], General David Petraeus, until his removal in handcuffs the day after the re-election of President Barack Obama. Then it was the turn of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was prevented by an unfortunate « accident » from completing her mandate during the period of presidential transition. Finally, the combat was continued by ambassador Jeffrey Feltman from his offices at the UNO, and by General John Allen, at the head of the phoney anti-Daesh Coalition. This group, a part of the US « deep state », which had never ceased from opposing the 5+1 agreement with Iran and fighting the Syrian Arab Republic, maintains its members within the Obama administration. Above all, it can count on the multinational corporations, whose budgets are greater than those of the states themselves, and who can finance their own secret operations. In particular, this is the case of the petrol company Exxon-Mobil (the true owner of Qatar), the investment fund KKR, and the private army Academi (ex-Blackwater).

France has thus become a mercenary state working for these multinationals.

France, object of blackmail

On the 11th November 2015, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls declared that France was engaged against terrorism [18].

On the 12th November, the Observatoire national de la délinquance et des réponses pénales (National Observatory for Delinquency and Legal Response) - attached to the Ministry of the Interior – published a report stating that terrorism has become the second preoccupation of the French people, after unemployment [19].

On the morning of the 13th November, in Nanterre, the Minister for the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, presented a 20-part plan to limit the arms traffic [20].

Clearly, the government was expecting the worst, which implies that France was in negotiation with the organisation that attacked it. France made engagements that it did not respect, and is now certainly the victim of blackmail by the terrorist leaders it has betrayed.

An excercise simulating terrorist attacks was carried out on the very morning of the attack by the hospital emergency services [21]. A coïncidence that had already been revealed during the attacks of the 11th September 2001 in New York and Washington, those of the 11th March 2004 in Madrid, and also the 7th July 2005 in London.

Provisional Conclusion

The successive French governments have created alliances with states whose values are opposed to those of the Republic. They have successively engaged in secret wars on their behalf, and then retreated. President Hollande, his private Chief of Staff, General Benoit Puga, his Minister for Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, and Fabius’ predecessor Alain Juppé, are today the objects of blackmail from which they can not extricate themselves without revealing the mess in which they have implicated their country, even if this exposes them to the High Court of Justice.

On the 28th September, at the tribune of the United Nations, President Putin, addressing the United States and France, exclaimed: « I would like to ask those responsible for this situation – "Are you at least aware of what you have done ?" But I fear that this question will remain unanswered, because these people have not renounced their politicies, which are based on an exaggerated self-confidence and the conviction of their exceptional nature and their impunity » [22]. Neither the United States nor France listened to him. It is now too late.

[1] «Charlie Hebdo : les révélations de la dernière compagne de Charb», Thibault Raisse, Le Parisien, 18 octobre 2015.

[2] « Selon McClatchy, Mohammed Mehra et les frères Kouachi seraient liés aux services secrets français », Réseau Voltaire, 9 janvier 2015.

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[7] Qui est Charlie ? : Sociologie d’une crise religieuse, Emmanuel Todd, Seuil,? 5 mai 2015, 252 p.

[8] « 11 mars 2004 à Madrid : était-ce vraiment un attentat islamiste ? », « Attentats de Madrid : l’hypothèse atlantiste », par Mathieu Miquel, Réseau Voltaire, 11 octobre et 6 novembre 2009.

[9] The Siege, Adrian Levy & Cathy Scott-Clark, Penguin, 2013.

[10] « Pression militaire et succès diplomatique pour les rebelles syriens », par Isabelle Maudraud, Le Monde, 13 décembre 2012.

[11] Watch the declaration of the ex-President of the Constitutional Council Roland Dumas sur LCP.

[12] Lire l’intervention du représentant syrien « Résolution 2165 et débats (aide humanitaire en Syrie) », Réseau Voltaire, 14 juillet 2014.

[13] This point is ignored by the Western Press, but has been widely discussed for a year by the Arab and Persian Press. The truth was made clear when fifty analysts from CentCom denounced the lies in the Coalition reports, an internal inquiry was set into motion, and finally, General John Allen was obliged to resign. See, in particular : « Stewart, Brennan et Cardillo dénoncent les manipulations du Renseignement au Pentagone » et « Le général Allen présente sa démission (Bloomberg) », Réseau Voltaire, 12 et 23 septembre 2015.

[14] « La France tente d’entraver le déploiement militaire russe en Syrie », Réseau Voltaire, 6 septembre 2015.

[15] « Les États-Unis et Israël débutent la colonisation du Nord de la Syrie », Réseau Voltaire, 1er novembre 2015.

[16] More information : « Le rôle de la famille Erdogan au sein de Daesh », Réseau Voltaire, 26 juillet 2015.

[17] Daesh was initially created in Iraq as part of a plan aimed at stopping the Resistance to the US occupation. To facilitate this plan, the USA created a number of anti-Chiite armed groups – including the Islamic Emirate in Iraq, the future « Daesh » - then a number of anti-Sunnite groups. Finally, the two groups of the local population forgot about the occupying army and fought each other.

[18] «Valls: la France engagée contre le terrorisme», AFP et Le Figaro, 11 novembre 2015.

[19] «La grande peur du terrorisme», Timothée Boutry, Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France, 13 novembre 2015.

[20] «Bernard Cazeneuve présente un plan contre le trafic d’armes», AFP, 13 novembre 2015.

[21] Cf. Declaration by Dr Patrice Pelloux, President of the Association of Emergency Specialists of France, on France Info at 10h26 and on the evening news on France2, 14th November 2015. «Comment le Samu s’est préparé aux attentats simultanés de Paris», Kira Mitrofanoff, Challenges, 15 novembre 2015.

[22] « Discours de Vladimir Poutine à la 70ème Assemblée générale de l’Onu », par Vladimir Poutine, Réseau Voltaire, 28 septembre 2015.

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author by Tpublication date Wed Nov 18, 2015 23:47author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Paul Craig-Roberts sees very clearly through this black operation for what it is in his latest article titled: Washington Refines Its False Flag Operations — Paul Craig Robert . And here are some key quotes.

Washington and its French vassal have refined how they conduct their false flag operations. With the Charlie Hebdo operation, they knew to immediately set the story in stone in order to avoid any questions from the print and TV media and in order to use the set story to take the place of an investigation.....

....What the US and France learned from the Charlie Hebdo skepticism on the Internet is to keep the story flowing....

....More importantly, the story was followed quickly by more drama, such as the pursuit of a suspected perpetrator into Belgium, a French bombing attack on the Islamic State, a French aircraft carrier sent to the Middle East, a declaration of war by the French President against ISIL, and speculation that Hollande, pressured by Washington, will invoke NATO’s Article V, which will pull NATO into an invasion of the Islamic State. By superceding each event with a new one, the public’s attention is shifted away from the attack itself and the interests served by the attack. Already the attack itself is old news. The public’s attention has been led elsewhere. How soon will NATO have boots on the ground?....

The Western media has avoided many interesting aspects of the Paris attacks. For example, what did the directors of the CIA and French intelligence discuss at their meeting a few days prior to the Paris attacks. Why were fake passports used to identify attackers? Why did the attacks occur on the same day as a multi-site simulation of a terrorist attack involving first responders, police, emergency services and medical personnel? Why has there been no media investigation of the report that French police were blinded by a sophisticated cyber attack on their mobile data tracking system? Does anyone really believe that ISIL has such capability?

...Also among the early words from the French president, and without any evidence in support, was Hollande’s declaration that the Islamic State had attacked the French nation. Obviously, it is set for Hollande to invoke NATO’s Article V, which would send a NATO invasion force into Syria. This would be Washington’s way of countering the Russian initiative that has saved the Assad government from defeat by the Islamic State. The NATO invasion would overthrow Assad as part of the war against the Islamic State.

The Russian government did not immediately recognize this threat. The Russian government saw in the Paris attack the opportunity to gain Western cooperation in the fight against ISIL. The Russian line has been that we must all fight ISIL together. ...

The only benefactor of the Paris attack is the Western political establishment and Washington’s goal of unseating Assad in Syria. The Paris attack has removed the threat to the French, German, and British political establishments from the National Front, Pegida, and the UK Independence Party. The Paris attack has removed the threat to the US political establishment from Trump and Sanders. The Paris attack has advanced Washington’s goal of removing Assad from power.

The answer to the Roman question, “cui bono,” is clear.

But don’t expect to hear it from the Western media.

Related Link:
author by Tpublication date Wed Nov 18, 2015 23:53author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Gearoid O Colmain goes further than Thierry Meyssan in his analysis and gives the full depth of what is going on at a wider level and he is absolutely spot on the mark.

The audio of the interview has been uploaded so that it is available in case the interview disappears from Youtube.

Caption: Video Id: L7GAbVhjTSw Type: Youtube Video
Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International

author by Conspiracy Scepticpublication date Thu Nov 19, 2015 15:13author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I agree with one statement in the article which heads this thread:- "The successive French governments have created alliances with states whose values are opposed to those of the Republic." This is also true about alliances created by other states such as USA, the UK and a few other rich states. As long as business booms between the powerful states and their collaborating states in Africa and the Middle East the leaders of power governments are willing to turn a blind eye to corrupt, tyrannical practices.

The valeurs de la Republique francaise are not actively promoted by France in its client states in Africa and the Middle East.

I generally draw back from imagining grand conspiracies, so I will view other data in the above article with hesitant detachment.

author by Tpublication date Thu Nov 19, 2015 21:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Theory? There is no theory here, it is plain fact that the French government were training and supporting terrorists including Daesh.

author by bilderbugpublication date Fri Nov 20, 2015 17:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

Glenn greewnwald reminds of the many lies about surveillance, in light of the US trying to blame snowden for
the Paris attacks

author by anonpublication date Tue Nov 24, 2015 22:29author address author phone Report this post to the editors



author by tulpublication date Fri Nov 27, 2015 17:01author email author address author phone Report this post to the editors

People have become so naïve that they totally missed the point in the so called "refugee" crisis.
We see here and there, brainless and brainwashed "do gooders" wanting to help and make sure that more illegal migrants will make it to Europe and Ireland.

They don't realize ho they are manipulated by those who have started to implement the "great replacement" plan.
Helped by the EU dictatorship, corrupted governments like the Irish one of what can only be called banana republics, those who want to flood Europe with "migrants", want to replace the local populations. It is in fact an organised genocide.

Who is benefiting from it?
Certainly not Ireland with its job, health, and housing crisis. The country doesn't need more cheap labour, it has already a lot of them working for wages as low as they were 15 years ago and decreasing further.

The corporations are benefiting again and as usual, they already pay less taxes than the people but it isn't enough, they now need to import slaves who will work for lower salaries in gloomier conditions.

The welfare system will be the first to collapse under the pressure of the fake refugees coming in Europe. They come for the welfare state, not for fleeing any war.
Most of them come from other countries than Syria.
The huge majority are men in their 20 to 40 (75 to 80%).

But it seems idiots believe what the controlled media tell them, whatever gross it is.

Terrorists and islamists are among the firsts to benefit from this fake refugee crisis. They further their colonisation of the west while being able to import trained fighters who will organise attacks in the western countries targeted. Like we have seen in Paris.

WE have no doubt about the collusion and complicities between the terrorists and governments like the socialists one in France.
The socialists and their allies of the centre right (Sarkozy) have been giving privileges and advantages to muslims for years in France.

They have facilitated mass immigration, specific laws to accommodate extremists, the building of mosques and islamic schools and even created laws in order to avoid the French people to complain or critic the islamisation of their country.

Today, France is a dictatorship in all but name. Freedom of expression has been curbed to the advantage of tiny minorities who control the political agenda. These minorities include the muslims whose only goal is to dominate the world and impose their totalitarian ideology everywhere.

Other minorities include the multinational corporations for which everything is designed. The governments in Europe, the EU, in the US answer almost exclusively to minority lobbies, foreign powers and corporations.

From the TTIP to the lack of borders, from the wars in Syria and Libya to the organised "migrant crisis", from the creation of "isis" to the terror attacks in France, from the terror attacks to giving always more to those who behind these attacks, the muslims, all is staged, all is part of a global agenda.

The EU, NATO, the US, the UN are compromised or involved. Already entire states are de facto controlled by foreign powers or private corporations.
What is Ireland if not another US state? What is Ireland if not a subsidiary of the EU commission? What is Ireland if not a country owned by giant multinational corporations and banks?

When the German chancellor obliges Enda Kenny to take in fake "refugees", it is not a request, it's an order.

When Enda Kenny travels to the Gulf countries, soon after we suddenly have the openings of "islamic cultural centres" in our country.
We suddenly have muslims in the streets of our cities trying to convert and promote their creed.
We suddenly have more and more of muslims coming in, muslim shops opening.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar are buying Europe. The level of corruption has reached levels never seen before. Our governments prefer to close their eyes on the real supporters and funders of terrorism and let their populations die and get invaded than denouncing and boycotting the co9untries who created isis and other terrorists groups.

But the Irish, like other Europeans can sleep soundly, the lies and propaganda they are served by the media at high doses keep their brains and spirits numb and soft.

Like in 1984, the Orwellian language, new-speak has replaced thinking capacities. So let's hail the "religion of peace" responsible of 90% of the terror worldwide, let's ask for less government and sovereignty to give people more freedom, let's promote less borders to keep us safer.

A world of brainless, spineless consumers without any homogeneity so to be controlled better, is their agenda.
And we do nothing to stop them.

author by Ruapublication date Sun Nov 29, 2015 13:59author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I think the problem is; there is no real choices or alternatives in politics,what you have is centre right,or hard left in politics,people don't vote for the alternative right,and the few that are out there,dont make it past the first hurdle,people cower in front of the word ''racist'' and ''bigot'' etc..Yet these muslims are free to be racist , supremacist , homophobic, anti-women assholes thesmselves! Cue the irony if there ever was irony!We live in a world of double standards,we put high stanards on ourselves and critisise any slight of a social faux pas,but do not put the same pressure on these so called minorities like muslims etc...We hold them to a lower bar of standards,and if that isn't enough give them special privledges..What we are seeing here is the organised destruction and genocide of the white race,where morality is replaced with white guilt,where we are expected to give up our lives for these parasites who are apparently going to pay for our pensions when we are older,if you look at the irish savants blog,there are some hard facts and statisics to look at; ,only 86 out of about 42,000 family reunifications actually become doctors,nurses etc...So my question is; where are all these skilled people????Over 90% of them are still on welfare after 10 years,we need to sit down and have a discussion about the real implications of this...We live in a society where nihlism is king,where our life goals are centred around consumer brand worship,and celebrity ''culture'',its it is at the centre of the rot of white society...For far too long,good decent people have let the left desecrate language,patriotism becomes xenophobia,loyalty means bigotry & tradition is turned into racism.They pollute everything

author by pick axepublication date Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:38author address author phone Report this post to the editors

In order to solve this manufactured refugee crisis,by the invasion of libya and the destabilsation of syria,we need to see beyond left and right wing politics,when the big players are funding both sides; like rupert murdoch(who now owns genie an energy company with interests in syrias oil),rothschilds,bnp paribas,and george soros(a neo nazi collaborator and hungarian jew who murdered his own kind for a few shekels,who was also a convicted felon and broke the bank of england which created black wednesday and bankrupted many families and left them homeless so he could make his first billion). These unscrupulous private bankers and billionaires with exclusive membership to the bilderberg group,are the first to be looked at and exposed to the public if we have any chance at controlling this manufactured crisis and the civl war fallout that will rage in europe in decades to come..Not only do we have these private bankers to contend with we have peadophile sheikhs in places like dubai and qatar funding greaseball politicians to say whatever fits with the muslim agenda...

author by Old Billpublication date Mon Nov 30, 2015 22:37author address author phone Report this post to the editors

When Turkey supports Islamist rebels in Syria and at the same time destroys Kurdish fighters against Isis we have a recipe for prolonged destructive war in which more civilians are massacred and thousands more refugees flee across borders. When Saudi Arabia and other Arab oil-rich governments finance and arm their favourite rebels and agents of influence in Syria and elsewhere we have more destruction getting nowhere. The Middle East is a hopeless mess, a bottomless valley of death. Now the British Government wants to bomb Isis towns and cities - a strategy which will create refugee movements and increase hate motivation among impressionable young Muslims around the world. The NATO governments in the conflict want Assad removed, while the Russians support him. How can they all intensify a war which has conflicting political aims and in which Arab governments have opposing devious interests? Intensifying the war in Syria is criminal international lunacy.

author by Tpublication date Tue Dec 01, 2015 22:28author address author phone Report this post to the editors

As much as you say it is neither left or right nor it is a white / non white issue. The reason we have mass migrations going on all over the globe is the chaos and destruction triggered by these capitalists, bankers, billionaries and politicians and other power hungry maniacs. If we look at the list of countries where people are flowing out of such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Eritea, Somalia, South Sudan, Mali -all these are exactly countries targeted by the empire (i.e. USA) and it allies like UK and France, and proxies like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

And the central problem is that every single time when they wage a propaganda campaign to bomb these countries to democracy or to support some faction and lets not forget it is nearly always about fighting Al Qaeda who of course they directly fund, train and control anyhow. It is the lack of questions in the media and the way the bulk of the public just laps it up -it is this that they then use as their mandate. The propaganda machine is the central problem. All other problems will continue until this is addressed.

author by Crazy Catpublication date Wed Dec 02, 2015 17:17author address author phone Report this post to the editors

I beg to put this up, though it be in French!

From the La Quadrature du Net:

and not forgetting this one: France informs Secretary General of Article 15 Derogation of the European Convention on Human Rights

author by Isawurwelfaremommainjetlandlastnightpublication date Thu Dec 03, 2015 10:18author address author phone Report this post to the editors

The harsh reality is that,we have millions upon millions of muslims in behind enemy lines,while we are fighting them abroad,this is a perfect recipie for civil war in europe raged on the infidels...

author by Tpublication date Thu Dec 03, 2015 18:48author address author phone Report this post to the editors

No that isn't the case. The reality is that all of the conflict and chaos in the Middle East and surrounding region was intentionally created and perpetuated by the dominant capitalists states and the major corporate power blocks they serve as well as by their local proxies in the region.

The Middle East was far more liberal and did not suffer religious extremism like it does now back in the 1950s. Back them most of these countries were striving for national liberation and all had significant left wing political parties and these generally attract the non religious and liberal types. This was all purposely wiped out and religious extremism was actively promoted by the CIA and UK/France/Israel. Through Saudi Arabia where the royals to this day rely 100% on the protection of the US, they financed with billions and billions of dollars the promotion of Wahhabi extremism and exported with generous financing and construction of mosques of this creed all over the place.

The idea was to channel the political energy of liberation and nationalism from the 1950s which arose from the people of these countries to have development like the rest of the world. The elite decided otherwise and figured it was better to channel this energy into the dead end of religion where it would negate and reverse any advance in these countries and thereby ultimately mean they were easier to control and would leave more oil for export.

However you may be right in one thing regarding civil war. The US empire does not want to see a strong Europe and prefers it to be weak. The very last thing it wants is that Europe and Russia were to co-operate economically because then the two together would be far stronger than the US itself and would therefore be a challenge to its global domination and hegemonic power. So it would not be surprising that true the right wing media (corporate owned), it is stirring tension and hate between the European population and the waves of immigrants and refugees which now and in the previous decades have fled the chaos, war and economic devastation that Western powers have unleashed for the last several decades throughout the entire Middle East and further afield. The sad thing is that people actually swallow the mainstream media and like dupes carry out their agenda which is against their own interests. The last thing we need is more strife.

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